Can You Hear the Whispers?

I’m so excited! Now you can actually hear Whispers at Moonrise. Macmillan Audio has released the digital audiobook. I was skeptical because I hear Kylie’s voice in my head. I hear all my character’s voices for that matter. I was worried Kylie wouldn’t sound like she does in my head. So, when I received a preview clip, I was a bit worried. But I have to tell you, I am very pleased.  Katie Schorr, the narrator  does a great job. She has Kylie’s voice and inflection down. I’m so pleased! And soon, Born at Midnight, Awake at Dawn and Taken at Dusk will also be available on audio book.

So, I am sharing a clip of Whispers at Moonrise here.

Whispers at Moonrise, web clip

Whispers at Moonrise is available as a digital audiobook at iTunes,, etc.  So, can you hear the whispers? Thanks to the audiobook, you now can.


25 thoughts on “Can You Hear the Whispers?

  1. Hi Mrs. Hunter! I wanted to start by saying, I love her voice! 🙂 Most audio books I’ve heard are by older people, but she sounds young, and she reads with enthusiasm! 🙂 that’s really good, i just wanted to hear how she would read a guy’s part, like Derek or Lucas.. but she makes a pretty good Kylie in my opinion. 😉 Love the books! Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Love her voice! <3
    It's exactly the voice that I heard when I read the book…it's fantastic !! I don't really like audio books normaly but this one I think I gonna buy it !! I'll work my English with it too sooooo thank you CC to share this preview with us héhé ^^.

  3. I’m so torn whether I should listen to it or not. I also have a voice for Kylie in my head. Unfortunately, my brain tends to overwrite my own imagination as soon as I see/hear the characters portrayed by actors. My curiosity will probably get the better of me however.

    • I was leery before I heard it, too. I can hear Kylie so clearly in my head and was afraid she would sound too different, but the narrator does a great job. I was so pleased–and excited!

  4. i love her voice its not the voice i pictured but its still pretty. i listened to alot of audio books but i never heard them cuss it sounds funny

    • I listened to it at school don’t know how I didn’t get caught but I don’t get caught for a lot of things. Omg a book I want is coming out tomorrow and its the last book of the series!!! 🙁 I just have to read it the matched trilogy is like my favorite. Series of all time well one and a half

        • its coming out tomorrow and im gonna get it. my mom pays on my report card 5 dollars every A 4 dollars every B and i earned 37 dollars and i have 26 dollars left and im goin to barnes and noble tomorrow and getting reached. OMG do u want cassia to end up with xander or ky im hoping for xander. if we lived in the same city we would be best friend you like my two favorite book series shadow falls and the matched trilogy

          • omg! no way we have the same intrests in books that is so cool 🙂 I wan cassia to end up with ky-sorry but yeah xanders a good guy in all but i like ky but ya never know whats gonna happen especially after the ending. Im not gonna be able to read it for awhile 🙁 im already reading 2 other series Vampire Academy, and Beautiful Creatures (which by the way are both awesome books) but its the last book of the series 🙁 im gonna miss it but we still have chosen at nightfall to look foward to 🙂

  5. YAY! it sounds amazing! I’m totally going to buy it! The voice isn’t exactly like i heard it, but I’m special so I have my own way of doing everything. *.* and even though it isn’t like I hear Kylie, it still sounds amazingly close!

  6. omg i just got my stuff today!! thank you cc. you are the best! it is really cool what i got but i am kinda sad that i can not enjoy it. i can not read german so that sucks and i hope i will learn more then a few short words. but thank you anyway cc! it was very nice you picked me!

  7. :'( awwww for some reason my computer is being stupid and it wont let me listen ughhh computer problems! sometimes i wish i could go back to the stone age

  8. um cc i have a question are you still doing a contest every 18th of the month?? I just looked at that part on the website not being greedy or nothin just looked at i wondered

  9. i can’t listen to audiobooks…. i read faster than i can listen! 🙁 oh how lovely life would be if i could…. but i tried!! the only thing that i found with audiobooks is that you are listening to a voice that belongs to someone else and in the end the character and the voice that you have created with your own perceptions have become tangled and confused! i just think that an audio apt individual can now enjoy books that they would not normally pick up to read and for authors this opens up a whole new world of passionate fans! 🙂

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