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I get a lot of wonderful emails. Thank you so much—to all of you. Many of you write to tell me how much you like my books or to ask me questions. And I’m always surprised when I get emails from Brazil, The Netherlands, Australia or other faraway places. They have read my books, or at least one or two of them, because they are released later in other countries. I still can’t believe my books have been translated into so many languages. It is so exciting when my publisher sends me a foreign cover for one of my books. You may have seen this cover of Born at Midnight from Denmark from my website Book page.



Earlier this month, a friend of mine was at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany and was kind enough to send me a few photos of my books on display there. What a thrill to see shelves full of Born at Midnight, or should I say Geboren um Mitternacht. I wish I could have gone to the book fair, but as I said in last week’s blog, I was a little busy finishing up Chosen at Nightfall. Oh well, there’s always next year….


My friend also sent me a close up photo of the German Born at Midnight cover, and the cover of Awake at Dawn, otherwise known as Erwacht im Morgengrauen. And just this week, another reader sent me the French version of Taken at Dusk. In France, it seems all of the books in the series are called Born at Midnight or Nes a Minuit, but are labeled books 1, 2, 3, etc.  I wanted to share them with you.









The foreign covers are all very similar to the US versions, but how are they different? If you look closely, you’ll see the subtle changes. Well, yeah, the German Born at Midnight cover is the same, but what about the others? So, do any of you speak German? How about any other languages? I speak Spanish.

To celebrate the upcoming release in Germany of Awake at Dawn, which I think is out in December, I’ll give a signed German copy of Born at Midnight along with a Shadow Falls bag and some other goodies to two people who leave a comment. If you are reading this on Goodreads, please post your comment at www.cchunterbooks.comin order to win. US residents only, please.

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  1. Oh my goodness, the foreign covers look amazing!(: I love the red one best!

    I don’t really speak anything else besides English and Viet and Spanish, but I’ve never really given much thought to German…But if I could choose any other language besides the norm, I would probably choose Russian or Britain…No idea why, I just find the language itself interesting. And plus, I would totally want their accents xP

    Speaking of accents, do you have a Latin or Spanish accent when you speak it, C.C.? O.O Cause whenever I try saying something in Spanish, I would have this English or Viet accent that makes it hard for me to pronounce the Spanish word correctly.

        • i do!!! i read house of night, harry potter, hunger games, twilight saga, matched trilogy, dork diares, percy jackson and the olympains, heroes of olympus, fablehaven, and chloe gamble!! im going to read more series but i have to wait til christmas when i get my kindle fire!!

          • I read some of those books. I also read the Immortal rules, Bitten, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Twilight saga, hunger games, Obsidian, Nightshade, and MANY MANY more.

        • I also read Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson, Mythos Academy, Trylle trilogy, matched trilogy, Raven Boys, Entice series, and I won’t bore you with the rest.

          • woah……all of the books Megan and vivian read are like all the ones I read 🙂 😉

            hehe, me as an asian always read 😀
            (Sorry CC, I feel like a traitor when i’m talking about another series, though yours is the best!)

  2. C.C., you are so awesome. And your books are amazing. I’m really looking forward to the last book in the series, as well as the new series you will be writing. Whispers at Moonrise was phenomenal, and I am just so glad that you took the time to share your ideas and talents with the world:o)

    So I definitely do NOT speak German….or Spanish for that manner (my husband does, though). I do, however, know American Sign Language, which is really fun in case you were wondering!

    Anyway, one day I hope I get to meet you and have you sign my Shadow Falls series! Thanks for keeping us updated on the blog!

  3. Hi CC
    I’m learning spanish I already know some because last year I got rosetta stone but that was in computer class and as my elective this grading period is spanish but one day when I get older I’m gonna learn italian I don’t know why but I always wanted to go to italy for some pizza. Just my crazy imaganation. Oh and I wanna learn how to speak greek don’t know why though.

    • Oh Id love the french taken at dusk then I could show my social studies teacher. She’s also the french teacher for the fifth or sixth grade I’m not sure which but I’m in seventh so she doesn’t teach us that. Ooh and another language id like to learn is latin again don’t know why but I’m obsessed with learning latin, greek, and italian. Hehe learning italian for ordering pizza. Hey when in romee

  4. The foriegn books are increadible. I love the graphics for the covers. I love learning about other languages and the people, i am a moajor culture buff. I always try to get foriegn books when i go on a trip. I always find learning a new language easier than speaking english, because i have trouble passing my english class everyday we have a lot of hard grammar to learn. All the other languages have it easy.
    I would love to get any of my books signed by u CC your an incredible author and i wish youd live closer to me so i could go to one of your appearances and meet you ,and have u sign my books. That would be an incredible experience.

  5. The covers are really nice. I actually take German at my school and my German teacher would probably think it was cool that I have a German copy of a book! Plus I may be able to understand some of the words. Can’t wait for Chosen at Nightfall!! So excited!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for writing the series in the first place. It’s on my list of my All time favorite series!!!!

  6. I speak Latin, I’m not good at Spanish, but I can figure out the conversation and understand words…I can say hello, thank you and airport in Korean. I also speak French. I wanted to move to France when I was 13. I also need to learn Italian. I know some words/phrases in Italian, but not enough to where I could move and converse with the locals 😉

  7. it would be so cool to get a different type one,
    i do German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English, i would love a different language version. i love your books very much. i do not want them to end i will be very sad When they do.
    Sunday night i went to bed at five in the morning because i was reading your books i sometimes cried, Wanted to scream, and wanted to run away from it all. But if they were a movie i would be the first one to buy a ticket.

  8. My nieces, mom and I are coming down to Houston this weekend for your book signing at Barnes and Noble. My 13 year old niece is sooooooo excited she can hardly wait!

    PS, all the covers look awesome and I can hardly wait for the last book to see how Kylie manages it all!

  9. I really like all the covers : Americans, Germans but I prefer French one hihi especally for “taken at dusk”.
    You’re right CC, in France, all the books are called “nés à minuit” and then labeled “tome 1, 2, 3…” with an other title like “Attrations” for the first, “Suspicions” for the second and “Illusions” for the third book. We’re waiting for the fouth book but it takes a long time to be translated so we don’t know yet the cover and the title!

    I like to learn other languages because I like to travel and I love meeting people and learn about their culture. I can speak English (but I’m not very goot at it), Spanish, it’s more easy than English for me because I’m French and Spanish and French are similar ^^. I also speak korean much better than other languages, it will be so funny to read Shadow Falls series in Korean ahah XD.

    Thank you to share with us all this!

  10. I am a linguistic student, currently learning my ninth language! I would love the extra practice reading in one of the languages I am trying to master. Especially if it is one of my favorite books! I am currently learning Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, Japanese, ASL and of course English! The covers look fantastic!!!!!

    • ooh you should totally teah me italian and latin even though we’re most likely living in different states. now if someone new how to speak greeek that would be awesome!!!!!

      • greek i think (not so sure) is another form of latin so if you basically now latin you can speak to a lot of different people from all over the world
        ACTUALLY nevermind dont think on what i just said i think i’m wrong wait i’m confused maybe maybe not

    • that is so cool isn’t Latin a form of al ot of the languages around the world isn’t it like the base of a lot of languages. i know Spanish and french and English all have a base of Latin you should learn to speak Mandarin it is the #1 speaken language of the world! 🙂

  11. Wow- I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with- your foreign covers or by the number of languages that the commenters speak.
    Just the fact that you HAVE foreign covers is pretty amazing. Congratulations to a very talented author.
    Spanish is my first language, then I learned English and Norwegian. One of my majors was French and I was accepted to study my Junior year at the Sorbonne. I can shop in Malay and Cantonese but they don’t really count.

  12. Your books are amazing… I get paid this friday and as soon as possible i will go buy whispers at moonrise… cant wait to read it… I speak english and spanish very fluently… Im trying to learn another language… I was thinkin maybe italian or japanese… German wouldnt be a bad option either i havent thought of it before..

  13. The books are insanley cool looking. I always notice the forien countries tend to have better graphics than we do . They also normally get things before us so im happy to see that we finally get things first. Id love to get a copy of the books in german or spanish cause i wanna give one to my friend but she only speaks german and spanish so i could never give her my copies at home . Having books published in another language is a big accomplishment i hope you continue writing as good a series as shadow falls is ( which will be very hard cause shadow falls is incredible).

  14. Covers look really cool……but why do they have to be released later than the english version???? like, we just got the fourth book, but germany hasn’t gotten the third????? that is so not fair.
    but just to say to the germans-
    You’re gunna love this series like you’ve never before.


  16. I think that the French Born at Midnight book cover looks best. Maybe even better than the USA cover. I enjoyed reading all your books so far and can’t wait to read the last book or the new series your going to be writing! Thank you so much for writing such great books!!

  17. they are soo cool i speak a little german and a lot of my family is from there! i love the books and hope i can get my hands on whisper at moonrise, i can not wait for chosen at night fall!!!

  18. My brother once tried to learn German. Now he calls his car Grigori, which I think is German for Gregory. I myself speak Spanish and a little Japanese.

    I gotta say, that Taken at Dusks cover is eye popping.

  19. I am from Germany and I just LOVE your books! I just can’t wait to see all your books published in german- They are really my favourite books. I am still a huge Derek fan, but Lucas is also sweet, so I am very curious what will happen next 😉

    Lots of greetings from Berlin

    Natascha 🙂

  20. i speak German!! im actually part German!!
    CONGRATS on your German book publishment! (i dont think that is a word but, it is now!! 🙂 )

    The German Awake at Dawn shows more of the falls than the American version.
    The Danish Born at Midnight has a different girl posing differently.

    • The French version of Taken at Dusk is different due to the setting, the american version is between two cliffs while the french version has woods

      😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  21. I like these covers better than the english on, but I got to say the english verison of Chosen at Nightfall is badass!!!!!

  22. Well C.C., I speak Spanish. In fact, it is the main language for me. I am a Puerto Rican and obviously, I know English, otherwise, I wouldn’t be reading your books. I am also learning Sign Language. I feel that it is very important because EVERYONE in the world knows either English or Spanish but very few take the time to learn the language of those who cannot “speak” any. So, yeah. My friends and I practice A LOT together.

    I still need to see BAM (Born at Midnight, and BAM doesn’t sound bad!) in Spanish. My cousin reads but doesn’t know English fluently. She doesn’t understand it. She has asked me for a Spanish version various times, but I always have to say “No” unfortunately.

  23. Sigh… I love it. Actually- I’m learning my world languages right now. That and… well. Its YOUR books. I love them!!!!! Pretty please! I dont know what else to say… PLEASE!

  24. Oh.My.Go-Gosh. I wish I spoke different languages so I could read that 😀 Even though I have all of your English versions I wish I had all the version *wink, wink* Hahahahaha just joking I just want Chosen At Nightfall as my Christmas present 😀 Thanks for reading this 🙂

  25. I love the foreign covers, they look really amazing. I love the Red one best, it’s really pretty looking. I happy the books in the US don’t take forever to get published, I would die waiting to know what happens next (heck, I am right now. I need to know what happens to Kylie in Chosen at Moonrise, and who she picks.)

  26. I always love how the foreign covers are different than the US editions! And if they are the same picture cover, its usually a different color scheme.

  27. Wow. I knew that the world deserved to read the shadow falls series but it blows my mind to think people across the globe are reading the same books that I read. I am in spanish 2 at my high school but my english teacher speaks german. I would absolutely love to sit down and learn german by reading my favorite book. Wow that sounded really cheesy. Oopps oh well lol. I am so happy for you C.C. I hope one day I will be feeling the same thing you are when I become published. I only hope that I will be known world wide.

  28. Goodness! thats so crazy! i cant even imagine what it would be like to be that famous and have one of my creations known all around the world.. im so happy for you! 🙂 congratulations on all of your success! 😉 I just took a break from my homework to check up on your website.. i would usually say more, but i have to write a 7 paragraph essay on what im supposed to be doing now… haha, well thanks for everything! and congrats again, Mrs. Hunter! 🙂

    • Oh yeah, and i also took spanish for 3 years in middle school, and im currently take another year of spanish now. 🙂 but im still not a pro at it.. haha

  29. C.C., I absolutely love your books! I’ve read all of them more than once! I think its great you’re letting people from other countries the chance to read your book. Congrats! Wish I had that version.. – a wink wink – Lol, and let me just say I love your blog! I read it daily! This blog is my homepage! I would love a new bag too.. 😉

  30. That’s really interesting to see how the books change in different countries. I mean, the french one looks so mysterious and the german one looks like it has slightly different colouring. Wow!! I speak fluent English, fluent Mandarin, a little Spanish and a little German.

  31. that’s so cool that your books are all over the world it must be amazing for you! 🙂 you must have been so excited to of heard that from your friend! 🙂
    i speak Spanish, Hebrew, English, a little bit of Latin, and i know some Chinese not a lot though i know like the symbols for words some i know how to say.
    i love how i know how to speak hebrew
    your book gave me an idea maybe i could write about a love triangle between a witch and a vampire and a werewolf i want to see how that comes out
    right know i’m writing about a book that talks about a wiccan but she doesnt like practice spells she can control the 4 elements and she meets a mermaid and she tries to become friends with the human even though her father the king disagrees, and send her far away to an underground place and the human has to save her.
    Interesting right?
    i cant believe how great your books are they are legit the best books ive ever read. i love your books, C.C
    p.s cant wait for the last book

  32. These covers are beautiful! They all look mysterious and mystical at the same time. Compared to the U.S. version they look very different but I feel as if they still capture the same message and mood perfectly. I am in high school and I am taking German so it would be awesome to try and read them! This is the best series in the world!!!
    Ich liebe dich, Frau Hunter!!!!
    -Regan W

  33. They look so cool! 🙂 I really like the red one, such a creative idea for the cover. I unfortunately don’t speak German, only English (obviously 🙂 ) and am learning Spanish. I am so going to ask my cousin if she see’s the books in any of the book stores or libraries in Germany! ( she is staying there for 10 months on a foreign exchange program).

  34. I love your books! And right now I am visiting my family in Vietnam! So I speak English (of course!) and Vietnamese! I hope I win! 5th times a charm! 😉

  35. ” I loved the German covers!! And as I’m Brazilian I naturally speak Portuguese as my first language but also German, Spanish and English. “Taken at Dawn” has just arrived here but as addicted as I’m I already read it. I can’t wait to read “Whispers at Moonrise” and discover which powers Kylie discovered:)
    Sent from my iPad

  36. OMG looove the red one CC!!! So I want to know…how many languages has BAM been translated into?
    PS. BAM is Born at Midnight

  37. AHH!
    I literally just finished reading Whispers at Moonrise! I can’t wait for the final book! The wait is going to be agonizing!!!!!
    I love both of the boys and can’t wait wait to find out who Kylie picks!

    P.S. Della is just awesome. C:

  38. I can’t wait for the next book to come out, although I really don’t want the series to end! 😛 Love the covers! They’re so enchanting! I’m also an aspiring writer (I’m only 16) and I can’t wait until the day I get my stories published. 🙂

  39. Although nobody in my family is Japanese, I’m still learning it! It’s so much fun! I’m also going to take Spanish next year in ninth grade! Saw your new book at the book store today, and freaked out. People looked at me funny, my older brother laughed at me, but I didn’t care. I just your books that much!;)

  40. I love looking at the differences between U.S. book and the international ones! It sometimes gives me more images to go by for the main character(s). Though I studied german, I only know how to read and write it (Speaking is horrible ._.). Though I do know english, spanish, Asl (American sing language) and french.

  41. Love this series! Honestly, I finish one book within a day or two, and then I just can’t wait for the next one. I actually know some German…Such as: ICH LIEBE SHADOW FALLS! c:

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