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Most of you know I usually post a new blog every Tuesday. So why am I posting a new blog on Friday? Because this news is so big, it can’t wait till Tuesday!

First, I’d like to thank everyone that made the Montgomery County Book Festival such a success. I met so many wonderful people, and I had so much fun teaching my writing class. And a big thanks to everyone that came out to see me. I have the best fans! Next Tuesday, I will be posting some more teasers for Chosen at Nightfall, so be sure to check back next week.

Last Tuesday I asked you to go on a little hunt to find the change on my home page. What was it? Well, so many of you have said you couldn’t wait for the release of Chosen at Nightfall on April 30. Well, big news—you don’t have to! The release of Chosen at Nightfall has been moved up an entire week to April 23! So the answer to Tuesday’s contest was the new release date on my Chosen at Nightfall countdown.

Now I realize a week isn’t a huge change, but maybe you can get a head start. On April 2, I’m releasing a novella called Saved at Sunrise. Many of you have begged me for details on what happened between Della and Steve on their F.R.U. mission, and now you will find out. The story is from Della’s point of view and she’s telling all! And let me tell you the sparks are flying between this vampire and shape-shifter. Saved at Sunrise, approximately 100 pages long,—so this isn’t just a short story— will only be released as an ebook and is available for preorder starting today for $1.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. How is that a head start on Chosen at Nightfall? Well you see, as an added bonus, Saved at Sunrise also contains an excerpt which includes chapters 1 and 2 of Chosen at Nightfall!

So would you guys like some more good news?  I told you I had some great news!!  How many of you have emailed me and asked me not to end the Shadow Falls series?  Well, how about if we don’t end it?  Would that be okay with you?  What if we slip into Della’s point of view and keep the Shadow Fall series going?  I mean, Della still has a lot of stuff to work out.  There are her parents, not mention there’s her beginning romance with Steve.  And there’s going to be someone else vying for her attention.  Who do you think it could be? Hmm….

And because I really enjoyed writing Della’s Saved at Sunrise story (I mean, it has action, suspense, humor and lots of passion), I had a video done for it. So, as a special treat and to whet your appetite, here’s the video for Saved at Sunrise.


Nestled deep in the woods, Shadow Falls is a secret camp where teens with supernatural powers learn to harness their abilities and live in the normal world. But Shadow Falls is facing a problem that could finally expose them to the rest of the world. Humans are showing up dead and rogue vampires may be to blame.

Camp resident Della Tsang, who’s still coming into her own vampire powers, is assigned to help find those responsible. If she succeeds, maybe she’ll even land her dream job: working for the F.R.U., the enforcers of the supernatural world. But when she sees her new partner is the hunky shapeshifter, things get complicated. Steve, too gorgeous to be trusted and capable of seeing through her tough-as-nails exterior, gets under this vampire’s skin. Only hours into the mission, Della realizes rogue vampires aren’t the only threat she’s facing. If she’s ever going to complete her assignment, she’ll need his help…but learning to trust him will be her hardest challenge yet.


So many of you spotted the changed date for the release of Chosen at Nightfall! I wish I could give everyone a poster, but I had to select four random names with the correct answers. So the winners are Leanna Ye, Sophia, Savannah King and Madeline Corre . Winners, please email your address to so I can mail you your Shadow Falls poster.

72 thoughts on “Can’t Wait To Tell You!

  1. I’m excited to hear that the series will not be ending, but I’m not sure about it moving to a new focus point. I guess we’ll have to see how Kylie’s story ends first! 🙂

    • I am so glad the series is not ending. I think picking up with della is a great idea. I should fill silly for being so excited on this series since it is a teen series and i’m a 45 year old wife and mother. but I don’t. I love to read…and this type of books are my favorite, now don’t get me wrong , I read all kinds, john grisham to j r ward to many many others. as much as I love reading law thrillers, I have to admit vampires, shape shifters, witches the fantasy world is my favorite. so, I am tickled to death that you are continuing the series. thank you. now, I just can’t wait till it is released. do you have an idea when that might be?

      again, thank you so much for your fabulous stories and work.

      mrs. wanda oliver

  2. Oh my goodness this is such GREAT NEWS!!! I was so ready to set my self up for the depression I get after i finish a series but I’m so happy Della’s story will continue!!! Thanks for what you do!

  3. That is great news! 🙂 Can’t wait to read both books.

    I do hope we also get to read a bit more about Miranda in “Chosen at Nightfall”, I feel like she’s been flying under the radar for most of the last book.

  4. OMG!!! I’m so excited that Shadow Falls won’t be ending. BUT… will it still include all of the current characters or will Della be off on her own quest to find herself?

    • Yes Kassie. It will include all the Shadow Falls characters. I’m so excited. I was really not looking forward to saying good bye to all these characters.


      • will you also be talking about the rest of kylies love life, i want to know what happens to her and lucas… will you be continuing the Kylie Galen Series as well, not just Dellas? -Please say you are 🙂

  5. I have to say I love love love your books! I’m an avid reader to begin with my husband bought me Born At Midnight for Christmas as a mistake thinking it was another book i had wanted. and I am so happy he did! I read the first one in about 6 hours and then decided i had to have the others i went into Barnes and Noble and bought the other 3! i read the other 3 in lest then a week and can’t wait for the next one. i was so sad to hear it would be the last one! I’m so happy your going to continue on! Your writing style is amazingly easy to read and the story is addicting!

  6. Yeah!!!! Thats wonderful c.c. I cant congratulate you enough for your accomplishments and i cant wait to read any and every book that you bring me. i got up on tuesday looked at that timer and said “i really thought that was higher yesterday”, so i got out my calender added it up and sure enough it said april 23rd. The only problem was that i honestly thought that was the release date all along. haha i guess i should have went with my instincts after all. ;P Della is one of my favorite Characters in the series and i look forward to seeing everything she has to offer.

  7. I am so happy!!! C.C Hunter I never read before I picked up your shadow Falls novel!!! I am super happy you are doing another series!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. OHMYODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! YOUR NOT ENDING THE SERIES! IM SO HAPPY! THANK GOODNESS ITS NOT LEAVING! I was going to be so sad when it ended, but now its not going to!!! Ahhh! This is such a good decision! I love Della, and I loved Turned at Dark, and now theres Saved at Sunset? Wow! I love this idea so much. Thank you CC!

  9. CC, if you could tell me what program this video was made with, that would be awesome! I have to make a book trailer with pictures and a voice over and stuff for my book for school, and I’m in love with this program, so if you could tell me, that’d be great! And by Sunday, (tomorrow) if you could. 🙂 If you can’t get back to me, its okay, i have IMovie, but this just looks awesome, so yeah! Thanks!

  10. It was awesome meeting you at the Book Festival on Saturday; you really are an inspiration! I hope you’ll find time to check out my novel “Binding Power” so I can get some feedback from a real author. I’m planning on starting to read “Born at Midnight” soon, so I can take notes on your writing style.

    Thank you,
    Anastasia Marie

    • It was a thrill to meet everyone at the festival. How cool that you have your books up. I’m under very tight deadlines and am judging a big RWA contest right now, but hopefully I can pick one of your books up sometime.



  11. hmm thats very exciting news but i was wondering also if you going to do another series about shadow falls in lucas or dereks perspective , i would really think that would be cool…

  12. Hi !! Je suis l’une de vos plus grandes fan FRANCAISE. Je tiens à vous dire que même ici vous êtes suivi. J’adore l’univers de Shadow Falls. Je suis SUPER contente de savoir qu’il va y avoir un livre sur la mission de Della ( je l’adore 🙂 ) . Dès qu’il sortira je le commanderais , meme si je dois braver l’anglais. Mais pour patienter , le tome 4 va sortire chez nous le 21 mars !!!
    Gros bisoux de la part d’une de vos fans francaise !!!!
    PS: merci d’avoir posté Turned At Dark


    • I’m rereading the series too then I can start annoying my mom about it. Oh and I cant wait til the 2nd and 23rd of april. I have a count down in my planner but I had to change it because I had it to april 30th instead of the 23rd. Hi tori

      • I’m gonna get saved at sunrise and chosen at nightfall. Ok CC I have a question how come when you go on books and look at chosen at nightfall instead of a description of the book like the other ones theres only

  14. Hi C.C., just wondering if ‘saved at sunrise’ is available as an ebook in all countries or just America. I’m from Australia and the amazon and Barnes and noble links say there are no results!

      • Caroline,
        See the answer below that I got from my editor:

        Saved At Sunrise will be available in all the same places the Shadow Falls eBooks are available, including Canada and the UK. I’ll send an email to our digital team making sure that it goes up in a timely manner!

  15. Hey C.C,

    I’m so excited to know that the series isn’t ending there 😀 I cant wait for the next book, I know it’ll be just great as the other books. Hopefully you can come for a signing to Pasadena again. I really do love your visits they’re always so much fun 😀

  16. I am ecstatic about the prospect of the series continuing. Especially since the first story I read was from Della’s perspective in Turned At Dark. Great news all around including the earlier release date! 😀

  17. Oh C.C this is fantastic news!!! I’m super duper excited because I really didn’t want to see the series go. It is too good of a series 🙂 I love Della so I’m sooo happy and excited to see what happens yay!!! You just made my week! Thanks

  18. OMG this is amazing news!!! When I saw this I almost cried, we get to continue on with the series!!! Love Della! Thanks C.C!!

  19. AAAHHHHH!!! More like super fantastic awesomely great news! A whole week is awesome! Everyday I’m like ‘How is it not April yet?!’ so even though a week might not sound like a lot to other people I’m pumped! And another Della story!? YAY!! I vote that you do a couple books from ALL the main characters point of views! Really Shadow Falls should never end. I vote for movie or a t.v. show also. I think movies would be the way to go. You have a huge fanbase full of loyal fans who I’m sure would make all of their friends watch them the way we make our friends read your books. I’m blabbering but really it’s so sooooo exciting. You are such an amazing writer and truly make the characters and stories come to life. As long as you comtinue enjoying it, never stop writing. Shadow Falls Forever!

    • I totally agree I am so excited!!!!!!! I definitely think you should carry on the story from the other characters perspective too! I just love shadow falls best books I have ever read!

  20. I’m a little confused. I understand that Saved at Sunrise is kind of like a special book, but is it going to be the start of a spin-off series? Or is it just going to be the one book? Either way, I’m super excited for it!

    • Veronica,

      Saved at Sunrise is a novella. And I guess in a way it is sort of a spin-off to the future books from Della’s point of view. You will get deep inside Della’s head and get more insight to who she is. And you get to see her and Steve react to each other. I think the novella will really get everyone excited about Chosen at Nightfall and about the next books. Della really kicks butt in the story. She’s funny. She’s sassy. She’s stubborn and she’s a fighter. I hope everyone will enjoy it.


  22. OH MY GOD! I am SOOO exited! When i read the first book, I couldn’t stop reading! When I put the book down to get a drink, i decided I would read 1 more chapter, then it became 2, then 3, untill i finished the book in 2 and a half hours!
    I am SUPER SUPER exited for “Saved at sunrise”! I really really think you should make a book on Lucus’s or Derak’s perspective… Or maybe even a MOVIE! That would for sure my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER! I dont care if i havent seen it yet, I know it would be an awesome movie! Keep on the good work CC!
    You are a great writier! I wish I could be like you!

    Saleen 🙂

  23. Yes yes yes! I love the idea of keeping the Shadow Falls series through Della. Kylie’s story may be coming to an end (bittersweet), but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is said and done. Della has a lot to work out, Miranda has to keep working to be in the coven, and beat the other witches. What about her struggles, and more of what witches are like? We’ve clearly had lots about the chameleon, vampire with Della’s story, but what about witches? They cast spells, and are exotic, but mysterious at the same time. MOre about them would be nice. Also, what about the guy who doesn’t get Kylie? Why happens to them?

  24. Yes yes yes! This is amazing! I would love if Shadow Falls continued. Although Kylie’s story is coming to an end (bittersweet) the other characters aren’t done yet. Della has a lot if mixed emotions, things haunting her (ie her ex), and her family. Also Miranda, she still has to fight for a spot in the coven, and beat out other witches for competitions. How does she do that? Certainly not without bumps on the way. Witches are also a little unknown. They are spell casters, and exotic, yet are mysterious and unknown. We know more about vampires because of Della, but we’ve only had a taste of witches. Last, what about the guy who d

  25. NO! I want you to keep going from kylies point of view its better!! Kylie is more intersting please keep going on kylie not della!

  26. Wow! that would be great! A new sequel. Listening to Della and her adventure, but I think I wanted to see first on how Kylie’s story ends, so it won’t be confusing if you let us hang on Kylie, and shift to a new focus point, (just my opinion though).. thanks

  27. That’d be really awesome. Reading Della and Steve’s story. At least the Shadow Falls series wouldn’t fade off completely. And I love Della – she’s so feisty. Reminds me of my mom! 🙂

  28. Do you think , in time, you would turn your books into movies? Please do! I love them! Anyways, keep being amazing!! byee

  29. I just finished reading “Chosen at Nightfall” and I really enjoyed it, but I need closure please; maybe an epilogue. It’s killing me not knowing what’s going to happen in Dallas when Kylie and Lucas go settle Lucas grandmothers estate. I can’t stand not knowing if they gave in to their passion.

    Also, I like that we get to know what happen with Steve and Della, but I was wondering since the girls (Kylie, Della, & Miranda) mentioned college. Would you be writing some of their college adventures?

  30. je suis assez contente que sa continue mais… ce serait bien si il y avait une suite ou un épilogue pour voir comment sa ce passe avec lucas à dallas , la communauté des caméléons ….

  31. je suis assez contente que sa continue mais… ce serait bien si il y avait une suite ou un épilogue pour voir comment sa ce passe avec lucas à dallas ,avec la communauté des caméléons savoir si ils vont ce marier et plein d’autres chause….

  32. C.C i think you should keep writing about Kylie point of view. Kylie just seems so much more interesting and her life seems more exciting and Kylie and Lucas relationship finally is great and their both happy.but we didn’t get to see that because it was the last book. Don’t get me wrong i love Della but Kylie is the hero of the story, shes the main character and the person everyone fell in love with. it would be so amazing if you wrote another book about Kylie.

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