Fairytales and Romance

Recently, I snuggled up in bed with my granddaughter to watch The Little Mermaid. Now, I had seen the movie before, but seeing it with a three-year-old was a little like seeing it through the eyes of a child. I was swept away by the story, the characters and the romance. Yes, I’m a romantic, and if you don’t think there’s romance in children’s fairy tales, well, you need to go grab yourself a blanket, some popcorn, and curl up and watch them again with fresh eyes.

My granddaughter and I fell in love with Prince Eric just as Ariel did. I was totally fascinated and could completely relate to Ariel. I cheered for her as she struggled to achieve her independence. I felt for her when her dad destroyed her collection of human things. I held my breath anticipating when she would achieve her biggest goal— (Do you remember what she wanted?) –feet. And I bit my nails as she tried and tried to get Eric just to kiss her. And when she finally got that kiss, I sighed with a warm heart.

As crazy as it was, I could totally see Kylie Galen, my heroine in the Shadow Falls Series, in Ariel. Kylie’s struggle of finding her own independence as she is becoming an adult is much like Ariel’s efforts to leave the deep ocean and see what the other world was really like. Kylie has Della, Miranda and Holiday to keep her laughing and Ariel had her humorous friends, Flounder, Scuttle and Sebastian. Kylie searches to find what type of supernatural she is and what it entails, Ariel seeks to discover what it means to be a human. In the final book of the Kylie’s journey, Kylie risks her life to save those she loves. Ariel risks becoming a slave to the evil sea witch in an attempt to win the heart of her prince.

Ah, the drama and romance. It’s no wonder I loved the fairytales when I was young. You don’t have to look far to know where my love of storytelling began. Oh…and when I asked my granddaughter what her favorite part was, she grinned, blushed and then said, “When Ariel was dancing with Prince Eric and he kissed her.” Ah, I think she inherited her love of romance from me.

I haven’t seen Brave yet, but I am planning on it. But another movie I love is Shrek. Don’t you think Lucas is a bit like Shrek? Hey…he’s no ogre. He’s actually very cute, but at times he comes off a little grouchy.

So…do you see any of Kylie in Ariel? Which of the fairytale movies are your favorites?

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95 thoughts on “Fairytales and Romance

  1. I love fairytales too!… I read the original fairytale of the little mermaid by christian andersen… Is it nothing like the disney tale.. I really love the story of beauty and the beast.. its theme of beauty is in the inside not outside speaks to everyone.. My favorite part is when the dance the waltz… beautiful romance…

  2. Oh gosh I love Ariel. I always loved that she was the only Disney princess girl with red hair. I never realized it before, but Kylie is just like her! Her struggle with identity, it really connects. I love the part of the movie when they’re in the boat and all the animals are singing and trying to get him to kiss her. 🙂
    I also always loved Cinderella; it’s so sweet. Did anyone else know there is a Cinderella 3? I never knew that before today…

  3. I hadn’t really thought about kylie having anything in common with ariel but now that you mentioned it I can see some of the same spirit and determination in both of them. My favorite fairytale has always been cinderella. Ik that most girls proba ly say that but I have a special connection to it. I dont exactly have evil step sisters but I have two older brothers. I grew up a tom boy and was never noticed bu the guys at my school. Then I went to the homecoming dance and a couple of the popular guys asked for my number. I refused because they didn’t even look at me till I put on the dress. But it was like thd clock struck midnigt the next day because no one but my friends even talked to me. And sorry I typed thos all on my phone on my way to school so ik there are a lot of typos

  4. I loved the little mermaid! I haven’t seen it in so long though, and my younger sister never seems to want to watch any old Disney movies! I actually have two favorite movies, Beauty and the Beast, and The Princess and the Frog. They both have some great messages in them, and come on, who doesn’t love Beast!!

  5. I love beauty and the beast the girl who never fits in with everyone who withdraws and sees the beauty of books who then in an act of strength exchages her life for her father to become captive by the beast who has to learn the kindess and beauty are not on the outside and it takes this extrodinary woman to do it in the process she finds what true love is and where she belongs to break a curse and live happily ever after I love the moral that you should take a look through someone elses eyes to sometimes to see the beauty in life

  6. I really liked Aladdin. And Pocahontas, I have an affinity for Native American culture and while it wasn’t an all out true depiction of what really happened, it was nice to see the culture get some semblance of recognition.

    • When I was younger, I absolutely loved the Disney princess movies! Not only did I watch them all of the time, but I also dressed as a different princess every Halloween. I really liked the Little Mermaid, but for some reason my overall favorite was Mulan. I definitely see some similarities between Kylie and Mulan, for they both possess strong determination and are not afraid to follow their hearts.

  7. Fairy tales take you away and that is why a lot of people read. I Can see a lot of Kylie in Ariel. My kids and me love watching fairy tales weather its a Disney tale (Brave, which was so good, I saw a lot of Kylie in this movie wont give detail since you have not seen it.) Or watch TV like Once Upon a Time. You can see your self in them. You feel right with them you cry all of it. It makes you hope and other time it makes you do more with your life give your courage. My all time favorite Fairy Tale is Beauty and the Beast, the struggle they go though and the wonderful out come that they get from the struggle. Watching her love him even though he is not hansom. Turning away from the one that is hansom. It shows so much.

  8. I loved the Beauty and the Beast. I could relate to Belle’s love of books and trying to find the good in people.

  9. I can really see her in Ariel and I love Fairy Tales and I love your books and cannot wait for the fifth and I am TEAM Derek LOL and I have done a few book reviews if you want one on the fifth book LOL

    • I cant wait for the fifth book either . I perfer Derek over Lucas cause Derek does not lie and actually likes Kylie and he sounds so much more hotter. but i can see the similarities betweenkylie and ariel because they are both teying to find themselves

  10. Oh my goodness I love Disney movies and fairy tales!!! While folks are still hooked on the vamp/wolf kind of books, my favorites are always one with faerie folk. As for my favorite Disney movie…wow I just love them all! Beauty and the Beast of course because I love the life lessons taught and Bell is one of the ONLY heroins with dark hair! Growing up, barbie and princesses where always blond with light eyes…very hard for someone like me to relate to. LOL. I also love Sleeping Beauty but that’s for a more nostalgic reason. I used to watch the movie with my two older sisters and we would always choose which of the Fairy Godmothers we were. I actually never got a choice…I was the youngest so I was always made to be the lil fat blue fairy. 🙁 Back then being the baby was horrible…but goodness did it make for some beautiful memories. 🙂

  11. My friend and I rewatched one of the Barbie movies recently and totally got into it. We have since agreed that we’re going to rewatch one each time she comes over. I love the Disney princesses (well, the old ones anyway) and have been almost all of them for Halloween! 😀

  12. Who didn’t want to be Ariel as a kid? I personally was convinced I was a mermaid from that movie. My favorite recently is Tangled- I love how even though Flynn is not your typical Disney Prince or good guy, Rapunzel is able to see the good shining through him. I think his real turning point is when they are on the boat with the lights and you see Flynn pulling out two lights- one for him and one for Rapunzel. You just can’t help but love her- the girl’s got spunk! I also love how she goes after her dreams. I actually minored in Folklore in undergrad 🙂 That’s how much i loved it and I want to make me thesis on folklore in grad school.

  13. I havent seen the Little Mermaid in a long time but now that you mentioned it they do have similarities. My favorite is Shrek because its message is that beauty isn’t important when you truely love them 🙂

  14. I have a daughter that is absolutely obsessed with The Little Mermaid. We watch it all the time, and it is a great romance. My favorite has always been Beauty and the Beast though. I’ve always loved the whole idea. I’ve also tried to put those values in my children. Beauty is on the inside not the out. We love people for who they are, not what they look like.

  15. I remember absolutely loving the disney movies when I was young, specially The beauty and the beast. Everytime I watch them now I feel so much memories flooding back, like how in love I was with the beast that when I saw him as a human I got upset. Funny enough, I thought about the similarities the beast and lucas have (Anger wise)!

  16. I dont remember the little mermaid its been a decade since i last saw it (i spent less time watching fairy tails and more time watching scooby-doo ). Out of the fiary tails iv’e seen id have to say beauty and the beast is my favorite. I watched that movie several times making sure i caught every detail , i also loved it so much i saw the play for it in new york city. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and thats how i’ve always looked at life , its whats on the inside that truley matters. Which is one of the reasons i happended to love Kylie she may be different on the outside but shes still just a hormone crazed teenage girl on the inside.

  17. My favorite when I was younger was Beauty and the Beast. Chip was one of my favorite characters in the movie! Looking back now, I see that Belle was not your “typical Disney princess character,” she truly cherished family above all else even the handsome man in the village! It has been some time since I last watched the Little Mermaid, but from what I can remember of it, I could see some Kylie in Ariel.

  18. I haven’t seen the Little Mermaid since i was three but i do remember the show and ariel is like kylie. And i love shrek.I think della is like puss and boots adorable but violent. My favorite fairy tell is Princess and the Frog I cried when Ray died.But it was funny.
    I think Burnett would be the beast on beauty and the beast because at first hes mean and angry then he starts getting nicer and falls in love.

  19. I could see some Ariel in the Kylie. Ariel must choose between two worlds she loves, one which is safe and the other which is foreign and new. I dont think Kylie is as thrilled with adventure and change as much as Ariel is but never the less Kylie follows her heart just as the Ariel does. Before disney changed the ending to the little mermaid, the mermaid actually dies in the end. She watches over her prince as a ghostly figure.
    I understand mine isnt a fairy tale movie, but it was a very important part of my child hood. So im not posting this to win anything I just like replying to my favorite author in hopes she will read it. When I was a child my mother read to me everyday. She owns about 100 of the “little golden books” so those were generally the stories I knew about. The one I really took to heart was the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Growing up I had three older siblings and one younger brother. My mother would take us out for walks to town, and we would beg her to let us take the scenic route through the woods and over the bridge. By that point my two oldest siblings were way too old for walks so they rarely came along. So it was just my little brother, my older brother, and me venturing on these walks to town with my mother. In my eyes I was one of the three billy goats. My mother would say the trolls lines in a mean voice as one by one we tromped over the bridge enacting our parts. Though at that point i didnt fully understand that stories have morals to teach, now I realize that my mother had ingeniously branded unity between us three brothers. Growing up we may not have always seen eye to eye, but when a true obsticle appeared in one of our ways the other two brothers would always step in to help tackle the toughest of problems.

  20. Oh man, I haven’t seen the Little Mermaid in so long! I can definitely see the similarities between Kylie and Ariel. Some of my favorites would be Tangled and Anastasia. I really like how the guys aren’t your typical prince. Both of them were seeking riches when they met their ladies, and didn’t have the intentions of falling in love at all. But, you can slowly see their hearts melting ^_^. They forget about what they originally wanted, and they realize what is truly important in life. Both the girls have such great personalities and can be goofy. They strive for their dreams and fall in love along the way. There are scenes that just kill me, I’m rooting for them so much. Oh, makes my heart smile haha.

  21. I lvoe fairytales, especially Briarose, but you don’t ever really see any older adaptions of that tale. Beauty and the Beast is the best. By the way, I found an online interview between you and a Texas high school student on Youtube. Why didn’t I hear this was going to happen? Was I being ignorant again?

  22. I saw Brave a while ago and you could totally tell what the ending was at the beginning. I know Nemo doesn’t count as a fairy tale but I loved that as a child and watched it again sometime ago and everything made much more sense.

  23. So many people like The Little Mermaid. I love that movie so much! I still watch now and again. It brings me back when I was pure and little. Know in movies they’re are dirty parts, or bad words. Sometimes you just need to be a kid.Sometimes you need a break from being a mature and not silly. Disney movies are the best cure for that.

  24. It’s amazing how things change when you see things through a child’s eyes! My daughters love the Disney princesses. My favorite was always Bell because she loved to read and she found love in the most unlikely Place. I just went and bought Brave and I loved it! What a beautiful Celtic story about changing ones fate. I think Kylie is alot like aerial in someways.

  25. Wow, I never realized the comparison there! After reading this, I definitely see the similarities between Kylie and Ariel, it’s completely undeniable! I’ve always been in love with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It’s my all time favorite movie, there’s just not another love story that can compare.

  26. My favorite is Sleeping Beauty!!! I have just finished watching season 1 of Once Upon A Time and they really are mixing it up. That being said it does have Snow White who is my least favorite disney princess. She also lacks on the series too in my opinion. Just finished reading Whispers at Moonrise and I need a Shadow Falls fix!!!

  27. When I was a little girl I loved Cinderella. She was my all time favorite but as I grew up, as much as I still love Cinderella I realized she is too reliant on a man. Ariel on the other hand, tries to do her own thing and even though she meets Eric she is much stronger and adventurous, just like Kylie. In the newest book (whispers at moonrise) she finally finds out what she truly is and desperately wants to leave Shadow Falls (even if it means leaving her best friends) so she can figure out who she is, just as Ariel did. I have always loved romance stories and always will. My parents used to tell me I was in love with love and I was, and still am. I love your Shadow Falls series and am counting down the days until Chosen at Nightfall comes out. You have also inspired me to try to get published although I have always been too afraid to. I, too, like to write & read romance stories and always will.

  28. Omg I oh so love your shadow falls series everything about imade me just want to keep reading more and more completely addicted. You inspire me much that youu never gave up on something that you really wanted in life! Can’t wait to actually meet you one day!:)

  29. Quite honestly it has been some time since I have watched Ariel. Perhaps it’s time to revisit some of the classic Disney films! Although I’m sure it will be very different than when I was a kid. I will have to recruit my 5 year old niece for this mission =) I really like Beauty and the Beast, not for any other reason than during my my sophomore year in high school we performed that musical. I was a village person and all of the shouting “KILL THE BEAST!” and running into the audience was a blast! Although this may not qualify as a princess story- Wall-E is my favorite Disney (/Pixar) film. It has an amazing soundtrack and conveys so much emotion even though there isn’t much dialogue. Also, I’m kind of nerdy, so robot love is always appreciated.

  30. I suppose Kylie is a bit like Ariel. However, I can see parts of her in most of thr Didney princesses. Belle: for her ability to see a person’s true nature, Cinderella: for her rising above and wanting more for her life, Aurora: because she didn’t know her real patents or life till she was of age, etc.

  31. I do like fairy tales and brave was good in my option
    and the disney movie i like is the ones with tinkerbell,but the sad part is that she doesnt know terence likes her-oh the glory,but i still like those movies 🙂

    • I love Tinker Bell! She is a very curious and nosy little fairy, just like me! When I was little, I used to wish I was a fairy just like her. And I love the romance between her and Terence- it’s really cute!

  32. it is hard to say i really love cinderella and snow white they are beautiful characters and plus the both have hardships they endured and things they never thought would happen. they fell in love even when they knew there was probably no chance what so ever. they had to work hard to get where they got and learned that even though you have to struggle REALLY hard you will have a happy ending. i can see Kylie in ariel and i believe that you will find true love!:) my other favorites would have to be belle and Mulan. belle because she sees the true nature in everybody the good side she sees that even though you might have a few flaws you still have a true heart. she didn’t care what other people felt and always put her heart through her books. mulan i love because she will do anything for her family even disguise herself as a man to make sure her father will survive. she won’t let people tell her no and won’t stop just because she might harm herself. i love the passion and how strong all these princesses are i love them! they don’t care if you aren’t allowed to the ball they all deserved the VERY HANDSOME princes. and how fearless they are! 🙂 brains, beauty and caring and loving nature! how can you go wrong with that?!

  33. Personally, Snow White would be my one of my favorite fairy tales. I just love good old-fashioned good vs. evil stories! In my opinion, Snow White is a hardworking girl whose stepmother doesn’t appreciate her for who she is. My favorite character was always Grumpy because he was always so cynical! I think there is a little Ariel in Kylie because they both have supportive friends (Flounder and Sebastian as to Miranda and Della) and they have a strained relationship with their parents. Ariel’s father is kind of like Kylie’s mom because they both are very strict about their kids. Robin Hood is definitely my MOST favorite fairy tale. I mean, who doesn’t love a handsome daredevil who steals from the rich to give to the poor? But there should be more to Maid Marian than an elegant lady waiting for her hero. If you agree with me, read the book SCARLET by A.C. Gaughen! It’s a great retelling of Robin Hood.

  34. I love the Little Mermaid. Growing up it was one of my favorite fairytale movies to watch on weekends. Ariel and Kylie both are trying to who they are, and what their purpose is. Both girls have to choose between two world, one unfamiliar and the other, home. Ariel has to choose between living on the land and the sea and Kylie has to choose whether to try to fit in at Shadow falls or to reject her powers and stay in a world where she is comfortable. The spot for my favorite fairytale has a three-way tie between Beauty and the Beast, the Princess Bride, and Aladdin. I’ve always liked Beauty and the Beast for both it’s catchy songs, and lumiere/cogsworth. I even went trick-or-treating one year as lumiere, singing Be Our Guest in between houses. Princess Bride was always one of the funniest movies I had seen. My favorite part, “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die”. Much to my parents dismay, after watching this movie the next 3 hours would be taken up by me repeating this line incessantly. And last, but definitely not least, Aladdin. I actually had mostly forgotten about this movie until recently when I found a meme that said, “Ja-near, Jafar, Ja-wherever you are” (quoting titanic). I thought it was funny and then I remembered that I hadn’t watched the movie in a very long time, so I proceeded to watch numerous times. Of course, I sang along with every song… everyone watching with me pretended that their eardrums were breaking. Best song ever, “A Whole New World”. I had forgotten that this song was actually in a movie rather than just a song by itself. Fairytales by far outnumber other movies in my favorites list, the best of which are the fairytale musicals (so I can sing along).

  35. I love the little mermaid and i do see how Kylie is like Airel. I love princess and the frog. It has a great meaning to it and it makes me laugh everytime i watch it. I buy all the Disney movies that have came out for my daughter so they can watch them like i did. And i love Brave i hope you see it soon. I can’t get enought of that movie 🙂

  36. I like all sorts of fairy tales. I’m not sure I would be confident in naming favorites (they may attack me out of anger and jealousy). 🙂

  37. i’m not sure you can really count it, but Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Madagascar, those were and pretty much still are my favorite fairy tales, if they count that is. I hope they do, a because in my mind they do. Those movies ar amy childhood, so I love them all.

  38. Oh i love ariel and kylie does remind me of her but also reminds me of mulan as she tries to fit into how soceity believed she should be a beautiful skilled poised women suitable for a man to want marry..However she wasn’t even sure who she was and if she can make her family proud and happy. Similar to kylie trying to find out who she was and what supernatural group she belonged to and if she can make her family,friends and boyfriend happy.

  39. Tottaly agree that Ariel and Kylie are similar! Both of them definetly deal with a identity crisis. By the way, I just got done with Taken at Dusk. I tottaly loved it , can’t wait till my husband gets paid so I can buy Whispers at Moonrise. I am defenitly addicted to your books now! Any talk of your series becomming a movie? I just found out that one of my fave book series will be a movie “Beautiful Creatures” .

    As far as my favorite fairytale I have to say Alladin. I think Alladin is tottaly hot!! Plus, Genie is so funny! If you like fairytales you should check out ” Once Upon a Time” , that show is so amazing and has all kinds of fairytale characters in it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win

    • oh my! we have a lot in common! We have like the same favorite series, Beautiful Cretures and Shadow Falls. Feburary 14 is when the movie is coming out and im soo excited. I also love the show Once Upon a Time! And..I love Aladdin 🙂

      • Lol your right we do! Have you seen the trailer for the trailer for beautiful creatures? It looks amazing I really hope they stick with everything that happens in the book. Once upon a time is as amazing show its so different than the other shows out there throughout the whole episodes I’m on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the new episode tomorrow . Hey if u want u can add me on face book and we can talk about the show or shadow falls. 🙂

  40. Oh, Prince Eric, what a stud!!
    Kylie does remind me of Ariel in some aspects, especially the fact that she is a kind-hearted person and brave. Both Ariel and Kylie are growing up abd trying to find themselves. Lucas is definitely grumpy at times… Ive never seen Shrek in its entirety so I cant accurately compare Lucas to him. And I think in his heart of hearts Lucas loves Kylie, but to what extent and whether it is enough is left to be seen. Especially after what happened in the last book.. Damn near beoke my heart. Any way.. I’m looking forward to the next book. I can hardly wait. As for favorite Disney Movies, I have to go with The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Lady and the Tramp as my top three favorites. I watched them so many times when I was little I had all the lines memorized! Awesome movies every girl should own :).

  41. I am a very big fairytale fan. Luckily for me I have 2 little girls so I now have a good excuse for knowing all the words/songs to every Disney movie!

  42. I think that Ariel and Kylie are similar Because they are both trying to find themselves; who they really are. Personally though my favorite Disney cartoon is the story of Aladin and Princess Jasmin because i find it magical that two people from such different worlds fell so deeply in love. Their love was so strong that it conquers all evil and in the end even the law that says the Princess can only marry another prince.
    P.s. I just finished reading Whispers at Moonrise and it was amazing!! i was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time and i can’t wait to read Chosen at Nightfall ;D

  43. Airel is my favorite Disney princess! I love how she is different from regular princesses! I watched Brave over Thanksgining Break and I LOVE it!!! Merida’s story is way different from the rest of the disney princesses! I also love the movie Tangled! I cry every time I watch it! Let’s just say I love disney movies!

  44. Airel is my favorite Disney princess! I love how she is different from regular princesses! I watched Brave over Thanksgining Break and I LOVE it!!! Merida’s story is way different from the rest of the disney princesses! I also love the movie Tangled! I cry every time I watch it! Let’s just say I love disney movies! I ould watch those movies over and over again!

  45. In my opinion I don’t like the Disney channel shows anymore, and I don’t really like there non-animated movies, but when they do use animations in movies it is simple spectacular, and it reconnects you to your childhood, Disney will forever be apart of me, i watched brave and it was great. I really want to see Wreck it Ralph though, it looks super good!

  46. Dear Mrs. Hunter, Oh my! The little mermaid is my favorite Disney movie! (and Ariel is my favorite princess!) i love her voice, she may have inspired me to sing! haha and i still remember when i was little and i was watching it with my aunt, then she started singing what Ariel was when she got her voice taken away, and i stared at her like she was crazy! i thought she was going to lose her voice! omg. 🙂 any who, i do see Ariel in Kylie. they are both young independent teenage girls looking for some way to get what they want, whether they’re legs or knowing what supernatural they are. They both are somewhat rebellious yet respectable women who are just trying to do what they can to help themselves, and some others along the way (more Kylie helping others than Ariel i do believe). And by the way, i saw Brave actually a few nights ago, it was very good! it made me miss my mother, its a very heartwarming movie in the end, and it had those moments, just like in your books, that drove me crazy where you know the main character or someone shouldn’t do something. haha, you know what i mean? 🙂 But I’m not trying to spoil anything. 🙂 i hope you enjoy it as well and had a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re having fun writing the last book in the series too! Love you! Margaret. <3 (P.S. yes, i do think Lucas is a little grouchy, yet romantic like Shrek. 😉 )

  47. Oh gosh, it’s so hard to choose from! I absolutely love Disney and childrens movies! The Fox and the Hound, Shrek, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Mosters Inc., Bambi, Dumbo, The Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, then of course all the princess movies! But, hmm I must say that my favourite is… oh, I really can’t say I have one! I loved Beauty and the Beast. It has to be my favourite princess movie! (I sing it’s songs in the shower!) But The Fox and the Hound is my all time favourite!

  48. hello,
    I love fairytales. My favorites were always Snow White and Mulan and ah yes the Little Mermaid. I havent seen that movie in awhile but they were my childhood. Who am i kidding im only 14 im still a child. But i would always watch those movie and sing along. ah the classics. When you first said you could relate Kylie to Ariel i was like what? But then once you explained i was like oh yeah i can totally see that. they both have similar qualities. Kylie is getting older and maturing and i can kind of relate to that too. Ariel is also maturing and learning there are other things out there besides the ocean. They want to be independent adn care very much about their friends and family that they would go to the ends of the earth to prove it. Thanks C.C for opening my eyes to world of fairytales i loved this post <333

  49. OMG brave is amazing!!!!!!! I can see a little of Kylie in her I mean they both do the best they can to fix a bad situation. I don’t think I have a favorite fairy tale I love them all!!!! By the way today was my crushes birthday!!! I don’t know why I keep telling you this stuff….I should provably stop.

    P.s. I love how you call it a swag bag 🙂

    Cool yeah I totally can see Ariel inside Kylie…minus some bright red hair and a tendency to turn half-fish near water of course!

  51. Dear C.C.,
    I love fairy tales and The Little Mermaid has to be one of them. Other one of my favorites is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite part of all fairy tales has to be that no matter what they beats the odds to save the people they love, just like Kylie. I can definately see some of Ariel in Kylie. How they both when they set their minds to something can acomplish any thing. Also how they will do anything for the ones they love no matter they scarifice. I thought this was such a cool entire this week! I can’t wait until next weeks!

  52. I absolutely adore all of the Disney fairy tales. They all inspire love, learning, and independence, but my favorite would have to be Cinderella. I love a rags to riches story 🙂

  53. fairytales? i create my own fairytales in my head! (haha!) but then that would also be a good reason as to why i read so much? i guess if i were to choose only one it would be Disney’s “Snow White.” ….. there is just something about the chaos of love… the triumph over hatred… the battle to continue and push forward through every emotion, hardship and or chaotic obstacle…. the ordinary girl becoming an extraordinary queen! this… yes, it would be the story that is inspiring.

    — as far as my opinion on Kylie and Ariel… i haven’t but just started to read your works, but so far i am loving the characters and the whispers you set in the beginning to open up an awesome created world! — maybe when i get further along i can be more honest about that question of opinion! —

  54. I could totally see Kylie in Ariel. 🙂 I think my favorite has got to be beauty and the beast. I just love how to beast changes through the story. 🙂

  55. I think it’s funny how people can relate a book to a movie, or a book to a book by the characters in the book. My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. 🙂 I like how in every culture the story line is the same but the way its written is different! 😀

  56. I love fairy tales. And all the movie versions of the Cinderella story, especially “Ella Enchanted”, are wonderful. Funny how the same story can be told in so many ways.
    Congrats on your success! Look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

    • oh i love the movie ella enchanted. It is one of my favorite movies i actually just watched it with my friend the other day lol

  57. I love fairytales! I just watched Brave with my kids last night and we all thought it was amazing! Even my two boys when they groaned and complained when my daughter picked it out lol

  58. I love fairy tales 🙂
    I’m obsessed with the supernatural that’s y I like shadows fall soo much because there’s more then just vampire & werewolves as much as I love them I like reading bout other kinds too . I can’t wait to get whisper at moonrise

  59. I love almost any fairy tale. I love to get lost in the romance the magic! One of my favorite lately was the Rapunzel movie. I watched it several times with my daughter I thought Flynn was cute! Yes, I found the animated hero cute 🙂 I also loved Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty growing up.

  60. I posted that cinderella was my favorite fairytale but that’s not true. I do have a connection with it but I have to say that Shrek is my favorite beacause in most fairytales the prince and princess are perfect. But in Shrek the aren’t. This fairytale teaches you that imperfect people can have a perfect ending. Also it teaches that you have to look past someones apperance. When I first watched the movie I didn’t expect princess fiona to kiss shrek. She had to see the good in him. And the so called prince in the story was a jerk and he just wanted a pretty wife. He didn’t even try to save fiona himself. Talk about a coward.

  61. Hmmm, yes I can see kailey in areil shoes. My favorite story would have to be aladin:) i’ve seen it so many times I can recite it word for word

  62. I have also loved fairytales, and in my early 20’s collected all of the Disney movies. Of course that was in the days of VHS, so I am again having to rebuild my collection. Now I have 2 boys, and I was afraid that my fairytale days were over. I was wrong. My boys love fairytales–they just love from a different perspective. To my 4 year old Beauty and the Beast is about the Beast and Gaston and their battle. And the little Mermaid is about fighting the sea witch. It’s been a fun way to revisit the classics.

  63. I had somewhat of a same experience. My dad was putting new tiles in the living room and my aunt came over along with my cousin. I decided to watch some movies on my laptop and decided to ask what her favorite princess was. She said she didn’t have one because she didn’t know them that well. I was shocked that a nine year old had never seen a princess movie! So I sat her down next to me and we watched Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, she absolutely loved them! As I was watching them I also felt small again and was feeling all the things she was! I would have to say that my favorite fairytale movie is Sleeping Beauty. I think that their meeting in the forest was very romantic! As for comparing Kylie with Ariel, well it’s something I never thought about, but now that you mention it I would have to agree. Kylie is trying to figure out what she is and is torn from wanting to be human to realizing she isn’t normal while Ariel struggles to become human for love but also struggling with the fact that she’s not human but a mermaid.

  64. i love Ariel!! I see lots of myself in Ariel and Kylie. But Kylie and Ariel have lots in common….My fav fairy-tales were Sleeping Beauty and Ariel…. Brave was an awesome movie and Kylie is a lot like the main character in Brave… I mean jeez!! OMG!! i cant wait for the 5th book!!! stop rubbing it in my face that you know all about it and i know like none of it!!! Grrr… (JK) I loved Lucas before the end of the 4th book but i can still kinda see Shrek in him!! 🙂 😛

  65. Romance is essential! I grew up on all those fairy tales and to this day I cannot get enough of romantic stories! My three children and I just recently watched “Brave” and it was beautiful! I have a 21 month old daughter who I cannot wait to share the world of Faeries, Princesses, and Princes with 🙂

    Also for all you CC Hunter Fans I am giving away a copy of “Whispers at Moonrise” on my blog! Enter for a chance to win this exciting installment in the Shadow Falls world!


    Happy Reading 🙂

  66. I’m a new fan I absolutely love your books. I just recently started reading and I just love your books and say thank you for writing. I had all my friends at college read them too and we have debates between who is better Lucas or Derek. Thanks to that I have so many friends. I enjoy reading your blogs too when I have the free time!

  67. That’s funny because my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid I love the idea of being a mermaid even though she wanted to be human. When I was 14 years old I actually told my brothers that I wanted the movie for Christmas because it was my all time childhood favorite movie and I actually got!! after reading your blog i feel like cuddling up in my bed and watching the movie!

  68. Lucas is kind of grouchy but really good at heart like Shrek. I love the romance in movies and books too with happy endings I have always blamed my mom for this because she was always a Disney fanatic. We used to wake up on Saturday morning with her singing Disney songs while she made our pancakes lol! Love my mom even though she warped me :D!

  69. I used to LOVE Ariel, but I like the second one more than the first. However, my favorite princess movie is either Mulan or Jasmine. I mean, a bunch of princesses just sang and danced until they found their Prince Charming. Mulan had to save China and kill some Huns, and Jasmine had a pet TIGER!!!!!!! I love that tiger… My favorite Disney film, other than a princess movie is probably The Lion King. It;s just awesome, and it always makes me sad when Simba’s dad dies.

  70. i kinda think Kylie is like Ariel just because she stand up for what she thinks is right and shes a strong person…..I actually have 3 favorite Disney movies the first would have to be Pocahontas shes a very strong women and trying different things in her tribe plus she is a actually live history person…I was told i kinda look like her well could past for someone like her, the second one would be Brave that movie was great showed a different side of things and a mother daughter relationship being better, the 3rd would be Cinderella she’s a princess in the making!!!and wanting to fall in love with her prince it’s a really great love story:)

  71. Hey that’s kinda weird cause the musical I was telling you about that I was gonna tu out for it the little mermaid haha well play the musical march 26 I think some where in march

  72. Hi cchunter!!!! I’m a jersey fan and proud. I love the Shadow Falls series so much I cant stop reading it…..i take it everywere!!!Can not put it down as for character wise people to potray i think SARA PAXTON should play kylie gallen and boo boo stewart should play lucas. I hope you can make my goal of meeting you come true lots of love and as kylie would say unfreaking beleivble!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I <3 this series and I can't wait for it to become a show!!

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