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What better way to start off 2013 than with some exciting news? There have been a few rumors, but now I can confirm it, Born at Midnight and Awake at Dawn (books 1 & 2) are going to be released as one book. Titled Shadow Falls: The Beginning, it will be released March 5, 2013. And with the release of Chosen at Nightfall on April 30, 2013, I know spring is going to be a very exciting and busy time for me. I can’t wait!

So, if you haven’t read my Shadow Falls series or if you have a friend who hasn’t read my books, this is a great way to buy the first and second book for one low price! So make sure to spread the word with your friends who want to read my series, because this is a great deal. Shadow Falls: The Beginning can be preordered now on the Macmillan website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. So, what are you waiting for?

Can’t Get Turned at Dark?

I receive many emails from readers who live outside the USA. Consequently, they cannot download Della’s story, Turned at Dark, from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. But there is another way. You can now read Taken at Dark on my website under the “Special Content” tab. Or, if you wish to download the book, you again go to the Macmillan website and scroll down to the “Book Excerpts” section, then you can click on the link on the right called “Read a short story by Hunter.” Turned at Dark should come up on your computer and you can download it from there. So now everyone can find out how Della became a vampire and how she came to be at Shadow Falls Camp.

17 thoughts on “Book News

  1. The cover is Beautiful! And it comes out on my 16th birthday!! That would be an amazing sweet 16 present seeing as the cover of my copy of Born at Midnight is falling off. I guess I read it too many times lol. I’m actually re-reading Shadow Falls again 😀 its definitely my favorite series!!

  2. How exciting! When I first read the series, I checked out all of the first three books in the series at once from the library (and how lucky for me), because I wouldn’t have wanted to wait for the next books. I got to read one book right after the next and finished the first three books in less than a week. 🙂 The cover is so enchanting. It always catches my eye at the book store and library. Can’t wait for Chosen at Nightfall! Yay!

  3. awsome !! so its out on march 5 so cool !!
    when i first saw that book 1&2 are coming as one. On the Chapters website i didn’t know if it was real or just a rumour cuz you never put it up on your website
    so now you did cool
    i can’t wait for chosen at nightfall to come out


  4. That’s awesome CC!!! <3 the cover, too bad Ive read all of them ( but 5th obviously)

    Im getting Turned At Dark on my mom`s phone and Im gonna read on my way to Arkansas, from Tx, this Friday… 😀 sooo excited!!

    <3 u C.C.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    down anyway not only is it awesome that that is coming out but
    it also comes out right around exams time so I will have something interesting
    to read. Also I get to read Della’s story! Way to make my awful day awesome! !!


  6. i cant wait for the final book and i am going to get the joint book because i love the cover and also hwn i reread the story i can prolong the need to switch books

  7. That is fantastic news! If I never got Born at Midnight for christmas I so would have boughten it because I still don’t have Awake at Dawn yet. I absolutely love the cover its so cool and beautiful :]

  8. Yay this is great news I already have all the books but I have to get this one on e it comes out because why not the series is soooo good! Yay u made my week!

  9. When I read the books, I borrowed my friends’ copies other than than Whispers at Moonrise which I won. I’m probably going to get the joint book. I mean, the cover’s really pretty. I like how it kind of blends the two book covers together. The girl looks like she did on the cover of Born at Midnight, and the background is the light blue of Awake at Dawn. Plus, you don’t see her whole face, so it adds a foreshadowing of mystery on the cover.

  10. I absolutely love your books! I have read all of them that have come out. putting two books together is a brilliant idea and definitely makes things more convenient for us readers! I love the cover design of all your books and the new 2- in-1 book! I cannot wait until the next book comes out!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. I absolutely love your books. I can’t wait for chosen at nightfall to come out. Yoir cover is just beautiful as always. I have read all your books that are out about 4 times But putting two books in one is just an amazing idea!!!!

  12. OMG!!!!!! Not long now I can’t wait my friends think I have gone crazy because I am counting down the days. I am a massive fan of shadow falls I am so so so happy that you aren’t finishing the best book series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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