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Are you ready? Are you ready to get inside Della’s head and world? To tempt you, here’s the first chapter of the Saved at Sunrise. Remember, it’s only available as an E-book and will be released April 2nd. If you don’t have an e-reader, remember you can download e-books onto your computer and some phones. Oh, did I mention it’s only $1.99? And . . . in the back of this novella you’ll find the first two chapter of Chosen at Nightfall. So go pre-order your copy now.


Saved at Sunrise

Chapter One

“Do not put yourselves in any jeopardy. Your job is to infiltrate the gang by showing interest in joining, find out if they’re using murder as a rite of initiation, and then get out. Alive.”

“That’s my plan, too.” Della Tsang answered with sass looking up at Burnett James, one of the ShadowFallsAcademy owners who also just so happened to work for the FRU—Fallen Research Unit—which was basically the FBI of the supernatural world.

“We don’t want you to bring anyone in. We don’t want you to take care of the bad guys.” Burnett continued staring right at her.

Afternoon sun poured into the window of the ShadowFalls office behind him. The crystals sitting on shelves caught the light and cast rainbow-colored mirages on the wall. They danced and shifted as if magical. And maybe they were. Crap like that happened all the time here.

“Actually, Burnett said, drawing Della’s attention back to him, “we don’t think this is the group, but if it is, with your testimony, we’ll have enough proof to get a search warrant and we’re pretty damn positive we should find all the evidence we need to convict.”

Burnett, six feet plus, with dark hair and eyes, was a hard-ass who worried way too much,but being a vampire like herself, Della respected him and his hard-assness.

She just wished the respect was mutual. Seriously, didn’t he trust her? Didn’t he know she could friggin’ take care of herself? Did he really have to go over this again?

“I understand, sir.” Steve, the brown-haired, brown-eyed, great-bodied guy sitting next to her spoke up when she didn’t. For the first time, Della noticed his voice held a hint of a Southern accent that wasn’t just Texan.

Della glanced over. Steve gave Burnett his complete attention. What an ass-kisser.

Steve was evidence that Burnett didn’t trust her. Why else would Burnett insist Steve go with her? She didn’t need the shape-shifter. He was just going to slow her down.

“Wait,” Burnett said, pacing across the office again. “Let me rephrase that. I don’t want you to just get out alive. I want you to get out just the way you went in. Not wounded, not bruised, and for God’s sake, don’t leave any dead bodies behind. You got that?”

“Now you’re taking all the fun out of it,” Della smarted off.

Burnett growled. “I’m not joking and if you can’t take this seriously then get your vampire butt out of here, because I’m not playing around.”

Della slumped back in her chair, knowing when to shut her mouth. She really wanted to do this assignment for the FRU. Wanted to win Burnett’s respect. Everyone needed someone to impress. And since impressing her parents wasn’t an option anymore, she’d settle for Burnett.

Not that impressing anyone was the only reason she wanted to go. Even before she’d been turned into a vampire, she’d considered a career in criminal justice—something that allowed her to kick butt. Of course, her parents had frowned on that. They had her earmarked to be a doctor. They had her earmarked to be a lot of things.

But not a vampire.

Not that they knew what she was. The way Della figured it, if they went bat-shit crazy just because she’d stopping eating rice—which after being turned tasted like curdled toe jam—how the hell were they going to accept that she was a blood-drinking vampire? The answer was obvious. They wouldn’t, couldn’t accept it.

Lucky for her, she’d been accepted into Shadow Falls—a boarding school for supernaturals—and didn’t have to worry what her parents thought about her choice of careers, or whether she ate her rice or not. And yet . . . now Della couldn’t help but question if they ever thought or worried about her at all. Did they sit down to eat dinner and notice her chair was empty? Did her mom ever forget and set an extra plate at the table?

She doubted it.

Yes, they came to the parents’ day visitations, but they were always the first to leave, and eager to do it. Especially her father, the man Della had spent her entire life trying to impress.

A daddy’s girl, her mom used to call her.

Not anymore.

No doubt her sister had taken over that role.

Turning vampire hadn’t been Della’s choice. It was one of those things life slapped on your ass and you just had to accept it. Which meant she’d had to accept that her family would never be able to accept her. Not that it really bothered her. Not anymore.

She was so over it.

“Am I making myself clear?” Burnett asked, yanking her back to reality.

“One hundred percent,” Della said, working hard to keep her attitude from spilling over.

“Yes, sir.” Steve nodded.

Yup, an ass-kisser.

“Okay, you got your orders?” Burnett said. “You know where to go and what your cover is? They expect you to meet them at four in the morning. Don’t be late, don’t be too early. Don’t let them lure you back to their compound. The policy, if they follow their own policy, is that three of the members will meet with you to talk. You get the information about joining, you get out.”

“Got it.” Della held up the brown envelope. And you’ve gone over this ten times.

“Then go get your things.” Burnett eyed Della. “And please, don’t make me regret sending you on this.”

“You won’t,” Della said.

Della and Steve stood to leave.

“Steve,” Burnett said. “Give me a few minutes.”

Della looked from Steve to Burnett. What the hell did he need to talk with Steve about that couldn’t be said in front of her?

Burnett shifted his gaze to Della and then cut his eyes to the door.

Frowning, Della shot up from the chair and left. She stopped about fifty feet from the porch, holding her breath and not moving a muscle. Hoping Burnett wasn’t still listening, she tuned her own vampire hearing and waited to discover what the hell was up. The afternoon sun spilled over the trees, casting shadows on the ground as she stood frozen in one spot.

“I’m trusting you to keep Della safe,” Burnett said.

Della inwardly growled at Burnett’s chauvinistic approach and fought the need to rush back in there and give him some lip. I’m the one who’s gonna have to protect his butt!

“I do not believe this is the gang we’re looking for.” Burnett’s voice carried well. “Or I wouldn’t be sending you two. This is just a clearance check. But that doesn’t mean this group isn’t dangerous.”

Don’t worry,” Steve’s deep voice answered. “I’ll keep her in my sight at all times.”

Like hell you will. She already had a plan of doing a little side trip, and she didn’t need Steve tagging along.


That’s it! That’s all I’m giving you on my blog, but if you want to read the rest of Chapter One, go to my Books page.


_MG_9464To celebrate the upcoming release of Saved at Sunrise (April 2) and Chosen at Nightfall (April 23) I’m giving away an ARC of Chosen at Nightfall. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win. (And if you are reading this on Goodreads, you have to leave your comment on my CC Hunter web blog. Sorry,but I have to limit this contest to US residents only.)

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    • I can’t wait for April. I read all the books and I was hooked. I really can’t wait to find out what happens with Kylie in Chosen at Nightfall and Della in Saved at Sunrise. Can’t April come faster!

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    I love your books & I can’t wait till the final book Chosen at Nightfall. I’m eager to hear what happens, especially after reading the teasers you worte on your blog. I also can’t wait till April 2nd to read Della’s story. She is a bad ass vampire that has a soft side that she doesn’t let a lot of people see. Thanks C.C.

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    Too bad I can’t enter the giveaway – it’s US only.
    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say I love your books (again)! I just wanted to ask though, are your books being published in print in Asia, particularly in the Philippines? Thanks and best of luck to the giveaway participants 🙂

    – Diana

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    Although as much as I’d love the read this e-book, I think buying things online is beyond me

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    I had a question. Everytime I look on my kindle to pre order Chosen at Nightfall, it says available April 30. Is it going to change to April 23? If you can let us know.

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    P.S. If Kylie doesn’t want Lucas anymore, can I have him?

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  65. Hi C.C.!!! I was wondering if you will ever be in Rhode Island? Its such a small state that I feel most people forget about us and authors never come. If you ever are anywhere nearby please let me know! I would love to meet you and get my books signed!!!!!

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    Gahh it’s frustrating, my emotions:P

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  75. I loved every single book in your Shadow Falls series!!! Thnx so much for this chance to win a giveaway I’m not very lucky but I’m gonna give it a try!!! Good Luck Guys!!!! <3

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