It Wasn’t Even On My Bucket List!

Do you know the most-asked question I get in emails from my readers? “Is Shadow Falls ever going to be turned into a movie or TV series?” Okay, some of you guys word it a little bit differently, but I swear at least once a day someone asks that question.

You may think I get tired of being asked, but nope! I love it!!! I love it because it tells me that you guys are really excited about the series. I love it because it actually made the possibility of that movie/TV option feel feasible.

But even with all those questions inspiring me, I have to tell you that achieving this wasn’t even on my bucket list. Do you know what a bucket list is? It‘s the list of things you really want to do or have happen before you kick the bucket. Well, I never dared to dream that big. I mean… how could that happen to me?

I’m just a small-town girl with a bad habit of making up crazy stuff. Yeah, I write that stuff down, and it actually gets published. But to have a Hollywood producer say… “I want to make a movie/TV series about the crazy stuff you make up, is well, (as Kylie would say) unfreaking-believable.

Ahh, but it happened. Yup. I’m totally over the moon excited to be able to tell all my readers the film and television rights to my YA paranormal Shadow Falls series have been optioned by producer Steven J. Berger and his Provenance Pictures to be developed as a television series. Incidentally, Berger just wrapped up production on the independent feature film The Pretty One starring Zoe Kazan.

Now…I want to state up front that this doesn’t actually mean it is going to happen. Mr. Berger still has to sell the idea to a network or get a film company behind the project, but this is the first step, and I’m thrilled to be on this road. Thrilled to be able to tell all my cheer leaders that there is actually a real possibility of this happening.

Now, sooner or later someone is going to ask me who I think should play Kylie and my other characters? So I need help! Tell me, who do you guys think should play Kylie, Lucas, Derek, Miranda, Della, Perry, Holiday and Burnett?

So, in celebration of my wonderful news, I’m doing some giveaways.  I’m going to give away another Shadow Falls gift bag with all sorts of promotional items.  I’m also giving away FOUR copies of Whispers at Moonrise. And because I’m so excited, I want to include my fans from everywhere, so TWO of those books will go to fans who live outside the U.S.  To all of my readers who live overseas, this is your chance! Make sure you post a comment and be sure to include what country you live in. Tell me the name of the actor you think should play a part or just tell me what’s on your bucket list. And as I have recently learned, anything is possible. So go ahead and dream. Dream big! (Remember,if you are reading this on Goodreads, you must post your comment on to be eligible to win.)

Have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays!


247 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Even On My Bucket List!

  1. My Bucket List:

    – Become one of the best herbalists in the U.S.
    – Overcome my depression
    – Write a book even if it is read by no one
    – Have a mini farm with at least a pack of alpacas and a great pyrenees dog
    – Find someone who will love me even if I feel like I don’t deserve it

  2. Bucketlist
    • achieve the unknown
    • publish a novel with my friend
    • travel all around the world
    • to have answers to questions
    • read all the books I want before new years
    • to finally experience what Kylie feels in this novel (love wise)
    And finally
    • stick to a new years resolution.

    Thank you for this amazing series, can’t wait for the fifth novel!

  3. Oh my gosh this is amazing!!! I knew this would get turned into a movie. 😛 As for my bucket list…ask me again when my doctor tells me I have 6 months to live!!! 🙂 Anyway, I never get to win these things because I live outside the US (though I was born there and my parents are from there) so I am soo excited for this one! So yeah CC., I live in SHANGHAI, CHINA!!! I go to an international school and live inside a JINQIAO bubble as we call it, but it’s still really fun.
    Hmmm… I do think that the girl on the cover is a good Kylie, but I don’t know other than that…

  4. Kylie should be played by: Jennifer Lawrence, Dianna Agron or Brittany Snow (can’t decide :3)
    Derek should be played by: Kellan Lutz
    Lucas should be played by: Taylor Lautner
    Della should be played by: Jamie Chung
    Miranda should be played by: Anna Kendrick
    Perry should be played by: Matt Lanter
    Holiday should be played by: Jayma Mays
    Burnett should be played by: Alex O’Loughlin

  5. And the country I live in is Australia….
    My bucket list is to:
    – Meet Taylor Swift
    – Meet Emma Watson
    – Meet Anne Hathaway
    – Audition for either a singing contest or and acting job
    – Get Dogs
    – Become famous (which i most probably won’t achieve)

  6. I think Brittany Robertson should play Kylie. The first time I saw her in a movie was with my little cousin watching Avalon High. I think she’d be perfect for the part.

    Now my bucket list is fairly simple, one thing I actually accomplished was finding how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. But I really really want to get published more than anything else in the world. I also want to own over 300 books. So far I’m up to 75 but I’ll get there.

  7. Holy crap! That’s awesome!

    Bucket List:
    Read the final Shadow Falls book (CAN’T WAIT!)
    See a soccer game in Europe
    See my nieces and nephews grow up
    Finish my MBA

  8. Hey c.c! This is so amazing! I can’t believe it 😀 and I want Daniel Howell to play Derek (ok he’s not a actor but he can act. He’s a youtuber) and you know me to play everyone else…..yep! 😛

    My bucket list!
    .meet john green
    . Learn to play the ukulele
    . Visit the Netherlands
    . Get an acting job
    . Meet Regina Spektor

    That’s about it! I cannot wait for the final book! 😀

    Much love and other wonderful things Aili Halket (its pronounced eye-lee hell-kit….just clearing up confusion) and I’m from Australia Xx

  9. This is so exciting. I was seriously just thinking about how this would be such an awesome tv series yesterday! How weird is that, sending the good vibes your way. I’m never good at picking actresses because each character is so unique in my head. I like the suggestions of Brittany Robertson and Bridgit Mendler. So excited for you!!

  10. OMG…congrats…am so excited for you… Jennifer lawrence should play kylie.
    My Bucket List:
    -finish my degree
    -fix my relationship with my older brother
    -finally marrying the man of my dreams next year
    -travel outside of the US
    -become more spritual
    -live life to the fullest

  11. Are you really serious?? There is a possibility my favorite book series will become a movie or TV series?! OH MY GOSH!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!! That would be my all time favorite show/movie ever! This is so exciting! Congratz, C.C Hunter, just on the chance for this to happen alone!
    As far as actors/actresses goes for the characters, I am not exactly sure. But I do have one idea for Derek; I think it would be rather interesting for Josh Hutcherson to play him. Josh Hutcherson is a great young actor that while he is around 20, he can play a teenage boy really well. If not for Derek, I personally think Josh Hutcherson should be an actor for somebody in the series/movie (:

    My bucket list:
    -To make my family proud of me.
    -To find my true love and marry him.
    -To be a reporter/journalist.
    -To publish my fictional wolf stories as a book series.
    -To travel around the U.S.

    Thank you for taking my words into consideration! Thank you for the book series, and thank you for the chance to win something amazing from my favorite author!
    *P.S: I live in the U.S

  12. Bucket List:
    Read the final Shadow Falls book (iEspecially if I win :))
    Sending Christmas gift to my friend (almost done)
    Meet my friend (gathering aka reunion)

    Actor : Always love Chris Evans 🙂

    I’m lived in Indonesia

    Thanks for the giveaway

  13. Wow that is so amazing but I’m not really surprised, the books are enthralling! As for what actors should play characters….well personally I think Emma Roberts would be an amazing Kylie. She is such a wonderful little actress. Maybe Thomas Dekker as Derek. Daren Kagasoff as Lucas though I don’t think he’s a perfect match, he’s the only one I could think of for the part…I’m actually very bad with actor’s and actresses name’s and faces. I LOVE the idea of Jayma Mays as Holiday. I just don’t know that she is…tall enough for the part but other than that…PERFECT! That’s all I really have right now.
    As for my own bucket list, I don’t really have a lot. I’m very happy with my world and the suprises each day holds. I would however LOVE to meet Reba McEntire. Other than that, I REALLY want to have a snowball fight. I know it sounds sill but I’m born and raised in Houston, TX and snow is rare and never enough for something like that.
    Thanks so much for what you do and all your hard work! Can’t wait till the next book is released!

  14. Oh! Kaley Cuoco as Holiday!!! I know it’s way different than her role as Penny on Big Bang Theory but I think it really works! Mmm and Todd Williams as Burnett….love that idea!

  15. OH MY LAWS!!! AMAZING NEWS!!! SOOOOO exciting!! 🙂

    Bucket list:
    1. Have grandchildren to pass along love and snuggles like my mom did my children.
    2. Travel.
    3. Write a book.
    4. Master making homemade ravioli.
    5. And this is a maybe….have a small restaurant, open just for breakfast and lunch. As I’m facing mid-40s, I’m not quite sure I want to tie up the hours required to make this one happen … hence the “maybe!” 🙂

    CONGRATS on the movie deal – fingers crossed it comes to fruition!

  16. Congratulations C.C!!! I’m soooo excited, I am sure I am gonna check every day whether there are some news regarding the possible series 🙂
    I am such a huge fan and I believe the series would become a great success- at least here in Germany I know already so many people that adore your Shadow Falls Books!!!

    Hmmm- now about the actors! Well- I don’t know why I always have to think about Emilie de Ravin as Kylie Galen. For me, she is the perfect Kylie with her long blonde hair. A natural beauty!!

    Then Derek! One of my favourite characters of the books- so it’s quite difficult to find someone who could fit- BUT I FOUND SOMEONE!!! As for me Lucas Till could play a wonderful Derek!!!!

    So what about Lucas? What do you think about Brant Daugherty?

    Well- for the rest I have to think more 🙂 I am very excited and curious how everything will develope…

    Lots of greetings from Germany, Berlin


  17. OMG!!!! Amazing! This is a Godsend seriously, we’re always talking with my friend how we would love it if they would make movies out of your books, but hey! Tv series means a weekly fix of Shadow Falls. Im from Guatemala and I always get your books from amazon.

    Who should play who:

    Lucas: Chase Crawford
    Derek: Steven Strait
    Kylie: the girl from the cover (she’s the one I see when Im reading)

  18. Ok that makes me soooo happy! I really hope it happens XD!
    For a cast I got no idea but why not have additions? I’m sure all those people who didn’t have a chance before would love to try I know I would 😉 and as for my bucket list one of the main things is to travel I would love to do that so much. Hope you have a great holiday season!

  19. I really like the suggestion of Jayma Mays as Holiday and Alex O’Loughlin as Burnett. I think those two would be awesome, and they are some of my fave people on TV.

    I live in Texas.

    My bucket list is still pending. I don’t have much on it yet other than going to Egypt and seeing everything I missed out on when I went last time.

  20. Wow, I am really, really exciting about this. I so wished for it to be turned into a film or series! 😀
    My choice of actors would be:
    Kylie – Emily Browning
    Derek – Josh Hutcherson
    Lucas – Jeremy Sumpter
    Della – Michelle Ang or Jenna Ushkowitz
    Miranda – Chloë Moretz or Georgie Henley
    Perry – Logan Lerman
    Holiday – Emma Stone, Michelle Trachtenberg or Gemma Arterton
    Burnett – Gerard Butler

    • My dumb self was trying to think of logan lerman’s name all day I could figure out his last name I new it was logan something and he should play perry

      • But Perry is blonde…Like, superblonde, and Logan Lerman’s got almost black hair…He’s hot and a great actor, but I dunno if I agree with the whole Perry thing…
        I’m not trying to sound rude or like I’m bashing your choice, though, so I’m sorry if it came out that way :/
        My choice for him would be Ross Lynch, but he looks younger than he is, so, it wouldn’t work :/

  21. Excellent news!!
    Bucket List as follows :
    *first and foremost I am of Irish decent and I would really like to go to Ireland more than anything.
    * I have lived in Florida my entire life and have not gotten to travel much therefore I would love to see snow and the mountains.
    *I want grandkids wasy down the road, so I call tell them goofy storied of what their parents did.
    *I would love to find my soul mate.

  22. My Bucket List

    – My baby is 5 months old and it is my hope that I get him to love reading as much as I do.
    -Travel to London
    -Write my own series
    -get a tattoo (Not exciting to most but to me it is lol)
    -Pet a tiger
    -Travel to India
    -To take my son to finally meet his grandfather
    -Be in a movie

    I think you should get someone like
    Ashley Benson to play Kylie
    Lucas Till to play Derek
    Jennifer Garner to play Holiday
    Jeremy Sumpter to play Perry
    Shiloh Fernandez for Lucas though he would have to wear contacts

    • Shiloh Fernandez for Lucas is like…the best idea ever ! With contacts for sure but he would be perfect for the role.:) And for your Bucket List,London is an amazing city,you must visit it !

      Love from Geneva,Switzerland.:)))

  23. I’ve never really thought of much to go on a bucket list. But definitely the number one thing is: To be a published author! Even if I have to go the self-publishing route!

    I’m never good at picking actors for book characters since actors don’t really fit into the role right for me. So I would say some fresh new faces in the acting world to play the characters as long as they look the part!

  24. Is it wierd that your idea for Derek is the same on I had? xD
    Lucas could be Brant Daugherty I also thought of Drew Roy and maybe even Logan Lerman as Lucas (possible even Derek), too (they’re beautiful, lol).
    Maybe Annasophia Robb for Kylie 🙂
    My idea for Perry would be Ross Lynch if he were a little older :/
    I think Emily Osment could be a good Miranda – just because I’ve seen her pull of pink black and blue hair…so pink black green and blonde wouldn’t look terrible on her 🙂
    Della is a hard one for me, but maybe Aoni Ma? She’s super pale and really pretty, which is how I imagined Della, haha =D
    Isla Fisher could play Holiday and Burnett could be Chris Pine…maybe…I dunno, lol
    In all honesty, though, I’d relly ike to see “new talent” for the show. It’d be kind of cool to do that, too 🙂

  25. My Bucket List:
    *Go to Ireland
    * Finally have a honeymoon (after 7 years :))

    Kylie – Hayden Pantierre
    Derek –Zac Efron
    Lucas – Jeremy Sumpter
    Della – Michelle Ang
    Miranda – Chloë Moretz
    Perry – Logan Lerman
    Holiday – Amy Adams
    Burnett – Ian Somenhalder

  26. Congratulations! What exciting news. I’m too old and grumpy to know the young actors and actresses who would best embody the kids. Although not a redhead, I always picture Jessica Capshaw as Holiday. And I like Alex O’Loughlin for Burnett, although in my mind I see a young Adam Baldwin.

  27. I think Britt Robertson could play Kylie but other than that I really have no idea! The main thing on my bucket list is to have my book published. 🙂

  28. Congrats on the BIG news! This will definitely get picked up, it must! I could not even begin to think who would play who… hmm I think Rachel McAdams would make a wonderful Holiday, Nicole Anderson for Della, Shane Harper for Lucas… for the rest I am really going to have to think on!

    Bucket List… maybe it is time I start one 🙂

  29. I have chosen to put what is on my bucket list.

    One of the important items on my bucket list is to become an author. I am currently working on writing two books. i hope to one day get them published one day. I dont except it to be a best seller i would just hope that people would love the books and become inspired by them

  30. On my bucket list, i really want to travel Europe. And watch the Olympic games.
    I haven’t put an overwhelming thought into my bucket list. But those two things, are my top for sure. I have fear of heights, and deep water, so no sky diving over water.. I think Phoebe Tonkin could play Kylie. Joseph Morgan as Derek. That’s all i got for now lol.

  31. Congratulations. I never really gave much thought to a bucket list, but here are a few ~

    Bucket list:

    Stop worrying so much about things I cannot control.
    Move to Nashville, Tennessee.

  32. This is super exciting news!!!!! I’m so happy for you!
    Hmm I’ll have to keep thinking about who I’d want to play all the characters because I don’t know off the top of my head.

    My bucket list:
    *Have lunch with John Green (a girl can dream right???)
    *Go back to London and Scotland
    *Write a book
    *Foster kittens

  33. Omg congratulations ! That is amazing news. I was one of those that did ask if it would become but would be way better! I have never made a bucket list. But here’s what.would be on it.
    1. Go to a the used concert.
    2. See my daughter get married
    3. have kids.
    4. Buy my own house.
    5. Have another baby.
    That’s all I can think of at the.moment. I’m not sure who should play who but please none of the people from twilight. I loved the books.but the actors.just kinda got over played and I think they picked the.wrong ppl to play I’m sorry if I offend anyone just my opinion.
    Thanks for the.chance to win!

    • I have to agree with you about the twilight thing. I just finished re-reading the series after seeing all the movies last week and i just couldn’t put those actors with the characters I was imagining…well I could for Carlisle and Emmett but that was it. Very sad

  34. My bucket list is to finish my current wip, and have it picked up by a publisher and to cross over to writing for a living, have a happy family, to own my own independent bookstore.
    I don’t know who I would pick to play the characters though.


  35. Amazing News!!! Congrats!!

    thats tough! I dont know who I would choose…

    My bucket list involves –
    Go to scotland/ireland/england with my BF
    get married
    Go to costa rica, birding
    get another (bigger) tattoo!

    — Im from Canada!

  36. This is awe inspiring news, so first let me say congratulations. If it is true that success is only measurable from ones self then i think right about now you’re scrambling around for a ruler. I truely wish you the best and i believe that with all my heart that all things work together for good to those who love God. I find it extremely difficult to pick an actor or actress to play any book character. I think the root of my inability to choose stems from how deeply encased in your books ive become. I envision kylie and the other characters on such high accord, short of finding someone to fit that persona perfectly I couldnt even imagine how the author must feel.

  37. Jaia’s bucket list
    – learn to speak italian
    – go to italy
    – grow my hair out
    – meet one direction
    – learn to draw
    – and write a book and have it published
    i am twelve my bucket list is childish and haylie kiyoko should play della and dude who played carlise on twilight should play Daniel Brighton

  38. Ok so I accidently clicked post comment on the first part so this is a two part post and the former didnt recieve any spell check of grammer corrections.

    My bucket list
    1. Go sky diving
    2. Meet a beautiful woman who loves me for who I am
    3. Have kids
    4. Buy a sports car
    4.5 Pay off the speeding tickets aquired from said car
    5. Take a trip across the whole country
    6. Be able to look back at my life and say i lived for the lord through my actions and beliefs.

  39. Rhiannon Smith – USA

    Top of Bucket list –
    Read the 5th & last ;( Shadow Falls Novel
    & see the Shadow Falls Novels on “The Big Screen” hopefully in the near future

  40. Its funny to read about Bucket Lists because this past weekend I was compelled to start one, I will be turning 34 years old a week from now & it was just weird, but now I am going to write down & plan. Thanks for the inspiration. I really hope this series will be the next blockbuster movies series!!!

  41. I love your books so excited your doing another contest! I would love to give the book to my friend for christmas, who i got hooked to the series i might add 😀 I’m from the US and when i picture kylie i picture Lucy Hale or Nina Dobrev but they both already have shows 🙁 So i think Ellen Page or Michelle Tratenberg maybe. I deffinitely think Ariana Grande would be the perfect miranda, 1 becuase of the crazy hair and 2 because of how she can portray an odd girl whose sweet and such

  42. Holiday- Cameron Diaz; Burnett- Matthew McConaughey; Miranda- Megan Park; Perry- Michael Trevino; Della- Katerina Graham; Derek- Daran  Kagasoff;   Lucas- Kellan Lutz; Kylie- Shelley Hennig;  On my bucket list, is my goal to venture in a career linked to Medicine or Literature. I know both these paths are completely diverse, but I would like to think that I can keep my options open and deal with opportunities as they arise. Thank You- Shaila N from West London UK

  43. My bucket list:
    -become a published author
    -become a child psychaitrist
    -go to paris, and when i see a man propose to his girlfriend, walk up to him, slap him, and scream, “SO, THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER CALLED ME BACK! I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL!” in his face. Then, I’d walk away before he could say anything.

    Kylie- Jennifer Lawrence
    Derek- Logan Lerman
    Lucas- Alex Meraz or Michael Trevino
    Holiday- Emma Stone or Amy Adams
    Miranda- Chloe Moretz
    Della- Hayley Kiyoko
    Perry- Freddie Stroma
    Burnett- Jeffery Donovan

  44. Hmm…
    I love this series and I’m so inspired with your bucket list speech
    I think my bucket list would be to
    – travel the world
    – Read 200 Books
    -write a book
    -Go bungee jumping
    -Ride the worlds biggest roller coaster
    -Record songs
    -Save a life
    -Do lots of good deeds
    -Make someone happy
    -Help someone
    -Make someone’s life better
    -Make an impact on the world
    -Give lots to charity
    -Be happy

    Kylie- for some reason I picture Taylor swift even though she’s not an actress :/

  45. Once again I think it would be awesome if Dianna Agron played Kylie. Theres a couple reasons why. In real life dianna agron is super sweet and everyone seems to like her just like kylie. In the tv show glee it shows shes a really good actor she can cry and her face emotions are really good. She can play a strong, smart character which is totally kylie in every single way. And dianna agron is also really pretty with blond hair that kylie has. Even though dianna has hazel green colored eyes you could always use eye contacts for Kylie.

    My bucket list
    Finish high school
    get over my parents divorce
    get use to boarding school
    hopeful make friends:]
    And for derek and lucas if you do make a movie make sure it have them both be super yummy:]

  46. I think Leven Rambin could play kylie, if you don’t know who she is she was in wizards of waverly place for a few episodes and she played Rosie. When I first looked at the cover of Born At Midnight I thought the girl in the cover looked soo much like her and when I read books I imagine celebrities as characters and I used Leven as Kylie.

    My bucket list:
    To go to a midnight screening of mocking jay in 2014
    To bungee jump off a bridge
    To meet at least 2 famous singers
    To go to a one direction concert
    To ACTUALLY meet one direction
    To make my parents proud

    I really hope you pick me and I hope that born at midnight gets made into a movie. I love when books I read are made into movies because its cool to see what I imagine from the book like the setting and characters come to life. 🙂

  47. Well, two of the biggest things on my bucket list are become a bestselling author, and meet someone famous. I don’t really care who plays Kylie or Lucas or Derek, so long as they are good! Congrats!

  48. Bucket List
    Travel through Europe
    Participate in an Extreme Makeover Home Edition Build
    Visit and Tour all the monuments at Pearl Harbor
    Attend the Olympic Games
    Have a library in my house

  49. My life is officially complete, but I am mature and going to act that way….WHO AM I KIDDING THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER AHHHH. I have been waiting for the news all this time, I knew it was going to happen it’s just such an amazing series, me and my friend were screaming over the phone with excitement. I am over the moon right now!!!!!!!

  50. Congrats!!! i really really hope it can become a tv series or a movie. I’d like it to be a tv show because then it could go on and I’d be able to watch and re-watch it because its SOOOOO AWESOME.My ideas for the cast is Matt Lanter, Matthew Atkinson, or Jamie Campbell Bower for the role of Derek. For Kylie, i would say it would be Britt Robertson, Aly Michalka, and Lily Collins. For the role of Lucas it could be Kevin Zegers, Micheal Trevino, and…. Taylor Lautner. *squeals*

    • Lucas Till could also play the part of Derek. I’m so happy for you and good luck and hopefully it gets turned into a movie or tv show 🙂 (im also from the US)

  51. Wow I hope you get a chance to read through all these comments and suggestions, and I’m about to add some more muahaha.

    My Bucket List as of now: 1. Finish and graduate college. 2. Get a good job that I love and start my career. 3. Become an editor. 4. Write and publish my own book. 5. Travel the world. 6. Own a house near the beach and forest.

    Actor Suggestions: (Although I wouldn’t mind being surprised with unknowns, producers and casting directors do have access to these people and I hope you’d get your say, after all you know these characters best, so my suggestions are just a starting point).
    Kylie: AnnaSophia Robb, Lucas: Thomas McDonell, Derek: Jeremy Sumpter
    Miranda: Sarah Hyland, Della: Jamie Chung, Perry: Diego Boneta,
    Holiday: Rachelle Lefevre, Burnett: Alex O’Loughlin

  52. First let me say congratulations! How exciting! Awesome! Amazing!!! 🙂
    There are already so many great suggestions for who should play which character, but one that comes to my mind is Bryce Dallas Howard who I think would make a great Holiday! Congrats again 🙂

  53. I love this series! Have no idea what to do between now and April without another book until then. Anyway, I think it would be awesome to see Holiday played by Sara Canning, her personality and appearance would be so perfect. Blake Lively could play a good Kylie. Ian Somerhalder for Burnett.
    Congrats on all of you acomplishments, you are one of my role models, and have an extremely creative mind! 🙂

  54. This is hard, because I don’t really picture anyone that’s famous when I read the book. The closest Kylie comes is a young Blake Lively. Others are very hard. My bucket list includes seeing the northern lights, going to Harry Potter World and meeting many of my favorite authors! I’m so excited about the possibility of a tv show! Would love to see one of my fav books coming alive!

  55. CC Hunter
    i really love all your books. trust me i have read each one of your books a few times. i always wished to buy them, but i really cant find any near my house.i live outside of USA i live in canada ontario whitby.

    on my bucket list is .. well i really never really tought i would be able to do it in real life i thought it was only my dreams, i was suprised when i got to do it
    it was to roller blade and go ice skating.
    i realluy thought it was a dream thing but when my class went ice skating and i went and i loved it so i told my mom. then my mom asked me if i wanted to take classes i was suprised and i said yes so now i know how to ice skate and for my b-day my mom bought me roller blades. she said ” if you can skate im sure you can roller blade.” after that i really blieved dreams can come true. that was number 1 and in capitals on my bucket list. it feels really good to share it with you CC Hunter.
    who i think should play the characters…
    lucas parker – taylor lautner
    perry- I THINK logan lerman

    thank you


  56. My bucket list is
    to travel the world
    Be on Disney on ice/ or skate on a cruse ship
    Meet a celebrity
    Get a book signed by an author

  57. Congrats C.C.!!!
    Lucas: Taylor Laughtner <3
    Kylie: Jennifer Lawrence
    Derek: Josh Hutcherson <3
    Holiday: Amy Adams
    Burnett: Hugh Jackman
    Della: Elizabeth Gillies (from Victorious)
    Miranda: Lucy Hale
    Perry: Kellen Lutz <3

  58. My bucket list is
    to travel
    to learn as much about my family as I can
    Be more creative with everything
    And Keep reading books!

    I think a TV series sounds like perfect 🙂
    Kylie: Britt Robertson or Kay Panabaker Della:Jillian Rose Reed or Jamie Chung Miranda:Lily Colins or Jemima West Holiday: Amy Adams/Isla Fisher
    Lucas: Shiloh Fernandez or Steven Strait Derek:Max Irons or Logan Lerman Burnett:Alexander Skarsgård or Joe Manganiello Perry: Robert Hofffman/Logan Lerman
    Also just a side note if they had ellie:Vannessa Hudgens. I have actually thought about this lol Awkward
    Your New Zealand Fan XD

  59. Kylie – Emma Roberts
    Lucas – Alexander Ludwig
    Della – Brenda Song
    Miranda – Lucy Hale
    Derek – Josh Hutcherson
    Holliday – Emma Stone
    Burnett – Ian Somerholder

    Although…I would be okay with ANY actors/actresses just to see this series be made into a TV series!!! LOVE IT!!!

  60. Kylie- Vanessa Marano
    Lucas- Robbie Amell
    Lucas- Taylor Kitsch
    Della- Jamie Chung
    Holiday- Felicia Day (hey she could wear a wig)
    Miranda- Jennifer Stone
    Perry- David Henrie
    Burnett- Logan Lerman

  61. I love your books I found out about them this summer and haven’t put them down since. Your book came out a week after my birthday and I totally loved it. It was like a birthday gift. I always hate that I have to wait for the next one but totally excited.
    Lucas- Matt Dallas
    Derrek- Josh Hutchenson
    Kylie- I’m thinking Aigail Breslin I know she’d do a great job
    Holiday- Amy Adams, I would’ve said Emma Stone but I think shes too silly.
    Miranda- Lucy Hale
    Thats all I got so far.
    On my bucket list I want to dress up like a 1950’s pin up. (With clothes on) And do a photo shoot. I know it sounds silly but I’m totally obessed with that decade. Then I want to go to India and see the production of a Bollywood film. Ar at least see where one is being made. Totally obsessed with India. Two of my major things on the bucket list. I live in the U.S.

  62. On my bucket list is to be a successful author like you:) You’re a great inspiration to me!
    Helen-Lily Collins
    Kylie-Lucy hale (with blonde wing)
    Derek-Ian somerhalder
    Lucas-Liam hemsworth
    Congrats on the news!!

    • OH I sooo agree with you!! I read all those comments and I thought, why know one thinks about Liam Hemsworth??? YES! I would love to see Liam as Lucas!!

  63. Sorry CC, being the actress I am and performing in front of audiences, I know a bit about the film making industry, so sorry again, but some of the people I have in mind, you have probably never even heard of. All are talented actors, which is something most don’t think of, but also all look the part to me. I did 2 for each. Here they are!
    Derek- Maybe… Robbie Amell or Chris Brochu
    Lucas- Maybe… Alex Pettyfer or Kellan Lutz
    Perry- Maybe…Xavier Samuel or Lucas Till
    Burnett- ?????;)
    Holiday- Maybe… Danneel Ackles
    Miranda- Maybe…Britt Robertson or Emily Meade
    Della-Maybe… Hayley Kiyoko or Kim Hidalgo
    and finally..Kylie- Maybe… Britt Robertson or Madison Riley
    Hope I helped! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Burnett-Maybe… Ian Somerhalder
      😉 hope u like my list! I think they are all very good actors/actresses and all fit the broad vision of these characters, not just my own. I hope you like my picks!

  64. My Bucket list? I’m adding daily, but just to name a few of the things on it…
    *Scuba dive
    *Bungee Jump
    *Be in a movie
    *Win the lottery
    *Get a World Record for most bobble heads (Im at 64!)
    *Write a book
    *Direct a movie
    *Have a son
    *Have a daughter
    *Attend a Dramatic Arts focused college
    *Attend a boarding school for the arts (preferably Interlochen in Michigan)
    *Move to New York
    *Meet Taylor Lautner
    *Write a script for a movie
    *Witness a tornado and live
    ya know, just to name a few… 😉

  65. congrats cc! that’s absolutely wonderful news. as far as who should play the parts i think… either laura prepon or maybe even jessica alba would be good for holiday, ian somerhalder or alexander skarsgard for burnett, phoebe tonkin for fredricka, britt robertson for kylie. Drea de Matteo for kylie’s mom, malese jow for della, dylan mcdermott for kylie’s step dad, evan peters as perry, not too sure for miranda, derek, or lucas.

  66. My Bucket List:

    -Write a younge adult novel
    -Work with National disaster search dogs
    -Work in a library
    -Rescue animals

    Also wanted to let you know I looooove your books!! I really hope you do get a movie/tv deal! Would be awesome to see your amazing story come to life!

  67. Wow, you guys have some great suggestions as to who should portray my characters! And there are some interesting things of some of your bucket lists.

        • That’s true….that’s always why I’ve like open auditions, becaause they find great actors and actresses, plus, a lot of the people that everyone are mentioning are WAYY overdone, and it’d be hard to picture them as a role for this sereis….You know? Plus, it’d be kind of cool to be a fan of the books and get to at least AUDITION for a role if the casting director thinks your good enough lol 🙂 But again, that’s just me 😀

  68. Oh my gosh! That is great news! Super excited for you and I hope it becomes a reality! Here is my dream cast:
    Kylie: Britt Robertson
    Derek: Lucas Till or Riker Lynch
    Lucas: Grant Gustin
    Della: Hayley Kiyoko
    Miranda: Emily Browning
    Perry: Logan Lerman
    Holiday: Amy Adams
    Burnett: Alex O’Loughlin
    And here is what I have on my bucket list so far:
    -Meet my favorite authors (Tony Abbott, J.K. Rowling, C.C. Hunter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kaleb Nation)
    -Meet Darren Criss and the other Starkids
    -Publish my writing
    -Start a tea shop with my cousin
    -Write a musical with my cousin
    -Travel to The United Kingdom
    -Visit all fifty states (I have already been to 16)
    -Graduate from university
    -Meet Joss Whedon
    -Meet Scarlett Johansson
    -Meet Jeremy Renner
    -Finally be kissed under the mistletoe by someone that loves me
    -Meet the actors/writers of Doctor Who
    -Meet Ellen DeGeneres
    -See Wicked live on Broadway
    I think that is pretty much it 🙂

  69. Congratulations!!!! How awesome for you!

    I am always adding to my bucket list. Some things are small some a little bigger. Mainly I want to try new and different things. Even if its as small as ordering something different on a menu 🙂

    Go back and finish school if I can ever decide what I want to go back for.
    Ride a horse on the beach (I miss riding)

  70. well, you said to dream big:

    I wanna be a scientist and the ultimate gratification would be to win a nobel prize.
    I’d also love to teach at University and travel around the world for my research.
    Something that I’d be able to control better would be to travel the world. 🙂

    Oh, and I’m from Germany.

  71. Hi C.J.

    First congrats on getting you’re books signed (even though there are more steps ahead). Second I live in the U.S. and third I would think someone young like Kiernan Shipka or Chloe Grace Moretz should play Kylie. But if you wanted someone older maybe someone like Bridget Mendler could play her? And Greg Sulkin would be the perfect Lucas! Although Derek’s a little harder…Finally fourth, what’s on my bucket list is to become a YA author and have people love my series just like your books! Seriously, their awesome! 🙂

  72. That is exciting news! I am so thrilled. If it does make it into a tv series I will be happy to see it! And as part of of your Street Team I will be glad to spread the word out! I also want to say that I will be happy if I win a giveaway, not for me of course but so I can give it to someone that loves your books around where I live… I will like it if Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, or Ariana Grande played any character in the series.
    As to my bucket list:
    -Make my family proud
    -Become an actress
    -Help the world! (With world hunger, poverty, cures for diseases, etc)
    -Maybe write/publish a book
    -Meet Bruno Mars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    -Meet Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence
    and many more things…!!

  73. Wow! I love the series so much!! Congrats on the news! Keep us posted. There are some great suggestions i have no idea who should play who 🙂 but i do have a bucket list….
    ~Travel the World
    ~Be a guest on the Ellen Show
    ~Act in a movie
    ~Meet my favorite authors (C.C. Hunter, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Amanda Hocking, Rchelle Mead)
    ~Publish a Book
    ~Become Famous
    ~Meet the cast of Harry Potter!!!!
    Yeah i think that pretty much covers it 🙂

  74. So glad to hear one of my favorite book series might be a TV series! Okay, so if I’m just basing the casting on how I picture these characters in my head, it would probably include:
    Britt Robertson as Kylie
    Isla Fisher as Holiday
    And I know he’s not an actor but… Hunter Hayes as Perry!

  75. Omg! Will definitely watch, and recommend! I love the series and after the books, we’ll at least get to watch movies of it! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Added to my bucket list: watch shadow falls series. Jennifer Lawrence could play Kylie! She fits the quota well.

  76. This is great news! I think finding who plays Derek, Lucus, and Kylie would be harder to fnd who plays them. I would prefer unknown actors to play them that fits the characters description. Maybe Della could be played by Janel Parrish or Malese Jow but needs to be part Asian! Please, please at least keep the actors to as close as they should be in the books.

  77. Could we pleaseeeeee have Zac Efron in the movie :)!! I think he would be a good role for Derek
    Congrats on your great news so happy for you!
    Oh and as for my bucket list…
    I would love to take my mom to see Ireland one day 🙂

    I live in the USA.

  78. I really like Britt Robertson for Kylie I didn’t know much about her until I saw her on The Secret Circle and I fell in love with her. I can’t find the perfect guys yet because I’m much too critical on them 🙂

    From US

  79. Congratulations!

    Hmmm… I don’t know enough about who is popular enough to make a guess at who would make a good Kylie or Derek. I think it would be awesome if your readers would be alerted when the casting call is though 😉

    My bucket list is incredibly extensive, but some of my more important items are:
    -Successfully plant a tree and watch it grow
    -Play ice hockey in Canada
    -Drink Thai iced tea in Thailand
    -Visit Nepal as a spiritual retreat
    -Learn to speak 6 languages fluently
    -Finish my master’s degree

  80. Actors:
    Kylie Galen- Skyler Samuels
    Derek Lakes- Logan Lerman
    Lucas Parker- Colton Haynes
    Holiday Brandon- Isla Fisher
    Miranda- Chloë Grace Moretz
    Della Tsang- Brenda Song

  81. I would have to say that my buketlist is
    * pay off our students loans
    * go to Europe
    * raise my beautiful children to be wonderful adults
    * live life to the fullest everyday.

    So for actors I think Chase Crawford is gorgeous so I think he would be great as Luke. Then for kylie I think Ashley Benson would be great and for Derek I would pick
    Zac Efron!

  82. Omg!! Yay!! Soooo excited!!! Of like to see Logan lerman play like Derek or Lucas. I also think Jake G. (Can’t spell his last name he’s was the prince of Persia) play burnnet. I think Amanda syefrid or Dakota fanning play Kylie… I don’t know honesty but I think they could pull it off. I mean the characters are just so unique and its just too hard to figure out who to play who! I mean I’ve imagined how they looked in mind…so yeah…they’d be hard to find!! Haha!!! I love this series sooo much it’s just so incredible!! I really hope that if it becomes a show, that the show does it justice!

  83. I have to say this would be on my bucket list

    •publish a book
    •travel around Europe
    •find true love
    •meet all my favorite celebrities
    •I’d also really like to meet you Mrs.Hunter 😀 that’d just be so incredible!

  84. Congratulations! That’s amazing! I hope something comes to fruition. I read my first Shadow Falls novel this past Saturday… It was referred to me by a friend and I was HOOKED! I’m now completely caught up and eagerly await the release of “Chosen at Nightfall”.

  85. Wow, that is wonderful news! Congrats!

    I used to have many things on my list like to travel to Italy. Write my life story. Get rich.. but the unexpected passing of my brother a month ago has made me realize that each little breath and heartbeat, each kiss from my loved ones is a gift! Yeah I would still love for all of those things to happen, but living each day with my family is enough. Because we just never know when..

  86. Exciting news!!! This book series would translate so well into theatre or TV!!

    Kylie – Debbie Ryan or Emily Osment
    Holiday – Emma Stone or Zooey Dashanel
    Burnett – Alex O’Loughlin ( tough yet vulnerable)
    Derek – Shane Harper
    Lucas – Taylor Lautner (I know he seems obvious, but he’s so good!)

    My bucket list includes: going to Hawaii, swimming with dolphins and meeting Reba McEntire and Luke Bryan. But really, just remembering to savor everday for it’s fullest potential.

  87. Wow, so cool. I’m gonna watch it like a junkie and then rewatch it… and then repeat, repeat, repeat… Congradulations! On my bucket list I have eat strawberries from a chocolate fountain. Kind of stupid, but it awlays looks cool in the movies :). I’m from Bulgaria, so overseas.

  88. My bucket list:

    -Visit every continent in the world and as many countries as I can.
    -See my son get married.
    -Read a lot of books!

    Britt Robinson for Kylie!

  89. i love your books so here is the people i think would be good for the show or movie
    Burnett : Ian somerhalder
    Holiday : Sara canning
    Miranda : Kate hudson
    Perry: Matt lanter
    Della : Malese jow
    Lucas :Talyor lautner
    Derek : Logan lerman
    Kylie :Jennifer lawrence
    as for my bucket list
    – read 100 books by the end of the year
    – wright a book
    – seed lots of time with friend and family
    -get good grades in school
    – get somthing cool from cc
    there is alot more so i just going to leave it at that ……..

    • This is a really weird question but did you hack my lap top because I typed up who I wanted the cast to be and that’s the exact same thing. Creepy. See look.

      My Dream SF series Cast:
      Holiday : Sara canning
      Burnett : Ian somerhalder
      Perry: Matt lanter
      Derek : Logan lerman
      Kylie :Jennifer lawrence
      Della : Malese jow
      Lucas :Talyor lautner
      Miranda : Kate hudson

      I like you, you actually agree with me. 🙂 LOL

  90. I really think Candice Accola from The Vampire Diaries would make and excellent Kylie Galen.

    My Bucket List:
    Write a novel.
    Travel the world.
    Learn Korean.

  91. Congrats!!! That’s such exciting news!

    My husband recently did something amazing on our 10 year anniversary and by doing it, he not only took the very top item off my bucket list, he also gave me my childhood dream! Now, I’m even more excited to add to that bucket list and really start living

    1) Go to Italy
    2) go ziplining
    3) Go to Hawaii

    Decided to keep it small so we don’t overwhelm ourselves and we will have to add more as we do them 🙂

  92. I think Alex Stone would be a good Perry or Derek!
    Bucketlist(not in any particular order!)
    1. To go through a haunted eand not get scared!
    2. Go bungee jumping over a river!
    3.Go zip lining in the jungle!
    4. Meet one direction, robert patinson, and robert downey jr.
    5.Make a published book of somesort! 🙂
    6.Do crazy stuff and get kicked out of restauants! frog legs and not chicken out half way!
    8.see the world!
    9.Meet that one guy that makes me happy!
    10.have babies! college volleyball!
    12.Go to the olympics!
    13.Meet you!!!
    14.Go to comic con and laugh at all the people dressed up!
    15.move to uk and study abroad!
    16.go to my first concert!(one direction hopefully!)
    17.tell that one boy that i like that i like him!
    18.make a hit single!
    19.go to the MTV Music and Movie Awards!
    20.get on a game show!(BIG BROTHER!!)

  93. oh for my bucket list is simple yet long
    travel around the world
    learn different languages even latin
    learn different martial arts and dances
    be finicially sound and being able to repay back all the support my parents gave me by buying them a home and taking care of them

  94. I think Jennifer Lawrence would be an amazing Kylie! I don’t even know who I would want to be the other characters, but I think that no matter what this series is amazing, and deserves the best! Because the best deserves the best! 🙂

  95. I think Anna Kendrick is an amazing actress for Kylie! My bucket list, well to live as long as possible and to love as much as possible and to know I did. I know that sounds lame, but I see so many people in this world just going day by day doing what needs to be done without knowing they are actually living!

  96. I also think that Hayden Panettiere would be an Awsome choice for Kyliee! I also think Chace Crawford as Lucas, and Ian Somerhalder as Burnett!

  97. congrats!! I’m happy because I love this series of books and if they make TV a series I will be a loyal fan and I will watch it every week
    I love all the characters because they are unique and easy to love or hate;)
    mmmm as to casting my answer will be the same as with all the books made ​​into movies and TV shows… I would like to see new faces, new actors.
    small bucket list:
    Learn differents languages.
    Travel to differents countries.
    Go to a Kpop concert
    Write a book
    I live in Nicaragua a small but beautiful country.

  98. Lots of great ideas for actors, but remember,they are in high school at Shadow Falls. And don’t forget to tell me if you live in a country other than the USA.

  99. Hi C.C,
    that’s very exciting news! The only one I can think of right now ist Julie McNiven for Holiday she’d be perfect! I hope the producer will find a studio etc. I would be really awesome if the character we’ve grown to love would come to life!
    Personally I would’nt choose someone from the Twilight franchise because the will always be Bella, Edward and Jacob. Perhaps a mix of some unkown or newcomers with more experienced and established actors.
    Jenny, Germany

  100. Idk about my bucketlist but….for the characters i have a few ideas for some of them

    Kylie –> Taylor Swift, or Candice Accola (even tho shes starring in TVD)
    Lucas –> Taylor Lautner
    Derek –> Josh Hutcherson
    Della –> Elizabeth Gillies
    Holiday –> Kristen Dunst, or Amy Adams ( redder hair tho)

    still thinking about burnett & miranda..somehow i picture her with black hair..but i think shes blonde :S idkk

  101. I honestly think that Kylie shouldn’t be played by a famous actress because that would ruin my whole image of her. She is determined and strong willed and I think a new inspiring actress should play her because someone trying to get into the career of acting is going to be determined and strong willed.
    When it comes to Lucas, I don’t think Taylor Lautner should play him. He had his big werewolf part in Twilight, give another actor a chance. Just make sure he is dark and mysterious.
    I just don’t think any of the characters in your book should be extremely famous people. Your books are unique and you should keep it that way. 🙂

  102. OMG! I am so freaking happy!!!!!

    I think that Karl Urban would be a really good choice for Burnet, Miranda should be Amanda Seyfried, Kylie should TOTALLY be Ashley Benson, Lucas should DEFINITELY be Ian Somerhalder, i have no idea who should be Holiday, Phoebe Tonkin as Fredericka, and some much hotter dude than Lucas for Derek.

    To publish my own books is on my bucket list.

    P.S. I live in England (UK). 🙂

  103. ~Wow a TV series? That would be great! congratulations C.C. (⌒.−)=★
    About the actor & actresses that should play your character?, there’s
    a lot to choose from so you better held an audition so you’ll be sure
    they’ll give justice to your characters, hehe..(that’s just my opinion, though)
    And about my bucket list. I want to Travel and visit every tourist
    spot of my country,Be able to pay my sister’s tuition Fee till she graduates and finally have my own house, Yay!
    ~by the way I am from Philippines, and I really enjoyed your book, can’t wait for the next one.. ^^

  104. I want to become an actress and I think the cast shouldn’t be well known then it would like there Lucas not the actor just saying

  105. That is great news c.c., so exciting. I know a lot of people said josh hutcherson for Derek but I like him for Perry. As for Kylie, Derek, and Lucas I think they should use new actors because it is always easier to see them as a character if they haven’t done other roles before. Not sure if you have seen the video someone put on YouTube with their list of actors for the characters, I like a lot of them. you should have a look. 🙂 ( from Australia)

  106. I think Brittany Robertson should play Kylie because she really fits the part of Kylie that we all really see and the acting can really fit because Brittany Robertson is used to doing shows and movies about this stuff so she is used to the way every thing goes and she world really fit Kylie’s personality and fit the role that will really bring out the Kylie in her. I also think phoebe tonkin could play Fredericka because she can fit the part and the look and also bring on being really mean in some part if she has to. These were the people who would fit some role but there are other people who world be perfect but the person that plays Kylie will have to be a special actor to keep the way readers feel when they read these books.
    I cant WAIT till your next book!!!!!!!! 🙂

  107. Pshhtttt its about time !!! These are the actors that should be in it…
    Kylie- cassie blake or hayden pantierre
    Derek – lucas till or drew roy
    Lucas- kevin williamson
    Holiday – amy adams
    Burnett- ian somenhalder
    Della -stevie nichols or diana meade
    miranda – chloë moretz
    perry – absolutely positively Logan lerman !!!

    I think these actors are perfect but maybe derek should be a blonde sweet looking guy actor.not all strong.chin. But yeah so excited.. !!!! (;

  108. OMG! i am thrilled! i hope the shadow falls series makes it to become a movie!! that would be AMAZING! i’d drag all my friends along to see it. that’s incredibly exciting!! after i read the first book i was like “this needs to be a movie”.

    well my best friend and i have created our bucket lists together a while ago, hoping to be reunited one day when we are older to achieve and fulfill our goals/list. (my best friend moved away last year, so this bucket list is sort of a bucket list and a promise to fulfill our dreams together). Several things on my personal list are:
    1. to go ice skating again (they shut down the rink when i was little and there isn’t one in all of town (Tucson) (as far as i know..)
    2. write something,like a book, or a bunch of short stories, doesn’t need to be published though, but that would be a dream if that happened
    3. be in one movie, like secondary character, but something where i show up several times and am involved in the movie. not necessarily a “popular movie” as long as it gets out on dvd so i can get a copy
    4. surf and/or swim with dolphins!
    5. and finally to conclude my list before this post is too long…experience fall weather and watch the leaves on trees turn many different colors, and watch them fall. its my fav. season, and it doesn’t happen here in Tucson, so i am dying to see that one day, along with a snowy Christmas. (America)

  109. Oh cool Bea I live in Shanghai as well!! It’s really awesome here and it’s actually really pretty (I’m not Chinese either I’m half-Californian half-Indian)
    Okay…my bucket list:
    All I want out of life is fun, laughter etc. I just want to live my life!
    Awesome job w/ the movie CC!!!

  110. This is so exciting!!!!!!! I love the series so to have them come to life outside my own mind would be pretty amazing.
    I think who would play a good Lucas would maybe be Avon Jogia he is hot and has great hair! and maybe for Miranda have Ariana Grande.

    • Okay I thought more about who should play who and another good actor to play Lucas could be Nick Roux he can play that bad boy attitude that Lucas has a little bit of and for Derek i think Mathew Atkinson would be good.

  111. Hello! I’m from Romania, Europe. Actually I just finished ‘Born at midnight’. I found this book while I was looking trough a library in my city. I started to read it and at one point I realized that I should’ve been home a long time ago. To be honest, I am really charmed by the characters and the hole action, but I wouldn’t want to appear a movie based on this novels because it seems like they would lose their… magic, so I can’t really say who should be playing who. Now, about my bucket list, well I’ve always wanted to become a stewardese, I REALLY, REALLY want to visit New York again, I want to find someone to love (maybe someone like Derek 🙂 ) and, like Kylie, I want to find myself. I really want to thank you for this books because, even if I read only one it made me feel incredible so THANK YOU! 🙂

  112. Hello from Brasil
    My bucket list is:
    1) Finish the book I’m trying to write
    2) Finish the Law School
    3) Get my OAB (it’s what is needed to be lawyer)
    4) Find a guy like Derek for myself
    5) Get an internship with a judge
    6) Do chemical engineering
    7) Have my book published
    8) Read all the 27 books I’ve bought
    9) Won whispers at moonrise with an autograph of C.C. Hunter, so i don’t have to wait until it’s translated to portuguese
    10) Spend christmas in EUA, just to see the snow
    11) take a course of creative writting
    12) Get a good salary
    13) Give my parents a better life
    14) Have my own car
    15) Have my own house
    16) Maybe marry and have kids

    The actors are:
    Holiday: Emma Watson
    Burnett: channing tatum
    Della: Kristin Kreuk
    Lucas: Nick roux
    Kyley: amanda seyfried
    Miranda: Mariah Buzolini
    Derek: Ben Barnes
    Perry: chad michael murray

  113. How exciting, congratulations C.C.!
    As for Kylie, Derek and Lucas I think they should be played by new actors, it is always easier to see them as a book character when they are not that well known, as for the others:
    Miranda: Lily Collins
    Della: Melissa Le-Vu
    Perry: Josh Hutcherson
    Helen: Elizabeth Olsen
    Chris: Alexander Lutwig
    Ellie: Shelley Hennig
    Clara: Willa Holland
    Fredericka: Phoebe Tonkin
    Trey: Freddie Stroma
    Daniel: Chris Hemsworth
    Holiday: Bryce Dallas Howard
    Burnett: Alex O’Loughlin

    Also, there is a video on youtube that lists someones character choices and I like a lot of them.

    As for my bucket list I want to become a writer and move overseas.
    -Caroline (Australia)

  114. That is such exciting news C.C.!
    As for Kylie, Derek and Lucas I think they should be played by new actoras as it it always easier to see them as a book character when they are not that well known. As for the other characters
    Miranda: Lily Collins
    Della: Melissa Le-Vu
    Perry: Josh Hutcherson
    Ellie: Shelley Hennig
    Fredericka: Phoebe Tonkin
    Clara: Willa Holland
    Chris: Alexander Lutwig
    Trey: Freddie Stroma
    Helen: Elizabeth Olsen
    Daniel: Chris Hemsworth
    Holiday: Bryce Dallas Howard
    Burnett: Alex O’Loughlin

    Also, there is a video on youtube called ‘my shadow falls series cast’ and it has some good ideas too but it won’tlet me post the link.

    As for my bucket list I want to become a writer and move overseas.
    -Caroline (from Australia)

  115. Congratulations!!! That would be very cool if Shadow Falls became a t.v. series or a movie!
    Kylie- Britt Robertson
    Derek- Matt Lanter or Thomas Dekker
    Lucas- Brant Daugherty or Drew Roy
    Miranda- Emily Osmet or Lily Collins
    Della- Hayley Kiyoko
    Holiday- Ilsa Fisher or Amy Adams
    Burnett- Ryan Reynolds or Donovan Patton
    Perry- Alexander Ludwig
    Fredericka- Phoebe Tonklin
    As for my bucket list…perhaps I should start one…

  116. im super siked for u . While im horrible with names of actors and actresses, i know ull be able to find the double for all the shadow falls characters. I hope all ur dreams come true.

  117. My Bucket List. I would love to write a book, it would be on the lines of the shadow falls series, meaning vampires, werewolf’s, shape shifters, witches and something fun and lite hearted but there are SO many great books that involve these characters I would never know where to begin.

    Go to Disney World with my husband, kids and granddaughters and act like a kid again.
    I would love to meet CC Hunter.

    The actors I feel would due justice to our beloved characters are:
    Kylie – Amanda Seyfried, or Ana Sofia Robb, Spencer Locke or Dakota Fanning
    Lukas – Ian Sommerhalder or Brant Daughorty
    Derek – Garrett hedlund
    Miranda – Jennette McCurdy
    Della – Vanessa Hudgens or Miranda Cosgrove
    Perry – Chance Crawford
    Holiday – Amanda Righetti or Deborah Ann Woll
    Burrnette – Robbie Amell or Jason Ackles
    Those are just some ideas . Pamela Figueroa
    Holiday –

  118. My Bucket List:
    1)Become a famous country singer
    2)Get me and my friend’s book published(name of book;Mythical)
    3)Travel to Greece,Paris,and Rome
    4)Find someone who loves me for me
    And ohmesweetgoodness,I really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really hope that Born At Midnight gets turned into a movie/TV series!! <3
    Lucas:Josh Hutcherson
    Derek:Logan Lerman
    Miranda:Ariana Grande
    Kylie:AnnaSophia Robb
    Della:(sorry cant find one for Della)
    Perry:Alexander Ludwig
    Okay,my friend reminds me so much of Della it's freaky.But,yeah that's all,I hope you have a very marry Christmas!!!!!! 😀 <3

  119. I come from The Netherlands, a little village in the north.

    My biggest dream is to write a fantasy book.
    And I also hope to live healthy and with all my friends and family.

  120. my bucket list is
    -to go bungee jumping and not get killed lol
    -and to go to the grand canyon
    I live in Virginia (Charlotte ville)

    Taylor lautner should play Lucas
    Lucas till should play Derek
    carly rae jepsen should play Della
    Anna Sophia robb should play kylie

  121. Hmmm….I don’t know a lot of actors and actresses. I just hope the actors and actresses will carry through the spirits and hearts of the characters as we all feel them from the books. I’m really excited and hope the deal to make this a t.v. series goes through. Nervous, but excited. And I’m hoping that maybe the actors/actresses are new people we haven’t seen acting on-screen yet.

    My bucket list:

    1. Write and publish a best-selling book (series), that will inspire and interest readers.
    2. Go ride all the roller-coasters and rides at all the best amusements parks.
    3. Learn how to speak Japanese and Korean and travel to Japan and South Korea.
    4. Meet and make friends with my favorite writers and people.
    5. Make a change in the world – never stop caring about the people that I can help and reach out to.

    Merry Christmas Everyone! 🙂

  122. Congratz!!!!! Can’t wait to see the first few episodes!!! I live in California. I think Brittany Robertson would make the perfect Kylie.

  123. I just can see Lucas as an actor, and it’s Liam Hemsworth…. it would be verry weird to see actors from Twilight… And i’m from Switzerland :))

  124. I just had finish your 3º book! The whole history is amazing!
    and searching the 4º, i found out that it will came to Brasil in april of 2013!
    that was some bad news, but i will wait.. =)
    I´m writting for you know that you have some fans in Brasil too! I could compare your book whit Harry potter`s book, becouse booth historys make me feel like i was there, but to be honest, your book is better becouse is spice (in the good way) and there is more to find out! Sorry to compare booth works, but i just want to say that I loved your work!
    I can´t wait to read the next book and to see a movie or a tv serie about it.

    Happy Holidays!

  125. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T KNOW WHO TO PICK BUT IF IT TURNED INTO A MOVIE I WOULD BE SO HAPPY

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  127. Hey everybody, I love the Shadow Falls series and think the following actors would be perfect :
    Kylie: Teresa Palmer
    Derek: Colton Haynes
    Lucas: Logan Lerman
    Holiday: Emma Stone
    Della: Jamie Chung
    Miranda: Emma Roberts
    Perry: Alex Pettyfer

  128. Kylie: emma roberts
    Lucas: brant daugtrey
    Derek: kellan lutz
    Holiday: jayma mays
    Della: Jamie Chung
    Fredericka: Heather Hemnens or vanessa hudgens
    Miranda: anna kendrick
    Perry:austin butler
    Burnette: channing tatum
    Trey: james maslow

  129. Well, I’m so exciting about the possibility of your books collection becomes a movie – which I prefer, over the TV series, because they always change all the story of the books when they do the series. I would love, if you didn’t accept any big change, and if possible none, because I like your books the way they are, the story is really good. They will probably cut some parts to resume them, but if you could resume them yourself, in the way you wrote the rest of the book, I would prefer. I don’t want somebody else interacting in this books. I love this kind of books, and I read about 200 books – really. Your books are my second best book serie, or the first one, I can’t decide. I was totally disapointed when Percy Jackson’s first move came out, and I hope it doesn’t happen to your movie.
    I’m terrible with my English, I’m from Brazil, so I’m already apolgizing.
    And I’m not good with connecting the characters of books with actual people, but I could try to give you suggestions, that probably are going to confuse you or make you laugh.
    And I truly hope that Kylie ends with Derek.
    Here I go with the suggestions :
    – Derek : Grey Damon (I don’t know if you agrees, I chose him because he seems sweet just like Derek Lakes).
    – Lucas : William Moseley (or someone that seems older and stronger)
    – Kylie Galen : Emilie di Raven, amanda seyfried, Dakota Fanning, Or Taylor Swift, if she was an actress, I just read the book thinking about her, the way she looks so innocent just like the character.
    – Fredericka : Jessica Parker Kennedy.
    – Miranda : someone like Ariana Grande.
    – Della : carly rae jepsen.
    – Perry : jesse mccartney
    – Holliday : catherine zeta jones
    – Burnnet : I don’t know who should play him, maybe Gerad Butler.
    I am already looking forward to see the movies !!!
    I know you’ll do it, just don’t let them change your book story to something completely different.
    Probably your biggest book fan,

    PS.: I am CRAZY waiting for Chozen at Nightfall, don’t make me wait anymore, please !!!! When is the book coming out? Even the first chapter, when is it coming out ? Is it really going to be the last book ? The end ? I always hate “last-books” I keep thinking of what happens to the rest of the characters when the book finishes, for exemple : I finished Harry Potter’s books and since the last book I keep thinking about what happened to Harry, Gina, and their kids, what each of them became when they got older. Just like I do to all the books I read.
    And please make Kylie chose Derek !!!

  130. I think that Tom Welling should play Burnett (he may be older than Burnett but a girl can dream). AHHHHH!! I could not even begin to decide for the others, I am not really in to “teen actors” loop.

    U S of A

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  132. I think these people should play these people.
    Derek~ Callan McAuliffe
    Lucas~ Booboo Stewart
    Kylie~ Amanda Seyfried
    Della~ Vanessa Hudgens
    Miranda~ Victoria Justice

    • I am changing all the characters I chose so sorry for all the confusion.
      Kylie~ Amanda Seyfried, Brittany Robertson, and Emilie De raven.
      Della~ Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Vanessa Hudgens
      Miranda~ Shelley Henning, Phoebe Tonkin,and Lucy Hale
      Derek~ Chris Zylka , Callan McAuliffe, Grey damon (These people just seem to have Dereks personalitie)
      Lucas~ Booboo Stewart, William moseley, and just maybe Taylor Stewart
      Fredericka~ Janel Parrish, Shay Mitchell,
      Perry~ Alex Pettyfer, Joseph Morgan, Alexander Ludwig
      Holliday~ Amy Adams, and Emma Stone
      Burnett~ Jensen Ackles, John Barrowman
      I think those people should play those people. I am barley holding in my excitment I was hoping that this would happen I love these books. And I really think that Kylie and Derek belong together I am just gong to bust into tears if she goes with that doushe bag lucas.

  133. WOW! That’s what I have to say!!! I’m soooo excited!!! I knew it would happen! The series is too good to not have a TV series or movie about it!!!
    My bucket list:
    1) To win 1st overall in Canada for Barrel racing (Horseback riding)!
    2) To have an entire room dedicated to books. I’ve always wanted a library in my basement!
    3) To become a successful author!
    4) To own a little house either on a farm (that I will someday own) or that has a forest in the backward with a wrap around porch!
    5) To find a love that is mutual <3

    Annnnnd! I think that:

    Diana Agron, Jenifer Lawrence, or Emmy Rosum should play Kylie!
    Taylor Lautner should play Lucas?

    That's all I can think of for now…. PS. Sorry, I know I answered a little late…. 🙂

    ~Go to Ireland
    ~ And meet c.c hunter
    that is about it for now anyway but, onto the characters.
    Kylie~ Brittany Robertson or Kara Pacitto
    Lucas~ Chris Gayla or William Moseley
    Derek~ Grey Damon or Kellan Lutz
    Miranda~ Krisondra Daigneault or like Anne Kendrik
    Della~ Hayley Kiyoko or Jamie Chung
    Perry~ Robert Hoffman
    Holiday~ Bryce Dallas Howard
    Burnett~ Matt Cohen
    Fredericka~ Kelsey Sanders
    Ellie~ Grace Phipps
    Helen~ Kalia Prescott
    Johnathon~ Dougie Poynter
    Trey~ Curt Hansen
    Chan~ Derek Mio
    Sara~ Emilie De Raven
    Kylie’s mom~ Noelle Beck
    Kylie’s stepdad~ Robert Pralgo
    Derek’s mom~ Kelly Preston
    Lucas’s sister~ Odeya Rush
    Red~ Adam Dimarco
    Daniel~ John Brotherton
    those are the people I think should play those people. I got most of the ideas off youtube but I liked them so I put them down. I am really think she should go with Derek because he actually cares and Lucas LIES. Sorry this is probably late

    • I agree with you.
      All of them are perfect to be.
      I love Bryce as Holiday, but I think that Jeremy Irvine is perfect to be Derek.

    • Omg we both think Matt Cohen would be a great idea for Burnett I didn’t even know a lot of people knew about him!

  135. Hi C.C
    Look my ” Dreams Cast”. I am Brazilian, so I can’t write in English very well… Sorry.

    Kylie- Brittany Robertson
    Lucas – Chris Galya
    Derek – Jeremy Irvine
    Holiday – Lindsay Lohan or Bryce Dallas Howard

    I loooooooooove them. The others guys, I agree with my friend, Arraine.
    Thanks, honey <3
    I love you soooooo much. Your Brazialian's fans love you!!!!!!! Thanks! *Waiting Whispers at Moonrise*.
    How you will called it in Portuguese? Sussurros ao Nascer da Lua?
    Muito obrigada C.C. In good portuguese, now.

  136. Yay! I am so excited for you! 🙂 I personally think it would do better as movies, but a TV show would be good 2!
    Bucket List:
    *write a book
    *travel the world
    *become an actress
    *act in one of my favorite novel-turned movie movies
    *learn italian or russian
    For the characters?
    kylie- me? lol, if not annasophia robb
    derek- blair redding or taylor kirsh (?)
    lucas- can only imagine a guy i like lol
    hayden yates- vasiliy stepanov (the man is just too hot!)

  137. Kylie = Dianna Agron
    Lucas = Steven Strait (absolutly) !
    Derek = Matt Lanter
    Della = tammin sursok
    Miranda = mila kunis
    Perry = Ryan Phillippe (maybe)
    Holiday = sara canning

    End.. :S

  138. Kylie Galen’s ideas are already very good but that is Derek and Lucas and I find that its essential Steven Strait plays the role of Lucas and Matt Lanter plays the role of Derek, this is just PERFECT.

  139. Hey ! I think I’m too late , no ? I just wanted to say that I’m a brand new fan of Shadow Falls it’s amazing I love it ! And the idea of a TV series or a movie would be incredible ! I’m so excited I don’t have any ideas about which actors could be perfect though. For the giveaways like I said I think it’s too late I am too late in fact but I wanted to say that I’m from France !

  140. OMIGAWD!!!!!! I will seriously die when they books become a TV series! Whenever they air I’m telling my work that I either can’t work or I have to get off early. As for who should play who…
    Kylie: Hayden Panettiere
    Lucas: Sean Faris
    Derek: Liam Hemsworth
    Della: Nikki SooHoo
    Miranda: Emma Roberts
    Holiday: Tara Cardinal
    Burnett: Matt Cohen
    Roberto Esparza: Lucas Black
    Perry: Chord Overstreet
    Daniel Brighton: Eric Bruskotter
    Mrs. Galen: Jensen Daggett
    Ellie: Ashley Scott
    Collin: Ted McGinley
    Mario Esparza: Jack Nicholson
    Sara: Anna Kendrick
    Tom Galen: Hugh Jackman
    Fredericka: Tammin Sursok

    I think everyone here is well castes by looks and personality! Please give some feedback guys I also want to know what you think of who I casted. Thanks!

  141. Burnett- David Boreanaz
    Holiday- Jessica Chastain
    Derek-Logan Lerman
    Perry- Lucas Till
    Lucas-Liam Hemsworth
    Kylie- AnnaSophia Robb
    Miranda- Williw Sheilds
    Della-Nicole Gale Anderson

  142. umm. well i def. love these series. Would love if the came out with a movie but not really sure about the grils but…. Lucas- Taylor Loutner and Derek- Channing tatum. I definatly think that kylie should be someone really pretty and someone with her personality.

  143. Kylie should be played by: Kaley Cuoco / Candice Accola
    Lucas : Michael Trevino
    Derek : Zac Efron
    Miranda : Selena Gomez
    Della : Jana Kramer
    Perry : Chad Mickael Murray
    Steve : Matt Lanter
    Ellie : Shenae Grimes
    Holiday : Poppy Montgomery
    Burnett : Ian Sommerhalder
    Daniel Brighton : Simon Baker
    Sara : Ashley Benson
    Tom Galen : Michael Weatherly
    Mrs. Galen : Felicity Huffman
    Fredericka : Danneel Harris

    I’m French! I will be very happy if this will become a series or a movie !I wrote well-known actors, but if there are new actors that match the personality of the persons that will be great!

  144. Kylie – Charlize Theron
    Della – Selena Gomez/Lucy Hale/ Mila Kunis
    Miranda – Dianna Agron
    Lucas – Taylor Lautner
    Derek – Zac Efron/Liam Hemsworth
    Holiday – Jessica Alba/Nina Dobrev/Bella Throne
    Burnett – Ryan Gosling

  145. I’m so happy :D. I know that this series should become movies or a TV show. After reading the second book. The first book grabbed my attention and the second one hooked me. I love this series.

  146. Kylie: Brittany Robertson
    Della: Selena Gomez
    Burnett: Ian Sommerhalder
    Derek: Channing Tatum

    I am soooo excited for you!! My bucket list is not very long but here it is
    -go to Italy,Romania and Russia
    -Have my book published
    -Prank my parents really good
    -Go to a dance school
    -meet my favourite stars

  147. I think David Boreanaz should be Burnett. Just reading the books and seeing his face while watching Bones it just hit me that he would be perfect!!

  148. j’habite en France et brave c.c
    je verai pour les rôles:
    kylie:Diana agron ou brittany robertson
    lucas:matt lanter
    miranda:dniela pineda
    della:jami chung
    derek:liam hemsworth
    perry:chord overstreet
    holliday:ay adams
    burnett: alex o’loughlin

  149. One thing on my bucket list it to be in a movie.

    Kylie: Hayden Panettiere
    Miranda: Selena Gomez
    Della: Brenda Song
    Lucas: Josh Hutcherson
    Perry: James Marsden
    Burrnett: Jensen Ackles
    Derek: Channing Tatum
    Holiday: Ashley Greene

  150. I think for Kylie(Sasha Pieterse,Dove Cameron,Amber Heard,Danielle Chuchran,Alexandra Tikerpuu,Rachel G. Fox,Alexadnria Deberry,Hunter Haley King,Taylor Momsen,Payton List,Ellie Fanning,Aljona Shiskova,Danielle Bardbery,Willow Shields,Christie Burke,Ashley Bentson,Chloe Grace Moretz,Anna Sophia Robb,Amanda Seyfried,Gabriella Wilde.) I would also say Mackenzie Foy!!!!!!!!!But she is a little to young 🙁 For Lucas(BooBoo Stewart!!!!!!!)

  151. Sara canning/ Rachelle Lefevre/ Jessica Szohr/ DEBRA MESSING= Holiday
    Brooke Davis/ Felisha Terrell/ Gage Golightly= Fredericka
    Maggie.Q/Jessica Lu/ Janel Parrish=Della
    Lyndsy Fonseca/ Greer Grammer/ Caitlin Stasey/ Taylor Momsen/ Sasha Pieterse/ Alexandra Chando/ Kirsten Prout =Kylie
    Shane West=Burnett
    Jillian Rose Reed/ Allie Gonino= Miranda
    Dean Greyer/ Colton Haynes/ Drew Van Acker=Lucas
    Colton Haynes/ Ian Harding/ Blair Redford/ MICHAEL MALARKEY= Derek
    Julian Morris= Perry
    Laura Leighton= Mère de Kylie
    Nolan North= beau-père de Kylie (Tom)

  152. Kylie: Taylor momsen (mais sans maquillage)
    della: li binbing
    miranda: odette annable
    holiday: elyse levesque
    helen: mia wasikowska (le même genre que dans son rôle d’alice)
    frederika: gage golightly
    lucas: daniel sharman/ matt lanter
    burnett: daniel gillies
    derrek: johny pacar

  153. I really would see :
    Kara Pacitto as Kylie
    Chris Galya as Lucas
    Odeya Rush as Clara
    Grey Damon as Derek
    Kelly Preston as Derek’s mom
    Krisondra Daigneault as Miranda
    Hayley Kiyoko as Della
    Derek Mio as Chan
    Kelsey Sanders as Fredericka
    Grace Phipps as Ellie
    Noelle Beck as Kylie’s mother
    Robert Pralgo as Kylie’s stepdad
    John Brotherton as Daniel
    Bryce Dallas Howard as Holiday/Hannah
    Matt Cohen as Burnett
    Kalia Prescott as Helen
    Dougie Poynter as Jonathon
    Curt Hansen as Trey
    Adam Dimarco as Red
    I don’t know for Perry,Sara and the others.Do you agree with me ?

  154. Se serait vraiment un rêve que mon livre préféré sorte au cinéma , je verrais bien Jennifer Lawrence dans le rôle de Kylie , Taylor Lautner dans le rôle de Lucas , Janel Parrish dans le rôle de Della , Bryce Dallas Howard dans le rôle d’Holliday et Jude Law dans le role de Burnett et enfin Logan Lerman dans le role de Perry , je suis une grande fan et j’espère que ce film va pouvoir aboutir !

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  156. It is really fantastic that books are maybe adapted in series! I looked for actors and for actresses, who, I think, are relatively adapted for the principal roles:
    Blake Lively for Kylie
    Zac Efron for Derek
    Colton Haynes for Lucas
    Amy Adams for Holiday
    Matt Bomer for Burnett
    Lily Collins for Della
    Alex Pettyder for Perry
    Willow Shields for Miranda
    Douglas Booth for Roberto
    Chace Crawford for Trey
    Paul Walker for Daniel
    Bradley Cooper for the father of kylie
    Jessica Biel for the mother of Kylie
    Barbara Palvin for Fredericka
    Vanessa Hudgens for Ellie
    Michelle Pfeiffer for the mother of Derek
    Lyndsy Fonseca for Clara
    Ashley Tisdale for Sara.
    I hope sincerely that the realization will be made!

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