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Finishing a Series

THECOLLECTOR CoverVery soon, I’ll begin drafting the last book in The Collector series. It seems surreal, considering the first in the trilogy has yet to release. But my publisher, Entangled Teen, has introduced an aggressive release calendar, and that means I have to write—and I have to write fast.

I admit that when I first thought about writing the final book, I thought in terms of time. How long will it take to outline? To draft? To proof? How long until I’m done? You see, I have different projects I’m obligated to. And even more projects I have yet to contract, but am dying to write and sell. Things to do. Stories to tell. So little time.

But then I opened a crisp, new book I’d bought. It was the final book in a series I adored, and I was dying to read it. I’d waited years to get to this spot, to find out what happens. It’s the same way I hope readers will feel about the last Dante Walker book.

Suddenly, I wasn’t thinking about drafting the final book as a task. I was thinking in terms of my readers. What would they want to happen? How excited will they be to hold the last story Dante will ever tell? Once again, the readers gave me insight.

Next week, I start writing the final book in The Collector series. I will hold you in my heart as I write it. I’ll take my sweet time and remember I owe you a bang-up ending to Dante’s story. And I’ll pray that when April 2, 2013 arrives, and you grip the first book in your hands…you’ll anxiously anticipate what I’m drafting into the final book at that very moment.

You can now preorder The Collector at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you for the inspiration! Hugs!


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7 thoughts on “Guest Post by Victoria Scott

  1. Wow, I never knew that you could be writing the last book before the first comes out!! That’s amazing. 🙂 The book looks interesting too….

  2. Cool-you know,that’s actually a good idea-write the books first then release them,but with fewer waiting periods for the next book.If I still want to be a writer,that’s what I’m doing.

  3. The book looks interseting. I may read it when I get the chance, or better yet when I finish the three books I’m reading right at this second! Gotta love ya C.C.

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