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Wow! I was stunned by all your answers on last week’s blog. I have to tell you, a lot of you are going to get your wishes and some of you predicted what’s going to happen in Chosen at Nightfall—well, almost anyway. And no, I won’t tell you which of the ninety comments are closest to what will actually happen. But I suppose it’s time for me to start giving you a few clues.

Oh, and I have some other news that I’m dying to tell you, but I can’t… I know it’s mean to tease you, but seriously, this is some great news and I know you guys are going to be thrilled. (And no, it’s not about the TV series or movie. I’m still waiting and could be waiting for months to hear about that.) Anyway, I hope to be able to share my good news with you on next week’s blog. And I’ll also be giving you a few more clues about what’s going to happen to Kylie in her last book. So make sure you guys come back to read the blogs. And if you haven’t preordered Chosen at Nightfall, do so now. Here’s hoping these clues will get you all excited and dying to get your hands on my next book.

Also, the video for Chosen at Nightfall is just about done and it’s so cool! I’ll be posting that soon, too.

Okay, now for five clues:

In Chosen at Nightfall Kylie. . .

  1. …nearly kills Lucas twice.
  2. …is accused of having an affair with an older man.
  3. …tells a human that she’s a supernatural.
  4. …gets read the riot act by Burnett.
  5. …has an unwanted guest crawl over a bathroom stall when she’s trying to pee.

And in other news, if you live in the Houston area, I will be having a couple of signing soon. As soon as I have the details, I’ll be posting the dates, times and places on my events page and my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books and Shadow Falls Series), so make sure you keep checking.


The four winners of the Shadow Falls posters from last week’s giveaway are Monica Coburn, Bratty Grrl, Cathy Phung and Rachel Isdale. Congratulations! You have until February 5, 2013 email me at with your mailing address.


36 thoughts on “Clues and Teasers!

  1. Im just about as sad to see this series go as I was at the end of the 8th Harry Potter movie, and the 7th Harry Potter book. I’m SO EXCITED for the release! WHY CAN’T IT COME SOONER, CC??? Oh, and I told Kathleen that I would like to remain on your Street Team. 😉

  2. She almost kills Lucas? :O ? I hope it was by accident, I still want them to end up together and I’m guessing the older man is Hayden because of that phone call, but who knows.

  3. Wow! Who could have possibly predicted these turn of events on Kylie’s little misadventures? I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂 Hmmm….I also might be considering moving to Houston, Texas.

  4. I think that Sarah might be the human she tells that she is a supernatural…anyways so excited. Is it weird that I am excited to see Lucas almost get killed TWICE by kylie, i feel like its going to be super intense, but are there any spoilers on Derek 🙂 AHHHHH seriously this is the only book series that you have NO idea who the main character is going to be with!!!!

  5. i cant believe i won!!!!!!

    btw…gooooo kylie for almost killing lucas!!! i hope that the news is about the new series you r writing!!!
    luv ya, CC

  6. OMG! The new book is going to be AMAZING! Why cant April come sooner the wait is killing me. Thx for the teaser now Im way more excited. APRIL. HURRY.

  7. Ok one word OMG. The only reason I didn’t preorder it is because 1 I don’t want it on my kindle fire (2 I want it the day it comes out not one or two days later so I’m saving eleven dollars from my report card money I’m gonna drag my mom to barnes and noble and get it even if I have to beg and cry. Oh and fyi I’m dead serious about begging and crying I already have a plan for if she says she’s tired that day puppy dog eyes and tears if that doesn’t work me being annoying because that’s my favorite hobby.

    • I have a quick question. What freaking pervert goes into the bathroom when a women is tryin to pee?? I mean unless its a ghost. and if she is accused of dating a older man and if Hayden someone would have started the rumor because when she left shadow falls she left with Hayden and if she was dating a older man who gives a damn its her love life.

  8. C.C!!!! I want this book now! It is definitely going to be bitter-sweet because its another shadow falls book and the series is amazing but it’s going to be the last book. So continue to keep us posted! And thanks for the clues but now I’m soooo anxious for the book!

  9. Wow those clues really have me on edge. I cannot wait but I also don’t want my favorite series to end…. how cool would it be to do a spin off series?!?! Like about kylies future child or rewrite the series from Lucas’s and Derek’s points of view. That would be like absolutely perfect <3

  10. You got me super excited!!! April 30 can’t come soon enough! and it comes out 2 weeks after my Birthday…I hope you post more stuff about the book soon :]

  11. I think that probably
    – There will be an epic battle with Maeio and his crew at the end and Lucas and Derek will both risk their lives for her.
    – When she comes back to camp, one of the times she will try to kill Lucas is when she first sees him outside get cabin or something and she’ll have a fit at him.
    -Derek will support her
    -She will be accused of having an affair with Hayden, which will be the rumour for why she left
    -the bathroom stall thing will be perry or a shapeshifter.
    -The human she tells will be Sara/her mother
    -Her mothers bf John (I think his name is) will be shady
    – Lucas’s wedding will be cut off
    I hope she ends up with Lucas and also I hope there will be an epilogue where it’s like 5 years later about her & (Lucas/Derek) and their child or something

  12. I really can’t wait for this book! Is it sad that I still want her to end up with Lucas, even if she almost kills him twice? And I hope she tells her mom or Sarah about her being a supernatural and honestly I wouldn’t be suprised if Della kicked her butt for ever leaving camp. ^_^

  13. UGGH! I HATE TEASERS! Mostly because I’m ADHD and when I’m walking my dog, I’ll see a flower and think its a pretty flower. Then, I’ll get to thinking about pretty people. Then, I come to pretty book covers. Shadow Falls has pretty covers. OOOOOOOOH! Remember those teasers CC blogged last month? I wonder who almost kills Lucas…probably Derek. It’d be kinda funny if it was Fredericka. Fredericka sounds like Peprica. Peprica was a character on Blue’s Clues. My cousin Layla like Blue’s Clues. I wonder how she’s doing haven’t seen her since Christmas…and so on and so on. Then, when I’m trying to sleep, this will keep me up all night. not that I dont apreciate the hints ’cause I do. But again…I just feel like typing since I’m bored

  14. I’m super happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 but sad at the same time 🙁 but happy to find
    out if she’s going to be with ( derek/ lucas) ahh so happy .to happy .I wonder if its healthy to be this happy . I can’t help but smile 🙂

  15. Oh, man. I can’t wait until this book comes out! I absolutely adore this series. The spoilers are both exhilarating and agonizing.
    I really, really, really hope Kylie ends up with Derek. Knowing my luck, though, she’ll end up with Lucas. Which isn’t bad, I guess, but the temperamental black-and-white were drives me crazy sometimes. Personally I’d never be able to handle a guy who was so possessive and controlling. It’s okay to be a little possessive but not ridiculous like Lucas.
    And good ol’ Burnett. Can always count on him in grilling one’s ass.
    I find it rather sickly satisfying that Kylie nearly kills Lucas twice. The dude needs it!
    I think Kylie will end up telling her mom that she’s supernatural. Maybe Sara but it makes more sense for Kylie to tell the mom. Hell, maybe she’ll tell the dad (Tom Galen). Who knows? One of the parents, I bet.
    Poor Kylie. Getting rudely interrupted while trying to pee. Talk about a scarring experience! Lol.

    I cannot wait to read this book. I’m counting down the days!
    Thanks, C.C., for being such an amazingly talented writer! And for giving us the wonderful world you created.

    P.S. Go Derek!!

  16. Dear C.C,

    I love series and I can’t wait to read the last book but I am so sad to see it go. Whenever I finish a really good series I sit there and wonder what am I gonna read now? It is so sad to have to say good bye to Derek, Kylie, Lucas, and all of the Shadow Falls friends. But trust me I will constantly reread this series because it is one in a million. But those clues are great! They are defiantly gonna keep me guesssing until April! I am really curious about who tried to kill Lucas twice, was it the pack, Derek, Kylie? I am so excited for the last book!

  17. hey c.c,
    wow i can’t believe it’s the end of january. well time does go by fast. i can’t wait for chosen at nightfall to come out. i hate waiting,i’m out of books to read i’ve read all of the ones that i got over the summer for the whole school year. i really hope april comes soon because i need a new book. thanks for the clues. they really keep us all going.

    I bet the ‘older guy’ is HAYDEN and his girlfriend is the accuser… 🙂
    NOT surprised about Kylie getting read the riot act…
    RIGHT NOW I hope Kylie does kill Lucas!!!
    Okay… not REALLY but I’m still mad at him!!!!!!

  19. I won!! Thank you, thank you! I emailed you my mailing address, I am so excited to get the poster and to read Chosen at Nightfall yay! BTW I love being part of the street team too you are so awesome and I love your books, we have gotten so many patrons hooked on your books at the library ;). Congratulations to the other winners too!

  20. well….when kylie tells a human she is a supernatural…i think its her mother and oooh i have a sneaky feeling that she is gonna end up with lucas.cant wait for the release…and the cover oh my god its ah-ma-zing.

  21. HEY! It says KYLIE almost kill lucas. I bet kylie tells her mom and a hell ghost floats in on her peeing. LOL if her grandpa catches her buying a preggers test, she probably gets it for a friend though. Seriously hoping they’ll be a 5yrs later epilogue.

  22. I very rarely read books. Once I picked up this book, I wasn’t able to set it down. I’ve got my whole family reading it. I’ve read all the books except for the 5th. All the books are great. I am obsessed with the “Shadow Falls Series”. It is the best group of books I have ever read! I love these books. These books are what has got me reading again!

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