Connecting With Fans

Howdy, everyone!  Howdy, Jordan M!

Who is Jordan M?  Well, you’ll have a read a bit to find out.  But I have to tell you, she’s someone who made my day.

When I sat down to write this blog, it was early in the morning on April 2nd, the day Saved at Sunrise was released.  As crazy as it sounds, I still get this knot in my stomach when I have a book released.  I’m always a little frightened that the story will miss the mark with my readers.   That the things I thought were funny, won’t seem so funny to you guys.  That somehow, my characters will fall flat.  You would think that after having almost 20 books published, the nervousness would end, but nope.  Putting a book out, is a little like standing naked in public.  Because when you write a story, it’s part of you.  Writers dig deep into their pasts, their morals, their fears, and likes and dislikes to create these pieces of fiction.  So, all these pages are really parts of us.  Then when those pages are released, we are exposed, opened for the whole world to see, to read. It’s a scary thought.

Yet, while I’m nervous, I’m also excited.  I want you to read my book.  I want to know you laughed, that you got that knot in your throat in the same places in the book that I got a knot in my mine while I was writing.

As a writer I have a few fantasies.  And no they aren’t about hot guys.  Okay, I might have a few of those, but I’m not sharing.  LOL.  I have this dream that I will sit down on an airplane and casually look over at the person sitting next to me and he/she will be reading my book.  And recently I’ve been doing a lot of traveling.  While I haven’t run into someone reading my book, I did have something almost as good happen.

You see, when I travel for book tours, I get to the airport and my publisher will have a limo driver waiting for me in the baggage claim.  I spotted a man with my name written on a card, and he helped me with my bags and we started off to the hotel.  He had heard I was a writer and asked me what I write.  I told him and he shared he has a step-daughter who reads.  I signed a bookmark for him to give to his step daughter.

I thought that was the end of it, that I would never see the limo driver again.  Sure in the back of mind, I mused about how cool it would be if his step-daughter actually read my work.  Now flash forward a few days.  The same limo driver came to pick me up at the hotel to take me back to the airport.  And when he saw me, he told me that after he’d met me he’d called his step daughter, Jordan.  He asked if she knew who C.C. Hunter was.  He said, she replied, “Of course, why?” When he told her he’d met me, she thought he was just teasing. So, he took her the bookmark.

Then as we got into the limo to return to the airport, he handed me a letter from Jordan.  It was beyond sweet.  She told me what she liked about my characters, about how she thought some things were funny and some things were sad.

Jordan, thank you for taking the time to write me a letter.  Thank you for thinking I’m funny in the right places and for tearing up in the scenes that made me cry.  Thank you for being a fan.

And thank you to all of you who are reading and enjoying my books.  Without readers, without the really excited fans who run out and tell someone about Kylie Galen and Lucas and Derek, and about Miranda turning Kylie’s cat into a skunk, without you guys, I couldn’t be a writer. And I wouldn’t be releasing my fifth Shadow Falls book, Chosen at Nightfall on the 23rd of this month!

So I have a treat for you. Here is the video for Chosen at Nightfall. Enjoy!

THECOLLECTOR CoverToday, just because I think you guys are the best, I’m going to give away a copy of a book I read and enjoyed: The Collector by Victoria Scott.  Yes, she was my guest blogger a week or so ago.  But I just want you guys to know I read this, and she’s an amazing writer.  She’s a little bit sassy like I am–and you know I love sass.  Victoria has an amazing writing voice.  So, I think you guys will enjoy her.

Make sure you leave a comment to be able to win.  Thank you again.  And hey…it’s just how many days until Chosen at Nightfall comes out?  Soon, right?  Very very soon!!  I think those knots in my stomach are coming back.


The winner of last week’s Chosen at Nightfall giveaway Isaiah Aldridge. Please email you mailing address to Congratulations!






31 thoughts on “Connecting With Fans

  1. Oh my God that girl is sooo lucky I wish I was her. I just love socks 🙂 I have 5 cats at home sooo yeah. I would love to get chosen at nightfall early. I hope I win!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow. I just had to leave a comment about your shadow falls book trailer. One word really came to mind when I watched this. Chills. It was an amazingly put
    together video and I can’t believe it’s even possible, but I’m even more excited to be reading chosen at nightfall on April 23rd than I was before!!! And don’t be nervous! I don’t see how anyone can not like one of your books!!! They are truly thrilling. And i can gladly say that your books are ones that I cannot put down.

  3. Hii CC
    I agree with Tori that girl is lucky. I love the video its awesome I cant wait til chosen at nightfall comes out. 13 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. By the way… Can you please leave some more hints!!?? About what’s going to happen in Chosen at Nightfall!!!??? I’m sad you haven’t put any up recently as I used to look every week for them…

  5. I won…. Im litterally jumping up and down. ive never won anything in my entire life. For all you other fans who like me have been posting faithfully every week for months, i say keep it up cause dreams do come true. P.S. i loved the video C.C. it makes me even more excited for the book. Everyone have a wonderful week and i hope its blessed with love and joy……yours truely.

  6. I’m so happy for you that you got to experience somewhat of your fantasy. That had to be an awesome feeling! I know when I walk in to the youth center after not being there in a while and all the kids drop what they are doing and run to hug me and seem so happy to see me, the feeling is…incredible. That sense of being appreciated and admired and important to others…. that’s gotta be the exact feeling you got in that limo reading that letter. Awesome! Keep doing what you are doing, we love you for it!

  7. okay April 23 needs to come soon i am out of books to read!!!!!! I can’t wait to read chosen at nightfall yeah!!!!!!

  8. That was an awesome video C.C.
    Please do include my name in the ” The Collector by Victoria Scott.” giveaway.
    All the best!!
    Keeping fingers crossed 🙂
    Sydney W

  9. I would most likely die of excitement if i had a singed book or ANYTHING by you! That girl is very lucky! I hope she wrote that you are the most amazing author ever 🙂

  10. Wow C.C.! The video was amazing! How do you expect excited readers like me to wait another 2 weeks for the books to come out!? That video is just making it even harder to wait!! So excited! 🙂

  11. I’m do excited for the new book I have it all planned put my best friend and I are going together the day it comes out and we are going to read it together (in the same room not out loud) we have been dying to know what happens next <3

    ~Nicole S. and Susie T.
    PS. we were woundering if you could make an Instagram for book signing pictures and covers and things like that we would love to see what you have been up to since we love on the east coast ^.^

  12. I love it! A few more days and hopefully I will have Chosen at Nightfall and on a week I will buy Saved at Sunrise… 🙂 sooo happyy…

    New authors and books for me to read,! Awesome…

  13. What?! Kylie must be willing to die!?!? No! She can’t die! Ahhh I’m going crazy now! I cannot wait for April 23rd!! I’ve been rereading the rest if the series and I’m almost done with Whispers at Moonrise again lol my goodness this waiting is going to kill me! Oh and to anyone that sees this comment you should read The Iron Fey series and The Blood of Eden series both by Julie Kagawa. She is an Amazing writer! She and C.C are my top favorites so I thought id reccomend it 🙂

  14. omg!! is kylie gonna die??? if she does then im gonna b mad, CC!!

    but I wont stay mad long… mom is gonna take me shopping on april 23 wen it comes out (im gonna skip school) and we r gonna go to barnes n noble to get chosen at nightfall and then to victorias secret…teehee

    cant wait!!!!!

    xo 😛

  15. Wow I just love this series its addictive. I already own others I can’t wait for chosen at nightfall to come out it will make a great addition to my growing personal library lol.

  16. Ohhhh! I read the sample of The Collector on iBooks! I really want almost as much as I want Chosen at Nightfall! I hope I win this cause I might end up jumping down like Isaiah Aldridge! <3 Crossing my fingers (sorta cause it's kinda hard to type).

  17. I seriously can’t wait another four days for this book to come out i have lost all interest in all other things waiting for this book. 🙂

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