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The door to my mind swung open and there stood Della with her hand on her hips.   The light shining from behind her silhouetted her, but there was no doubt it was Della.  This sassy vamp had attitude all the way down to her posture.

Not that I blamed her.  She’d been through some tough times.  Like being turned into a vampire, then practically being disowned by her own family.   Not to mention the disastrous romance with Lee, who she still loved.   Oh, she denied it, but she denied it a little too strongly.  Under that tough girl act she always wore like a second skin, Della had a lot of pain.  I saw it.  Kylie saw it.  The only other person who seemed to see it was Steve, the hot shape-shifter who has a thing for Della.  And of course, Della denied any feelings for Steve.  Well, she admitted he had a nice butt, but that’s all she’d admit.

“Come on in,” I said.

She took one step then stopped.  “Why am I back here?”

“Because I needed to talk to you about something.”

“About what?”

“About the mission you’re about to go on.”

“I can’t talk about it.”  She shot me a smartass look.

I’m not going to ask you questions you can’t answer.  “So come in, please.”

She rolled her eyes.  “Since you said please.”

Strolling in, she plopped down on the sofa.   Then, her gaze shot up to the wall where sword had once hung.  “Where’s that bloody sword you had up there?”

I shrugged.  “It keeps disappearing.  I don’t know where it goes.”

She frowned. “Is that like some clue to what’s going to happen in the next book?”

“It could be, I’m not sure.”

She frowned.  “You got more secrets than a rogue werewolf has fleas.”

“Maybe a few,” I said, and grinned.  “So, do you know I’m writing about you and Steve on the mission?”

“Yeah, I heard the rumors.  Am I going to kick someone’s ass on the mission?”

I shrugged.  “Maybe.”

“That means yes.”  She rubbed her hands together.

“But I’m worried, Della.  I mean, you can’t do this mission alone.  You’re going to need Steve’s help to get through this.”

“Bullshit!  The guy’ll do nothing but slow me down.  I’m furious at Burnett for wanting to send him with me.  And when I meet with Burnett, I’m going to try to make him see reason.  I don’t need Steve.”

“Della, I’m serious, you and Steve are going to have to work together.  Not everything is going to go smoothly.  This thing could very easily turn dangerous. ”

“I can handle dangerous,” Della said, but for one second, I saw a flicker of fear in her eyes.  She wasn’t nearly as confident as she pretended to be.

“Look, Della.  It’s not a sin to need someone’s help.”

“Yes it is!” she said.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

She stood up.  “When you need someone, you give them the ability to hurt you.  To let you down.”

“Caring about people doesn’t always turn out badly,” I insisted.  “You let yourself care about Kylie.”

“Yeah, and how did that turn out?  She’s gone.”

“I think she’ll be back,” I said.

“Can you tell me that for sure?”

I hesitated.

“See,” Della said.  “When you care about someone, you just end up hurt.”

She stormed out of door of my mind.  I sighed.  I guess Della was going to have to learn the hard way.  And this mission was only the beginning.  I hadn’t told Della yet, but she is my main character in the next Shadow Falls books.   Della, sassy attitude and all, was about to embark on some difficult times.  I had a feeling she would survive.  But it wasn’t always going to be easy.

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117 thoughts on “Della’s Back!

  1. Lucas and I have a love hate relationship going minute I love him to the tips of my toes and the next I hate his stinking guts 🙂 I hope della beats his tail for Kylie! I want to hug them all.

  2. It would be so great to win the giveaway! I’m looking forward to the next book! Thanks for being so involved with your fans.

  3. Omgcool!!! Ilovvveeedellaaaa!!! I Can’t Wait To Read another book about her! And awesome how u incorporated teasers in2 the interview… 🙂

  4. Ooohhhh man! so pumped for the next book! Just started over reading the series from front to back – plus Della’s short Turned at Dark!

  5. This is fantastic! I love the character interviews, it’s like you get a sneak peak at up coming books as well and get a more intimate look into the characters we have come to love. You are amazing on so many levels, Thank you for everything you have done for us 🙂

  6. I can’t wait for the next two books to come out. I’m so excited!!! And I’m super happy that I won a copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning. Thank you C.C!!!

  7. I am SO excited for Della’s point of view. Holy crap, it is going to be awesome. I’m also stoked about Chosen at Nightfall, and I’m hoping to pre-order it soon because I want it right when it comes out! Thanks for being an awesome author!

  8. Omg!!! I am so excited. You have just made my day to found out you are going to write more to the series and now to found out they are about Della, that is so awesome. Keep up the wonder work you do us your readers love it and You!

  9. I absolutely fell in love with these books! I’m beyond excited for Saved and Sunrise and Chosen at Nightfall. I have two countdown clocks on my phone for them! Lol I love reading this every week and getting little bits of what’s going to happen! Definitely one of my favorite book series! <3 You are simply amazing =)

  10. Hahaha I was very confused for about 5 paragraphs there, but then I realized that it wasnt actually lines from a book. This makes me get excited about whats in store for the young characters next. Della is by far my favorite character in the series mainly due to her standoffish aditude, incredible power, and most importantly her emotional level. Call me crazy but our wounds from the past define who we are the most, and I believe that if the shadow falls group were real she would be the one I would pick to pine over. I cant wait to read more so keep up the good work C.C. and I hope you have a wonderful week, as always yours truely.

  11. OMG!!! I’m so excited to read more about Della!! She is by FAR my favorite character! I look up to her for so many reason… one is for how much she cares about other people, not always the easiest to see but you know it there and that she would do anything for her friend.

  12. Oh I would love to win! I am so addicted to these books. I’ve been buying digital copies and would live to have a real copy to hold!! I hope there are many more books in the future, I don’t want the story to end!!

  13. That was amazing! It took me a second to figure out it was Della and you having the conversation, but it instantly had my heart racing! I love Della, and I’m really exciting your writing stories in her perspective! I can’t wait!

  14. I love that Della is getting her own book series. She already is an interesting character, but now we get to enter her head and find out what she really thinks. Very excited and will definitely buy it the minute it comes out.

  15. I have to say that although I really connect with Kylie and her problems of discovering who she is, who she wants to be, and of course who she’ll be with, Della is a lot like me too. I don’t like depending on people either. I try to act tough too. I can’t even wait to read all about Dellas adventures after I read Chosen At Nightfall of course 🙂 I love Shadow Falls and all its characters <3 Thank you C.C for giving me this wonderful world to escape to when my world becomes too much to handle.

  16. I can not wait until the final book comes out! I even have a app on my computer that is a countdown to release! EKKK i do want the series to come to a end ever! But will love it no matter what! I know i barely have a chance of winning, cause there are so many people who will want to win the beginning books cause its just that good! I love you so much! but I think i may love Derek and Lucas more!! Sorry C. C. Hunter 🙁

  17. Jesus Christ I can’t wait for these books to come out! Im dying to know what happens to Kylie and seriously wanting to read saved at sunrise.

  18. I love Della. She’s SO funny. She’s got some really big shoes to fill coming after Kylie though… But I still love her!

  19. YAY! I am so happy I love della she’s so spunky and sassy. She has a strong heart, I can’t wait till it comes out I thank the gods lol you have so many books comming out all at wonce. I can’t wait to read it good luck cc love ya!

  20. O. MI. GOSH. I am dying. PLEASE PUBLISH THIS ONE SOON! I love all of your books and I can’t wait till this one comes out >.< I told all of my friends that love books about the Shadow Falls series and they all love them! Your an amazing author and I hope I can amount to something like what you create some day 😀

    • OMG!!! I love Della! From her sassy attitude to her all around badass~ness. She reminds me of myself sometimes but anyways, I cant wait to read about her adventures in the Sequel!!! Feeling excitement and giddy~ness just thinking about it.

  21. I absolutely cannot wait for Chosen at Nightfall to be released next month! I think that’s all I’m looking forward to and all I can think about 🙂 I also can’t wait for Della’s own story to come out! I know it’s still a while before that but I’m still excited! Thanks for letting us know early C.C.!!! ^_^

    • Lucky you. I gotta wait till May, since I don’t live in the US.

      I was a little bit disturbed by the new info about Della’s story, but I’m sure I’ll be just as curious and fascinated about it.

  22. I Love Della!!! She’s soo sassy.She has a strong personality and heart. She’s been through a lot with Lee and her parents. I hope that she wont get hurt this time when she gets help. I know that she has been hurt in the past but maybe this will show her that even if there is someone who has the ability to hurt you when you ask for their help, there will be a person who you can count on.

  23. AHHHHHH DELLA!!!! POOR DELLA! NOT EVERYONE LEAVES! I WONT LEAVE! and OH MY GOSH THE SWORD! I got an ARC of Chosen at Nightfall and I FORGOT ABOUT THE SWORD UNTIL NOW! I’m not gonna give anything else away, but DONT FORGET THE SWORD.

      • I CAN’T TELL YOU! It would make me loose my bet. See, i have trouble keeping spoilers to myself, so my friend bet me that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about spoilers for the next two months. The stakes are who gets up from the couch to get the snacks and drinks when she comes over for a month. I AM WINNING THIS!

  24. Thanks so much CC for giving me The Beginning!! I am so excited to get it!! 🙂 🙂 when i saw my name as a winner i told my friend who is also obsessed with your books and my mom because she wants me to get the book just as much as i did!! I keep my series in a box so they dont get dust on them

  25. That totally sounds like Della. I miss her so much! I’ve been dying to figure out what happened in their mission. She denied way too soon. So glad I had an ARC of Chosen at Nighfall. Perfect ending!

  26. I love Della so I’m sooo happy that she is going to be the main character in your next book because she has a lot going on that will hopefully turn out fine. Della has to end up with Steve!! Like she is a bad ass and doesn’t need a man but it would be so nice if they got together because it would be good for Della even if she doesn’t realize it. Lee doesn’t deserve Della she needs a better man and Steve could be that man ;). Thanks CC for these interviews because they get me even more pumped about the book. Can’t wait!

  27. I love Della, and I feel so bad for her, she really is heartbroken about Kylie leaving, Kylie understood her the best, I wonder how it’s going to turn out in Chosen At Nightfall. Anyways I love love love Steve and Della, they’re just, ugh undeniably cute together. So anyways I am going to enter this contest again for my friend since her birthday is coming up, but if I don’t win i’ll buy it for her since it’s just soooo amazing!

  28. I love della… I cant wait to read her story and understand her pain… Exciting waiting for this upcoming story…

  29. Omg loved it!! I am so glad u decided to continue on with the series I wasn’t ready for it to be over! Della is going to be a great POV to read from, she is so
    hard core…Thanks for all your hard work and keep them coming 🙂

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    Love you C.C.!!! You`re the best author ever!!!

    <3 Bria 😛


  33. hi, you are really cool. i love your books! Me and my friend Lauren are obsesed with your books! WE are going on a trip soon and needed a book to read and i was like oh my gosh, saved at sunset is going to come out before we leave ! i was lke yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hey my friend Lauren wants to know if Kylie will shapeshift. does she have all the shapeshifting powers. THANK YOU

  35. Hello CC!! I am so thankful and happy that i won the free book! Thankyou so much for these chances you give out! Unlike many authors, you reply to what they send you or comment. Thanks again!

  36. Hello CC! I just wanted to thank you for having me participate in the book contest and winning! You wouldnt even know how excited i was to see my name under WINNERS, i started to scream!! Your are an amazing author who actually talks to your readers and listens to what they have to say. Thanks again! 🙂

  37. Just waiting for the new books to come out already. I just have Della’s story and Whispers at Moonrise. I know I won’t win this giveaway. I never do. So hopes are down. But thanks for the awesome books and you are an excellent author.

  38. I love Della. I love to read about her story because in the Shadow Falls series she is so secretive and keeps most of her personal life out. I can’t wait for Chosen at Noghtfall and Saved at Sunrise.

  39. Whenever I was walking through the bookstore looking for a new series to read your book “Born at Midnight” caught my eye. I picked up a copy and started reading the back. Once that caught my attention I started reading the first chapter. My boyfriend tried to talk to me, but I ignored him because I was enthralled even by the first page! Today I just finished “Whispers at Moonrise” and after reading the last sentence I threw the book because I realized that the next book doesn’t come out for another month!!!! I want–no NEED–to know what happens to Kylie and what she decides to do next!

  40. Can’t wait til your books come out! I have been re-reading the other Shadow Falls books for so long now and I cannot stop reading them still! I’m totally excited about Della’s book coming out because she’s one of my favorite characters in your series. I love Della since she has a really strong, caring, and protective personality but she also has a sensitive side that she only lets VERY FEW people see. Love her and can’t wait for her story to come out and I am VERY VERY excited for the next Shadow Falls book to find out what Kylie’s been going through and who the new guy in her life is! Anyway, I love your books! You are a great writer and I hope you do not end the Shadow Falls series anytime soon!!!

  41. Sadly, I cant participate:( I live in Canada. But frankly the only thing I would really want is your book, the only thing I can do is wait till the book comes out:)

  42. I hope your having a wonderful day and not to stressed out from writing! I just got back from lacrosse today in the freezing cold. The whole time I wished I could be like Miranda and just magically change the weather for it to be warm!

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  44. PPS- when will your movie/tv show come out??? my friend and i are really anticipating for the movie so we can buy it and bring it home but it would also be cool if it was a tv show because then we could already know what the next show would be of!!!!

  45. I wish i could be as self-confident as Della! I just love her attitude. Im always just too nervous sometimes to say how I feel. However sometimes i pretend to be her, when I want to stick up for something. Cant wait to continue Della’s Story!!!!

  46. I cannot wait to read these! I’m so excited and counting down the days! You’re my favorite author!! Love u C.C !!

  47. Glad everyone enjoyed Della’s interview. She isn’t very cooperative when I try to get her to sit down for some questions. She has attitude to spare!

  48. OMSG![Oh my sweet goodness]I can’t wait to order the new SF story!!And I love Della,my friend Jemma(Boo Too),is JUST LIKE HER,I’m kinda like Kylie,and then my friend Calley(Boo Boo)is like Miranda,and then my friend Emily is like Helen!Ok,anyways,just wanted to say that I love your series and I am SUPER-DUPER happy that I found them,and that you’re a terrific writer,i know you probably get that a lot,but believe it!Cause it’s true!!!!! 🙂 Wow,ok,this comment is really long…..

  49. I cant wait to have Saved At Sunset come out during my spring break!! I will be reading on the nice, warm, beach reading a good book!

  50. Hi C.C. Hunter!!! Okay I’m obsessed with both lucas and derek and just can’t pick one! So can I have what ever one kylie doesn’t end up with 😀 Can’t wait till
    The finale!

  51. Ok I seriously think Della its gonna kick some ass and why is the sword disappearing ohh is Kylie gonna stab Lucas with it and Mario

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  53. omg I am literally counting down the days til chosen at nightfall comes out I can’t wait to see what happens and I love both the boys but I hope she ends up with Lucas and Derek finds another Chameleon and falls deeply in love with her. I hope that since Kylie is part of everything she’s going to be put on all the councils and changes all their rules. I really miss Della, Miranda, Holiday and everyone else at Shadow falls already, when Kylie left I felt like i left with her and everyone that loves and doesn’t trust her at Shadow Falls. I would really love it if I could win the book it’ll be absoulutly fantastic.

  54. If I get this book giveaway then Chosen at Nightfall will be the only other book that I didn’t have of your’s, well besides the foreign one and I’m working on that and plus I already ordered Chosen at Nightfall so when it comes in I’ll be able to get it

  55. Whao just pointing this out i need some of della`s atitude in my life being a nerd isnt as easy as you think yup welcome to my amazing life but considering my freinds say im cool because i do funny things and trip alot oooops. Well cc hunter is a my inspiration and i certantly cant wait for chosen at midnight to come out soon need more hints hurry cc hunter

  56. I absolutely love the Shadow Falls Series. With just enough action and romance to keep me coming back for more. Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  57. OMG I am so excited for your books to come out that I keep re-reading your books! I really hope I win your giveaway because I love your books so much and it would be awesome to have every single one of your Shadow Falls books! Well, can NOT wait until your next books come out so I’m counting off the days and I smile every single time I get to cross off a day on that calendar.

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  59. My mom loves me for who I am. She always supports my dreams no matter what. And she’s willing to do anything for me. I don’t know but that’s special to me. I love my mom. I’m from Malaysia by the way.

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