Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Well, my brisket is in the oven and my table is set for our family Christmas dinner. All of the presents have been opened, too. And I have to tell you we had a lot of fun this morning. You see, we write clues on the packages as to what is inside. Then, everyone has to guess what their presents is based on the clue. We try not to make it too easy, so some of our clues are pretty obscure. But it makes for a fun guessing game and one of our treasured traditions.

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday, too. Was Santa good to you? Tell me, what was your favorite gift? Β I received an unexpected gift in the mail—a box of Shadow Falls posters! So,Β I’m giving away a Shadow Falls poster to FOUR people who leave a comment on this blog. Β (Remember, if you are reading this blog on Goodreads, you need to comment on www.cchunterbooks.com in order to be eligible to win. And again, I have to restrict the contest to US residents only.)

92 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I don’t need much to make me happy so I just tell everyone to donate and they sent me a card saying thank u for donating $150 to a no kill shelter in my town and that was my favourite gift this year πŸ™‚

  2. I tend to buy books backwards so I bought Taken at Dusk and then Whispers at Moonrise so I got Born at Midnight!! Today which I am happy that I finally have it. Another great gift I got was a beautiful necklace from my boyfriend. Those were 2 amazing presents!!!!

  3. First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! πŸ™‚ My favorite gift so far was a scrapbook kit that I am going to use to make one before I move away from home for university next year. I will be able to look at it when I miss everyone.

  4. My christmas was pretty fun but i only got cnone gift while my brother and sister got seven gifts but i should be greatful cuz i got headphones. I hope anybody is lucky to win to win the posters

  5. I had an amazing Christmas!! Well, three days earlier was my birthday, and I got a new phone!!! It’s a Samsung galaxy slll!! Then for Christmas, i got a bunch of really cute clothes, cool new ugg boots, a new purse, and an Ipod!!!
    I love Christmas!!!

  6. Here in Arizona it doesn’t really seem like the holidays on the outside, but it sure is on the inside. My favorite present was probably the Kindle I got, even though I do prefer hard copy books, I very much was excited to get it. Happy Holidays CC!!!

  7. Merry Christmas Everyone and my most favorite gift was recieving matching golden necklace that my dad bought for the whole family also my bro getting my brothers and i gag gifts of health care products implying that when need to improve on our appearances it was funny

  8. Merry Christmas Everyone
    Omg I got a kindle fire hd and a 3DS I got a couple other things but those are my favorite This is the best christmas so far and I got a 15 dollar gift card for a movie theater and my favorite movie.
    Merry Christmas

  9. Well its been a rough day because I found out this morning a friend died, today hasnt seemed real… but I did get some good things for Christmas. My dad got me a gray American Eagle shirt I really like, and my mom got me some socks that actually dont have holes in them. I just finished reading another book that is by my standards well worth the time. Its called The Darkest Minds, and while its mildly depressing theme probably didnt help me, I enjoyed its complexities never the less. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend it with the ones you loved.

  10. I got an Ipod touch, some clothes, a bunch a gift cards (most of them to Border’s and Barnes and Nobles), some earphones, a bunch of clothes, and my favorite is a pair of footsie pijamas. I’m 13, so it’s been forever since I’ve worn them. It’s kind of weird that I like them actually, but I’m a weird person, so it’s all good! πŸ™‚

  11. Merry Christmas C.C. Hunter and everyone! πŸ™‚ For Christmas this year, I got a lot of clothes (which were much needed and appreciated). I also got a very cool and clever angel shaped wooden box, which was hand carved and has a secret compartment.

    My best gift of all, being with my family and enjoying the holidays together. I think holidays are a little romantic too, although that may just be the romanticist part of me speaking (or typing in this case). Still waiting for the final installment of the Shadow Falls series to hit the stores — I can’t wait!

  12. Merry Christmas to you C.C.! I got a new book light that I am pretty excited about for Xmas, along with a new sewing machine! Pretty domestic nothing exciting, but hey, its what I wanted!

  13. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all!!! My mom gives my siblings and I a present low two weeks early and she gives us clues everyday and we can only open the present if we guess it. It is a tradition and I look foward to it. I have to say one of my favorite gifts was my kindle paper white so I can read the books like turn at dark and those small books. Either that or my uggs but I had very thing I needed so it was a nice surprise. I love getting together with my family πŸ™‚ it is one of the best parts of the holidays. I would love the poster because my room just got redone and I knew it was missing something ;). I hope ya’ll had a great day thanks soooooo much!!!!!

  14. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’m probably the only person in my grade that was more excited over the books they got for Christmas than my new laptop…. oh well! I’m still getting over my anxiety attacks though that my family wouldn’t like the gifts I got them, but the said they did! I would write more but I don’t want to write an annoyingly long comment and I have to go to wake up for hockey at 4:30 am :'(. bye! <3

  15. My Christmas was pretty good. I got a LOT of drawing stuff, if you can see, I like to draw.;) I hope your Christmas was awesome whomever reads this!

  16. My best gift was having almost all of my loved ones around me. We opened presents, eat a good meal and sang Christmas carols. And the rest of my family I get to see tomorrow. So I am one happy camper. πŸ˜‰ And I would love to win a poster. T

  17. My favorite thing about christmas is giving, so i gave all my family something. My favorite part was seeing the joy on there faces when they opened the gifts i give. My favorite thing i got would be some pepper spray , you never know when you’ll need it. πŸ™‚

  18. I love the Shadow Falls books! I would really love it if for Christmas I was lucky enough to get a Shadow Falls poster! It would mean the world to me! I hope you have very happy holidays C.C! I love you and your writing!

  19. My favorite present would have to be sims 3 supernatural. I love the sims and my parents surprised me with it! It’s fun and i’m now reenacting your books because i have vampires, faires, werewolves and ghost!!! I love your books this much!! Hehee:) Can’t wait until chosen at nightfall!

  20. My best gift was a ticket to go visit my sister in colorado which i havent seen in a year and im excited to see my niece and nephew.. I spend the holidays with my family and it was great.. Nothing materialistic can replace every moment with them…

  21. I love Christmas because I go visit my family who lives three and a half hour away, it is so much funn to see them. My favorite gift would probably be getting curtains and a comforter to finish decorating my room. I love your books CC! I just finished Whispers at Moonrise. It was amazing!

  22. Merry Christmas!!!! I love these books they are my fav can’t wait till next book. I really want a poster!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Happy Holidays

  23. Happy Holidays! I’m glad you enjoyed your Christmas. My family don’t really have a tradition when it comes to Christmas. Although I didn’t recieve a gift or present, I consider my basic necessities (e.g., my 2007 computer or my friends and family) a “present”. All I did on Christmas was attend church, read a book, and enjoy the comfort of my home. I’m anticipating Chosen at Nightfall and more information regarding the Shadow Falls T.V. show!
    M. Celestin

  24. I’m sorry for the late comment. Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!!!! πŸ™‚ Oh gosh, I have just finished the last book so far, and I’m still freaking out after two days of crying for Kylie. I’m the verge to explode for the excitement of the next book! Oh boy, so much complications. I can’t wait! Gahhhh! Okay, I should probably stop with the babbling. I hope your enjoying the holidays!

  25. Merry Christmas!! I got this awesome camo sweatshirt that i really wanted, from my uncle. Growing up in a family where all the guys go hunting has made me immune and I kinda figured that was what he was gonna get me. The hoodie is duck camo (yes, there are different types of camo: deer, duck, 3D, etc.) and my uncle hunts ducks so he was wearing his duck camo jacket cause it was cold (believe it or not it actually snowed in TX) and we were sitting next to each other and i put it on as soon as i opened it and then everyone started calling us Twinkies… it was fun!!! πŸ˜›

    • My uncle and i have always been close. When i was young i used to say i was gonna marry him (please note: i am almost 13 and he is almost 25). Now he is getting married in May, so i wont be marrying him after all. πŸ™ πŸ™‚
      TeeHee!!! πŸ˜€

  26. i absolutely LOVE Shadow Falls book series! they are my all time favorite book series EVER!!!! i got the books for Christmas and they are my favorite books and presents!!!! i would LOVE to get a poster! i cant wait for Chosen At Nightfall! YOU ARE THE BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  27. This Christmas i was able to visit my family this year and see them! That was the best gift i recieved. Not just that but also the most recent of your novels. I really do hope that your spectacular series does get approved to be a show because Born at Midnight is popular at my school:) I love this series and would be very stoked to own a poster! Hope i win and also, if the show gets approved please post a link to a casting call!

  28. My favorite gift I got over the holidays was the thick stack of new reads my dad picked out. Also I was ecstatic when your last book came out, not only was I excited to continue the series, but it came out on my birthday πŸ™‚ It was the best present my parents got me \(^.^)/

  29. Merry Christmas, C.C. and fans! Glad all of you had a terrific Christmas with your family and friends. Mine was exactly how I expected it but, nonetheless, it was much better than last year. It can only get better, right?
    I got a few shirts and four seasons of “Bones” and a couple little fun things. My best present was the Nikon Coolpix L810 camera I got! I’m crazy in love with my new camera. First digital camera I’ve ever owned. It’s been entertaining. I was kind of hoping to get a few books and horse things for my darling mare, Raine, but no such luck. Then again I’m not exactly surprised – I AM quite picky about my books and horse stuff. My mom said that I didn’t need anymore books ’cause I already own a 110 of them (no joke), so until I can get some more storage space for my precious books, I’m outta luck in getting more. And there’s A LOOOOOOOT more I wanna get.
    The best part of Christmas Day for me was when I got to go see my mare, Raine, and spend time with her and give her the oatmeal cookies she got from Santa Claus (my mom continues to insist that Santy Clause exists despite that her kids are all grown up now). I rode her in the arena for an hour before taking her out on a nice long ride into the Rockies and then groomed her and took a million pictures of her with my new camera. By the time I was finished it was evening and my family was impatient to leave so I said my goodbyes to Raine and went on my not-so-merry way ’cause I hate having to leave my mare.
    Aside from that, the Christmas was typically… typical. Lost family members made already semi-quiet Christmases eerily low and melancholic. It was still good, though. My brother was there this Christmas – he’d missed the last one because he was in Texas with his slutty, horrible girlfriend – so that was good. Family problems dwindled enough for the day to be quite pleasant and it stayed that way. No arguing, no nothing. It started and ended good for once. Glad for that. It was much better than last year. I’m crossing my fingers in the hopes that next year’s Christmas will be better.

    • I don’t have enough storage space for my books either but, somebody gave me a nook so I don’t have that problem anymore. I already have about 156 books in my Nook Library. If they were in paper form I would be drowning in books by now.

  30. Hey CC! I had a great christmas, I woke up in New York christmas morning! Took an airplane back home with my brother, sister, dad, and step mom. Once home, my brother drove us to my moms house to open gifts there. then next night, we opened gifts at my dad house. Then the next day, (today) is my birthday! lucky 13, I’m a teenager now! so I’ve gotten quite a few gifts, but most of them are… bobble heads. thats right, cc. bobble heads. Ive been collecting since i got the wicked witch, scarecrow, tin man, lion, and dorothy bobble heads at my 7th birthday themed by wizard of oz. Ive been collecting since, and in exactly 6 years, I’ve collected a total of 90 bobble heads. almost 30 in the past week cause my bday and the holidays, since in the month of november, i only had 64. well thats it. I got some other awesome gifts, one of them just being able to be with my family in new york when i woke up, though my mom couldn’t be there since it was my dad year to have a christmas, but we called her. :). but by far, my absolute favorite gift, is definitely finding out my stepmother is pregnant! I’m so happy cause i want a little brother so bad. all of us in my family want a boy. we did some urnine test thing and it said boy… so I’m hoping the 80% of correctness listed on the back of the box is correct! so yes cc, I’ve typed a lot, and my grammar sucks, but in the end, I WANT THAT POSTER SO BAD! Im a diehard fan on your street team, and that poster would so totally complete, and make a good late birthday gift! i know I’m very privileged as you can feel from my story, but seriously Cristie Craig. I would love to hang that poster in my room, so badly please! I’ve gotten 12 people to read the series! please cc, i want that poster! Oh, and good job and good luck in getting SHADOW FALLS tv show! i gave a list of very good actors and actresses on the blog where you told us about it if u hanvt seen it… lol but please, i would love that poster!’

  31. Well my family was pretty hard up for cash so we didnt get big expensive gifts. We all had to put a lot of thought into what we bought. Mostly I got things that will help become a better guitar player. But I think my favorite gift was the sketch pads that my brother got for me. I don’t draw often but when I don’t its something meaningful. When he handed them to me he said “That’s to help you with your art. I realize thr one is huge but sometimes a little piece of paper isn’t big enough.” I hugged him and he opened his cds and we all laughed when he screamed “Oh my goodness!!! Its a Chris Young cd!!” Our Christmas was small but special.

  32. This year Christmas was wonderful! I had alot of favorite presents, such as a keyboard so I can practice piano outside of school easier and some posters of my favorite bands because the walls in my room have been bare for a long time. But I would have to say I loved most a stuffed white kitten with a personalized message on the shirt, which came from my boyrfriend:) I also loved when I gave a special present to him as well, but its a little secret between us too. I will say though that I adored the expression on his face when he saw it:) But it isn’t all about the presents, its about being with family and sharing the moments together. I hope everyone else had a fantastic christmas and a happy new year to come!!^_^

  33. I want to let you know I have loved your Shadow Falls books from day 1 and cant not wait till the next one comes out. You have developed a big fan here and will always be remain on after. It would be an honor to be chosen to win a poster if I am picked and would be displayed with pride. Thank you for writing for what i feel has been the best series out there.

  34. My favorite gift would no doubt be my Bookshelf. I was soooo excited!!!!!!!!!! I now have all my books on a shelf. Before i got it I had to put some of them on top of my closet. It hurt me to do it but my grandma insisted.

    Thanks for the giveaway and i hope you had an awesome Christmas. πŸ˜€

  35. For Christmas is special to me. My family is on a very limited income and cant proved very much for our kids, but my kids have learned it is the thought that counts not the amount. We was able to get them a couple of things they asked for and they was very happy. My Christmas dream is to own every book in the Shadow Fall series, but like I stated before my kids come first. I want to let you know I have loved your Shadow Falls books from day 1 and cant not wait till the next one comes out. You have developed a big fan here and will always be remain on after. It would be an honor to be chosen to win a poster if I am picked and would be displayed with pride. Thank you for writing for what i feel has been the best series out there.

  36. I had a very nice but sad Christmas. I love being with my family but being single again after 25 years made it kind of sad. I woud really love a poster to put up in my reading room. Thank you so much!

  37. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! My favorite gift would have to be spending time with my Family especial any grandparents since they are getting older!

  38. Merry Christmas & happy New year! I can’t wait for the next book to come out!
    I’d have to say my favorite gift is watching my kids open their presents and spending time with them baking and hanging out with family!

  39. OMG! I want one! I love you’re series C.C.!! I even got Whispers At Moonrise for Christmas from my little sister and I just finished it a few hours ago. I cannot wait until Chosen at Nightfall comes out next year! But a poster would be awesome! I hope you had a good Christmas! πŸ™‚
    -Hillary R.

  40. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! My favorite gift this year was from my sister and brother. My sister got me the first 4 books of the Shadow Falls series and Turned at Dark. My brother had got me a traditional long bow with new arrows. My sister will also get me Chosen at Nightfall for my birthday in April. So I cant wait to read Chosen at Nightfall when it comes out.

  41. I really love your Shadow Falls series! I had actually just bought Whispers at Moonrise before the holidays and trying my best to get to reading it.

  42. Merry (belated) Christmas!! I’m so happy to have time to leave comments again since I’ve been to busy to do the past couple ones until they passed :(. My Holiday was amazing, so glad to spend it with my friends and Family. I received so many wonderful gifts but my absolute favorite was all my books! I have only read a couple so far but my favorite is Crush by Lacey Weatherford. It sounds like you had a great Christmas as well!! πŸ™‚

  43. My Christmas was great. My family and I get together on Christmas Eve and have dinner. Then we play games untill midnight and open our gifts. My favorite gift was an iPod touch that my aunt gave me. Hope you had a great Christmas C.C.

  44. For Christmas this year we actually got snow! I was so excited. I took my 3 kids out sledding Christmas Eve. It was one of the best gifts. We haven’t had Christmas snow in a few years, so it was really great.

  45. My Christmas wasn’t about gifts this year it was about Love and understanding. Times were very hard this year and my children 3 of them received very few items. At the end of Christmas Day my youngest who is eight years old come up to my husband and I and said “Mom, Dad this has been my best Christmas ever.” Thank you for everything you got me.

  46. hahaha that’s a wonderful idea!!I should make my family do that next year.
    i got a bunch of stuff but my favorite was the new amazone kindle!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!! xxox

  47. I got the first two books for Christmas! I finished reading them today and I downloaded Turned at Dark today! Also I’m getting the next two at target on the 1st and preordering Chosen At Nightfall from amazon! I absolutely love these books:D. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!<3

  48. Dang it, I’m cutting it close (possibly) on this one. Santa was amazing to me! Got a new laptop, which was the best of gifts EVER! Got a pile of books (amazing, I know) which made my day! Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

  49. Merry Christmas Mrs. Hunter! πŸ™‚ and a happy and prosperous new year to you too! Oh my gosh! a shadow falls poster?? that would just be amazing! and i was just wondering, if we do not win one of the poster, would we have to purchase one so that we could have one? or would they not be for sale at all either? thanks! πŸ˜€

  50. Hey Merry Christmas C.C.! πŸ™‚ My christmas was wonderful! I got many books, (including Awake at Dawn!) I also got another amazing book called Hate List by Jennifer Brown! It’s dramatic but so good! Then, after presents, I stuffed my face with homemade vegetarain lasagna! It was amazing! Merry Christmas and happy new year! πŸ™‚

  51. I got a pair of snowboots, socks, an orange, a meni/pedi kit and a dog biscuit(as a joke). I’m waiting for some herbs I ordered for making spa scrubs, lotions, and body creams. I can’t wait for spa day!

  52. For Christmas I got a lot of art supplies but my favorite present had to ne the book she’ll and the complete mortal instruments series to go with it!!!!!!
    What did you get for Christmas? I know parents don’t usually get a lot of presents
    So this Christmas I bought my mom a really expensive snow globe
    I didn’t really care about my presents I. Just really wanted to see her happy


  53. I got money to buy more books, my favorite gift in the world, but my best gift was having the chance to spend the holidays with a majority of my family πŸ™‚

  54. Happy New Years! My favorite gift this year isn’t one that I got for myself but what I got for my husband. I had a dog tag necklace made up for him that has our names and our wedding date on them πŸ™‚ now he has no excuse to forget since it’s around his neck

  55. Happy New Year y’all!!! Well first let me tell y’all that I loved my gifts this year but my favorite thing this year was the snow!! I’m from Tyler TX and it hadn’t felt like Christmas because it had been kind of hot but then we all got a big surprise on Christmas Day because it snow so much!!! So yeah that was my favorite gift this year even if it wasn’t just for me πŸ˜‰ oh and it’s so cool about the posters!!

  56. My favorite gift was disco lighting from Spencer’s given to me by friend Haley, I like it so much because I like watching the lights dance. My other favorite is a journal given to me by my best friend Lian, we’ve been best friends since second grade, it’s special to me not only because it was her that gave it to me but that it gives me a place to write down all my thoughts and frustrations so I don’t accidentally go off on some poor person that was unlucky enough to set me off, or when I feel like I can’t talk to anyone.

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