Endings—and Beginnings

Okay, it’s finished. There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I have finished Chosen at Nightfall, the final book in my Shadow Falls series. Let me tell you, Kylie gets herself in a whole heap of trouble, and I wasn’t sure how or if she was going to get herself out of it. But, smart girl that she is, she surprised me and came out the other side. However, everything has a cost, and this was no exception. As for the choice between Derek or Lucas, it was tough, and someone gets their heart broken. I can’t say who because my editor would kill me. And besides, as I have said before, I’m no spoiler.

What I can tell you is this. In this last trek of her journey she finds a new enemy, deals with a spirit who has blood on her hands. And she is presented with something from the death angels, and in the end, she discovers that anything is possible.

It was very emotional to write “The End” and say goodbye to Kylie, Lucas, Derek, Miranda, Della, Holiday, Burnett, Perry, and the others. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and Kylie had finally completed her journey. I cried—a lot, not just at the end, but throughout the book. I also laughed, too, and I hope you will as well. So, even though it will be a while until Chosen at Nightfall is released, it is now finished and in the hands of my publisher. I will post a countdown on my website Home page, soon.

What’s next for me? Well, did I mention I already have a contract for another series with St. Martins? I can’t give out a whole lot of details just yet. Oh, boy, I’m keeping all kinds of secrets, aren’t I? Sorry.  However, I can say that I think you will find all the things you love about Shadow Falls in the new series: a unique paranormal world, characters you can easily fall in love with, a book about friendships and family, hot guys, lots of emotion, and tons of laughter. I had a blast writing the proposal and I can’t wait to get started on it. So keep checking my blog because I will be able to tell you more as I get into this next series.

Last Week’s Winners

As for last week’s blog on Holiday and Burnett, overall, Holiday #1 was the favorite and Burnett #4 barely beat out #3. The winners of the two t-shirts are Josie Taylor and Michelle Pope. Congratulations! So, email me at cc@cchunterbooks.com with your mailing address AND your t-shirt size.

66 thoughts on “Endings—and Beginnings

  1. C.C., I am STILL just in shock over Whispers at Moonrise. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, LOVED it, but OH MY GOSH! I don’t know how I am going to pass the time until the next (and last…*sob*) book. It was amazing. Each book in this series has gotten better and better, and not all authors have accomplished that in a series, so, well done! Also, I just wanted to say that I’m extremely upset with Lucas right now (It sure is going to be interesting to find out what happens to Kylie in the next book…).

    I’ve also decided that I would LOVE to be an invisible listener in Holiday’s office; I just know the most interesting conversations happen there.

    Thanks for writing such amazing books and taking the time to keep your many fans posted on your blog! You are AWESOME and YAY FOR SHADOW FALLS!

  2. I have this really bad feeling I am going to be one of the people left heartbroken after the finale. I know I am still upset with my choice for Kylie, but I still can’t help but liking him. 🙂

    Soooooo looking forward to reading this one! It’s going to take forever I know! This series was truly awesome and I have loved it from beginning to end! Everyone really surprises me in this book and I can’t wait to see what all happens to them in the finale!

    Also looking forward to reading your new series! You said paranormal, so I am already psyched!

  3. Oh boy, now I’m afraid to read it because I don’t want to cry. Endings are the worst for me. I’ll probably end up staring at the ceiling with tears running down my face once the book is done.

    Either way though, it is way too hard to resist reading it. Can’t wait !

    • I LOVE SHADOW FALLS SERIES and I dont know how im gonna handle that series is abot to be over(sob*) but hey just like Kylie im torn between liking Derek or liking Luca. Im still waiting for my 3rd book that I ordered at school. But that doesnt mean anything THANK U C.C. HUNTER

  4. Damn… I hate saying goodbye… I’ll miss them too… I might re-read them all over again… 2013 is really far away… I hope even though one (Lucas or Derek) will be heart broken, he will accept Kylie’s decision… And to the one Kylie chose, I hope he’ll take care of Kylie…

    Can’t wait for your next books!!! Thank you for the info!!!

  5. oh my god i haven’t read the book whispers at moon rise but when i finished the book taken at dusk i said to my mother “i recon kylie needs to choice between Derek and Lucas and someone gets seriously hurt” ad someone told me i was write

  6. Is it really ending? Man I should get the tissue box ready cuz saying goodbye isn’t going to be easy. I live for these kinds of books and I am certainly going to be one of the first to read your new series. Upset but at the same time excited.

    • I cried when I wrote Whispers and Moonrise and I cried even more writing Chosen at Nightfall. But in the end, I was happy for Kylie. I think you will be, too.

  7. I love this series so much. If this blog post alone can get tears trying to form then reading the end of the story is going to have me pouring my eyes out… that or I am really emotional and need chocolate. I’m not sure. I think it shall be both.

    I want to re-read the entire series. I never reviewed them as I read them one by one and I am regretting that. It’s something I want to fix.

  8. As each book came to an end I was sad to put them on hold until the next book. I can’t imagine how I am going to be when the whole series is over. Personally I think Kylie needs a man that is a mix of Derrick and Lucas. How hot would that be!

  9. so sad to see the series end! I can’t wait to read the last book!Also congrats on selling the new series can’t wait to hear more about it!

  10. Can’t believe it’s almost over. Why do I get the feelin that Derek will be the one with his heartbroken? I hope not, but I will respect Kylie’s decision for which ever guy she chooses. And I hope that her grandfather really does help her out with all her new found powers so she knows how to control them. She deserves to know how to control them like everyone else, just through time and a little help from others. I hope that her father, Daniel makes an appearance too.

    • im sad too. but i feel like lucas will have his heart broken. and that makes me even more sad cause im super solid steel hard core team lucas

    • Kylie will go back to the camp! (i hope) beacause, kylie has never broken one of her promises yet. i also hopes she goes with derek bacause derek has broken her heart the least. right know i despise lucus for what he has done. Loved the book!! i cried at the end 🙁

  11. NOOOO NOT ALL THINGS HAVE TO COME TO AN END 🙁 i hate endings i have come to love the series its definately one of my favorites and since you are one of my favorite authors and i love your writing style i am sure i will love this new series 😉 Soooo thanks for writing the series i cant wait for the book wait i can i dont want it too end!

  12. oh gosh…I’m going to cry after Chosen At Nightfall. I love these books so much. I really hope it’s Lucas she ends up with. Them being able to overcome the obstacles with having a relationship would be a great victory, but I don’t want Derek to get heart broken :(. Either way I’m going to be upset, but I’m so curious as to how all this ends. Whispers at Moonrise left me crying. Waiting until April is going to be hard. Such a long time from now 🙁

  13. Oh my…. The end…. NO :'(
    I understand that all good things must come to an end but it is still shocking to think that soon all the decisions will be made. After Whispers at Moonrise I have been so confused. I was/am a team Lucas fan but after this book I’m leaning towards team Derek (for now)…. I know Kylie will make the right decision in the end. It’s far away but I’m already excited for Chosen at Nightfall. This has been an amazing journey and I’m excited to know how it will go out (most likely with a bang haha)
    Love it!

  14. I tried to hold off reading the end of the book becuase I didn’t want to have to wait so long for the next…I couldn’t resist anymore and I finished. Its sad I feel like my life is over! 🙁 This is my favorite series! Can’t wait for the next! TEAM LUCAS!!!!!

  15. I so can’t wait, but i know i will cry at the end. In fact i cried at the end of Whispers at Moonrise. I loved the ending though. We all know what needed to happen and she did it. Kylie is a very strong main character and i love her for that! I hope i wont be brokenhearted with the choice of Derek and Lucas. TEAM DEREK!!!!!!!!

  16. I’m almost half way finished with Whispers At Moonrise and I got it yesterday night!!!! I’m probley going to cry when I finish this series this out of 142books/23 series this is my favorite and that will NEVER CHANGE. I hope that in the end she chooses the right guy and she will find out what she truly is!!!

  17. Omg I can’t believe the 5 is done man wish it was out already poo so I am now a fan of cc hunter I hope her next book is amazing I think u should turn shadow fall novels to movie it will be like twillight but better. Then lots of people would know about cc and shadow falls I would buy all the movies and books and it will be awesome. I can’t wait for chosen at night fall hope it comes out soon.

  18. omg c.c i cant believe you already finished the book. i bet its going to be great i’m trying to limit what i write ok so from what you wrote it sounds so good. i’m the one who wrote about writing a story based on your book like what the plot is im still making it up its going to be short even though i can never write a short story
    i’m going to go crazy if it doesnt come out soon
    g2g blog tom

  19. WAHHH! I can believe its the end! im going to cry at every single page! but im definitely going to buy your new series, even though i dont even know what it is.. haha, anyway, i love your books and how you write.. and trust me, no one/no series can replace this series or kylie, derek, and everyone.. ugh.. im so sad.. 🙁 but i still cant wait! and i still want to cry! i dont even know what im trying to say anymore.. but i hope you understand what im saying.. haha 🙂 love you!

  20. Team Lucas!!!! Please tell me she picked him. It would really stink if she went through all that not to end up with him! He has some serious making up to do but I think they belong together. Can’t wait for the book!! 🙂

  21. i`m currently reading whispers at moonrise and so far it is amazing!!! u did and awesome job!! (as always) i`m super excited about your new series and cant wait to get into it as much as i have the shadow falls series!!

    p.s.I i have a friend who is just like Della!! they could b sisters!! she is short, not as developed as me and a few of my friends and doesn’t let anyone push her around
    (and don`t forget her language!!! lets me say, SAILOR MOUTH!!) 😛

    p.s.II I love u so much!!You r #1 on my fave readers list and shadow falls is #1 on
    my fave series list!! NEVER STOP WRITING!!!

  22. just so u know i finished whispers at moonrise in 3 days and it was awesome!! but with the whole lucas thing (and trust me im a die hard lucas fan who doesnt believe in homie hopping) im leaning more towards derek…that said i cant wait till chosen at nightfall comes out im like freaking out!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. if she doesnt go w lucas i will just have to believe i have bad taste in guys as ive found out, lately!!!
    p.p.s. i like derek as a friend but he really pushed her in this book

  23. Dear C.C.,

    I can’t believe that the series must come to an end so soon! I am a huge fan and I thought that “Whispers at Moonrise” was your best book so far. I am probably going to cry at the end of “Chose at Nightfall” because I always cry, even when its not that sad. I am so excited to see who she will choose! I am just hoping that she chooses Derek or Lucas and not someone totally different because I always get upset when that happens. Right now I am for Derek all the way but not because of that unforgivable thing Lucas did at the end but Derek always seemed more compassionate and caring while Lucas was just too mysterious and I felt he couldn’t be trusted. But anyway, can’t wait until “Chose at Nightfall!” I don’t think I will be able to make it to the release!

  24. I have a question where will you post your new series? This Site or another Site just asking 🙂 I hope it will come out soon and I’m very excited for both the finale and your newest series : D Congratulations C.C AND I hope I’ll read more of your work 🙂

  25. hey c.c
    i cant wait for your new series! 🙂 since youre already done with the last book do you think you can sell it early like i’m like going to go crazy because know i now youve finished it and ive got to wait and wait. i hate when authors put out that they finished there book and there exact date there going to put it out but its going to be out in like next year.
    my birthday is coming up i cant wait for it
    every birthday i have i have bad things happen
    one year i got in a car accident
    the other people couldnt come to my party because how bad the weather was.
    im like very scared but excited wish me a Happy BirthDay! 🙂

  26. oh yeah i forget to tell you every book of yours ive cried tears of joy tears of despair and sometimes i just started crying thinking about how good of a writer you must be to write this book and you are YOU ARE THE BEST 🙂
    i wish when i write my story i could come as high as youve come
    wish me luck

      • omg i cant believe it a new series from you. i cant believe it i bet its going to be better then these not saying the shadow falls series were bad as you should of read all my others i wrote they are the best i ever read in my whole entire life and trust me i read a lot! 🙂 i cant wait for your new series!
        did you have to research alot of topics to write the shadow falls series?

  27. hey 🙂
    ahhhhhhh omg noooooo i hate endings! i know everything has and ending but why do they have to be so hard? sooo your blog post wanted to make me cry but then after the emotional outburst i was kinda happy again. i am super excited to see what you have in stoe for us C.C.Hunter because you are an amazing writing so i am sure this series will be a hit cant wait 🙂

  28. …………………………………………(gasping)
    Oh CC…….why…….i was crying (sniffle) just when i read that paragraph about chosen at nightfall (sniff) and i like broke down….i will miss the original gang and hopefully, i’ll love the new “gang” too…..mooooaannnnnnnn….

    • Oh yea, i was so emotional in the earlier post, that i forgot to add this…
      Dear CC,
      You are the best writer ever, you are like a firework of imagination and I love this blog, just saying. I’ve been writing my own mini series, and you’ve inspired me. I absolutly hate endings (and beginnings for some odd reason) but I just know in my gut that you are gunna make this last book better than every book existed!!! Good luck CC, for future books to come.

  29. Omg!!!!!! I don’t the series to end!!!!!! I have told a lot of people to read your books, and I have gotten great responses!!! I saw an ad in a magazine for Whispers at Moonrise and I started freaking out!!!! O. and team switz (can’t choose between derek and lucas) all the way!!!!


  30. I get books mixed up when ever I mean to say one book I say whispers at moonrise or chosen at nightfall lol. Haha I’m slow!!!!!!! But seriously when does chosen at nightfall come out I know its in April I just wanna know what day. Ooooh I am gonna write all da character’s names in greek. Don’t ask I like Percy Jackson and the Olymians and stuff like that so my teacher last year gave us a paper with the greek alphabet as a project but I kept mine in case I got bored and didn’t have any books to read and didn’t want to reread them bit right now I’m rereading whispers at moonrise in fact its right next to me 🙂

  31. I get books mixed up when ever I mean to say one book I say whispers at moonrise or chosen at nightfall lol. Haha I’m slow!!!!!!! But seriously when does chosen at nightfall come out I know its in April I just wanna know what day. Ooooh I am gonna write all da character’s names in greek. Don’t ask I like Percy Jackson and the Olymians and stuff like that so my teacher last year gave us a paper with the greek alphabet as a project but I kept mine in case I got bored and didn’t have any books to read and didn’t want to reread them bit right now I’m rereading whispers at moonrise in fact its right next to me 🙂 I’m such a dork

  32. I simply can not wait until the final book. I’ll be sad to see it end, but it is an amazing series. I can’t wait for your new work to come out, I bet it will be just as amazing.

  33. Great comments, guys! I love reading your thoughts about Kylie and who she should choose–Lucas or Derek. Trust her to make the right choice.

  34. Well.. the Shadow falls novel is amazing! I’ve finished ‘taken at dusk’ weeks ago, haven’t read the ‘whispers at moonrise’ yet because it’s not available at any bookstores in my country-Cambodia )’: .
    I gotta trust Kylie on choosing between Derek and Lucas. Can’t wait for the next series!!!! 😀
    Thanks CC for such lovely books!

  35. I finished Whipsers at Moonrise yesterday!!! And omg I want to thank you C.C for another amazing book:D I’m so excited for the next book!!! Maybe I wont cry at the end of the next book lol but doubt it:)

  36. I am in love with your books CC hunter. i just want to say that i love how you took the self discovery and mixed in super natural and romance. and how you made this amazingly passionate and loyal a love triangle (reminds me of twilight lolz) Kylie is an amazing and strong character and i love how loyal and sexy Derek and Lucas are. i fell in love with shadow falls within the first 5 pages of the first book. i cant wait for the 5th and final book to come out. i love your writing CC hunter and i wish shadow falls would never end. but all good things must come to and end so cant wait.

  37. I love love love your books. I have to say yours are my favorite besides The Ghost and the Goth. I cant believe its ending. Ill be so sad it helped make time pass i keep re-reading them. I cant wait till I get the forth. Ill miss Kylie and all the others. When i read these books I love the movie in my head. your my favorite author. Your characters are very inspiring to me. They have great personalities. This will always help me believe more in the supernatural then I already do.

    Thank You for writing these books cant wait for the next series.

  38. It seems like in any love triangle there’s always the mysterious guy (Lucas) and the nice guy (Derek). I so hope Kylie ends up with Derek. They never got the chance to really be together n it seems like it could be magical. To love someone so much that you’ll tell them without expecting anything in return and be there for them as a friend regardless is so admirable and difficult. I hope “nice guy (aka Drek) don’t finish last”. If Derek is left heart broken…I hope there will be future series on him. Love his character!

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