Change is Good!

I have some big news, but I’m going to make you hunt for it. So, check out my Home page and see if you can discover what’s changed. It’s some good news. It’s not the fantastic news I wanted to tell you, that’s going to have to wait until next week. But this is darn good news. If you can spot the difference, send an email to and I will give away Shadow Falls posters to five people who email me the correct answer.

Last week I gave you some teasers for Chosen at Nightfall. Everyone had a lot to say about what I posted. But all of those teasers were about Kylie, but what about her friends? Aren’t you curious about what Della is up to? How about what happens with Miranda? Well, I thought I’d tell you a bit about what to expect from them.

In Chosen at Nightfall Della…

  1. …accuses Kylie of betraying her.
  2. …has someone pay in blood to spend an hour with her.
  3. …tells Kylie what really happened during her and Steve’s mission for the FRU.

In Chosen at Nightfall Miranda…

  1. …finally carries through with her threat to give someone the worst case of pimples they’ve ever seen.
  2. …has a big argument with Perry.

I hope that gives you a few things to think about. Now, don’t forget to look for the change on my Home page, then email me. You could win a Shadow Falls poster!

19 thoughts on “Change is Good!

  1. I think i found it and i can’t wait for Chosen At Nightfall to come out because all these teasers are making me want to read it.

  2. Omg, i cannott wait, I’m freaking out. I hopee she doesn’t end up with Lucas, and what about her supernatural abilities(I want more) aaahhhhh I loce you CC. C.C, Christopher Pike, L.J Smith and Cast are the best authors, and i read a lot.

  3. Yeah lol I rly want the poster so I’m probably going to guess. Anyways I’m sooo excited for chosen at nightfall Ahhhh!! I can’t wait like literally I’m on tenterhooks. Ohh and the teasers and clues ugh I want the series now!

    • I’m itching for the next book so bad I can’t wait I cried so much at the ending of whispers at moonrise that I can’t get my mind of what could happen next

  4. Hi! um ok. So i just started the shadow falls novels! I am on book 2! OMFG! Anyway. I think that there should be a movie about the books. That would be soo freaking awesome! Going to read!

  5. I love the books they are the best books ever.I’ve never read something so romantic,funny,mysterious in all my life.Thank you C.C.Hunter for such a amazing series.I hope you don’t end it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  6. Are you going to put up any clues about Derek or maybe put some more about Lucas? and if you do that would be really cool. I love hearing about them.

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