Happy New Year!


I did a little research and discovered that it is said that the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions, and people all over the world have been making and breaking them ever since. The early Christians believed the first day of the new year should be spent reflecting on past mistakes and resolving to improve oneself in the new year.

Are you one of those people, like the Babylonians, who sets New Year’s resolutions? I know a lot of people who tell me, “I don’t do that. Why set myself up to fail?” I know, I know. We make them every January 1st and most years we let them fall by the wayside. Then, we sort of blame the whole resolution custom because it just doesn’t work out. I know this because I’ve been there. Done that. Worn the T-shirt. Worn that T-shirt out.

But here’s my question. Is it the custom’s fault? Or is it us?

Doesn’t that question make you feel all itchy inside? I mean, who wants to take blame when we can just shift it away. We blame it on the whacky tradition of setting those resolutions. It’s not our fault. It’s a stupid custom and so we should just stop believing in it like we stopped believing in Santa and the red-nosed reindeer. (Although, I do still believe in Santa just a little bit.)

Anyway, this line of thought got me thinking about the whole goal setting process. And yes, I do see New Year’s resolutions as goals. And I’m a big goal-setting fanatic. Seriously, I didn’t finish a book, sell a book, and hit some major publishing list without setting and achieving goals. And the process of goal setting isn’t algebra. It’s rather simple. We want something so we map out a plan of requirements/steps/tasks that we must do to accomplish said goal. Simple, right? So why the heck are my resolutions this year almost identical to the ones I made last year? Can you guess which ones they are?

Oh, heck, I’ll just say it. For some reason any goals that involve controlling what yummy stuff goes into my mouth or what yucky stuff I do called exercise are harder to achieve. Not that I’ve been totally bad about the exercise. I’ve managed to keep a good walking routine. At least four days a week I walk for about an hour. But guess what I learned. I have other muscles in this body other than those I use to walk. So here I am again this New Year, thinking about what I need to do to get in better shape. And I’m setting a new list of resolutions.

And why am I doing this again when, realistically, I’ve already proven I might fail? Well, I gave it some thought and concluded, I’m not a realist. I’m an optimist. Besides, for me to say I don’t believe in resolutions is like saying that I don’t believe that I can accomplish something. That I’m going to stop pushing myself to be better.

And I’m a pusher by nature.

I ended up joining the YMCA. But this got me thinking about how I was able to accomplish part of my walking goals last year. The main reason I’d not failed was because I’d had a partner. Susan, my neighbor, friend, and writing buddy joins me on those treks through our neighborhood. And my other neighbor is a member of the YMCA, and we’re going together two times a week. So, hopefully, I’ll stick to this resolution and work out those muscles I forgot I had.

Now for my other goals.
1. Controlling yummy stuff—I’m thinking of trying to talk a friend into going to weight watchers with me.
2. Try to stay on top of book deadlines—focus on getting more pages done daily.
3. Balance work with play—make more plans to do short vacation trips. Use the trips as a dangling carrot, i.e. if you get two chapters done this week, you can go New Orleans for the weekend.
4. Read more and watch less television.

We’ll see how I do this year. Okay…so there you have it—my resolutions. Anyone want to share their resolutions and how you plan to meet them? May I suggest getting a partner to help you accomplish those goals? It really does help.

Happy New Year!

Poster Winners!

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24 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Learn more and get all A’s on my report card, plus i want to help the spca shelters more/help people with anything more

  2. Wow thats sounds like sound excellent goals CC that are very achievable. I would never blame anything other than myself for not achieving my goals. I cant believe I just fell asleep early and missed the ball drop.

    -Watch the ball drop next new years ;P
    -Get a job in law enforcement
    -Buy the car of my dreams
    -Try not to gain any weight and possibly lose some
    -Spend more time with my family
    -Always be fair, moral, and kind

  3. Great resolutions C.C 🙂 there are so many things I want to accomplish this year but a few would be getting that pesky B off my report card and turning it into and A, finally getting my kindle fixed So I can read more, and paying more attention to my cats, Monte and Bonnie. So much else to do but thankfully I get 365 days to do it! 🙂


    -try to get 96% and higher on all my subjects
    -exercise more
    -try to read educational books more than fantasy (this one will be the hardest)


  5. I believe why a lot of people blame the tradition of the new year’s resolution is because once they get side tracked, or lazy, or their resolution becomes more time consuming then they originally thought and it starts to become a hassle; people don’t want to blame themselves for not being able to do something as simple as going for a walk. The scapegoat becomes the new year’s resolution tradition.

    My new year’s resolutions are to keep my As and Bs in school (but I’d really love all As), to read more, and also to use my time wisely.

  6. Get my lazy butt up and do the homework assigned so I can get good grades, clean the house more often so my mom doesn’t have too, and spend more time with my lovely nieces. Those are my resolutions.

  7. Happy New Years C.C. I don’t really have many resolutions this year. I only have three.
    – Keep my A in math analysis/pre-calculas since that is the only subject that keeps going down to a B and ruins my straight A’s
    – Sign up for AP classes for 11th grade
    – Maybe take Drivers Ed

  8. I find that I too have the same goals and resolutions every (new) year’s. Here are a few of my goals for the new year.

    1. Develop a healthy body and diet — Join a sports team, eat my veggies, exercise daily (work those muscles).
    2. Be involved in after-school activities, join a few clubs.
    3. Write a few pages of my novel daily. Exercise my creative muscles as well.
    4. Become more aware of issues in my community or the world and be involved.
    5. Become closer to my family — build new, happy memories!

    Happy New Years everyone and good luck!

  9. 1. I need to get myself motivated for school. I can’t seem to get myself to concentrate anymore.
    2. I would like to bring up my algebra grade. I’m horrible at math, but if I don’t bring it up to an A, I might nt get into STEM. My dad’s really pushing STEM, and I don’t want ti dissapoint him.
    3. I NEED to decide on a high school–stupid indecision
    4. I’m going to try to eat less junk, and I want to work out a bit more.

  10. My New Years Resolutions are to
    -work out more and to lose a few pounds (not to mention get stronger for cheer tryouts)
    -to stretch more and be more flexible
    -to make new friends and do good at my new school (because I’m moving)
    -to stop being lazy and to make myself look presentable everyday.IHope
    Good luck on your new years resolution. I hope you accomplish it just like me! 🙂

  11. I always make New Years resolutions but I never carry them out so that is one this year
    Keep resolutions
    I need better grades
    Be more organized!!!!

  12. Yeah, other goals besides writing goals are a lot harder for me to follow through with. Maybe because I enjoy writing and I don’t enjoy exercising or abstaining from all things sweet. But…I still made a workout goal (including accountability partner I call hubby), and kind of, sort of, mentioned something about eating a little healthier.

    I also hope to write three books this year, which may mean completing a whole series. Yay!

    Good luck on your goals!

  13. Well, for me, I see resolutions as a pointless custom and do not participate in the idea. However, that does not mean you cannot set a goal. I do not believe the custom, but goals are for everyone! I plan to get better grades in school as a goal, as well as write more often, but those are goals that are just decent to have. 🙂 Jowever, if you do like to make resolutions, more power to you! good luck with your resolutions!

  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    my resolutions are:
    * practice double bass more than once a year
    * make A or B team basketball in 8th (i got B in 7th)
    * make B team volleyball in 8th (i got C in 7th)
    * make better grades
    * go on more father/daughter dates w my dad
    * get better grades
    * exercise and watch what i eat
    * finish my book

    These are just a few…Hope they come true!! 🙂

    xoxo all yall!! 😛

  15. My resolutions are to eat healthier and lose weight, get the bad grade I have in keyboarding back up to an a like it used to be, quit calling my brother mean names, quit talking in class at school so much, and this isn’t really a goal, but I would really love to see my friend who lives in Europe again. We met at a pool a Hard Rock Hotel, which was a designated hotel for the theme park Universal Studious in Orlando, Florida. We talked for hour sup on hours, her in her fascinating british accent, I in my slightly southern accent. We’ve been pen pals ever since, so for about a year and a half. I really wanna visit her, or have her come to Americq.

    Well thats pretty much it. So… yeah. 🙂

  16. My resolutions this year are simple: Be the best mom and wife I can be! Enjoy my new job and learn as much as possible at it so I can help educate my patients (I’m a mammographer 🙂 ) and the general public. I also have set a goal of losing my age in weight-34lbs. I’m in my best friends wedding in the fall and want to be a beautiful compliment to a gorgeous bride! In trying to keep this goal I set myself up with a halfway treat. That way when it starts to get hard, I’ll have something to reward myself and push for me to finish!!

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