Saved at Sunrise

Saved_at_Sunrise_ebook_FINALIt’s here! Today is the day Saved at Sunrise is released! I have to tell you this was a story I really felt compelled to tell. I told my editor I was working on it, and she reminded me I was supposed to be working on something else. It didn’t matter. I had to get this story out of my head. Della wouldn’t let me off the hook. She wanted her adventure with Steve available for my readers.

So, here it is, now you can read it. It is only $1.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Although it is only available as an e-book, if you don’t have an e-reader, you can always download it to your computer or phone and read it there. So what are you waiting for?

In case you haven’t seen it before, here is the cool video for Saved at Sunrise:

In Saved at Sunrise, Della…

  1. …gets a hicky from a hot guy.
  2. …comes face to face with Lee—and his fiancé.
  3. …almost gets arrested.
  4. …gets thoroughly kissed.
  5. …says something very hard for her to say—to Steve.

I think that’s enough to get your imaginations going, and if you read my blog two weeks ago, you have already read the first chapter.  But remember, Saved at Sunrise is only the first part of Della’s journey. I’ll be writing even more about Della in the future.

Winners and Giveaway!

The winner of my Chosen at Nightfall ARC giveaway from my special March 24th blog is Kelida Schuchardt.  You have until April 9 to email me at with your mailing address. Congratulations!

To celebrate the release of Saved at Sunrise, I am giving away another ARC of Chosen at Nightfall to one lucky person who leaves a comment. (Remember, if you are reading this on Goodreads, you must post on my CC Hunter Web blog to win. Sorry, but I have to limit this giveaway to US residents only.)

C.C. Interview Contest

Chosen at Nightfall (1)On Tuesday, April 2, I was interviewed at Authors on the Air by Pam Stack. You can follow the link to listen to the interview, on their website.  I’ll be giving away THREE copies of Chosen at Nightfall, a Shadow Falls t-shirt, and a copy of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. All you have to do is listen to the interview before next Tuesday and answer these questions:

1. How tall am I?

2. What is my favorite word?

I give the answers in my interview.  To enter, email the answer to That’s it!

79 thoughts on “Saved at Sunrise

  1. Oh. Wow! So much going on! I just finished saved at sunrise and its only 12:20! It was great! So much action packed in. I can’t wait to read the finale. I’ve just been jumping in my seat and telling everybody I know about how excited I am. Just ask my mom and friends. Oh wow! Keep on writing ’cause I wanna read more!

  2. Just downloaded Saved at Sunrise! I love della and I’m glad we get to see so much more of her. Is there going to be a story like this for Miranda?

  3. Im dying to get this arc Please Please Please pick me. you have been my tuesdays for months now and i would be overjoyed if i got this. Anyway i want to wish you a wonderful week and goodluck with the talkshow. Till next week yours truely.

  4. Only a few weeks left till chosen at night fall is here can’t wait! And now I can finaly read saved at sunrise, its going to be so great lol. Thanks for the chace to win and is ther going to be a story about miranda?

  5. I got Saved at Sunrise at midnight, and it was awesome. I was very excited to read the first couple of chapters of Chosen at Nightfall ( I absolutley am dieing to read that book!!!)

  6. Saved at Sunrise is out!!! I must get my hands on that e-book!!! Cannot wait until Chosen at Nightfall too!! What I wouldn’t do to have the book earlier!!

  7. Hii
    I just got saved at sunrise on my kindle fire but it going dead need to charge it first. I’m in the car right now. I cannot wait for chosen at nightfall and I would die if I got it early.

  8. Just purchased it on amazon this morning! I look forward to finishing it in one sitting! Just like thall your books the cover is a piece of book shelf art simply beautiful your cover artist is wonderful!

  9. This is so exciting!!! Cant wait to read about her and Steve:) I know its gonna be awesome like your other AWESOME books!!! All of the fans are going to love it… NEED TO DOWNLOAD ASAP:D

  10. I loved Saved at Sunrise!!!! I just finished it: most amazing story ever. You once again deliver us a story with romance and action. Not many authors cab do this but you have it down to an art. I can’t wait for the next book about Della and this really helped fill the wait until Chosen at Nightfall. Bye!

  11. I love della! I was so excited about this!! I stayed up till like 1 to get it then didn’t go to bed till I was finished. It was great. Anywho good luck to day and the radio thingy-ma-bob!

  12. When I woke up this mornin the first thing I did was grab my nook and I screamed because it downloaded. Saved at sunrise wa AMAZING!!!. I caint wait to read chosen at nightfall the preview of it at the end was a great surprise too. Now I caint wait to read it even more. Thanks for writing in Dellas point of view it was great!

  13. I preordered Saved at Sunrise and downloaded it this morning! I can’t wait until I can read it! It looks so awesome!

  14. Loved Saved at Sunrise! (Thank goodness for treadmill time this morning so I could read it!) I can hardly wait for Della’s side of Shadow Falls! She and Steve are so cute!

  15. I am going to buy Saved at Sunrise today, and I am SO EXCITED!!! I about died when I read the teaser chapter you put on your blog–so good! And I have already pre-ordered Chosen at Nightfall:o) Totally stoked about that, too. You rock, C.C.!

  16. I love the shadow falls series can’t wait till the 23rd for the last book!! Bought saved at sunrise at 3am reading it now!!

  17. I have read all of your books! You are a great writer and I can’t wait to read Chosen at Nightfall! I would love to get it early but I am going it anyways. Not saying that I would want to win the arc because I would! I also just downloaded Saved at Sunrise! Can’t wait to read it. Thank you for all of your great books!

  18. Damn! I so want to move to the US right now 🙁
    It’s a pity that it’s only for the US, is there no option for you to send a copy or so to Europe with one of these contests? That’s be so awesome! 🙂

  19. I am so glad Della is getting her story!
    Can’t wait to get off work so I can start it.
    Thanks for such a great giveaway too!

  20. I always have that feeling, even though I am not a professional writer, yet :), if I have an idea in my head it wont get out until I have it down on paper, and until I am done with it.

  21. I preordered this so it was ready to read on my breaks at the hospital. My shifts start at three thirty am and i was so excited to get this book and read it Asap. I think it is the only time ive bee excited to wake up that early lol. The book was great and i know im going to love reading more about della. It was nice getting to understand della and how she perceives things. To wrap it up i have to say thank you for the lookat saved at sunrise… i thought i could wait for the release date but im already dying to read the rest of the book!

  22. I can’t wait to read Della’s story and I’m sure will then be itching for more. Also can’t wait for Chosen at Nightfall! Have to find out who Kylie ends up with! Ahhhhhhhhh!

  23. I LOVE YOU C.C. HUNTER AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR BOOKS!!!!! Can’t wait to found out more of the series soon, when the finale is finally released! Xoxoxox !!!!!

  24. I love Della. I cant wait to read about her adventure. Saved at Sunrise being released today+winning the ARC?= best birthday ever.I love this series soooo much. I would love to read about Della’s adventures that will happen from her point of view and the rest of Della’s analogies (dirtying up the sheets, bump uglies,ect.). My friend and I are counting the days till Chosen at Nightfall comes out.

  25. Yay, Saved at Sunrise comes out today!!! I’m sad that Kylie’s adventures are ending but cant wait to read about Della’s and her journey to become an agent, and what happens with her family and Steve. I’m counting the days till Chosen at Nightfall comes out. I listened to the interview and I love your accent.

  26. That`s awesome, CC!! I`m waiting till xmas, when I get a nook, to get saved at sunrise…but I cant wait!!!!!! u rock and r the like best author evs!!!

  27. I cant wait to read Saved at Sunrise. Day by day, Chosen at Nightfall is getting closer to be released and Kylie’s journey is ending, but that also means that Della’s adventure is just beginning. Though I am sad that it’s ending, I cant wait to read it either.

  28. I woke up this morning and remembered that Saved at Sunrise was released today. I cant wait to get my own copy of Saved at Sunrise. I’ve got so many questions about what would happen in it. I’m hoping that Della and Steve will get a closer at the end of it. I know I will love reading it and enjoy your series to the end. When I found out that you were gonna continue the series from Della’s point of view, I was jumping with joy. Thank you C.C. for the work you do for your readers.

  29. I couldn’t wait for this novella to come out! Della is one of the characters I love the most in Shadow Falls. I am really anxious to get to know more about this sassy, witty, and totally lovable vampire! Thank you so much, CC Hunter, for sharing Della’s adventure with us once again!

  30. I am soooo annoyed with the fact I can’t find any books to read. good thing I only have a couple weeks!!!!!!

  31. Finally I have been waiting for saved at sunrise to come out. Are you also going to write a story for Miranda?

  32. Oh my god!! I have been counting down for months!! I first read Born at midnight last year, and i didnt get a chance to read the others. I picked it back up in december and i read through all 4 books and Della’s first short story in the course of 3 days!!!, and i just finnished Saved at Sunrise!!!!! I am so excited for more to read. I LOVE your writing, and I want to thank you for giving this amazing story to all of us. I cant wait only 19 DAYS!!!!!!! =)

    ~~Nicole Stevens

  33. Hi, I can’t wait to read saved at sunrise!!! I’m positive it will never disappoint I mean cereal C.C is my favorite author, not even Kelly Armstrong or Tiffany King falls close…. Only 19 days left until all of us C.C Hunter fans have to stop waiting and the new book is out I’m just so excited!!!!! I can’t wait and will be counting down the days until it finally comes out.
    Until the next time I come again yours truly,

  34. I have only read the first chapter of Saved at Sunrise. I’m really excited to read it. Della is such an awesome character! I also like Kylie and I can’t wait to read Chosen at Nightfall.

  35. I can’t wait to read Saved at Sunrise! I was trying to buy it earlier but something kept going wrong hopefully I will be able to buy it now. I also can’t wait until Chosen at Nightfall I am so excited!

  36. I finished Saved at Sunrise too and…. I want to read the following! And I can’t wait to read Chosen at nightfall..This is a real torture!! I want to be with this book in my hands and just read, read, read!!!!! ^^

    C.C, Saved at Sunrise was as well as Kylie’s story, I loved it really !! Thank you 😀 Even if Kylie’s story comes to an end, now I know I’ll not lose completely the world of Shadow Falls so I’m glad hihi
    Thank you again for writing these wonderful stories!!!

  37. I can’t wait to get this book! Della is one of my favorite characters in the Shadow Falls series! She is so strong and independent! I always enjoy reading books where they have a solid, non-whining, kick-butt kind of girl. And Della has all of those traits. I also can’t wait to read more about her in the last SF book.

  38. Gaaah! -_- tt … I just love this series! I don’t know whats so addicting, the hot guys or the way you can just feel you are in the book as one of characters when you read.;P Either ways, I LOVE IT! <3

  39. I already finished Saved at Sunrise! I told my friends tht read this series too tht I wasnt going to read the last page first (b/c i always do no matter wat book it is) and they said they were counting on me to tell them which guy Kylie chooses but nope not gonna happen!

  40. I love all of your books soooooo much. I always get them the first day that they are in store. I always finish them by the next day. I have been waiting for Chosen at Nightfall to come out forever. I always finish the books so fast, so I’ve re-read them all at least 5 times already. They are so amazing. This is my favorite book series of all!!!!!

  41. Like many other commenters, I too, just finished Saved At Sunrise! It was so good I read the hole thing during my computer class, haha! I loved how even though the book was only about 100pgs you totally got all the best elements in there (e.g. smart a** remarks [courtsey of Della herself!) action, suspense, &….. A hot guy!) that a awesome novel has! You are such a talented writer & it’s authors like you, C.C. Hunter, that inspire teens, like me, to pick up a good book & just enjoy it; Which is exactly what I do whenever I read this series! Soooo excited for the next, & sadly, last book I feel like I’m having a sugar rush, but I’ll survive….. Hopefully!!!

  42. Ahhh, crud! I just realized you’re supposed to email the answers…. Way to be on top of things Em, like seriously!
    Also, I just realized since I did a comment to a comment you, C.C., might not read it cause… Well because its a comment to a comment, you never know but yes, please read because that would be so cool of you!
    Anyway, I probably sound like a crazy person to all you awesome people in cyber land, so I will be going now!! Like seriously, I promise!
    ………… Aloha!

  43. Howdy guys!!

    I love all these comments. Thank you all so much for posting. I’m loving hearing that you are all enjoying Saved at Sunrise. Della totally rocks.


  44. I read your blog every tuesday, and im freaking out cause only less then a month and the series is done forever!! :(((((((( Ive already started rereading all the ones before so i can be prepared!

  45. Wow 🙂
    I love how you’ve managed to find a way to continue your great world, but with Della!!!!
    Gosh I’m so excited 😀
    I know I should be so sad that Kylie’s story is ending, but I can’t wait for Della’s to really start. I’m just about to read Saved at Sunrise 🙂

  46. I already read Saved At Sunrise. I feel bloody awesome!

    I loved this novella so freaking much i can’t even express myself. I actually wasn’t very fond of Della in the Shadow Falls books, but now that i read her extra story, i LOVE her! I definitely understand why she is the way she is now. And i can’t believe it ended with a teaser for book 4 ! Are they freaking kidding me? Don’t they know that it pains enough,, and it feels like torture waiting for the 4th book to come out, WITHOUT any teasers.


  47. If your ever in Rhode Island please let me know!!! I know its so far away but I would love to meet you so much and talk to you! <3333 Only like 16 days! Ahhhhhhhh

  48. I read the book the second it showed up on my Nook app. My roommate’s kitten made it kind of difficult a few times (apparently, he reads faster than I do and is impatient because he kept laying on my computer and flipping the pages forward), but I (and Kitten) enjoyed the book a lot. I can’t wait to find out what happens in “Chosen at Nightfall.”

  49. I absolutely love this series and it is my favorite series by far. I really hope that there will be movies for the series!!! I think between Derek and Lucas I would pick… DEREK!!!!!! And my favorite character is probably… PERRY!!! I am sorry if you are mad at me because he does spy on her, but he is my favorite character because he is really funny and hilarious!!! Ok! Bye!

  50. Oh, thank you so much for writing this story! I love everything and anything about this series. It’s one of my all time favorites! 😀

  51. Finally, I was able to get the e-reader on my computer to work so I could read Saved At Sunrise, and let me say amazing doesn’t even begin to describe your books! I loved Saved At Sunrise, I liked Della in the other books too, but now I like her even more. I loved hearing the stories from Kylie’s point of view, but I can’t wait to hear the stories from Della’s. I love all of your books so much, i really hope you never stop writing because I don’t want these books to end. 🙂

  52. I haven’t been able to get saved at sunrise yet…. I really want to read it though. I also don’t know if I’ll be able to get Chosen at Nightfall when its released because I have to save for my phone case… ugh I hate this. I may just buy the last book to my favorite series and leave my phone’s safety to fate…Idk yet decisions decisions. Anyways love your writing C.C. kepp up the good work!

  53. Almost midnight before tuesday, just taking one last chance to tell you how much I love you and that you inspire me and espicailly della and kylie because they are such strong role model characters I wish to be like! Xoxoxo

  54. I’m so excited for Chosen at Nightfall! I love the Shadow Falls series so much <3 I can't wait to see how things plan out. I honestly haven't the slightly clue. I may have to wait a while to buy it though.. 🙁 Oh well.. Love your books! <3

  55. im reading the series with kylie right now and im very intrested its sooooo good, i love it im on book four and started a week ago on the seires i cant wait to start reading the della tsang books they look good sound good. C.C hunter is a great author and i cant wait to read all her books. 🙂

    sinserally tessa a true number one fan!
    p.s. I’m sorry to anyone if my spellings of im the greastest spelling in the world thak you for the books!!!

  56. Seriously love all the shadow falls novels once I start reading I can’t put the book down. You truly are an amazing author.

  57. Hey can you maybe write a book from Miranda’s perspective from when Della and Kylie left her alone. I feel like you leave her out just a little. And maybe give her a special power that she doesn’t want anyone to find out about but happens while her friends are away… I would be happy if you tried to think about it… Thanks

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