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I often get asked which character I feel closest to in my Shadow Falls series. I have to say, this is very much like asking me to choose my favorite child.  Each of the characters in Shadow Falls has a little bit of me inside them, which makes me feel close to all of them.  Della is my rebellious side, and don’t we all have one of those?  Miranda is dyslexic, which means as a witch, she gets her spells wrong sometimes.  (Which brings in lots of humor.)  And I relate to her because I’m dyslexic, too.

But of all the characters, I think I relate to Kylie the most.  I based a lot of her backstory on things that happened to me when I was a teenager.  I had a family member die when I was around her age, and my parents got a divorce, too.  That was so hard for me.  Plus, I had girlfriends making some bad decisions where boys were concerned, just like Kylie’s friend Sara.  I used all of the emotions I felt, all of the insecurities and uncertainties I experienced as a teenager, when I molded Kylie’s character, and I think it helped bring her to life.  I guess you could say I plagiarized my life to create Kylie.  However, Kylie is a lot cooler than I ever was.  Oh, and I never discovered I wasn’t human.

Readers also ask me which of the two love interest I relate to the most.  It’s so hard, because when I was writing a Lucas scene, I was a Lucas fan, and when I wrote a Derek scene, I was a Derek fan.  I can honestly tell you guys that I made a huge mistake writing this series.  You see, this is the first book in which I wrote a love triangle, and I didn’t know that I needed to make one guy so much better than the other.  I basically wrote two great heroes, both of them almost perfect for Kylie.  But as crazy as it sounds, I think I let Kylie make that decision and not me.

But I want to know which of my Shadow Falls characters to you relate to most and why?


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73 thoughts on “Shadow Falls Characters

  1. I never thought about how much I might relate to the characters, because it’s basically hard for me to wrap my head around that.

    But I see a little of myself in some of them; Miranda has problems at her home because of her dyslexia – I’m not dyslexic but I do have problems that disappoint my family. Not to mention my problems make me feel like a delinquent.

    Holiday and Derek are both very kind and caring people, which I try to be. I guess I like Derek better than Lucas because I see kindness in his heart, something that I have but can’t seem to make use of. When I talk, I mostly tell the truth, which they do as well.

    Lucas has his own group, but he’s mostly a bit of a loner and a selfish person. Again, I don’t hate him, because beneath all that harsh exterior, he’s a good guy. I relate to him because I am myself a loner, and mostly prefer to stay at home or wander off alone.

    I was one who got bullied at school for being the weird kid, kind of like Kylie feeling out of place at Shadow Falls because of her mysterious pattern, but at least she didn’t get picked on. When I started thinking that way, it’s easy to relate to her feelings.

    Kylie’s kinda wishy-washy when it comes to her feelings, but so am I. And who would blame her when everything in her life gets more messed up? Love, family, self-discovery, ghosts, and even danger, all of these things pool together into a spiral of complications. Who would blame her for being angry and wishy-washy? At least friendship isn’t as complicated for her.

    And family issues: who doesn’t have them? Holiday’s, Perry’s, Derek’s and even Kylie’s parents are all divorced; Burnett never knew his. Lucas has his own troubles at home, and even Della has to lie and endure her father’s scolding just to stay connected to the family. I guess I relate to Della this way, and share some of her rebellious side — it just doesn’t show as much.

    • I guess I connect with Kylie the most because I have trouble knowing myself, and have always felt out of place in crowds. I’m also mostly a loner, and have a hard time aking friends to fit in with. My grandmother passed away when I was a little, too, but I wasn’t quite as sad as my mom was.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say I’m Chinese, so I guess I relate to Della this way. I feel sorry for her though, at least my parents are that strict.

  3. You have no clue how excited I am!!!! Even though ive read all the books, I’m buying all of them so I have them to keep and reread over and over cause I absolutely love them!!! Can’t wait and soexcited! Love you! I also love lucas and derek btw!!!

  4. I thought a little bit about to whom of the characters I can relate the most and I think I can realte the most to Miranda. I can totally understand her fear to fail and I myself would do anything to make my family proud, too. As Miranda I’m sometimes under pressure to get good results for example in school, sometimes I create the pressure myself, just like Miranda. Like her I’m sometimes shy and insecure and not always sure which decision is the best. But I care a lot about my friends, too and are very loyal to them. Just like her I can’t be angry with one of my friends for a longer while, I mostly forgive them very easy. Maybe I’m a bit like Helen, too because like her I don’t like being in the spotlight and would consider myself as caring as her.

  5. I can relate to perry the most i think. sometimes misunderstood, i like to be the comedian of the group. I kinda feel as though i cant win no matter what i do sometimes as well.

  6. Hey c.c I still find this werid commenting and writting for other people to see but I just had to this time your right a little bit of each character comes out in everybody but I was drawn to this book because of kylie she is like me in so many ways from her hair to her personality. I as well had a friend like sara its funny to think about though because my name is sarah ha. But what can you do other than try to keep them out of trouble. What I find the closest I have to her is trying to find where she belongs and she will always go running to help someone else and put her self last. I still to this day do that. I am excited to read what other people relate to which characters. Hope all is well c.c. 🙂

  7. i think that Helen is the one who matches me the most because she cares about every one and is a bit shy. She also is kind to everyone.

  8. I think I relate to Della the most. I fell for a boy and even though I didn’t do… that it still hurt a lot when he left. I’m still not completely over it and I’m hesitant to move on just like she is with Steve. Also I try to act tough and be there for my friends but I get hurt really easily and sometimes I just need a friend to be there for me. But for some reason I also connect with Kylie. Feeling like an outcast. Hating algebra. Wishing that I was normal. Being torn between two guys… one that broke my heart and one that’s trying to mend it. I guess I’m a combination of Della and Kylie. Wow that’s a scary thought lol.

  9. Hey C.C, I don’t think you did a mistake with a love triangle. It’s actually kind of refreshing because in most novels I’ve read it’s always obvious which guy the protagonist is going to end up with, but this is the first series I’ve read where I’m not sure who the protagonist will end up with, and where 50% of people like one guy and the other 50% like the other, and it’s really frustrating, but it makes me want to read the books that much more! I am such a huge Lucas fan, I’ve said that many times, and he’s always fought for Kylie and never gave up so I have my fingers crossed hoping that he’s the one Kylie chooses despite everything that’s happened but I have a strong feeling he redeems himself someway. I know he made a mistake, but everyone does and if he truly loves Kylie he will fight for her, and I know when it comes to Kylie Lucas will never give up.

    As for the character that I can relate the most to, I would say Helen and Miranda. I’m pretty shy like Helen, but also caring and helpful towards my friends. I strongly relate to Miranda because when she talked about always having to impress her parents and siblings, and living up to her family’s reputation , it reminded me of my own family. My parents, aunts and uncles always compare me and my cousins in terms of who does the best in school, gets the highest marks and does the best academically. It can be really annoying and frustrating especially since my mom was always the top student in all her classes throughout high school and university so that adds on more pressure when people look at me, her daughter and expect me to be the best as well, but I’m not although I’m a pretty good student. So sometimes that messes with my self-esteem and makes me feel like I’m not smart enough for my parents like how Miranda feels that she’s not a good enough witch for her parents and family.

    • Hey, yeah I totally agree wit the fact that your live triangle is amazing. It’s keeps readers on the edge and has that perfect mix of one being better at on e time and then switching that my friends and I can point out who we all think is going to come out in the end and change our answers every time or come up with new things that make each character great for Kylie. We all have our “types”. So, your love triangle is perfect.

      I also want to say that I never have really thought about what character I relate to. Not in one single book I have ever read. It’s hard. When I read I automatically get sucked into the book as whatever character is being portrayed at the time (if its a good book). So in that way I think that to be sucked in by a character you have to relate in some way to them. Connect with them. And have done a wonderful job of doin just that. I feel like one character and the other characters all at once. In real life as I walk down the hallways of my school and as I read.

    • I know lotsa of parents expect that from their kids. Sometimes, the pressure is so heavy that it drives them off the edge. Like Della’s parents, Chinese people are known for comparing and competing – they always want their children to make it to the top in school, go to the best university, get the perfect job, and get the life they expect them to. Sometimes tells me even without dyslexia, Miranda would still have a very hard time at home. My parents aren’t like that in that department, so that makes me lucky. And when the time comes, Miranda will just have to stop living life the way her family wants her to, because no matter the expectations, it’s still HER life.

      As for Kylie’s love story, I’m mostly a Derek fan, but even with my support, I’ve always had the feeling that Lucas is the one she’ll end up with. Lucas seems a bit selfish, but I know he means well and just wants to protect Kylie. I’ll accept whatever comes at the end of the book, but I hope it’s Derek who gets the chance. Not that I’ll hate the alternative… unless she ends up with neither.

      Here’s my question: Would you hate it IF – just if – Derek is the one who ends up with Kylie instead of Lucas?

      • I wouldn’t hate it if Derek ends up with Kylie, but I would feel disappointed and a little upset at first. Derek is an awesome guy, but I don’t see him and Kylie together. I think he’s better off with someone else. Lucas and Kylie have something special. I was really upset after Whispers At Moonrise, and was so angry at the possible idea of Kylie running off to Derek because I had so much faith in Lucas, and I still do. I would be disappointed that after all this pack business that they just go their separate ways or Kylie and Lucas decide to be “friends.” It just seems wrong to me. But I can see Kylie and Derek being friends. Like I said before Lucas never stopped fighting for her, and he said himself that he was doing everything he was doing to be with her. He told Kylie that he was hiding something, and he was only doing it to be on the council, it makes me think that his heart was in the right place, but he was making a mistake, and that something turned out to be pretty shocking and broke Kylie’s heart. I guess it all depends on what he does in this next book, whether he dumps his pack or lets Kylie go. But I can’t see him giving up on Kylie, and if Kylie gave up on him, I can’t see him accepting that. He’s thought about her for 11 years and knowing Lucas is a fighter I don’t think he will ever give up.

        It seemed like Lucas put his pack over her, but I think the people who are still on Team Lucas can see that he was doing everything to be with her, and that he truly loves Kylie. I just hope Lucas redeems himself. I’m suspecting that he never told Kylie because he was afraid he would loose her, but now that she left him it will give him the push he needs to go prove his love for Kylie. Well that’s what I’m hoping for.

        Just one more week left, and we’ll see who she picks and ends up with.

        • Believe me, I see that too. Someone told me that he chose his own pack over her, but when I read the book, I didn’t see it that way. He was just ‘playing games’, as Clara said. And yes, he’s too stubborn to give up on Kylie. It’ll be hard for him to even watch her from a distance. And in spite of everything else, I still see him having the bigger chance of ending up with her.

          Too bad I’ll have to wait longer than one week, since I live in Sweden. Sometimes I get desperate.

          • Aww. That’s so sad. Maybe if you have family in the US you can get then to send you a copy… I’m one of those people rooting for Derek but i have to agree that l
            Think Lucas will probably be the one she ends up with. But who knows? We will see in less than 3 days so yay!

  10. I guess I relate to Kylie a lot. My parents got a divorce when I was little, but I sometimes wonder if it would of been better if they hadn’t. I sometimes feel like they hide the cause of the divorce from me. I feel like my dad is a bad guy often, and I often feel really isolated from others because of who I know myself to be.

  11. I think for me it would have been Kylie but as i started to read the series i saw a lot of me in della in the beginning then as i trailed along i was a derek fan but then i became a burnett fan its weird but hey i kinda get what is doing as a dad figure for kylie and then i was a lukas fan but he let me down so i really don’t know who i would pick its ways my decision every time i read it. But i know that the last book will keep me guessing just like all the other four books have and when i read them i can’t seem to put the book down. It’s that addicting for me to see what happens next i cant wait till i get mine><.

  12. I think I could relate more towards della. Her and I are both smartasses and we state our oppinions loud and clear and also like her if you become my friend you can bet im always going to be there for you whether its helping you out of trouble or beating the hell out of someone whos causing it.

  13. I think that I most relate to Miranda. I don’t think I can dissect it and says exactly why, but when I’m reading the parts about her I think “I would do that!” You know? She’s a really relatable character. 🙂

  14. I think I’m Della the most because I can be pretty tough,cuss a lot,etc.And how she’s also on the inside,I can compare

  15. I think I relate to Della because she is independent and likes to do things by herself and doesn’t take crap from anyone, even her friends.

  16. I would have to say Miranda. Maybe because she is a little awkward, wants everyone to be happy, noisy, and well a little sassy XD. I know one of my very close friends is a lot like Della being all bad ass, but hides her true feelings so you can imagine that we fight like Miranda and Della, but we are definitely close. I’m sad to see them go but still love the series and I think I would definitely go for a guy like Perry XP

  17. In a way I relate to Kylie as well. I did go through my parents divorce, one of my family members died and just like she can communicate with gohst i used to be able to communicate with cats! We both have blonde hair and have been in a love triangle situation. I can’t wait until chosen at nightfall and i’m dying to know the love that gets picked. (i’m a lucas fan) I know for a fact i won’t be able to put it down so i’ll probably be done the next day. Love you C.C

  18. I really like Hellen and Kylie, because they are very kind and helping. In this love traingle you mentioned, I think, if you’d make Lucas a bit more… open to this ghost-thing he would be perfect. He isn’t selfish, as some people around here think. He goes, risking to see his dad, because he wants to help his sister. Sorry, but that doesn’t sound selfish to me ;). Of course, Derek would be good for her, too. But he doesn’t know Kylie as good as Lucas does and he was a big ass, trying to make her jaleous, leaving her when she needed a friend. I understand why he did it, but it makes Lucas more sympathic. And, Lucas bought her a kitten. Derek may have saved her a few times, but when it comes to her discovering herself, than Lucas was always there for her, The healing, the dream-thing… I think he’d be better for her than any one else.
    If you have no idea what Kylie would do, you can create the PERFECT guy for her, she falls in love with him, is freinds with the other to boys, feels a bit guilty,as usual and everything is okay. Don’t missunderstand me, I love your characters and I really can identify with Kylies Always-guilty-psyche,but she has to choose sometimes. At last, I really ADORE your books, even if it doesn’t look like I do – but if I wouldn’t, I would never write anything of it! 😉

  19. I think I relate a lot to Kylie too! But she’s definitely a lot cooler than me as well. I don’t really go out to parties or anything and I’ve never gone to boarding school like her, but even so, I wish I was a supernatural like her. It would be so awesome to be a chameleon! 🙂 I think I relate to her a lot because of her personality. As far as I know I’m honest and supportive the way she is and sometimes I’m even the peace maker. I don’t like when friends fight and I also like giving advice when I know I can give it. I’m not in a love triangle though or been in love before, but I think it’s nice to know that there might be good guys out there like Derek 😀 Although I also love Della because I have some snarky remarks to give every once in a while and I definitely use a lot of sarcasm like her. But I tend to be really emotional like Miranda too, though I’m not dyslexic…I guess I have a little bit of all of them in me too. Honestly all of them are awesome, even Lucas who got on my bad side, and that’s great because I get to care about them all almost equally 🙂

  20. I think i relate to Kylie the most because like her I’m kind of a loner I don’t really belong to any one group. I also relate to Miranda because I’m dyslexic and i try not to disappoint my family. I’m also like della to because i act badass around my friends when I’m not and i try to hide that.

  21. I can relate to Della the most because I am rebellious at times and get pressure from my parents. I always speak my mind even though it seems to get me in trouble at times. I’m there for my friends whether it be the fun and happy or the tough times. I am pretty tough, and I do cuss (trying to get rid of that habit) but once they get to know me I let them see parts of me that I dont usually show to others. Like Della, I try not to rely on others,because I’ve been let down and it does hurt when they do. Everyone can relate to at least one thing about each character in the book and all the things that make up each individual character is what makes them interesting.

    • I relate to Kylie really well because I am a a lot like her I don’t have many friends and struggle to make friends. I love this series and can wait for it to come out only a few hours to go. I am also a lot like Della because I don’t really let people in and when I do it is after knowing that I can trust them. If I feel that I can’t trust some one I become a bitch and don’t think just like Della and don’t let my true feelings show.

  22. I think i relate the most to Kylie and Della. Kylie because like her, my parent’s divorced when i was a teen, and my mother got a stupid new boyfriend too, which i have to say i did not like AT ALL! Della because of her bad attitude, past, and sassy mouth, i think i’m more like her! I definitely have a bad attitude, and i’m not afraid to speak my mind, i swear my sassy mouth opens on it’s own accord. And my past is very similar to hers. I wasn’t very close with my parents either, and most the time i felt like i was invisible to them too, so i totally understand her feelings! 🙂

  23. I can honestly say that I relate mostly to Kylie and Della because when I was little my parent’s seperated and i sorta have a sassy mouth and try not to show fear. I can really say that I’m more dominant as Kylie but just a little less dominant to Della but she is only a part of me that comes out at serious times like standing up for me or others or my family.

  24. I guess I relate the most to Della. It’s hard to express my emotions at time and so I am always on guard. Also, I am asain. 😀 I guess I also understand what Della goes through

  25. Oh, and I didn’t know you were dyslexic. If more people knew about it then people would have more faith in themselves and it comes to show that nothing is impossible if you try hard enough. You concured a disablity and now you entertain many many people. And it’s writing and reading and you’re an author so that is amazing! :.)

  26. I love reading these. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You guys are the greatest!!! I love hearing who you can relate to, because then I know I’ve done my job as a writer. Even with all the flaws, the gifts, and the personality quirks in these characters we always need to relate to them. To see ourselves in them.



  27. I can truly say I am a mixture of a lot of the characters. For Miranda because of her longing to get over her dyslexia, and not one to wait for things…. I am like Della because I truly value my friends and love them to death and would do anything for them. But then again, Kylie is most like me. My parents got divorced too. My dad found another and my mom was alone, so I pushed her to get back in dating. I have had friends who make bad decisions even though we all know she really isn’t a bad person. And I’m the same with the guys with Kylie, when I fall for one I stick with him until he breaks up with me. I then find another guy to fall for, but sometimes I am not over the next one. You can really understand Kylie’s actions. My friends tell me I am very strong mentally, and I feel like Kylie is too. Kylie is really lovable!

  28. Oh and for all the Lucas lovers I figured we need a Derek lover.
    Okay, think about it. If you loved someone so much, and they loved you too, but one person was holding you back so much, wouldn’t you be mad too? I have always loved Derek. From beginning to end. Lucas, I just feel isn’t right with her. They are really cute, Lucas and Kylie but truly? I’ve always felt like they never really fit together as one. Not as Derek and Kylie are. I feel almost like its the hunger games again. It’s like Gale is Lucas and Derek is Peeta. I feel like even though Katniss and Kylie both had a time where they were with their Peeta’s and then went back to their Gale’s, they both know that they love their Peeta’s still. They would die for either one of them. They love Gale/Lucas, but the magic will always be with the Peeta/Derek. If kylie and Derek end up together it will be like a fairy tale for both of them. Kylie will be able to forget about Lucas, but the Derek will always be holding her back from Lucas. And personally, I’d love to see Lucas and Fredricka end up together and Derek and Kylie! Team Lucricka and Dylie!! LET’S GO DEREK!

  29. I think I relate the most to Kylie. Physically we are very similar, blonde, bleue eyes…It’s not about character but it help when trying to identify with someone.
    As Kylie, I have problems at home between my parents and I often find myself between the two of them, it’s really hard when you don’t know how to deal with that. As Kylie I love my parents but it’s not something in which I can intervene.

    For me, she’s a caring person (not like Holliday and Derek but caring perso anyway) who sees when others don’t go well and try to help them. She occupies her mind with everything else to not think about her own suffering! And I’m exactly like that! ^^

    As Kylie I’m fearless when it comes to my friend and family. I think I could be a protector like her!

    In love, as her I saw my friend make bad decisions. I’m a romantic girl lol I just couldn’t do like her and I think exactly like Kylie about sex. Well, I didn’t have two hot guys after me ahah…. lucky Kylie!!

    Finaly I think I can relate to Dela for just one point. She reacts badly when Kylie left Shadow Falls because she was afraid her friend doesn’t come back…She thinks Kylie abandons her. Dela saw this act like betrayal. She doesn’t want to suffer again so it’s her way to protect herself…She’s tired of being desappointed… I react exactly like her!

    Soooo I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes and I hope you understand what I meant ahah :S

  30. I relate to Miranda the most cuz I’m dyslexic like her. it makes me so happy when she does well because I know how hard it is yo keep people from noticing and when I was younger I tried sooooo hard to keep it under wraps. now that I’m a little older I wear it with pride I love telling people so they can be shocked that I read as much as I do. Miranda makes me so happy because it isn’t very often that books have people with problems like that and it is so nice to resonate with a character on such a personal level. that being said I’ve totally got the Hoyt’s for Lucas and I love all your characters.:) lol

  31. I probably relate the most to Della. I have a sassy attitude, and i im very selective of my friends as well ( im not into those super cheery people either).

  32. I think i relate most to Della. First of all, I love her and she’s awesome. BUt I am a lot like Della. No, I am not a vampire, but I have had people hurt me in the past and that makes it hard for me to trust new people. My parents put a lot of pressure on me. Not so much that they think I’m on drugs and make me take those tests every half hour, but a lot of pressure nonetheless. I’m sure there are more reasons but I’m too tired to think of them right now. Maybe later…

  33. Just like Isaiah Aldridge I was also jumping up and down and I had this huge goofy grin on me and I was also eatting celery so I almost spit it on my mom and the laptop. My mom looked at me like I was an idiot. Well I am an Idiot Who Is Happy. (Universe: Just wait)

  34. Oh man! this is so hard! Like you C.C. I feel like I can relate to all of your characters in different ways. In some ways I guess I am like Miranda, being the goofy friend always making a mess! If I was a witch I would definately be turning my best friend’s cat into a Skunk and stuff like that.. I can also relate with Della because I can be sassy wether I want to or not. I can also be picky when it comes to friends but the friends that I do have I am extremely close with and protective of, just like Della. Those two characters are the two I would have to pick when it comes to relating to them.
    P.S. My best friend and I have a countdown going until Chosen at Nightfall is released! We are super excited!

  35. I never thought about it, but I am more like Miranda. I have dyslexia and it gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes with literature and math. I even thought Della’s name was Dellia, until a friend of mine pointed out that I needed to look again. I found my own way around it; I read books two sometimes three times so I know the words are right. I also have an odd fashion; I love to dye my hair different colors. It is like a mood ring in my hair. The person I wish I was is Della because she is strong and confident. She will hurt anyone who harms those she cares about, or if she just doesn’t like you. Della has really great self confidence, and she knows what she wants. Thank you for asking this question because it makes me feel good about relating to characters in your books.

  36. I connect with Perry the most… All throughout school and while growing up I’ve felt as if I had to change myself and how I act depending on who I was with at the moment. I felt as if I could never be myself and had to adapt myself constantly. Can’t wait till the 23rd!!!!!!

  37. I think of all the charters, i can relate most to Della. I am an extremely protective person, but i have a serious attitude problem, and i can be very stubborn sometimes; but the way i see it, if u can’t get past my stubborn outer side, then u might as well leave. I’m very straight forward and tell it how it is. but unlike della, i have many friends, and I’m not as held back as her. I love attention and have ABUNCH of friends; so I’m unlike her in the respect, but we definetitly have one similarity: STUBBORN.

  38. I think I’m mostly like Kylie because I’m some what shy, innocent but strong when it comes to helping out my friends.
    Team Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Can relate to Holidays character the most. I have always been the type to take in those that don’t know how to deal with there reality and and 29 I an the legal guardian to a high school senior how needed to be taken.

  40. I found your Shadow Falls 2 in 1 book at Target and thought this might be a fun read. Then as I started and found it was based in Houston, I had to find out more about you. I was rasied in Houston and went to camp outside there, but nothing like this summer camp…LOL I wish!

    I love to support local people espicailly when they are GREAT…I have put you in that collum!

    I finished the 2 in 1 in 3 days and have to drive to Beaumont to find the next book!!! The 2 in 1 will go to my friends at the Nederland Starbucks, because the joy of reading should always be passed on and paid forward, I only have 1 rule…Readed it Love it and Pass it on…ok well thats 3 rules.

    Thank you to the Gods for your gift of writing and thank you for sharing that gift with us the readers.

  41. hey cc, i think i relate more to della because i have a sassy mean side and i just love vampires and cc will you write more books cause you are such a great aouther i love you cc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Kylie, because sometimes I feel like I’m alone and no body understands me. Kylie actually motivates me to put myself out there more and try to embrace myself, flaws included. Can’t wait for Chosen at Nightfall!! Thanks for being such an amazing person and author:)

  43. i feel more like holiday. im warm and nice but can sometimes put a barrier between the people who love me and stuff. I AM SO READY FOR THE BOOK TO COME OUT!!!!!!!!!! LIKE I CANT GET IT TILL 2:40 TOMORROW BECAUSE I HAVE SCHOOL!!!!!!! UGH WHY CANT IT COME OUT TODAY *sobs* WHYYYYYY WWWHHHHHYYYYYYY

  44. I relate to Kylie really well because I am a a lot like her I don’t have many friends and struggle to make friends. I love this series and can wait for it to come out only a few hours to go

  45. I feel that I am a combination of Miranda and Kylie while wishing I would verbalize my attitude like Della. Instead I like to keep my smart comments inside (unless it’s really well deserved!). I’m not nearly as outspoken as Miranda but I definitely have her drive to succeed. On the other hand, I’m probably more like Kylie in most other aspects. I’m fairly shy and always put others before me. I would also like to think I would be a chameleon too. I see both the bad and good sides in people, my mood can change rapidly, and throughout my life I have never been given an easy hand, nor have I ever taken the easy road. I think it would be exciting and challenging to master being a chameleon, and knowing my luck, that’s probably exactly the hand I would be dealt. Except I probably would not handle it nearly as well as Kylie (hopefully does!), particularly communicating with spirits. That would freak me out!

    Thanks for writing such an amazing series =) When you write your next story, you can count me in as a loyal reader!

  46. I feel I can relate most to Helen and Miranda. They are complete opposites but they still are me. Like Helen I am shy and have my nose in a book. But like Miranda, when you know me I’m always smiling, just as quick to forgive as i am to Get mad. Feel like I’m a disappointment to my family. Am loyal to no end to my friends.

  47. my favorite scene is where kylie turns into a vampire and saves Holiday from dying. I love how she uses her strength to hurt the man and how all she does is look at holiday, that is a part where i cried.

  48. my favorite scene is where kylie turns into a vampire and saves Holiday from dying. I love how she uses her strength to hurt the man and how all she does is look at holiday, that is a part where i cried. You know how much i love these books and i hope everyone does to.

  49. my favorite scene is where kylie turns into a vampire and saves Holiday from dying. I love how she uses her strength to hurt the man and how all she does is look at holiday, that is a part where i cried. You know how much i love these books and i hope everyone does to. These books are the best

  50. I think I can relate to Kylie the most because like her my parents got divorced. The day my dad moved out my parents where fighting. Also like Kylie they were fighting right in front of me. I tried not to cry but i did. They’re my parents I didn’t want to see them fighting. I love them and it hurt seeing them fight. Also like Kylie my dad found someone else. And like Kylie sometimes I wished my parents would get back to together so we could be one happy family again.

    And like Kylie I had a friend that was my friend for a really long time. But then I twitched schools. We didn’t really talk much after that. And we only hung out a hand full of times. Like Kylie we slowly drifted apart. I still talk to my friend but we’re not as close as we used to.

    I can also relate to Kylie because when she went to Shadow Falls she found new friends that she had a lot more in common with. When I went to my new school I hung out with a group of ‘friends’. Then the next year a new group of ‘friends’. I guess like Kylie I drifted through different groups of friends. But unlike Kylie I didn’t have Sara. I drifted by myself. But like Kylie she eventually found the right friends. This year I found those friends and every day we get closer. I’m a lot happy. I laugh a lot more like Kylie did with Della and Miranda. And also like Kylie I like my new life better than my old because I found the right friends for me. People that are just as crazy and weird as I am.

  51. I think I relate to Kylie the most because I have had my boyfriend breake my heart by cheeting on me. No matter what some1 tells if I fell the need to I will do it. I would give my life for someone I love and care about my life is completed like Kylies and when I have a quest I won’t stop till I’ve fulfilled it

  52. i love the book I can relate to almost all of it with the love intrests and all you have that one guy that would give you the world one that is sexy and cant stop thinking about but you don’t know which one you want so you stay single and see them both in your own way and once you have made one mad you want him more than the other and think to yourself do I really need him and what did he give me that the other cant, then one you decide on the one you want the other comes back and you don’t know what to do I have had this happen to me and I cant wait to see what happens next…..<3

  53. I think I’m a mix of Della, Kylie, and Miranda. I can be very sassy, and I get pissed off easily, but I don’t always act like that. I can be like Kylie in the way of I honestly don’t know how to deal with my problems, and I have trouble accepting myself for who I am. I love Miranda for the fact that she is confident and the only people that can easily intimidate her is her family. I’m not dyslexic, but I do have trouble spelling, and my family are the only people that can easily intimidate me.

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