Whispers at Moonrise has been out a whole week, and I know a lot of you have already read it. I’ve gotten loads of emails and comments on Facebook. So, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you.

We had a lot of fun a few weeks ago when I asked you to vote on how you thought Miranda and Della looked. So, I thought we’d try it again. But this time, I’m going to ask you to vote on the images that most look like your idea of Holiday and of Burnett. Now we know Holiday has long red hair and that she’s a Fae. Burnett, well, we don’t have a lot to go on about his looks. He is a vampire and he’s obviously hot, right? Hmm…you’ll have to see if any of these photos fit your image of Burnett. I’ll pick two people who leave a comment and give each of them a Shadow Falls t-shirt.

First, here are four images of Holiday. Which one most closely fits your image of her?

Holiday #1                           Holiday#2





Holiday #3                           Holiday #4





Now how about the serious vampire Burnett, who works for the FRU. Who most closely fits your idea of what he looks like?

Burnett #1                             Burnett #2





Burnett#3                              Burnett#4





Okay, tell me who you’d pick for Holiday and Burnett. And remember I will randomly select two people who leave a comment and each will win a Shadow Falls t-shirt. Don’t forget, if you are reading this on Goodreads, you must go to to post your comment to win. Sorry, US residents only.


Now for last week’s five winners of the Shadow Falls t-shirts and promotional packs of pens, bookmarks and pads. 1)Arlene L.  2) Essie B.  3) Connie Trinh  4) Dinnie and 5) Katie Zeleski.  The winners need to email me at with your mailing address and t-shirt size. Congratulations!

139 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. I like holiday 1 she looks very fae in my opinion and she just looks like what I imagine her in my head now I chose burnette 3 because he looks more c.I.a like but 4 is definatly hotter

  2. i say holiday would be # 1 she seems so sweet looking and caring and brunette is really hard because they all don’t go with what i thought of him, but # 1 is the most percisly close one to my image.

  3. Holiday #1, she just looks like a Holiday for me. But Burnett is difficult. He is just this awesome vampire. I can´t picture him realy. But in my opinion is #4 the best fit for Burnett. And both pictures look perfect togther <3 Thats a cute couple haha.

    • You seem to have picked the most popular choices for Holiday & Burnett, Sarah. Most agree on Holiday, but Burnett, well, that’s another story….

  4. holiday #1 is perfect! and burnett #4 has the dark hair i pictured but for some reason the blue shirt is throwing me off. i just don’t picture him wearing colors, but i like #4 the best

  5. The fourth Holiday looks the most like I imagined her. I know she looks young, but for some reason I imagine her looking maybe five years older than that, and of course with green eyes. Burnett number one and four look the most like I imagine him, but number four more so than one. I have always found it a little hard to match characters with pictures. I never can quite match them because I always imagine something a little different.

  6. I would definitely go with Holiday #1 (except I picture her with darker red hair and green eyes), and Burnett #4. Oh and I got my copy of Whispers at Moonrise! I haven’t read it yet because I’m re-reading the series again, but I AM SO EXCITED! Yay!

  7. I would say Holiday#1 becasue she looks like someone who people would feel confident to tell secrets to and Burnett#2 because he looks like he needs someone. These two would make a cute couple as wel. 😉 Love the series!

  8. I definitly think that Holiday #1 is what she most looks like to me and for Burnett I think #4 is the closest to what he looks like. I think his hair would be a lot darker though but picture #4 has the perfect face for him!

  9. I have to say that Holiday #1 is spot on for me. Burnett #1 is probably the closest to my version of Burnett. But I think more men in black mysterious kinda way lol. I can’t wait for “Chosen at Nightfall” though. I have a feeling that I am going to cry a lot. I am reading “Captivate” by Carrie Jones and I must say I highly recomend the series. The girl kinda reminds me of Kylie in the way that she is always trying to protect her friends and not worry about herself. There is also a sexy werewolf lol. But the series has a long way to go if it will ever be as good as Shadow Falls.

  10. I’d say definitely holiday 1 but Burnett was harder. I’d go for option 5 which is none of the above but of I had to pick one id say #1

  11. I definitely choose number one for Holiday. Burnett though? A good mix between four and one. But, if I HAD to pick just one for him…I’d have to go with number one. He seems more rugged, like I pictured him to be.

  12. I would pick number 3 and 4 for Holiday, and I would say number 3 for Burnett. But I already have a shirt, so don’t put me in for one! Thanks!

  13. For Holiday, I see her with softer features so I would choose number 1 for her. Burnett was definitely number 4, I have always pictured him with really dark features and a tough guy look.

  14. I’d say Holiday #1 and Burnett #3, but I don’t believe any of the photos do enought justice for Burnett. I’m thinking Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, perfect name, would be a good suit for Burnett and he’s 6’1″ to be even more Burnett-like. What do you guys think?
    (A part of Street Team, no shirt please)

  15. I think Holiday #1 and Burnett #4 look the most like the images the book gave me. Holiday #1 definitely looks Fae, and Burnett #4 could totally pass off as a vampire!

  16. Hey C.C! I love your contests, I’ve entered every one for Whispers at Moonrise, they are so fun :). So for this one I really like Holiday #3…I’m not sure why but something about her really drew me in (Maybe it’s her fae powers 🙂 ). She was the exact image for what I’ve always imagined Holiday to look like! Burnett is a lot harder to justify…. Honestly I didn’t like any of them…. But if I had to choose, I would go with Burnett #4. He seems stern enough and scary enough. Unfortunately I always pictured Burnett as more bulky/muscular and he just doesn’t have what I imagine.

  17. I really like Holiday *1. She`s so beautiful and her blue eyes match really well with her wonderful red hair. Just like I imagined her. Well with Burnett it’s a little bit more difficult. I would say it’s a mixture of Burnett 1 and 4, but I believe Burnett 4 matches a little bit more.
    I really love your contests and books and I just can’t wait for your next book.
    Best wishes

  18. Holiday #4
    Burnette #4
    i imagine Holiday different that any of the 4 but i thing 4 would be the closest because the other 3 look younger that i Imagine her.

  19. YAY! i think it is really cool how you let your fans kinda ya know pick. i thought these pictures were a lot closer to what i had in mind then last time 🙂
    Holiday 1 was the closest to what i pictured. she looked sweet and caring and kind and really pretty like i what i got from the way she was described. Burnett 4 was exactly how i pictured. wow i get the macho vampire male i got from the books but really hot!!!!! sooooo thanks a bunch love you!

    • ohhhh forgot to say the other reason i like this. i like this because even though other people might disagree with you and they get the popular vote you can still picture the one you want and have like a more solid picture and come on sweeet holiday and macho burnett would make the best couple 🙂

  20. I say Holiday 1 or Holiday 2 because they are the closet but holiday has green eyes and I’d say Burnett 1 or Burnett 4 but Burnett is tan but they are the closest… I love the Shadow Falls series so I keep tabs on everything 🙂

  21. For Holiday I think #2 because she looks protective and for Burnett #4 because he looks hot and has the stern look

  22. Holiday #1 looks sort of like how I would picture her as a young girl. So, take Holiday #1, age her a few years, and there you go. Holiday! Number 4 looks the most like Burnett actually but he is a bit too lean looking. Add a little weight and…Burnett!

  23. To me, I picture Holiday to look like #2 but with #1’s eyes… That is what I picture… But I don’t picture Burnette to look like any of those… Hummm…. 🙂

  24. HAAH! Just as I posted that comment ^^^ My daddy walked in with Wispers at Moonrise!!!! AHHHHH! THANK YOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! :PPPP I’m off to read… (Finally) :DDD

  25. I finally got whsipers at moonrise and words cant explain how happy I am 🙂
    Anyways I for one would choose either Holiday #1 or #2, I feel like Holiday in a way is edgy in her apprence. I would also go for #4 for burnett, ugh he is sooooooo hott! Burnett+Holiday=MENT-TO-BE<3

  26. I prefer Holiday “1” and for Burnett “4”, I think those are perfect. Love your books, and I hope I can get whisper at moonrise soon!!! I can’t wait!!

  27. Hi CC
    I would say Holiday 1 but with green eyes
    And Burnett 3 but with black hair paler and buffer
    Just how I pictureed
    And Holiday 1 is exactly how I pictured her exept the eyes
    I’m getting my friend into shadow falls she’s gonna start to read when she’s done with the book she’s reading now
    Good luck finishing Chosen at Nightfall
    Best wishes

  28. I think that Holiday #1 and Burnett #1 fit them perfectly. 😀

    P.S. I totally got my copy of Whispers at Moonrise the other day. EEP!!! I can’t wait to start reading it. 😀 Thanks for the chance to win, you’re the best!!!!

  29. i think 4 for both… i dont think holiday is too much older than that pic. and burnett looks exactly like that in my mind

  30. hi c.c i loved whispers at moonrise it was so good i sat at the computer all day reading it i read it over and over to make sure i didnt miss anything and for holiday i would defintly choose #1 she totally looks like her even a fae. she defintly has the touch of holiday in here. then for burnett i dont actually think o him as any one of these guys maybe like him…
    (sry very long website url) i really see him as that picture but if i had to choose frm one of these guys i would choose #1
    i love you c.c hunter youre the best
    you are my inspiration.

  31. I love Holiday #1. But I always saw Burnett as the guy who plays Booth on Bones. But if I had to pick oneI would pick Burnett # 1. You are amazing! THANK YOU!

  32. I think Holiday #1 but just a little older. And I always thought of Holiday on the plus size, I don’t know why, I just do. Also, a little on the short side too. As for Burnett, # 4 but more muscular. When I think Burnett, I think tall, very muscular, and of course good looking, Also he would look just a little condescending. That’s what they look like to in my head!!!

  33. I have to say that i like Holiday #1’s face since it seems so kind but with #2’s hair. For Burnett i’d have to say #1 since he’s a serious guy who is also bada** and I felt that the first one’s moody face decribes it all 😉

  34. I think Holiday #1 with her very pale skin, bright blue eyes and red straight hair. I also think #4 for Burnett…great dark and brooding look!

  35. Holiday #4 More of the red long hair with some wave to it and the easy going smile saying a 100 things at once. Burnett #4 figured him to be the dark, handsome, and dangerous type – #4 the one that looks the closest to that.

  36. i would have to go with Holiday #1 that’s what i would picture her like only maybe with brighter eyes…and Burnett would have to be # 3 he looks to be a big toughy and strong.

  37. Gosh, holiday 1 but all of the burnett pictures are extremely hot!!!! but i wouold go with burnett 4 🙂 love the series

  38. Holiday #4 Burnett #1
    I always imagined Burnett to be this serious tall looking guy. Holiday I imagined to be short and sweet <3 I LOVE the shadow falls novels and half way thorugh whispers at moonrise

  39. I think that Holiday #1 looks most like the one in my mind, but with an “ariana grande” colored hair. and for burnett, none of them really fit my picture of him.. but if i had to choose.. id go for #1 also, but a little younger.. haha like less grey hair.. haha and btw, i have to tell you, after i finished the latest story, and this happened every single time i finished one, i felt empty inside.. like i was so sad that i finished it.. because now i have to wait for the next one.. and an ending like that?? what am i going to do after the next one.. the LAST one! im going to want to die inside.. its like i just want to keep reading Kylie’s stories, and her guy problems, and supernatural problems. it makes me feel like im more than just human and like i can be as great and special as her.. your writing and your mind/style of writing has literally made my life better.. you have no idea the influence you have on me, and im sure many other YA readers.i just wish that it wouldnt end.. but thank you so much.. and btw, everytime i think about me finishing the book or the whole series.. i want to cry, and it makes me sad.. its like i dont want to grow up anymore.. well, i love you and your books! 🙂 you are FANTASTIC! i just wish you would change your mind about ending the series. 🙁 but i still love you! haha 😀 Thanks for everything. 😉 oh and i havent worn my shirt that you sent me bc i dont want anything to happen to it.. haha well Bye now! 🙂

  40. I really love Holiday #1. Although, I would love her even more with bright green eyes, the clear blue ones looks good as well and compliments her auburn hair. Plus, Holiday #1 looks more bright and young and kind enough to be the head of Shadow Falls Camp.

    Now as for Burnett? Ehh, I’m kind of stuck between #1 and #4…Well, actually, #4 looks similar to the descriptions in the book…I guess #1 just has that ‘sexy’ charm to him that’s all 😛 So yes, I definitely see #4 as Burnett.

  41. Gah reading all these comments reminds me of how old I really am frownie face. With that being said, listen to me youngsters its Holiday #1 and Burnett #4, there just is no other way. You can read the compassion in Holiday #1s eyes and Burnett #4 is just plain sexy and I feel has more of an edge to him than the others plus he’s slightly younger looking than the other options and if Burnett went to the same foster house as Perry he shouldn’t look in his late 30’s. Love, Love, Love your books c.c but bein a southern woman myself I need you to include more southernisms, lets get a little country on em!

  42. OMG whispers at moonrise was crazy right but anyways i am so picking burnett # 4 he looks yummy and the best holiday would be holiday # 1 she looks pretty and would definitely fit my description of holiday and especially her eye color.

  43. Okay so I would say for Holiday: Holiday #1 & #2 mixed together, and for Burnett: most definitely Burnett #4 ;D (that guy’s a looker…)

  44. Holly #1, her eyes are striking and hair and complexion is beautiful like I would imagine a fae would be,

    Burnett #4 I think imagine a little more dark and rugged, but I think 4 has the best look of him.

  45. In my mind I see #1 for Holiday and # 4 for Burnett. The Burnett photo is a little off to me but its the closest one to how I picture him. The Holiday photo is right on for me.

  46. hello 🙂
    ummm i liked holiday 1 i thought holiday 2 was kinda biker chick and holiday 3 was too like stiff and plasticy barbie haha (just my opinion) burnett 4 was hot!!! well if i am sharing my opinion all 4 of the guys were kinda hot i just thought guy number 4 was more burnettish haha thanks c.c.

  47. hi c.c i just wanted to sayhow big of an inspiration you are to me. i cant wait to become a good writer just like you i’m sorry youre not just a good writer you are a high-quality writer. noone can ever surpress you!
    whenever i finish one of your books im like omg i cant believe i finsihed it i feel like theres a big fat void in me or abyss its very big that keeps up until the next book once i finish that its like it happens again. i keep reading it and reading it over again i cant stop. reading is my thing i dont like picture books i like big wordy books. there are so many people whod make fun of me for it and i do get made fun o it but i just shake it off i think this is what is going to make me smart and its just who i am you shouldnt be made of for being differnent. people call me teraydactal (?) because i have a squeaky voice or they call me other names because they r just mean i just forget about them and youre books helped me have confidence in myself.
    sorry i went off again
    you are my inspiration C.C plzz dont ever stop writing
    you fill my void with your books
    ok bye

  48. I have to say that the closest to what I imagined for Holiday would have to be pic #1,and for Brunett well,that’s hard,because to be honest none of the pictures fit what i think.I think Burnett would have dark,dark brown eye and equally dark brown hair,with a tan.Dont ask me why with the tan,my mind’s eye just made him that way.Oh,and I know I asked this question before,but,how do you come up with book titles?? I’ll take ANYONE’S suggestion.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  49. I came up with a great halloween costume last night. I’m gonna be Della I have a all black outfit. All I need are black boots,fangs,and my hair to be straightened. I’m not asian but my eyes are little so I look asian my mom says that. My friend gave me the idea and I already have fake blood (don’t ask) I’m gonna be the best della to ever live besides della herself and plz don’t tell her I said that I’m too young to die

  50. I love Shadow Falls!
    This is my first time doing this but I’m going to try xD
    I like Holiday #1 and Burnett #4
    Although I imagined Holiday more older and Burnett bald

  51. I am so mad I just finished the book and I can’t believe Lucas would do that to her it’s his fault she left I rlly wish the 5 th book already came out I don’t want to wait I want to see how she changes and learns how to deal with her powers

  52. Holiday 1
    Burnett 4
    they are how a imagine them in my head. I love the shadow falls novels. They are the best!!!!!!

  53. Hi CC!!!
    When I picture Holiday, I see a pretty and friendly looking person. I love how Holiday puts everyone before herself and doesn’t think twice about it. As for the pictures, I think Holiday #1 would be the best choice.
    For Burnett, I picture a strong, fierce, tough person. My eyes instantly went to Burnett #4. Not only does he look tough but he also has that sexy edge Burnett is described having in the Shadow Falls Series.(hehe)
    I can’t wait to see the results and keep on writing! Your the best!!
    -Regan W


    • OMG! these are my thoughts exactly! i feel like these are real people, and shadow falls is real.. they cant just stop.. like in my head, yes lucas is real, kylie is real.. they are all real! its insane! haha 🙁 i love this series, it cant end. 🙁 but thanks for making it in the first place! haha 🙂

    • Jeez, it’s crazy! I hate it when series end, cuz it’s always like, oh, this is great when you’re reading it but then when you finish you’re like, what am I supposed to do with my life? And, yeah, you’re thoughts are my thoughts. It’s crazy, but I hate it. I wish that this series would not end!

  55. I totally agree with the majority! Holiday #1 and Burnett #4 definitely go together. Though Holiday #1 should have Holiday #4’s hair. I haven’t read Whispers at Night fall yet, and I totally can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!!!

  56. I think Holiday #1 with green eyes and Burnett #4.
    Really, I always imagined Holiday being the most like #1, and the books always said that Holiday had soft green eyes.
    Burnett #4 is the most how i thought of Burnett, except I almost always pictures him like my dad with dark hair: tall, very masculine, and firm but compassionate. I guess #4 just fit the profile the most… 😀

  57. I think Holiday #1 fits my image of Holiday. Burnett #4 fits my image of Burnett best. I loved Whispers at Moonrise, but did Lucas have to be such an a** to Kylie? What stinks is I STILL want them to be together! Save me author!

  58. Holiday #1 but with 34’s hair, and Burnnett”4 but with light borwn hair. Burnett number 3 looks like an older derek in my mind.

  59. I think #1 is the perfect Holiday! And #3 for Burnett, but with #4’s broodier look. I do not want to be entered for the shirt contest, I already have one, so I’ll let somebody else win:)

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  61. Mmm….Holiday 1 and Burnett 1
    Really, i imagined burnett to be a tiny shade darker (skin). like he had a nice tan or something. oh yeah, he was really muscular and his body was block shaped-ish. then he always had shades on, i guess im thinking of the FBI on cartoons or something. yes, my mind is weird.

  62. i think it should be holiday 3 and burnett 3 they flow together. those would be the faces i pictutre when i read the books

  63. i definently think that the burnett is 3!! somehow you took the image right out of my brain and made a picture of it! i didnt picture any of the holidays that are there but the closest one would be 3 with some makeup on:)

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