Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I love this time of year. I decorate my house with jack-o-lanterns, spider webs and ghosts.  The first two things don’t really bother me, but the ghosts? Well, they give me the heebee geebees! Probably because I had a very weird experience with ghosts. Want to hear my story? I previously posted this as a guest blog on Confessions of a Bookaholic, but I’ll repost it here.

The Little Girl No One Cried For

I was thirteen and I woke up that morning with sunshine spilling through my window.  I stretched my hands over my head and it hit me—the memory of a dream I’d just had came rushing back.   There had been no sunshine in the dream.

It was spooky, but more strange and sad.  Like an old movie, I could still see it playing in my mind.  But unlike a movie, my memory came with all five senses.  The smell of wet earth and the scent of a storm brewing somewhere close by.  I could feel the wind hit my face, blowing my blonde hair across my eyes.    Tombstones, aged and cracked, littered the ground around me.  All was silent—deadly silent.

A small group of people stood quietly by a gravesite.  All wearing black.   Even the sky held a dismal shade of sadness.  There seemed to be no color in the image—no joy, all drab and gray.   I stared at the faces of those grieving people.  Did I know them?  Yes, but . . . vaguely.   And from where?

Immediately, my gaze shifted to the casket.  The tiny polished box carried the only color in the scene.   A bright pink ribbon rested on top.   My gaze shot back to the people again.  They weren’t crying.  For some reason that seemed odd.  They needed to cry.   Cry for the child who obviously lay tucked inside that casket.  The child who would never run and play and who would never know life.

I studied the faces of the people again, trying to remember where I’d seen them. How could I know them when they looked so out of place?  Like people from old pictures.  People from another time, another life.

And then came the realization.  The woman dressed in a thick black wool coat, hugging herself against the cold and staring at the casket with empty emotion, was my grandmother, but younger.  A lot younger.   The woman today was old, in her late sixties.  But yes, I remembered seeing her younger face in family photo albums.

Then, I recognized the other people.  My mom and dad when they were young.    My grandfather and one of my uncles.   My gaze shifted from one person to the next.

Then it went to the casket.

Who had died?   Part of the answer came with the next cold whisk of wind:  A baby.  A baby girl.

I wanted to tell someone how sorry I was.  Emotion built in my chest.  A crazy thought hit.  Someone needed to cry for the child.  I stood back from the crowd, not really present, but somehow still there.  I felt the odd sadness.   But why weren’t they crying?

Then my grandmother, my mom, dad and uncle were gone.   As if they’d vanished into the air.  I saw the casket being lowered into the gaping chasm.  Abruptly the dream changed and I saw the gravestone.  It simply read, Our baby girl: Christie.

Christie?  CHRISTIE?  That was my name.   How could the baby have my name?  That’s when I’d woken up.  My heart still thumped against my breastbone at the memory, and I had tears in my eyes.  Not wanting to be alone, I went and found my mom cooking breakfast.

I told her about the dream, about the casket with the pink ribbon and seeing my name on the gravestone.

I saw shock hit my mom’s face.  “What is it?” I asked, but was almost scared for her to answer.

“This is weird.”


“Your grandmother got pregnant a few months after your dad and I were married.  It was a girl.  She only lived a few weeks.  You were named after her.”

The spookiness tiptoed up my spine as chills skittered up my neck.   I looked at my mom and asked, “Why didn’t anyone cry?” Suddenly, I burst into tears.

My mom’s faced paled even more.  “Your grandma told everyone no tears.  She said she couldn’t handle the tears.  We weren’t allowed to cry.”

I dropped down into a kitchen chair and asked the question burning inside me.  “How could I have dreamed this?”

“I’m sure you heard the story,” Mom said.

“When?  When could I have heard the story?   I swear I never knew about her before now.”

“I don’t know, but you had to have heard it.  How else would you have known this?”

How else?

To this day I think about that dream.  I think about the little girl, my namesake.  Did I really hear someone tell that story and my mind simply played it back as a dream?  Or did the spirit of Christie somehow visit me?  Did she need me to know about her?   Did she need someone to cry for her?

I guess you see why my Shadow Falls series involves ghosts.  There’s a part of me that believes in them.  What about you?  Do you believe in ghosts?

Last Week’s Winners

Boy, do I ever have some wonderful multi-lingual readers! As I said last week, I speak English and Spanish, but some of you speak three, four or even more languages. Very impressive! Anyway, the two winners of the German copies of Whispers at Moonrise are Brooklyn Gotelaere and  Tiara.   Please email your mailing address to cc@cchunterbooks.com. Congratulations!


31 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I believe in ghosts. My old schools girls bathroom was haunted. I was scared one day the light just went off. And in the cafeteria one day when I was in after care the automatic doors opened and stayed open for a really really really long time I think all night. Scary right. And I here stuff all the time I don’t know if its just me or if its something else. I always ask people if they heard that if I here a loud noise just to be sure I’m not imagaing

    Happy halloween
    Ps I’m gonna be della

  2. I absolutely believe in ghosts/spirits (is there really a difference? I don’t know). I also think that little girl needed someone to know about her. Neat story, thank you for sharing.

    Oh and just curious, but where did your inspiration come from to write the Shadow Falls series?

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. I believe in ghosts. Sometimes I’ll wake up thinking I heard someone say my name, or I’ll just be sitting, and I’ll think I’ll hear my name be said. Sometimes I think it’s my great- grandmother, but at the same time I’m not sure. It bothers me sometimes.

  4. i believe in ghosts…i mean im practically convinced my house is haunted!!! plus they are really cool!!!
    i liked to think my Grandpa Tom comes back aa a ghost and watches me and my sister (whom he never met due to his death)…i miss him so much!! i wish wat happened with Kylie with her dad happens to me…

    luv u, gpa tom!!

  5. I totally believe in ghosts. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t believe that ghosts are necessarily bad. They’re just spirits of people who aren’t materialistic anymore, and that doesn’t mean they don’t have a way of communicating with us. BTW, I also want to know- where DID you get the inspiration for Shadow Falls?

  6. That’s a really good story, did you write that just now?
    Haha, you could even make that a book <3
    I'm writing a story called Love of My Life

  7. Wow C.C.! That is unbelieveble! How mysterious! Maybe the spirit of Christie really did visit you, but why you? I think this story is pretty amazing. How could you have drempt about something you never knew about? But maybe you just heard somebody talking about it when you were really young and had a dream about it or maybe you heard about it while you were sleeping and had a dream about it. But the entire story is just so unbelivable and mysterious that it is anybody’s guess! Well Thanks For Sharing!!!

  8. hehe, I’m going to be a greek goddess for halloween, and we have a pumpkin, carved into the shape of the Lorax
    I don’t believe in ghosts, sorry.
    I’m one of those nerdy girls who think there’s an explanation for everything.

  9. absolutely! my uncle can even speak to them! 🙂 sometimes i think i can, but i dont know.. i would respond with a longer comment, but i have to go! 🙂 i will respond again later. haha when i have time. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😉

  10. I don’t exactly believe in ghosts, but I do believe in spirits! (They aren’t evil)
    Thanks for making me one of the winners for the last competition CC!!!

  11. ekkk!! thank you for making me a winner!! but is the whole book in german?? anyway, i do believe in ghosts i have seen some and they kind a creep me out. but thank you for making me a winner!!!

  12. awww 🙁 C.C that is sad i am such a softy even that story i almost cried ahh why? why do i cry so much? anyways after being so dramatic haha i do believe in ghosts i am a huge believer in everything paranormal. So halloween it came so fast for me and i have a little story so i didnt really dress up i just put some like jaguar ears on and called it a day so i went trick or treating with my family cause i think its funner than friends (thts just my opinion) anyways when we came back my siblings and cousins and i always trade the candy we dont like and i was looking through my candy and guess what i found…….a packet of gravy mix! who gives out gravy mix on halloween i then realized it came with a note i didnt think too much of it just ya know maybe a recipe but the note said i gave you gravy mix because you didnt dress up this year maybe next year you will wear a costume lol i just thought that was so funny and weird i thought i would share haha
    ugh its been the worst i just got my internet back because of the hurricane well by the time it got to us just a tropical storm and i know its bad that im saying i couldnt live with out the internat because their are bigger issues and everything but it was a rough two days lol i get so off topic haha thanks for sharing with us C.C. Hunter

  13. Wow! Nice story C.c! I do believe in ghosts.I sometimes feel them and it’s a little creepy. Ghosts are one of my fears. When I’m alone I somehow always find my way thinking of ghosts and then getting REALLY scared >.< oh well everyone has fears and you just have to live with it.

  14. I believe in ghosts:) They have been around me since I was little, saw my first one when I was 8. I don’t see them much anymore, but weird things still happen….I think it depends on location. I lived in some places where all I saw were ghosts and some places I lived were quiet, like now:) Great story, very interesting, hope you had a fangtastic Halloween!!!

    • that happens to me all the time. my father’s uncle past away and i never knew him or heard about him because he’s … just darn sensitive anyway i think 2 years ago when i was 10 i saw a strange man wearing a fedora and khakis with a deep blue shirt ( it didn’t match at all) and he said you be good to your daddy tell him mr. sweeney said hi and like out of thin air he vanished i was totally freaked (but mostly my parent) they were going to get me a shrink because, i kept drawing him over and over again in my notebook . but i finally told my dad and he was bursting in tears and then he got mad saying how do you know him eventually he forgot and i never brung it up but (i never forgot about him ), i never really knew if he was real like it could be a dream but it was so real.

      • Wow that sounds like it was real to me. I remember one day I walked into the kitchen and saw a man in boxers looking through the cabinets, I thought it was my dad until he can walking up to me in the opposite direction. I looked at the kitchen in shock and no one was there, but the cabinets was open still……..weird I know but it was really creepy

  15. i dont believe in ghosts, but i believe in agels, and it is kind of the same thing. Sometimes when i really miss my grandfather,or my great-grandmother, or my other great-grandmother, i’ll see something that reminds me of them. When i was little my grandfather always gave me pennies, my great-grandmither dimes, and my other great-grandmother lemon heads. on the day of my first communion (i am Catholic), which was very important to me, i was wishing that they were there. That day i found 7 pennies, 5 dimes, and my friends gave me 3 lemon heads. so, though they aren’t always out to hurt you, I do believe angels exist. Maybe christie’s angel sent you that dream to show that she was looking out for you.

  16. that’s creepy . I believe in ghosts . I believe in all that stuff, even tho people say it` s crazy . but the last house I lived in my stepdads ain’t or something just disappeared . but there was a well by the house and almost everyone says she got pushed into it , and died . so my stepdad covered up the well. and yeah . and now the house I live in is creepy to, it’s really old and the basement is creepy . but I was a vampire for Halloween . (:

  17. thats so weird but cool in a way i believ my opinion that the baby was trying to get to you. from what you tell me you wouldnt have really been watching it if someone did tell you like that and freaking out (no offense)
    heres my weird ghost story: (i may and may not beleive in these ghost techniques to hear them but i tried it)
    so it was halloween nite for some reasson i wanted to try a ghost detactor out, so i downloaded one it had all the things that are included in the ghost hunting shows.
    so i turned it on went upstairs in my room and listened and watched. all of a sudden it gets staticy and then it stops and i hear something it sounded like someone was trying to say something.
    agaion stupid me but i said say it clearly and slowly, thats when i saw it a ghost on the screen and then the static comes again and i hear run for your life!
    i started to freak out. whoever or whatever happened there is still freaking me out i had to sleep with all my lights on (not like that would help) then the next nite, i had to sleep with my cat to chase all the worries away i was so scared. i was scared to death
    i dont know why i did that if i get freaked so easily!
    i thought it would help me hear and see one of my late family members but i thought wrong, Completely Wrong!
    i got to go put my laundry in the drier
    C.C i love your books and you are the best
    and that hurricane can you beleive it that was horrible did you get hit hard?
    are you still without electricity? i never lost
    have a great week!

  18. I really do believe in ghosts and that they can communicate with us if they really want to. It could be in dreams like with Kylie or in person like Kylie as well.

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