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I wanted to share some news with you. I know I’ve talked about my foreign releases before, but in Germany, they are getting ready to release Taken at Dusk. So I wanted to share the Taken at Dusk page from the publisher’s catalog advertising their summer releases. Isn’t it cool?  I am always surprised by how many fans I have there. So, danke, everyone!

Well, the next few months are going to be really busy for me. April 23 is the release of Chosen at Nightfall, and I get emails everyday asking who Kylie chooses, Lucas or Derek. But I can’t tell you that! You can ask all you want, but you’ll just have to wait for the release to find out. However, I will give you a few more clues.

In Chosen at Nightfall Kylie gets kissed by two guys! And she acquires another stalker. Not to mention she gets caught buying a pregnancy test.

But before the release of Chosen at Nightfall, comes the release of Saved at Sunset, Della’s story. Available on April 2nd, you can preorder it now. for just $1.99.

SFBeginningAnd that brings me to Shadow Falls: The Beginning, out March 5th.  Just think, Born at Midnight and Awake at Dawn in one book! To celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday, I’m going to give away one copy to someone who leaves a comment. (Remember, if you are reading this on Goodreads, you need to leave a comment on in order to win. Sorry, U.S. residents only.)

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  1. I was just thinking about your books today. I am glad to hear we get to see Della’s point of view. That is exciting news. I have read all of your books so far,more than once. I was in the process of buying the series for my niece. When I went to visit her this past summer I let her read it on my phone and she loved what she was able to finish. I was introduced to your books from my friend and I am glad she did. Thanks C.C. for keeping our imagination alive.

  2. Hey C.C
    You won’t believe how many people I have been introducing your series to! It’s so good that I even asked my rellies to read it! So many people are so excited to read it! With your new book, I will be able to help people along with reading your series! I am so excited for April 23 when your new book comes out! You are a really wonderful, talented person! Your books have helped occupy myself during school holidays. Since reading your first book, I have been mesmerised. I could not put the books down. I spent every waking moment, well almost, reading the book. I would be so honoured if you choose me to give ‘Shadow Falls: The Beginning’ to.
    Love, Marie

  3. Hello
    In have been trying for ages to get my friend to read these books!! If I can get a hold of this copy, i wouldn’t have to worry about her not being able to get the first books herself. Plus, I would love to reread the series myself! I cannot wait for the last book to finally come out! I remember when started reading your first book and finished it that day!! I did the same thing with the rest! You’ve been such an inspiration to me and it’s helped a lot in my own writing!! Thank you so much!!
    Elsie N.

  4. Hi CC
    I cannot wait for April 23. And one way or another I’m going to own all of the shadow falls books. Congrats on all the books coming out. And two quick questions. Is the stalker another bird or a ghost or is it a person????????????? And is she buying the prenancy test for Holiday, Miranda, Helen, or herself?????




  5. Your books have been so amazing as I have been house bound after recovering from a fourth knee surgery. I can’t wait for the rest of the series to be out!

  6. I’m so excited for the next book! Everytime your books come out it takes my library months to order them. I’m not sure why! When Whispers at moonrise came out. I decided i don’t want to just wait and wait. So i bugged them all the time and i sent in emails about them ordering it and they did! I was the first to get the copy! I couldn’t put it down nor did i want to even return it (i did) hehe. Thanks so much for all your hard work and great writing. And i love you’re idea to continue the series with Della’s point of views now. Amazing stuff!!!

  7. I will say I absolutely love your books, I have gotten quite a few other bookworm friends to read your series. I am very excited to find out who gets chosen to be loved. I havn’t lost patience waiting for your next book! Which for me is impressive. Very nice work

    – Virginia, US

  8. Congrats on the German sales. I’m not surprised, as people everywhere love your novels. March 5th will not come quick enough and then we have to wait till April 23rd. Smile. I love reading good books from many different genres and post reviews to share with others. Thanks for the contest and thinking of your readers.

  9. I am very much looking forward to the two new releases. I’m planning on sharing your books with my niece when I visit her just before her 14th birthday!

  10. I’ve been seeing your books frequently, online, in the past week. It’s as if destiny is telling me “go buy the darn book”. 😉 It sounds like a great series, and I can’t wait to get a copy. I LOVE your covers. They’re so pretty. 🙂

  11. I am looking forward to the new book releases. I plan on going on vacation for the summer and will be definitely picking them up for some hot reads while on vacation. I will then have time to read them due to having two young ones running around. I am very excited to share these books with my family while I am there!!

  12. I am looking forward to the new book releases. I plan on going on vacation for the summer and will be definitely picking them up for some hot reads while on vacation. I will then have time to read them due to having two young ones running around. I am very excited to share these books with my family while I am there!! And with whoever else I can share them with.

  13. Counting down the days until Chosen at Nightfall is released! And also super excited that the Shadow Falls series will continue with Della’s story. I love getting pulled in to the world you’ve created there. If I do by chance win Shadow Falls: The Beginning, I will be giving it to my friend. She’s on a tight budget and hasn’t bought any books in a good while. I know she will love it!
    Thanks again for all you do!

  14. I absolutely LOVE your series of Shadow Falls!!! I have read every book so far and they get better in every book!!! I hope you keep making and writing more of this series, because they are very awesome and anybody will love them!! You’re a great author and keep up the great work!! 🙂

  15. I cant wait for April 23!!! I also know that I’m going to get it for my birthday!!! So…. I have Taken at Dusk and Whispers at Moonrise, and I’m going to get Chosen at Nightfall, but i really wanted to collect all the books of my favorite series and if you were to choose me than….. I’d have them all and I’d be able to read them over and over and fall in love with this series all over again. Hopefully they’ll make a tv show or movie out of it so I and all Shadowfalls fans can also enjoy it too.

  16. These two guys Kylie kisses, which i assume most people think itll be derek and lucas but is there a chance Kylie hooked up with a chameleon she met while living with her grandfather? And i who catches Kylie buying the pregnancy test?

  17. Hi CC!

    So excited for the release of all the books! Already preordered Chosen! Nothing like coming home after a long day at work to a new book 🙂 thank you for writing such great stories! I’ve recommended your series to countless people since I read them over the fall. Keep up the great writing!! THANK YOU!

  18. I am so excited for your next book! I have reread the series waiting for the last one and am so ready for it to be revealed! So many questions! I love this series.

  19. I am waiting for your book. I was hoping to be able to go to the book festival in Montgomery County, i live near there, but I had to work the same hours as the festival. If I dont work, I dont have the money to buy your books! However, I may say you are an excellent author. With your books I cry, laugh and even fight. 🙂 Hope to at least for the first time win something from you and sbout your books. But anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a good day.

  20. I am so excited for this book to come out! I have been rereading the series so I am still fresh on what is going on… I love how emotions are everywhere and things seem so impossibly possible! So many questions I can’t wait for answers for! So excited!!!

  21. Happy valentines day C.C., I hope that everything is going well for ya. I cant wait to read both stories and would love a copy of the side plot early. Once again have a wonderful weekend, may you be spinkled with gifts and love.

  22. CC the more I think about your books the more I am putting you on the top of my authors list..For years I have read only James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell and Janet Evanovich, but now I can only think of you…lol You are the sunshine where all my other authors except Evanovich are such doom and gloom, you are a treasure for all ages! Oh yea my husband said I must have turned in to a vampire, I am up at 3:00 all most every night since I started reading your

  23. I cant wait for the book to come out!!!!!!!! I really want to know who she choses but i still cant decided who i i want her to chose

  24. I can’t wait!!!! I hope there’s a third guy! I lived Lucas but he’s being a butt, Derek I didn’t like thanks to the Lucas rivalry, so a third is needed! Please let Kylie keep her morals. I love this story 🙂

  25. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! i read like 24/7 and i read your books in like two days i cannot wait for the next one… I cant wait to see what you have for us in the future 🙂

  26. Hello CC,
    Sadly I’m Malaysian so I won’t be able to get the free copy but it’s all good. I am obsessed with your books. I never used to read as many books before but when I found your book , I couldn’t stop reading it. I love you CC and keep writing. Don’t ever stop. Yeah well that’s all. Hope u have a good valentines day. Bye

  27. Surprised people are asking such a spoilery question! Yeah, I want to know, but I want to read it! Although I would not object to reading the book today! It’s the waiting that kills us! Cannot wait for Chosen!! Squee!!!!!

  28. HEY CC!

  29. This is the best series I have ever read! I found the first book at my local library and have been addicted ever since. They only had the first book so I went and bought two copies of the rest if your wonderful books and donated the rest of the series the library was lacking. I couldn’t bare the thought of someone not being able to read more of your awesome series. I will never part with my copies though. I would be honored to win, thank you for the chance!

  30. C.C i love u soooo much!! I am currently eating thin mints. But im so excited for the release and i hope you continue to write!!! Please consider me. 🙂

  31. This is the best series I have ever read! I found the first book at my local library and have been addicted ever since. They only had the first book so I went and bought two copies of the rest if your wonderful books and donated the rest of the series the library was lacking. I couldn’t bare the thought of someone not being able to read more of your awesome series. I will never part with my copies though. I would be honored to win, thank you for the chance!

  32. Have I told you how much I love you recently? Well, even if I have, Valentine’s Day is coming up so… I LOVE YOU <3 <3!!!! I can't wait for Chosen at Nightfall! 😀

  33. Love your series, is there anything we can do to have this series become a movie? Let us know o_- Thank you for giving us the chance of winning 2 of your great books. =D

  34. That is so cool that you get to have the foriegn cover!!! Does the Saved At Sumset get to come out in books or just e-books that u have to have an electronic to get? Anyways, wanted to tell u that i love your books and i hope to win the shadow falls: the beginning

  35. I seriously can’t wait for the last installment of the Shadow fall series comes out, and after reading those clues, ill deff be counting the days! and im pretty sure Saved at Sunset is going to be just as amazing!

  36. Im sooo excited for april 23rd… I cant wait for me to read the book… I wanna know who kylie chooses… Happy valentines day C.C.

  37. Yay! Della is one of my favorite characters… Can’t wait to read her point of view 🙂 I’d just like to say that I absolutely love your books and eagerly wait for April 23 to read Chosen at Nightfall!

  38. PS(i already left a comment)I LOVE YOUR BOOKS AND IVE READ THE SERIES ABOUT 5 TIMES NOW!!!

  39. Sounds so exicting!!!! The beginning sounds awesome! OMG! Kylie getting a pregnancy test? I need to read Chosen at Nightfall as soon as it comes out! 😉

  40. woah now…… pregnancy test for someone else maybe hmm? are you trying to trick us C. C. ?

    oh my gosh! I love love love how you called vol. 1 “The beginning” I LOVE that!

    thanks for the giveaway ^.^

  41. Omg! “Shadow Falls: The Beginning” comes out on my 16th birthday!! Wow that is soo cool. I thought my birthday would be boring but, now I can look forward to getting it!!

  42. I’m so excited to find out what happens! I’ve been at the edge of my seat trying to figure who she’ll choose. You have no idea how ecstatic I was when I found out Chosen at Nightfall was being released a week early. 🙂

  43. Hey C. C
    Love the books so much. Waiting for the release of “Chosen at Nightfall.”
    Put it on my calendar so that the day it comes I can request the book. I can’t wait to figure out who Kylie ends up. Still freaking out over the last book.

  44. Can’t wait for April to come! Saved at Sunset comes out which I will totally buy, my birthday is in April and then Chosen at Nightfall will be released! WOW! busy April for me 🙂

  45. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Can’t wait for Chosen at Nightfall and Saved at Sunset!!!!!
    Sadly, it will be 2 more months of waiting………… *sigh*

  46. I can not wait till the next book. Is Kylie finding a new boy or are they the same ones. I cant wait to find out what happens!!!!!!!!!!i am counting down the days until Chosen at nightfall.

  47. o my i can’t wait. all these clues are just driving me even more crazy than i already am! you are the world’s greatest author, thanks to you i am addicted to this series

  48. OMG I cant wait till Chosen at Nightfall i have been waiting sooo long for it. i read all the books at least 25 times each.i know what happends in every book!!! I just can’t wait!!!!!

  49. I need to catch up on this series I have only read Born at Midnight so far and I really enjoyed it so I need to finish the rest of the series. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  50. I think it is great how people are reading your books in other countries. I like how the covers are different too, i like seeing all of the covers! Theyre all so pretty! I cant wait for The Beginning, and Della’s sstory saved at sunset! AND CHOSEN AT NIGHTFALL! I think kylie should end up with Derek. And for the record, I’ve been Team Derek since book1. Not to be rude, but Lucas is a bit of a douche bag, especially after Whispers at Moonrise.

  51. Ahhh! I’m so excited about the next book! I’m in love with this series and after I got my friend to read it she is just as addicted as I am! Thank you for your wonderful writing and I look forward to everything you put out in the future!

  52. OMGG!!! I love your books so much!!! I can’t wait until Chosen at Nightfall comes out!!!! I have read your books over and over so many times I have lost count! I seriously hope Kylie picks Lucas but I guess it’s gonna be a while before Kylie finally picks somebody but I have my fingers crossed for those two!
    Also, I hope everybody has a great Valentine’s Day full of red, pink, flowers, and love! <3

  53. I just want to say that these books are my escape when life gets hard. They make me feel like I am right there with Kylie, trying to figure out who she is. You inspire me to be a better writer and to keep going even when I want to give up. I can’t wait for the new book to come out in April… Just in time for my birthday!! 🙂 I have to say I was very sad when Kylie found out that Lucas was engaged 🙁 I really want them to be together because I believe in the impossible love story. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, trying to figure out just where the story will end up.

  54. Happy Valentines Day everyone!(I know, one day early)! I cannot wait for the next Shadow Falls book!! Speaking of love, I reaaallly hope that Kylie chooses the super sexy Derek. I used to be a Lucas fan but Derek is so cute!!
    I’m happy that Germany gets to read the Shadow Falls series. I take German in school and its do fun.
    Anyway, I reaallly hope Kylie listens to her heart and chooses the guy who treats her best

  55. Cool. It’s always exciting to see different book covers. But really, all this teasing, all these little bits of clues here and there…it’s really sending us in all different directions! I can’t stop saying this, but I CAN”T WAIT TILL CHOSEN AT NIGHTFALL COMES OUT! 🙂

  56. Ah this is so exciting, it is sad that the series will be ending but at least we will finally know who she chooses!!! Thank You CC for all the hints, your so amazing towards your fans!!!

  57. Cant’t wait to tell you how eagerly I am waiting for April 23rd!!
    All my friends and to people whom I have recommended and introduced these series are hooked on to it and have thanked me for it!!
    So in turn I would like to thank you for conceptualising such interesting series and for making it enjoyable for all of us.
    Also cant wait for the suspense to end!!
    WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE AND WHY??? Now that’s something:)
    Already subscribed to newsletter,so you have my email id
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

  58. Wow, everyone wants the free book. I do too, I just started reading the sires and I love it, even though its sad to find out I just started reading it and its already almost over, but O well. Thanks for creating this awesome sires!!

  59. Ahh CC Hunter I’m super excited!! I’m waiting on tenterhooks (my Italian pen pal taught me that word lol ;)) so happy valentines day! <3. Every time somebody asks me who my valentine is i say Derek!! Because I love him. I guess he's my book valentine. So to all those girls he's mine!! 😉 (lol jk) so cangrats on the German book it looks really cool! Now I want to learn German. Soo yeah have a wonderful valentines day, I can't wait for chosen at nightfall, and yaaa your awesome:)

  60. Hello,
    Miss. C.C. I would like to say that I love your books and I can’t wait for the new one to come out in Apirl. All my friends and I love ur books we have teams and where bidding on who kyile ends up with. I hop you have many more fun books to come and I can’t wait to see what you come out with next.
    Best wishes to your writing, love ya.
    Destiny 🙂

  61. And I thought that things couldn’t get anymore scandalous!!!!!!!!!!!! Goshers, I can’t wait!!!!!! (Holy guac I can’t even….. THESE BOOKS)

  62. I love your books and have read all of your Christie Craig books but have not read any of this series. I am going to have to change that, because I have heard so many good things about this series. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  63. Heeeeyyyyy! I loooooove the Shadow Falls series. I’m re-reading it right now actualy. Well, actually i’m watching Finding Nemo right now hence my pseudonym. I really love that part of the movie with the bubbes and the volcano and the fish and the plans and the starfish and yeah…. It’s also Valentine’s Day and I had a lot of sugar, and I mean A LOTTA sugar. It’s great really, except I had to take a Chem test while on a sugar high…not sure how well that turned out… ANYWHOOO, back to the original idea of this message…I actually can’t remember it now *hangs head in shame* OH MY GOSH! BRUCE THE AUSTRALIAN SHARK IS TRYING TO EAT MARLIN AND DORY!!! I GOTTA GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ok, they got away and I remember what I was trying to say. I CAN’T WAIT until April 2 and 23. CAN’T WAIT CAN’T WAIT CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I really really REEEEEEEEALLY want to find out what happens to Della. She’s awesome. She’s TOTALLY my favorite character. And I can’t wait to find out what happens to kylie! DOES SHE COME BACK? DOES SHE NOT? DEREK OR LUCAS? ACCEPTED OR NOT? DOES SHE FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE HER POWERS WELL OR NOT? DOES SOMEONE AWESOME DIE OR NOT? CATS OR DOGS? KETCHUP OR MUSTARD? BLUE OR ORANGE? Did you know that, on this day, many many many many many many MANY years ago, St. Valentine was beheaded? It’s kinda weird how some random people decided to use that date for the day that everyone acts all lovey-dovey. Isn’t it? Not just me, right? anyway… AHHHHHHH! IT’S THE SHARKBAIT OOO HA HA PART! I GOTTA GO AGAIN!!!!!!


  65. I love Valentines day and I love the German cover and I LOVE this series!!!!!!! I can’t wait for chosen at nightfall but I’m even more excited about the born at midnight and awake at dawn in ONE book!!!! I bought the 3 and 4 book but the 1and 2 I checked out from the library but now I get them both in ONE book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!


  66. YAY! I’M COMMENTER NUMBER 100!!!!! CELEBRATION TIME!!!!!! Anyay, I can’t wait for the next book. I hate cliffhangers. I really do. I mean, they make books reaally good but I’m always thinking about them. Like earlier during an. Algebra test, I started wondering, “I wonder who Kylie choses next book? Is it gonna be lucasor derek? Then I kwpt thinking about it from 1:30 when I had my test to now 10:36

  67. I can’t wait to read both of these stories. You just made them more tempting by giving away those clues. So excited that it’s just about a month away for the new book. =) I love the Shadow Falls series !!!!

  68. I love this series so much, going to get my daughter to start to read them, 2 in 1 book would be perfect for that. I really like this cover too, the model used is just like I pictured her to look like. I am impatiently waiting on the next book, I loved Whispers at Moonrise.
    Your Shadow Falls world is amazing, and hate to leave it, lol.
    Thanks for the giveaway, very kind of you.

  69. HEY CC I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I am so happy you will be keeping the series alive but with Della!!! I already have the 5 book taken at nightfall on pre order!!! I cant wait until they come out with your series on a TV show or as a movie series!

  70. Hello cc you are an amazing author, of course you already know that! I hate that your ending the series a d can’t wait for the last book plus the new book involving Della! I would love to win this contest because I always have to go to the library over and over again to read your amazing books! I just can’t get enough. So I would love it to just call one my own to read over and over again whenever I want! Thanks for reading this sincerely, selina

  71. Thanks a lot, CC. I think you just love to tease us. Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love for someone, not your love for torture! A pregnancy test? That’s just cruel. At least tell us who it’s for! Oh, and by “stalker”, do you mean another ghost? Or is this a legit stalker again? UGH!! TOO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES.

  72. I am so excited for this book! It always feels like forever waiting on what’s next but the payoff is always awesome and makes up for that wait!! Thanks for the wonderful stories, or as I call them “mental vacations” lol. It’s always a fabulous trip into a new place/adventure.

  73. i cant belivie that saved at sunset comes out tomrrow who was the pregnancy test for either sara came and she got it for her or was it some eles i dont haha. i am so happy when i finished your last book i cant wait for this one omg i was like cring when lucas was preposed to the other girl i was like no lucas how could u i wanted to book slap so hard haha but how can she ever forgive him for doing that but then they did have strong of a connection sorry off topic kinda hahah but im so happy and i wanted to thank you so much you dont know how much i see the world from a different perspective something about your books just keep me in my seat wating for the next big thing to happen

  74. i absolutly love love these books i am going to read them again before the next one comes out in april i cant wait!!!

  75. I have already read the first three books and I loved them! I’m going to read the fourth book, Whispers at Moonrise, soon. I am just excited to know what happens in the story. I really want to find out who Kylie chooses, Derek or Lucas. Well, I really hope it’s Derek. Please let it be him! I like many of the other characters in the story too, including Della, Miranda, Holiday, Perry, and Burnett. I wish to see Holiday and Burnett sort out their problems as well. I am also excited to see how the story ends.

  76. I love your books. I’ve read all of your books expect the two newest ones. The story line is amazing. Beacause of your books I became inspired to be a writer. I want to be able to create a world of imagination. I hope one day I’ll make a book that someone will enjoy. Thank you for writing your books. Thank you also for the giveaway.

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