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This week, the release week of Chosen at Nightfall, I’m giving away tons of stuff.  Yes, tons!  Either a Kindle or a Nook, three Shadow Falls posters, copies of three other books by some other amazing authors, and a chance to name a character in my upcoming novel—which will be the first book of Della’s story.

Chosen at Nightfall (1)Yes, it’s here!!!  Kylie’s last book is out.  Her journey is complete.  I traveled with Kylie.  I’ve cried when she got her heart broken, I sighed with she got kissed.  I laughed when crazy things happened.  I felt Kylie’s pain when she learned that her parents weren’t perfect, but she found they didn’t have to be perfect for her to love them.  I have written and experienced Kylie’s life with her and so have you.

Do you remember when Perry turned into a cat?  Do you remember Kylie being kissed by Lucas down by the stream?  Or how about the warm, wonderful kisses she got with Derek when her world turned into a fairytale.   What was your favorite scene?  What part of Kylie’s journey have you enjoyed the most.  Boy, Kylie sure has come a long way since she first stepped on the bus to Shadow Falls Camp!

Today, I’d like to give away some neat prizes and ask for a some assistance in getting the word out, of creating buzz out there about Kylie, about the Shadow Falls series, and all the wonderful things she’s discovered along her life’s path.  What you have to do is either tweet/Facebook/ post something on your blog, or go out and tell someone about my book, tell them the parts you loved.  Then, leave a comment telling me your favorite scene.  I’m not only giving away a grand prize this week of a Kindle or Nook with a gifted copy of Saved at Sunrise, but I’m giving away three posters, a copy of Chosen at Nightfall, and because there are so many other awesome books out there releasing this month, I’m going to give one of each of the books, either print of e-book, posted below as well. (If you are reading this on Goodreads, you must post your comment on my blog page to win.) Unfortunately, I have to limit this giveaway to residents of the U.S.

Armentrout Apollyon (Convenant Series #4) 

by Jennifer Armentrout                                                           



The Rising

The Rising (Darkness Rising Series #3)

by Kelley Armstrong




The Elite

The Elite

by Kiera Cass




So make sure you help me get the word out there and make sure you leave a comment.  Then don’t forget to come back next week and see if you won.  Have a great week guys, and happy reading!!

In the Houston Area?

On Sunday, April 28th, I’ll be at Murder by the Book in Houston, TX at 2:00 pm.  I’ll be signing Chosen at Nighfall and revealing a few secrets. Shhh! And the first fifteen people to show up and buy a book will get a FREE Shadow Falls t-shirt. The next 25 people to show up and buy a book will get a signed Shadow Falls poster. To pick up your shirt or poster, just bring the line number you got the day the book went on sale. So come early. I really want to meet you and your friends!!! So,spread the word!

238 thoughts on “Win! Win! Win!

  1. That’s really funny, i became so excited about the book release tomorrow i “facebooked” about it already on my wall! There are a lot but my favorite scene would be when the teachers came and Kylie went out in the middle of the night/ they found some pretty interesting things out about the teachers. 😀

    • I was seriously counting down the days for the last book of the Shadow Falls book to come out. I wanted to stay in bed as long as I could before getting up for school. Then I here my mom ask who bought I book from Amazon and then I realized today is the 23rd. I ran downstairs to start reading Chosen at Nightfall on my kindle and this is the first time I have put it down since I got home. My favorite part of the series has to be when Kylie gets back to her home Shadow Falls, particularly when she is talking to Lucas. It was so nice of him to come and tell her his side of the story. I can never put this book. I can’t believe that this series is ending.

    • The Shadow Falls series has always been my inspiration, but also started my addiction to reading! (In a good way).

      My favourite scene was when Derek saved Kylie from the lion, there was so much drama and I especially liked it since I pick Derek over Lucas. This was a moment to remember and it gave off a mysterious occurance in the book that made me wonder…who put the lion in her bedroom? But now I know…

      I have yet to read the last edition to the series and will hopefully be getting it tomorrow *fingers crossed*. Team Derek! If he’s not chosen I think I will die… :'(

  2. OMG! I am so happy that the book is finally out! I have been waiting FOREVER!!! 🙂 Anyway, my favorite scene would have to be after Kylie met her grandfather in the cemetery and she was already changed into a vampire and when she was returning Lucas caught her and told her that he did not care that she was a vampire because he loved her no matter what supernatural she actually turned out to be. When I read that scene I was like “He’s so sweet! I want my own Lucas!!!” Also, I’m overjoyed that Chosen at Nightfall is out but I’m also sad because is this really your last book of the Shadow Falls series?! I’m in love with this series and the characters and am so sad that this is the last book… 🙁

  3. You can not believe how late I had to stay up to wait for the book to be published then order it, but it was worth it! I can’t wait to find out why kylie gets a pregnancy test but now I can find out how! I love the Shadow Falls series, C.C! Thank you so much for writing this!

    • But, my favorite scene is when Kylie is looking for Holiday and Fredericka comes with her and Kylie breaks open the door, throws that creepy teacher against the wall and saves Holiday with her healing powers. From the book Whispers at Moonrise. My FAV book!

  4. *-* I’ve wait SO LONG for the book to release and Now its the day, my 17. Birthday by the way, and in a few minuites I’ll buy it on the Kindle store and then noeone can talk to me till I’ve finished the book!
    Maybe My English is a little bit bad, because I am from Germany and I am so sad that the giveaway is always only fpr the US… I wish it would be for Germany to because I am such a fan of the books!!!
    But I want to tell what my favorite scene is because I love the books and it doesn’t matter for me if I can’t win anything at all! 🙂
    My Favorite Scene is when Kylie steped in to Hollidays office and saw Holliday and Burnett kissing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Pairing and I was SO Happy to read that they will marrie! It is definitly my OTP for this Book (OTP means “Own True Pairing”) and now I finish my writing because I wanna read Chosen at Nightfall!
    Greetings Fron Germany! <3

  5. My absolute favorite scene has to be at near the end of Awake at Dawn. The part with Lucas and Kylie was SO cute. I love the way that you made him cradle her against his chest and that he was the one who came and saved her instead of Derek. I’ve switched from Team Lucas and Team Derek often between the books and I hope that she picks Lucas even though he was such a… there’s really no word for what he did at the end of Whispers at Moonrise. I can’t wait to read Chosen at Nightfall!

  6. Omg I can’t wait to read it!!! I am an airplane mechanic, go to school full time and have 3 children so the only time I have to read is between calls at work and I still devour these books in about 2 days each!!! They have inspired me to start my own book!!! I reallt do need a kindle even if I dont when it because I spend way to much on books lol

  7. Oh wow my fave scene???? So difficult I love them all!!! I love when Kylie first realizes Shadow Falls is a camp of supernatural teens!! That opened up the whole world of Shadow Falls! I wanted to be there in that camp!! Im always back and forth between Derek and Lucas depending on who Kylie is into at the time but I gotta say I think Im team Derek!! Oh and when Della and Perry made up I was like FINALLY!! Great job making your readers feel like they are part of your stories!

  8. Love this series… and really Fave scene!!! Ahhh I’m not sure I can do that 🙁 Any Scene that has Kylie and Lucas is a fave of mine… So yeah I’m Team Lucas!!!

    SupaGurl Heather

  9. I already told all my friends about it, and were picking up the book right after school.
    My favorite scene would probably be when Kylie literally throws Fredericka out of her cabin.The werewolf so deserved it , and it made kylie look like a badass.

  10. Omg im getting da book right after school if its not raining real hard. But id love a poster. For either me or my friend Tori. She’s gonna be mad at me for getting on the website without her. But I’m excited

  11. Well if I could win a few items like posters etc. then I would be stop surprised lol.Oz let me Erin because I have literally nothing from the shadow falls novels. Thx

  12. My favorite part of the books would have to be every time Kylie would have those weird outer body experiences and she would be in the ghost’s body reliving their last horrible moments! I loved the description in those scenes it made you feel as if you were also in the book! Her ability to do that whether she liked it or not was very cool and made the book that much more awesome!

  13. So excited about this series. I love reading all well written genres and this series is written with such emotion. Have been sharing news with my friends since the beginning and will continue to do so.
    For favorite scene(s)…when Lucas and Derek are put in their place by Kylie.

  14. My favorite scene would have to be when Kylie healed Helen and just started glowing. No, scratch that, the best scene is when Kylie turned invisible and ended up in the boy’s bathroom. I don’t know, they are all sooooooooooo awesome I can’t decide
    I told my friends about them and one of them loves it and is going to read it!

    • I laughed so hard when I wrote that scene that my hubby came in to see what was going on. He should be so used to that by now! 🙂

  15. I just happened upon the Shadow Falls series and couldn’t put it down… I love all of them… I just finished Whispers at Moonrise last night… I would have to say my favorite scene is when Kylie goes to the graveyard to meet her grandfather and finds she a vamp and thnkks that Lucas isnt gonna like her anymore because of it and when she finds out he knows and he doesn’t care … I thought that was just sweet…. I have been a fan of both Derek and Lucas but even though Lucas made a bad choice I want Lucas to be the one she chooses…

    • That was hilarious! I also laughed when she hit him with what I believe was a paperweight in Holiday’s office. Ouch.

  16. I absolutely love this series! Several of my friends at work have read it also and we’ve been eagerly counting down the days to Chosen at Nightfall!

    I have two favorite scenes – the first is when Derek tells Kylie that he is so attuned to her feelings because he is in love with her. I’m not going to lie, I love Lucas, but Derek is so sweet, thoughtful, and amazing when it comes to Kylie that he’s my favorite! My second favorite scene is at the end of Whispers at Moonrise when Della races after Kylie to hug her goodbye. It brought tears to my eyes because, having come to know Della, I know how hard it is for her to care about another person and that watching Kylie leave, maybe forever, is harder on her than some of the other characters.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this series to life! It’s one of my all-time favorites!

    • Yup, Della doesn’t share her feeling easily, but my next series will be from her point of view, so you’ll be in her head. You’ll see a whole new side to Della!

  17. My favorite scene is the fight in the cafeteria between the shape shifter and Perry over Miranda. Especially when Miranda accidently turned Burnett into a Kangaroo!! Really there are too many to choose from, a lot of sweet and romamtic scenes, a lot of intense and heroic scenes but this one was the funniest by far!

    • Burnett getting turned into a kangaroo seems to be one of the all time favorite scenes. I think if it had been anyone else, it wouldn’t have been as funny.

  18. My favorite scene is when Della, Miranda, and Kylie are sitting in the cabin and Miranda is trying to get Kylie to use magic. When she agrees, she accidentally zaps in an actor because Della throws off her concentration. I laughed very hard when that happened. I would have to say though, that when Kylie and Miranda donate blood for Della I was very moved. Congratulations on the release of “Chosen at Nightfall!”

    • Some of my very favorite scenes to write are the ones with Kylie, Della and Miranda just being friends and sharing things like this.

  19. I am so exited!! This is one of several book series that is ending this year for me, so I’m so sad about it, but can’t wait to find out what happens!

  20. I changed my Facebook status to say that this book is out today!

    There are so many scenes that I loved in this series. When Kylie turns herself invisible by accident. When Kylie pounds Barnett’s “boys” with the paperweight. When Miranda turns Barnett into a kangaroo. Kylie buying the pregnancy tests. Kissing Derek. Kissing Lucas.

    I’m both happy and sad this series came to an end. But I’m SOOO excited about Della’s story!

  21. Don’t forget to tweet/Facebook/post about the release of “Chosen at Nightfall.” Share this mega giveaway with your friends. Let’s get some buzz going!!!!

  22. My favorite scenes are really all the good and sweet stuff with Derek and Kylie… Barnett and Holiday’s bickering comes in second lol. I shared the link on facebook and posted it on my status! MY twitter is acting funny and won’t let me sign in 🙁

  23. My favorite scene was when Miranda turned Burnett into a kangaroo and he hopped around the dinning hall very angry. Lol while trying to breaking up a fight between perry and Clarke. 🙂

  24. I have been waiting forever! Can’t wait to read it! Because I’m confined to the house for the time being (illness) my hubby is going up to get it for me. I had the bookstore put a copy back for me! 🙂 I can’t wait another day!

  25. Yay its finally out!! So excited!! I’ve been trying to get my friends into this series :3 its so good~
    Anyway, my favorite scene I’d say is when Perry disguises himself as a cat and waits at Kylie’s door and they all fawn over him and think he’s the cutest thing. Until they try to figure out his gender 😛 I love Perry and Miranda together. Not sure if I’m team Lucas or Derek cause they both did something really bad to Kylie that hurt her 🙁 I LOVE the Holiday and Burnett pairing 🙂 Can’t wait to read this book!!

  26. I’m so ready to start reading this book! I gotta wait on it to come in though since I preordered it from Amazon. I could have gotten it on the kindle but there is just something about reading from the actual pages you know? I dont have a favorite scene that jumps out at me. I love all the funny moments, Burnett as a kanagroo, Perry as a deaf cat, and anytime Kylie does something that surprises everyone. I’ve been telling my friends to read this series and this summer I plan to start a book club at the youth center with the teens where I work and I’m pretty sure this series will be where we start!

  27. Ok, so I have to admit that I have yet to read any of your books! I am one of those people that like to get lost in a series & can’t read anything else until I am finished. So that’s where I am right now, at the end of a series of books. I am getting there! I have recently found you, thanks to Facebook’s suggestion that I check out your page, & I am so excited to start reading your Shadow Falls series. I have tried so hard to not read any of the other comments so that nothing will be given away. I hate it when that happens. I like to be left in the dark, so that I can find out what happens on my own.
    I know how exciting it is for me on “New Release Day”! I just can’t imagine how it feels for the author, especially when it is the final book of a series! Eek!! So congrats to you, Miss Hunter!!!! 🙂

  28. I am soo excited that Chosen at Nighfall is finally out! I stumbled upon the serious when I downloaded the book Turned at Dark for free and from there I was so into the series already. I read alot of series and I hate when Im on the last book, I always feel like I am losing a piece of me. I get into the series so much that I feel like I am right there along side with them. I have to say out of all the books Ive read this is the best series and I want to read the last book but Im sad that its the end. : / Kylie is such a great character to follow in the book. Im glad you picked her because it could of been any of them. I just love her personality and just her friendships with Miranda and Della. My favorite prt was in the beginning with the kiss from Lucas. Just the way you write in the book makes me feel all romantic and reinds me of how my husband and I used to be when we where kids. (We are high school sweethearts 10 yrs this year together) I know I said Lucas and Kylie’s kiss was my favorite but I am all for Team Derek. I have already told my sister and her frinds about the books (She is 16) and got them hooked on it. I hae posted on facebook about it and will tweet it on twitter. Thank you for introducing me to the Shadow Falls crew and I hope in the future maybe they will me a tv series, even though the book will be 100% better. They always are especially written by you. Thank you again c.c.

  29. Loving this last Kylie book. Lucky me it arrived yesterday so I got a head start, woo hoo! So far I’m rooting for Lucas and my favorite scene is when Kylie, Burnett and Holiday are walking to the falls and the latter two are talking about getting married and co-habitating. I can’t wait to get home and continue reading!!

  30. Can’t wait to start reading! I’ve shared your book with so many friends! And while there are so many things I love in the books like when Kylie realized Lucas isn’t someone to fear or when she crashes thru a wall to save him, my favorite part would have to be Kylie’s relationship with her mother. I know it’s odd bus as someone who has had a strained mother daughter relationship, watching them grow has given me hope for my own relationship.
    Thank u so much for what you do!

  31. I am a lucas fan even though I would love to punch him for what he did in the last book…..
    but I melted when He took her to the stream to show her the dinosaur fossils because the raw hunger of his kiss and how badly he wanted her was well written…..

    Cant wait to read this 🙂 I’m right in the middle of another book….normally I would put it aside and jump right in but I know I will be sad and mopey for a few days when I am done with this book….

  32. I am so excited for it to finally be out, in have waited what feels like a life time just to read it,I had it preordered on my nook and right at midnight I started reading it. Thank you so much for writing these books, they are incredible!!!! My favorite part would probably be when Lucas brings Kylie to where the dinosaur fossils are. Thank you again 🙂

  33. Omg!!!! No more waiting… (i just started dancing at my college and people looked at me weird)…now I can have both saved at sunrise and chosen at nightfall… 🙂 my favorite scene so far is when Kylie saw and discover that ‘everything’ about her got ‘big’… like her boobs… I just couldn’t stop laughing and I can related to what happened to her because it happened to me. I woke up and I found myself so different, and when I read it I was just in ‘awww’ mood that to a character of one of my favorite books it happen too. I am so excited and nervous..and I most say you are an amazing author and love your books. Can’t wait to read about Della’s books coming soon. Just to wait a little more but I am sure it will be worth of it. 😉 and believe me when I say that I have spread the word EVERY WHERE that I think people are starting to hate me 😉 .

  34. I am so excited to finish the series!!! One of my favorite scenes in the books would be in Awake at Dawn where Miranda and perry are fighting and Kylie and Della are watching. I don’t want to include spoilers so that’s all I’m going to say. But that scene was so cute and then heartbreaking and I just lived it :)!!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway and I will defiantly be tweeting and telling all my friends about this wonderful series!

  35. I have loved reading the Shadow Falls series. I have enjoyed reading pretty much all the scenes in the books. I have not had the chance to read the last book that came out today but I will very soon. There might be a scene in that book that I love. But I would have to go with right now that all the scenes with Perry have been hilarious. Also the scenes with Burnett and Holiday fighting and Burnett interacting with the students. Such as the dance scene when he is turn into a Kangroo by Miranda. Also Miranda thinking that Kylie’s cat is Perry and trying to punish it while Kylie is sleeping or when she turns Kylies’ cat into a skunk. There is so many scenes that I love I can’t list them all. I have not even got to the scenes with Delia and Kylie and her boys. I can’t wait to read the last book and expect nothing but the best from CC Hunter.

  36. I’m so excited!!! I’m going out and buy it right after school!!! 😀 to ask me my favourite part now wouldn’t work because I know it will be in the last book <3 but my fav part SO FAR! Well then, that would definitely be when… Well actually that is very hard to pick. After me and my friend read the first 4 we discussed all fav parts of the books together, but when Kylie found out that Burnett asked Holiday to marry him <3

    I can't say whether I am team Derek or Lucas, I love different things about them,
    I'm angry and Lucas right now though!

    So to be fair to the series, every part is my favourite part, even if Kylie is almost dying, she makes it through in the end <3

  37. I’m so0o0o excited that Chosen at Nightfall came out today!! My favorite part would be when Kylie walked into her room & found a skunk laying on her bed & then realizing that Miranda had turned Socks into a skunk! I could not stop laughing! 🙂

  38. Almost finished reading it.

    I admit, I had hoped it would be Derek in the end, and was disappointed that he found interest in Jenny, but even I could never deny the already-existing chemistry between Kylie and Lucas, and knew something like that would be impossible to replace. Even before the book published, I sort of found this the most likely resolve.

    And I guess I’ll just be happy things are working out. It’ll probably take a while to get used to it though.

  39. Hi, Christie. I left a comment on your FB. I wasnt sure where you wanted your comment.. but I found it! Well, I have been stuck in what people call a fairy-tale lands. Or something like that. I am a person that believes in the supernatural with every ounce of my body. I LOVE your writing. I absolutely love Kylie and Lucas. Every favorite scene I have has Lucas in it. He is such a well built character. I love the kiss in the creek and the letter sent by Lucas while he is gone.. which hurt. I hated that he left. I felt for Kylie.. I have to say, once again, my favorite scene is when Lucas gives Kylie Socks Junior. It was a very nice idea. He also said it wasn’t him that ate her cat. I cant say I ever thought he did. Thank you, for writing such amazing booms. Developing such beautiful and well thought out characters. I hope to see side stories for Miranda. Miranda and Della would be amazing roommates. I love all the fights they get into. Those have to be more of my favorite scenes.. they always have something feisty to say. Love it. (:

    <3 Kaela.

  40. I have to say I have to many favorite parts, but one of them is when Miranda turned socks into a skunk and Fredrickia gets sprayed by him. Another favorite part is when Lucus father shows up and Kylie stands up for her friends.

  41. OMG!!! I am so excited about Chosen at Nightfall these books have given me my own inspiration to write a book i haven’t gotten very far simply because its hard work but i love it. My favorite part is any time Kylie goes to the falls and i like how Bernett was able to go to the falls too. Its like I’m living in the book. i have recently donated my book series to a library where a lot of my friends are reading them and i love that i can talk about the books with them. I also have them in E-books so I love these books and thanks so much for writing them:)

  42. I love the seen when Kalie woke up with the smell of roses and then see Lucas! or the part when their fighting about his enagement and he yells (I LOVE YOU!) At her! I love reading your books and I can’t wait till my copy gets here!

  43. I am so excited to read the book! I downloaded it this morning and read a little and can’t wait to get off work and read the rest!!! I think one of the silly favorite parts that I like is when Kylie bring Zac into the kitchen with her little pinkey!!! I was cracking up out loud and like to read that!!! And then when Lucas is behind her and hears what happened that just makes it better!!!! thanks so much for the great stories and the laughter!!!!

  44. I’m SUPER excited that this comes out today! YESSSS!!! I pre-ordered mine so it should be coming in the mail some time today…I cannot wait! I just posted on Facebook about this series, and I really hope that someone gets into these books because of it because these books are near and dear to my heart. I love them.

    I was trying to think of my favorite scene in the series, and I frankly can’t because there are too many. I love every scene where Kyle goes into “protector” mode, I love the interactions between her, Miranda, and Della, and of course I love the interactions between her and Lucas and her and Derek (although a lot of them are good AND bad at the same time).

    I have experienced pretty much every emotion possible during this series, and I am just so excited to see how it all ends.

  45. P.S. If you have already read “Chosen at Nightfall,” please try to either note in your comment that it contains spoilers, or not post the spoilers where everyone can read them, being that not everyone has gotten their book yet. Thank you :o)

  46. I am so happy that it is out now. My favorite scene was in “Awake at Dawn” when Miranda turned Socks into a skunk. I laughed when I read that park. :p That was by far my favorite part of the series (well, besides all the Kylie and Lucas moments)

  47. I have loved the Shadow Falls series forever and I always will, every time a new book comes out I re-read the other books before I read that one. My favorite scene, there are so many of them, one though is when Derek tells Kylie he loves her. I love them together <3

  48. Every time i pick up one of your books, I am consumed by your amazing fairytale world of Shadow Falls. It is hard to have to put down your books to either run errands, do chores, or go to school/work. I am super old school, and I am going to talk about the very beginning…. It was funny that she was shocked how the short bus driver drove the bus *lol*. I love when Kylie was scared that Miranda’s honking toad was not seen by her anymore and so she pulled her legs up…. I loved when she was super astonished that Perry turned into a unicorn. It was funny that she was weirded out by the eyebrow twitches. I love all of the books, but I am sad that the series has come to a conclusion.
    Della will now rule the spotlight! Go Della!

  49. My favorite scene was when Holiday was in her bed and Burnett proposed to her. It was such a touching scene. It was funny of what Holiday said about *trying to think about the scene by heart* it went something like the *not going to use the word* idiot just proposed to me. It’s funny about how she almost died for him to realize how much he loves her. 🙂

  50. Finally the wait is over!! hopefully I can buy my copy today or else I might go insane!! I have read the teasers you have gave us over and over again because I can’t wait to read the book! My favorite scenes are when Holiday tells Kylie that Burnett proposed to her its so sweet and funny, sweet because they are finally together and funny because Holiday told Burnett why they just couldn’t live in sin together hahaha so cute and funny…My other facorite scene would be in Awake at Dawn when Kylie gets taken by Mario and Red and because she learned a lot about herself that night and Lucas was amazing that night too…I have plenty of more favorite scene but I’ll just leave it at that.. can’t wait to read Chosen at Nightfall!! Love your books C.C.

  51. I am so excited for this release. i read all the books within 2days. i just couldn’t put it down. i love the charaters. i am a big fan of your work. keep up the great writing. i doubt i will win. i never do 🙁 but just know that these books allow people to escape and to get lost in the world of Kyle and her friends. and i thank you for allowing me to be apart of their world for a little while

  52. told my sister and cousins about the series and for them to read the books! I have a lot of favorite scenes but one of them is when Miranda was trying to bring Socks back and nothing happened but when Kylie did it, it worked!

  53. My favorite part in the book was when kylie and lucas was at the stream I felt it it made my stomach fill with butterflies.. I have posted the book release to my facebook.. this is one of the best series I have read I wish it wasnt ending. Thank u for a great heart warming series .. the action the love…

  54. I’ve posted mutliple things on my blog, over the past few years. Recently I did post a special little do-diddity about the release of Chosen at Nightfall! I was a Street Team member so lots of B&N’s in my area have the bookmarks stuck in all the books that were on the shelf at the time. I posted a review of Chosen at Nightfall just last week.

    I loved this series! So looking forward to Della’s story to come!

  55. Hey C.C. hope your as excited about the release as I am. I finally got my copy of chosen at nightfall yesterday. Im not very far into it yet but for all you other reader its a must have. I believe this book really gives all the other books purpose and sums it all up perfectly. but as I said I have more to read and will post more about it when I finish. I want to take my time with this book and not rush through it after all the wait. I have two favorite scenes in the series and I can choose between them. The first is during the vampire ritual when kylie takes a sip of blood and then completely loses herself in it. I absolutely loved the reactions from her and more so of all the other campers. And the second is when kylie learns that she can run fast. I think above any of the powers in the books the endurance and speed in which she can run is so amazing. The surreal feeling kylie gets when she runs is something that I envy alot. I think we all wish we could just run away from all our problems if even for just a few hours.

  56. I Love this series soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! I started reading this series when only the first two books were out, and I have preordered all the books since then. And every time a new book comes out I reread all the other ones. I’m currently in the middle of another series right now and I can’t just stop reading it but I’m trying to read it really fast so I can reread the shadow fall series and then the new one. But I go to a boarding school and they keep me really busy so I don’t know when I’ll get to read it. ='( This series is my Favorite I have ever read and there are just too many scenes to pick from that could be my favorite but I really like that socks got turned in to a skunk. I can’t wait to find out what happens!

  57. Omg I am so excited to get this last installment of Kylie’s story! I can’t wait to see if she will pick lucas or derrick (team lucas 🙂 ). Omg I have so many Favorite scenes but if I had to choose one it would be when lucas took Kylie to the fossils and she fell in the river lol it was hilarious and I loved seeing her realize just how much her feelings towards him had changed.

  58. Im encouraging so many people to read this epic series that you have written. One of my favorite scenes was when Kylie was fighting the rogue vampires near Shadow Falls camp. She used her super strength, (which was so epic) to help out. I love how Kylie is so heroic with her abilities!!!

  59. Hi cc! I laterally just told my friend about shadow falls and i agreed to let her borrow it. I am excited to het her into you’re books just like i am!! I am very excited chosen at nightfall has come out! Im so pumped about reading it. My favorite Scene is where kylies dad shows up on the porch and finally tells kylie she is a chameleon i hope you consider me! If you do i will immediately buy the books!! (: bye!

  60. My favorite scene was when Kylie met her father as a ghost, and as she is learning who he is, she is also learning more about herself and more about the family that she did not know she haved. It made me cry when she realized that it was her father, and I cried when she met her grandparents ♥ ♥ ♥ I told my friend about this series, since we share the same love and types of books, and told her she needs to absolutely read these books because they are AMAZING. I can’t wait to read this book tonight when I get home. <3 <3 <3

  61. Hi there! First, I am so sad that this contest is for US only (I live in Canada) and second I just want to say that I am a 40 yr old mother of a teenage girl who got me HOOKED on Kylies adventure!
    My favorite part of the books was when Kylie was arriving at the bus to go to the camp for the 1st time and how she was explaining all the other kids (I was trying to guess which kind of supernatural they were!!) EPIC!!
    Anyways, we (daughter & I) will have to wait until our local library gets the newest book as we are a single parent family with limited income so we will impatiently wait for this to happen (the library doesnt even have it “on order” status yet *sniff*
    Will facebook my love for this series & have my daughter tweet it as well!
    Thanks for writing this wonderful series and making it enjoyable for both mother & daughter! xo

  62. C.C I’ve already gotten three people to read Shadow Falls series and they all loved it. My friends Makenze Kristen and Amy all are buying their own copies of the series. I’ve read every book serveral times except for Saved at Sunrise and Turned at Dark because I don’t have a way to read e books. I really want to be able to say I won something this week because I’ve followed your blog faithfully every since I first foynd it. I’ve commented every week and have yet to win anything.
    My favorite scenes would have to be when Kyle is with Derek by the creek. I love the way everything happened. I love when Kylie is with Lucas outside the camp after she meets her grandfather too. And when she jumps into the fight between Perry and Kevin. Wow ok so maybe I can’t pick one favorite scene. I love them all! Thank you C.C for creating this amazing world full of magical creatures that I love to read about!

  63. I am so excited about this book!! I am so in love with Lucas I hope that I will not be disappointed but I love Kylie, Miranda, and Della too. I am excited to see what becomes of them. Then there is Holiday and Burnett!! Oh I just love them all!! I hate to see such a wonderful series come to an end but that is how life goes!! : ) Do not tell on me but I have been reading on and off at work all day!! ; )

  64. It’s so hard to pick one but I really laughed when Burnett got turned into a kangaroo by Miranda! I have posted a couple times on Facebook but I will put the word out on twitter too;) good luck everybody!!

  65. Wow. Just wow.

    I wanted to just start off by saying congrats on your release of Chosen at Nightfall, CC! (: I’m actually kinda sad that this series will be ending but I’m really excited to move onto Della’s story. I’ve told some of my close friends about the books, and I fan girl with them all the time in school, and we’re really excited to get our own copy of Chosen at Nightfall. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

    Let’s see, I can’t seem to choose between some of my favorite scenes (I have lots, lol), But I gotta say, my most favorite scene throughout all the books, would have to be the scene right before the end of Whispers at Moonrise. The part where Lucas came and try to defend himself and Kylie finally understood that Lucas belonged to his pack and people. And so did she. The part where she remembered her stepfather’s words, “Don’t ever fall in love, princess. It hurts too much.” Just wow. Just plain beautiful. I mean, I feel bad that Kylie had to go through everything involving her love interests, but to understand that love does hurt is just plain incredible.

    I love it.

  66. I’ll be honest I haven’t read any of this series yet but I would like to, they sound great!!!! I posted the new book on my FB page, I have friends that I think would love this series as well.

  67. I’m about to cry!! I feel so sad that it’s the last book but at the same time I’m really excited to see how it all ends up. Thank you C.C. Hunter for giving me some of the best years of my life:) can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! My favorite moment was when Kylie threw Perry out of her room after she figured out he was pretending to be a cat. And the threat she made at him if he ever did that again….it still makes me laugh just thinking about it lol oh and the scene when Kylie’s mom fries her dad’s shorts, priceless and its what started it all. I shared on my FB page btw, good luck everyone!!!

    • It may be Kylie’s last book, but I am writing Della’s series next. And she is one vampire with attitude to spare. So watch for that one! And if you haven’t read Saved at Sunrise or Turned at Dark, they are both about Della and a great intro to her series.

  68. OMG. I just instagrammed it. I just bought it: and I’m sooooo excited to read it!! I think my favorite scene was when she was with Lucas. or maybe when she was at his wedding because if was just so intense and I felt so many emotions I’ve never felt before. it was super exciting. I can’t wait to read Della’s story too. xoxo jana.

    • Oh and my favorite scene has got to be right after Lucas betrays Kylie and he finally says ‘I love you’. Granted it may have been too late but I am hopeless romantic to think they they still love each other no matter what happens. I am so glad they end up working everything out!

  69. hey cc i cant wait to get your book tonight because im going to the store with my mom to get it last night i was counting down the hours than an 1 hour before it was i decided to stay up until midnight and my friends say ” i dont live in a real world ” *sigh* wish were true love all the little monsters at shadow falls and i love you cc.I will NEVER forget this series. xoxox sierrah

  70. **** Spoiler ****
    I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy and loved it. My favorite scene (of the whole series) was definitely when Kylie was buying those pregnancy tests and bought them with her mom’s credit car and her mom was yelling at her, thinking it was for her. When her dad said it would ruin their summer plans to go hiking, I had to close the book just to laugh for half an hour. Kylie has go through so much embarssament. Love her, though.
    If you’d like to read my review of CHOSEN AT NIGHTFALL, click on this link:

  71. I’ve told so many people about your book and spreading the word even more the past few days. Im sad that Kylie’s journey is ending but Della’s adventure is just beginning. Though its ending Shadow Falls will always have a place in my heart and on my bookshelf. I remember the time I had saw your books at Barnes and Nobles.I ran straight in to buy the first 4 books and used up most of my money my parents gave me to spend for buying clothes. I didn’t care about how my parents or friends would react when I bought books instead of clothes. I was just ecstatic and so,so happy when I walked out the door.

    My favorite memories from your series was when:
    1) Kylies mom grilled her Dad’s shorts
    2) The 6 of them saw Perry transform into a unicorn in Holidays office
    3) Lucas kissed Kylie at the dinosaur tracks
    4) Kylie found out the kitten she was holding was actually Perry, checked his genitals,and threatened him
    5) Lucas gave Kylie Socks Jr.
    6) Burnett gets changed into a Kangaroo
    7) Kylie,Miranda,and Della told each other what they were doing over break
    8) Lucas tries to save Kylie from Mario
    9) When Kylie and Lucas finally hookup
    10) Perry kisses Miranda
    11) Socks Jr. sprays Fredericka
    12) Kylie throws Selynn
    13) Kylie conjures up a boy with a six pack
    These are only some of them but, I dont want to make the list longer, because I’m pretty sure your going to be reading a lot more comments.
    Congrats on the end of an amazing series and hopefully writing many more series to come.
    Oh! When I found out that Chosen at Midnight and The Elite were released on the same date, i was jumping around and screaming so much…my parents thought I went crazy.

  72. I got the advance reading copy when I came to one of CC Hunter’s book signings and you wouldn’t believe it because I read Chosen at Nightfall and it jut filled my heart. And I can’t wait till the first book in Della’s point of view comes out since her life is turning interesting. Moreover, I think that my favorite moments of this book were when Lucas was being pacified over his grandmother’s death by Kylie. Then the part where Kylie showed the courage and managed to kill Mario without fearing that she wouldn’t make it through. And then like every true fan of the Shadow Falls Series who wouldn’t love the make out scenes? Since I did.

  73. Ahh super excited for the finial book!! Honestly I haven’t waited as long as some people I just started reading the series maybe last month and have been totally addicted to them!! Its all I can talk about with my friends and sister! Got them reading ’em now too!!
    Actually I’m half way through “Whispers at Moonrise” my favorite part has to be when Derek tells Kylie not to break his heart. I swooned and sent a pic of just that paragraph to my friend her response, “aww!! I wanna read!!” I’ve laughed gotten teary eyed. This series has had me on an emotional roller coaster! I love it!
    so Team Derek!!

  74. I reread all the other books last week. About halfway through chosen and loving it. I can’t wait for Della’s series!

  75. I love your series so much and anticipating Chosen at Nightfall since Whispers at Moonrise was released. I cant wait to get my hands on a copy. Shadow Falls is the first series that I have enjoyed soo much that I never get tired of reading it. I’ve hooked so many of my friends on this series, that we’re all going to Barnes and Nobles today to buy Chosen at Nightfall. My favorite scenes were the funny ones like: when Burnett changes into a kangaroo and Holiday tells Miranda not to change him into anything when she’s not here. Or when Kylie finds out that the kitten was Perry in the first book. Whatever the scene, your books have brought me to tears, hysterical fits of laughter, delight, and just a whole bunch of feelings at once. For that, I thank you.

  76. Omg…loved it. My only question is why so little loving/sweet time with Lucas and Kylie? I wish there would have been a little epilogue about their trip. It’s the last of them and I thought they deserved a little more screen time. Anyway, I loved the ending it was great, funny touching

  77. Shadow Falls is ending. I loved this series like a best friend and now I felt as if I had lost it. My sister had been the one recommending this series to me and I read it (loved it <3) and told my friends all about it and then they started reading it. Starting last Friday, my friends and I started rereading the first 4 books in the Shadow Falls Series to celebrate the release of Chosen at Nightfall. We're also going to go buy our books tonight. We went to the Festival of Books (in Los Angles,CA) and wished that you were there. Hopefully you can be there next year and we'll be able to meet you. Thank you for writing an awesome series and congrats on finishing it. My friends and I cant wait to read about Della's series. Can you tell me what's the series name or title of the first book?

  78. I am soooo excited to read chosen at nightfall! And have soo many favorite scenes. But my favorite by far is when Lucas rescues klyie when she was kidnapped. I just thought it was so cool how he found her and it showed he really cared for her. Again such a good series and I am sad it ended but I am excited to read the series about della.

  79. Thank goodness I spent the beginning of this month re-reading the first four books! Now my memory is refreshed just in time for this question. My favorite scene out of all the books was when Derek told Kylie he loved her in “Whispers At Moonrise.” I love that part so much because I still remember when I read it the first and second time my heart stopped for a second from the sweetness of that moment. That was when I realized what a great guy Derek is and that she should be with him despite her going out with Lucas. I still want her to be with Derek, but I need to buy “Chosen At Nightfall” ASAP! Oh, and I said “Happy Book-Birthday to ‘Chosen At Nightfall’ on twitter! I hope that helps. I’ve also been telling my friends about how much I love this series 🙂

  80. Omg! I just got my book today! Can’t put it down (suspense…….)^_^. Well anyways, my fave part was…. I have soo many, but I guess the part was when she knocks down Derek’s door and…..^_~. And I was soo sad about the series ending, but it’s high time for DELLA! I am soo curious about Lee qms Steve. O_o. I thank you soooooo much for writing these books and decididng to fontinue them!

  81. YES! SOOOOO Happy!! I have been checking the countdown also everyday! So excited!!! Hmmmm…. my favorite scene out of all the books has to be when Perry turns into a cat and the girls check his balls out! SOOO Funnnny! I laughed so hard my sides hurt! Love it!

  82. Yay! I can’t believe Chosen at Nightfall is out. I can’t wait to read it! You are my favorite author. My favorite part would be when Kylie saves Holiday from dying in Whispers at Moonrise.

  83. I’m glad that Chosen at Nightfall has finally come out because I have been waiting for this book for like, forever! I can’t wait to read it and I hope I might be one of the lucky winners for the giveaway prizes. I just love the series. My favorite scene was in Awake at Dawn where Kylie broke through the wall of Derek’s cabin and walked in on him when he was taking a shower, not to mention seeing him naked!! It was like OMG I can’t believed she actually did that because if it were me in that situation, I would be totally embarrassed.

  84. Wow CC!!
    Did you all know that the Elite came out the same day as Chosen at Nightfall? I bought both IMMEDIATELY, but sorry Kierra Cass, I had to start with Miss Kylie Galen. 🙂
    So, my favorites scene? I don’t know! I do know though, that I love the lunch scene from the latest book. :p No spoilers here though….
    Thanks for telling about the Houston thing!! I’m in California then but maybe JUST maybe I can convince my mom to let me come!!
    Wish me luck!!!!

  85. What is my favorite scene?! That is an impossible question to answer! D: I just absolutely love the whole series all together! I love Kylie’s personality and her cat/skunk Socks. I love her relationship with Miranda and Della. I love how strong the three girls are in this book! GIRL POWER:D.

    I know I truly loveeeee a book when I get fully pulled in and cant put it down until I finish it. That is exactly how I was/am with the Shadow Falls novels because I can fully relate to Kylie! I think her character is inspiring and I’m so sad that this is the last book:(. But I’m also so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for it to get here:D. I absolutely love your books and think you have an amazing way with words!<3333 Lastly, I've been spreading the word since the first book and I'll continue to do so!!!:D I hope you continue to write more books because I'll definitely read anything that you publish!:)

  86. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I am going down to Barnes and Nobles today to get Chosen At Nightfall. There is a whirlwind of emotions going threw me right now, and even though it is sad that Kylie’s story is ending we get amazing news that Della will have her own book series, YAY. Not only that but this amazing contest is available, the is seriously my favorite blog, my favorite series, and C.C you are truly an amazing author!

  87. Oh my gosh! I finished Chosen at Nightfall and it couldn’t have ended any better than it did! I can’t wait to hear Della’s story next!

  88. The funny part is I can’t single out on one of my favorite parts because there are so many. C.C thanks for the amazing series. I been waiting forever for Chosen at Nightfall to come out and now it’s finally here. Every since I picked up Born at Midnight I couldn’t put down the book and the same with all the other books. Your books are like the first books I spent hour after hour reading because I enjoyed your books so much. After I read the first four books in the series I was waiting for the fifth book to come out so I read other books. Those books I spent hours and hours reading. I realized that I really loved reading. Books have brought me into adventures that I would have never thought possible if I didn’t like reading. I’m reading a different book every other day. Being brought into amazing adventures every day. And I want to thank you for bringing me into this amazing adventure with Kylie because it felt like I was right along side with her, doing her crazy ninja moves on people (like Fredricka. I had to laugh at that part, it was hilarious) or when she was really frightened(like when she was in one of the dreams the ghost gave her). So if I had to pick a favorite part(I could say the whole series because the books were pretty amazing) I would say it would have to be when Kylie was sitting at the table with Della and Miranda because they had some very interesting conversations at that table. Always laughing. The thing I like about Kylie, Della, and Miranda is that they always helped each other out even if they fought with each other or were in a really bad mood. They were bestfriends. A team. And I wish all friends could be like that. A team. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. So I need to say this one more time, Thank You C.C Hunter for writing this series. I really loved it.
    P.S. You should make this series into movies. I would love to see them.
    P.S. #2 Sorry for writing such a long comment. I guess I just had a lot to say that I wanted to share with you. Thanks again!

  89. Oh wow, there are a lot of comments, so I don’t really expect this to be seen by anyone, but might as well give it a shot, you know?
    I have whole lot of favorite scenes, and for the life of me , I cannot choose just one! My favorites were when she was alone with Derek or Lucas, because I’m a sucker for romance, and whenever I read one of those scenes, I was literally sighing with happiness. I could only dream of having a guy care about me as much as they cared about Kylie. I’m sighing again!!!
    I’m so sad that the series over, but it was an amazing journey and I’m so thankful that I happened to be one of the people that got to experience it with you and Kylie.
    Thank you C.C.!

    • Don’t worry I saw your comment. And your right when Kylie was with Derek and Lucas it was really cute. It wasn’t the same old same old love triangle. It was new and thats what I liked about it.

  90. I love your series! I’m so sad that Kylie’s story is ending though… but still can’t wait to get my hands on Chosen at Nightfall! My favorite scene was the kissing scene with Kylie and Lucas at the stream, it was so adorable! You are an amazing author and one of my favories! 🙂

  91. I cannot believe that this series is coming to a conclusion so quickly! It seems just like yesterday that I picked up Born at Midnight at Barnes and Noble and finished it within one day. I am so sad to see it come to an end, but I am so excited to read the finale to this marvelous series! I have so many favorite memories- though I’d have to say that my favorite scene was when Kylie and her mom finally had a decent conversation and when Kylie finally figured out the truth between her bickering parents and the ghost that was constantly following her, it may not be romance, but it’s still a touching moment- while reading these and I will continuously read them over and over no matter what.

  92. There are so many scenes that I loved; whether they were scary, action packed, shocking, romantic, enlightening, heartbreaking. Although I loved the romance, the paranormal, and the friendships in the series, it has been the scenes with family that stick out to me. A scene that has stayed with me since the beginning was in the first book when Kylie’s father was leaving and they were in the drive way. It completely broke my heart. That sense of abandonment that she felt and struggled with really resonated with me. (As a daddy’s girl myself, it hurt). But my favorite scene was with Daniel, when he was telling Kylie that he has always been there with her as she was growing up. That was beautiful. It’s like a super 8 film was flashing in my mind of her past, and I could clearly see a mini Kylie falling off her bicycle, as she went through Daniel’s ghostly grasp. I could go on and on listing all the things and scenes I loved in this series, but I think I’ll stop here. Thank you for writing the story of Kylie and Shadow Falls. (“You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins is playing as I’m typing this. How perfect).

  93. I have been looking forward to this book for months. I fell in love with
    Kylie in the first book. I have so many favorite moments in the series.
    But I think my very favorite moment is when she remembers the first kiss
    that she and Lucas shared as kids. I was wanting Kylie and Lucas to be together from Born at Midnight. They have a great love story.

  94. my favorite scene is in “whispers at moonrise” when Kylie is on her way to and from the cemetery and starts when she traps Lucy’s and perry under the net and ends with Lucia on top of Kylie in that amazing make out scene. oh my god I nearly died when Lucas got that call I was sitting in a hallway in my college when I read it and made a fool of myself flailing over everything it was horrible but amazing all rolled into one. by far my favorite scene. I love your work. I love you for letting us share in Kylie’s journey.

  95. OMG!I’m so EXCITED!I really hope my public library gets this badass book soon because if they don’t I’m going to die.But I guess it’s sad this series is going to end(from Kylie’s view of point anyway),but at least there’s Della’s viewpoint 🙂

  96. i;m excited to read the last book and sad that kylie’s story is about to end.this book was amazing i luv all the characters in this book.i like when
    Perry and Miranda finally got together so goes to Holiday&Burnett
    Kylie turn invisible and and up in the boys bathroom(lol)
    Kylie and her mom moments
    when Derek and Kylie kiss
    when lucus and Kylie kiss
    when Della said assume= ass out of u and me
    when socks spray Frederick
    Kylie found out what supernatural she is
    Burnett turn in a kangaroo
    when Sara visit shadow fall
    Burnett and holiday kiss
    Frederick told Kylie about the marriage
    when Della hug Kylie
    holiday has a twin
    kylie save holiday

  97. There are sooo many favorite scenes in this series.. I took a while thinking of this question I wouldnt say I have a specific scene.. However I always enjoy the scenes where its just Della, Miranda and Kylie talking about there problems in the cabin. Its good to have friends to talk to about your problems and even tho they are very different and Della and Miranda fight alot those moments I cherish the same way they probably do. Cant wait for the book to come out. Im sooo excited. Team Derek!

  98. I got chosen at nightfall at three this morning and I’m almost done with it .not happy about being done with it because it means that this adventure is ending. And so far I’m not happy with the decisions Kylie has made concerning Derek because I’m such a huge Team Derek fan. And I’m so happy that Miranda,Della and Kylie still have those awesome heartfelt girl to girl times and i wish that my friends and i could have those times but now they are becoming distant and in longer know what they will do like with Kylie and Sara. So yeah I’m really enjoying the book C C and thank you for making such a great series for me to read and a lot of other people:-D 🙂 :-D!!!!!!!!!:-)

  99. OMG I love the Shadow Falls books!!! I’m sooo excited that the last one came out today. As my friedns can tell you, when I read the books I couldn’t stop talking about all the characters and how awesome the books were and how much I wished Derek was real. haha My point is at least once a day for the past month I’ve been mentioning how 4/23 was the date I was waiting for, for the final book and I retold the Della story detail by detail for my friends who didn’t have iBooks. I even posted on my Facebook that any family members that wanted to send me and early birthday present should send me the new Shadow Falls book I’ve been waiting for. Anywho, my favorite part of the series was probably in Awake at Dawn when Kylie is going to see Derek and she sees all the blood on his front steps and then uses her super strength to knock down the door because she thinks he’s hurt just to find the beautiful guy himself- in the shower. I laughed so hard!!! And it didn’t hurt that within the next page or so they kissed and made up and all was right with the world. Team Derek! Hahaha Love the series and can’t wait to read the last book and eventually Della’s stories! Stay awesome! 😀

  100. I can’t wait for Chosen at Nightfall to come out! I feel like I’ve lived Kylie’s life throughout the book. The whole series was AMAZING! Deffinately a five star rating from me!(: And I bet Chosen at Nightfall will also be a five star rating, I’ve never felt once disappointed by this series. It has always been exciting and making me want to read more. I will be sad when its over:(

  101. This book was amazing! I have never cried so much reading a book. It made me feel like I wasright there beside the characters feeling their joy, triumphs and sadness. My favorite part about the book has to be how it was all brought to an end because by lucas giving Kylie a ring lets the reader know that they will have a future together. Along with a look at the rest of the characters with a sense of pure joy. It all came to an end very nicely. The only person that wasn’t brought to a sense of content was Della which I like because its sort of a forshadowing that there is still a story to be told about her. Kylie’s story comes to an end but all in the same opens up the path for Della’s story to be written. This series in all was amazing and I am looking forward to reading Della’s story and how it unfolds. Praise to you C.C Hunter for writingsuch a heart felt story that touched many readers in ways you may never know.

  102. My favorite scene was/is:
    In WHISPERS AT MOONRISE when Kylie was getting chased by Lucas because she was afraid of what he might think because she was a vampire and him telling her that he didn’t care he always accept for whatever she is and her finding out that she was his first kiss and ending with the hot, HOT make-out scene.

    Hello! Team Lucas, for sure!

    In BORN AT MIDNIGHT, Lucas gives her a kitten.

    In AWAKE AT DAWN, Kylie blows up on her step-dad, making a huge scene during Parent Visit.

    In TAKEN AT DUSK, Lucas showers Kylie with roses after he tries to stop Ellie from killing Fredricka because she was saying nasty things about Kylie and Ellie tells Kylie that she made a mistake, choosing the wrong guy for protecting someone saying awful things about Kylie.

    I can’t believe that this series is ending. I love this series. I love Kylie and all the other characters. I’m gonna cry more for this final book more than I did with any of the final books of my fave series. It’s such a well-written and beautiful and awesome and funny series that I am always so happy to get the next book to see what wacky, scary, sexy, and awesome adventures the characters are going to bring us. I’m probably tearing up now as I am typing this because I have never enjoyed a series as much as I did with this. WHISPERS AT MOONRISE left me in tears. I am not ashamed to say that I wept like a big baby. I have been pumping for this book, but as soon as I am going to finish it, I am going to be crying for days until I can get over it. But super happy about Della’s new series coming out next year.


  103. I love all the books, it’s hard to chose just one scene, so I would have to say my favorite is all the different scenes when she realize the symbol on her forehead changes in Whispers at Moonrise. I just find them hilarious.

  104. My favorite scene would probably have to be when Lucas gives Kylie the kitten that he found while he was out running errands for Holiday. It’s my favorite because in that moment Kylie realizes that Lucas did remember her from all those years ago and he shows her that he was sorry for what his father did. In that moment Kylie realizes that she was wrong all those years in blaming him for her cat going missing. It’s so sweet and it was in that moment that Lucas became the one that I was hoping for Kylie to choose.

    P.S. I love your books C.C. You’re my favorite author and you always will be. Even when you stop writing books I’ll keep on rereading all the books that you’ve written until I could tell someone the whole book word for word. I love you so much!!

  105. My favorite scenes are the comedic ones. Anything to do with socks the skunk, or Burnett getting turned into a kangaroo.
    I just had knee surgery yesterday so now I have the next 2 weeks or so to get caught up on my reading and starting with your newest.

  106. Ahhhh! I’m so happy that Chosen At nightfall is out! I had it preordered on my nook and at midnight, I instantly started reading!!!! I LOVE IT SO FAR!! Every spare chance I get I read it. Literally! If you don’t have the book yet, get it! I already had a dream about Derek! Awesome!!!! Haha. SF is my favorite series and I can’t wait to see how this last book turns out! Love you see C.C.!!!!!

    As for my favorite scenes in the past, I love all the scenes where Derek takes Kylie to there favorite place. I also loved it when Lucas took Kylie out of the Dance, away from everyone, to dance with her in private ( the dance his grandmother taught him). So romantic! I also loved the fights between Burnett and Holiday. Steamy!!! Ahahaha!!

  107. I love this series! These books are incredible! I guess my favorite scene would have to be when Kylie turned invisible and went into the boy’s bathroom. I was laughing out loud on that one. I also love the scenes between Kylie and both her guy friends… Derek and Lucas. They are both such great well rounded characters that I have trouble deciding who will be best for her… I was so mad and upset for Kylie when she went to event with Lucas and his fiancé… Can you say ARGH!! That is what I mean about these books, you are such a fantastic writer that you can and do bring out such emotions in the characters that overflows into the reader… The power of writing a scene and have it evoke emotion in the reader is tremendous and you do this perfectly! Thank you for writing such a great series… and I can’t wait to read this last book.. I am sad however that it is over! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
    Good luck to everyone, but here’s to hoping I win! LOL!

  108. I think my favorite scene was when Burnett got hit in the balls by the enchanted paperweight. It was so funny I actually laughed out loud.

  109. WOW! I can’t believe all the wonderful comments you guys have made. You are the best! Thanks for being such loyal fans. Spread the word about my Shadow Falls series. A lot of people don’t like to start a series until all the books are out. Now, the wait is over!

  110. I have been spreading the word all day! My favorite scene in the series was Kylie and Lucas’ first kiss. So far, I love all of Chosen at Nightfall. I’d have already finished it, but my parents made me go to bed at 10:30…

  111. Oh wow favorite so hard to choose! Well I guess Burnett getting turned into a kangaroo! So funny! Congratulations!

  112. My favorite scene would have to be when Kylie and Derek are together and she sees everything turn into a fairytale for the first time. Everything is prettier, brighter, sunnier! I love that about their relationship, and how understanding he is with her.

  113. I’ve told 3 of my amazing friends about this series. My one friend borrowed the first three books and is team Lucas now. I’ve been nagging her to read Whispers at Moonrise for awhile now. Also, a few kids in my class asked what I was reading today and of course it was Chosen At Nightfall(I made my mom drive me to Barnes and Noble the 23rd so I could get it!). My favorite scence now? Oh my…well I love any scene with Derek, but my favorite would have to be when Kylie saw her grandfather and her great aunt coming out of the fog. Everytime I see fog I’m always just looking out and saying Malcolm and Francyne are gonna come out!! Which is mostly why that’s my favorite scene. I also liked the scene where Kylie found out that Lucas was bethrothed to Monique because it meant that there was still a chance Kylie and Derek would be together. Can’t wait to read the rest of Chosen at Nightfall!

  114. I finished the book the same night I got it. and I feel so empty. I can’t believe that that was the last one of Kylie’s perspective. My favorite scene was when she made up with Lucas. lylie forever ? lol.

  115. Shadow Falls got me in trouble a lot in school because I couldn’t put it down! I’ve been reading the preview for chosen at nightfall over and over because I don’t yet have enough money for it mom says I’m driving her insane ask for it 🙂 my favorite part well I don’t have one specific part. I love when kylie stands up to those who try to intimidate her and how she is a loyal friend at first she was judgey but she grew and we got to read about that and it felt so real like I was there feeling her pain and happiness with her I also love how she refers to shadow falls as her home because at the begin she didn’t have a happy home now she has a better relationship with her mom she saved Sarahs life and made life lonbug friends at shad ow falls. I love it. all.but.I’m.really happy holiday and durrnett (sorry its spelt wrong)

  116. I think my favorite scene in the series is when Kylie, Miranda, and Della go shopping in Awake at Dawn. I know they eventually wind up finding the other chameleon, but before that it was funny, sweet, light, and just a good, girly moment.

  117. My favorite scene out of all the books would be when kylie realized when she dreamed of lucas or anyone else, and the person shes dreaming of remembers it!!! I laughed so much and felt so embarrised for kylie when she realized lucas remembered the dream!!! I could feel kylies emotion!! I love your books Mrs.C.C hunter!!! 😀 thank you for writing!!! 🙂

  118. I love the Shadow Falls series so much, and I first picked up on Kylie’s enchanting adventures at a library. I spotted the spine and fell in love, and ended up rushing home and finishing in a couple hours. The next day, I forced my dad to drive me back to get Awake at Dawn. Then I agonizingly waited for Taken at Dusk to come out, then went to the bookstore the day it came out, as with the rest of the book. I went today for Chosen at Nightfall, but the cashier said it doesn’t come out until April 30th. I remember that being the original release date, but wasn’t it moved up? I’m from Canada, but all the other books were released on the same days. Is this a mistake?

  119. I love this series soooo much. It is amazing and refreshing to read. I love the passion, danger, strenghth, love, and power of this series. I’m quite sad that Kylie’s story is coming to an end, but I’m very excited that we all will be able to enjoy Della’s story. There are so many scenes that I love. The one scene when Kylie finds out she is a chameleon and goes around to every one saying she is a lizard. . Also the scene where Kylie goes to the cemetery to meet her grandfather and aunt for the first time. She captures Lucas and Perry in a giant net And then becomes a a vampire. Afterwards, she and Lucas have a really hot make out session and almost go too far. I loves it. Anyways, love your series!!!!!!

  120. I am so very excited that is finally out!!! I got to pick it up from my local library today where I asked them to get it in a month before the release just so I can have available to read on the release date cause unable to buy for myself at this time but one day I will own, promise you that one way or other! 🙂 I am for team Derek. He is so sweet, kind and very understanding to her and her needs like men need to be. I have been spreading the word the best I can long before the book came out to my family, friends, anyone I could tell. It is going to sad to see Kylie’s story end but excited to see what you have in store for Della. I love her attitude and her spunk. I had trouble finding the right author that I like that could keep my interest in a long time but when I picked up the first book of this series Born at Midnight I was hooked and I want to Thank you for that. Really if I had to pick a team I would say I am team C.C. Hunter!!!

  121. Hey!! So I tweeted about it but unfortunately I don’t have a Facebook so I can’t post about it but if I had one I would!! I also told all my friends and family and basically my whole school lol. I woke up and I was just so happy and then I told everyone like literally everyone haha. I’m also pretty sad because I don’t want Kylie’s story to come to an end. It is one of my favorite series and I don’t want to let it go. Even though I do love Della and I can’t wait for her story (turned at dark and saved at sunrise were really good!!) I have all the books and e-books and I constantly read them. I had a lot of favorite scenes. I laughed I cried and I hurt for them I was happy for them I felt like I was part of their story. One of the funniest scenes was when Kylie made a shirtless guy pop up in their cabin omg I could not control myself. I also loved when Miranda turned Burnette into a kangaroo that was awesome. Some of the sweetest scenes were when Derek told Kylie he loved her and when Burnette proposed to Holiday <33 one of the hottest scenes was the Kylie Lucas make out scene at the creek river place like that was pure passion!! I cried when Kylie cried and I was proud of Kylie when she stood up for herself against Burnette Frederika Mario and just when she held her own. I also loved just the heart warming conversations and moments Della Miranda and Kylie had. As you can probably tell I can't pick just one of my favorite scenes because the books were just sooo good and exceeded my expectations so thank you and congratulations on your success CC 🙂

  122. I was sooooo excited for this book to come out, I kept telling my friends at school about it and how I would get it the day it came out. I have been telling everyone including my mom about it non-stop for weeks. I kept reminding her that she had to be at the book store right when it opened to get Chosen at Nightfall. She told me that if I reminded her that she would get it, so I made sure she didn’t forget and told her everyday how many days left till Chosen at Nightfall came out. I even left a bunch of notes around the house on Tuesday morning reminding her about getting the book. She got it and brought it to me during my lunchtime at school. Every chance I get in class when we have free time I take out one of your books and start reading it, I love it so much. I can’t wait to read more books by you.
    I have so many favorite scenes, your books had made me laugh and cry so much. I think my favorite scenes are when Derek is with Kylie and shows her how much he loves her, you can tell by the way he says things and respects her boundaries that he truly loves her, I also love when Lucas is with her and holds her and makes her feel important like the night when they danced in the moonlight. I also love all the moments when she is with Miranda and Della like when Kylie poofed a guy with a six pack in the room and when Socks was turned into a skunk, I love how Burnett and Holiday are like Kylie’s best friends and parents and would do anything to keep her safe. But, my all time favorite moment is when Kylie realizes that even when things are going bad she has her friends and family and that Shadow Falls is her home where she belongs.
    I love this series so much, unlike most teenagers who spend their weeknights watching tv and playing videogames, and on the weekends hanging out with friends all the time, I spend that time up in my room reading your books, I just can’t put them down they are soooo good. I don’t know how you do it, you have such a good way with words and making the reader feel like they are right there in the book, I feel every emotion they feel, all the happiness and all the heartbreaks!

  123. Holy smokes what a great giveaway! I remind everyone that this book was releasing this week. There is a post up on the blog, WoW was this book earlier this month. All my students know about it, the librarians are probably sick of me.

    My favorite scene is in the lunch area, where she thinks it is Derek that sits down then realizes that it is Lucas. But then again I have always been team Lucas.

  124. I love the Shadow Fall series. I love it so much I even got my friends hooked onto the series. It is so amazing. I’m really sad that this series is ending, but when Chosen at Nightfall came out I still couldn’t hold back my excitement for it. I have been counting days for when this books comes out and every time I have free time in class I think about the the teasers that have been released. Every time I have free time instead of watching tv I would sit down in my room and read your books and reread everyone of the books in this series. When new books would come out I would sit by the mail and wait for them to arrive. When they do arrive I would open the box plot down on my couch or bed and read the whole book. When I finish the book I wish the next book would be out because I would be dying to know the next part. I have so many favorite parts in this series, I can’t narrow it down to one! One of my favorite scenes is when Miranda turned Kylie’s cat, Socks, into a skunk and Della and Kylie thought Socks was Perry. The whole scene of where they freak out was hilarious. I love that scene I always go back and retread that part.

  125. C C i have to chosen at nightfall is the best book ever. I got it yesterday and finished it today that’s how good it was and i didn’t want to put it down and it sally takes me for ever t read a book this size. But i have some questions what happens with Kylie and Lucas? And Perry and Miranda or even Della and Steve? Dose her mom ever come to her senses about what Kylie told her ? What happens to the other chameleons? But just saying i loved the book and I’m OK with Kylie and Lucas being together even though i really wanted it to be Kylie and Derek. But I’m still a Derek fan. Thank you for writing such a great series of books i really enjoyed them and i will be reading them forever and telling people about it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. I am absolutely Excited for your new book, I simply cannot say what my favorite part was because i loved them all, If i had to say a few things i liked about them and their characters it would be that they are amazingly written, just reading the books capture your emotions, I cried when Ellie died, I was just starting to really like her. I love Kylie’s Frustration and trying to Figure out who she is and what boys she wants, A lot of people can relate to that. I loved the scene on the office porch with Derek and Kylie how they kissed and how he told her he loved her. I Loved it when Lucas gave her that kitten and Explained to her that he didn’t kill Socks. I was so shocked when Roberto Esparza Gave up his life to save Kylie’s, That i felt sorry that he died.
    I Adore your books, when I’m reading them i can’t put them down, they are so addicting, as a writer my self i hope i can gain the confidence one day to be a great writer like you! Of course the book I’m writing i no where near finished i just hope one day i can get it published! Thank you C.C Hunter for writing such Awesome books! They are Beautiful!!

  127. I’m so sad that this is the last book, I have read this series from start to now loving it. I will always love this series as one of my top fave paranormal books. <3
    It's hard to choose a favorite scene because I love all the scenes between Lucas and Kylie. If I choose one ultimate favorite scene it would be when Lucas and Kylie were making out and Lucas starts to do this purring/growling sound. It was just to sexy <3

  128. I am so sad about the series ending butthe last book was perfect! Absolutely LOVED it! Just to make sure I don’t spoil anything, my favorite seen was in Whispers at Moonrise, right after Lucas’s engagement ceremony when he was talking to Kylie. That moment, her anger and sadness felt so real, it completely blew my mind how she was able to keep her cool, or at least calm because I would have just started bawling. It let us readers know that Kulie isn’t perfect like a lot of other authors make their characters. Thank you so much CC. Im so glad I got to meet you!

    • I also enjoyed Della, Kylie and Miranda’s “diet coke talks” because of all the way they are so open to eachother compared to when they first were assigned as cabinmates. Lastly, I like Kylie and Lucas’s sword fighting lessons. It is so cool to see them training but spending time together, and the way he keeps coming on to her is hilarious in a good way. I am team Lucas all the way!!! Thank you for writing these books. I LOVE SHADOW FALLS! Wish I had Kylie’s life… or at least Lucas…:)

    • I also enjoyed Della, Kylie and Miranda’s “diet coke talks” because of all the way they are so open to eachother compared to when they first were assigned as cabinmates. Lastly, I like Kylie and Lucas’s sword fighting lessons. It is so cool to see them training but spending time together, and the way he keeps coming on to her is hilarious in a good way. I am team Lucas all the way!!!. I LOVE SHADOW FALLS! Wish I had Kylie’s life… or at least Lucas…:)

  129. I can’t choose a fav scene, but I must say that the mysterious Kylie on this cover is one of my fav! I love the twilight background and the idea that a decision is about to be made!

  130. Oh man. I’ve been counting down the days for Chosen at Nightfall to be released!! I read the first 4 in a matter of 3 days and was impatiently awaiting this one but I was soo happy when it released that I finished reading it in 6 hours!! I loved every bit of it; I cried and laughed and awed at the sweetness of Lucas and cursed Kylie when she was stubborn! I loved every bit of it and I look forward to Della’s story because I know I’ll still read about all my other favorite characters!
    I won’t write my favorite scene from this book because I don’t wanna spoil anything, but here’s my other favorite scene.. It would have to be when Lucas went after Mario to save Kylie and Kylie ended up saving him. It showed how far he was willing to go to save her, even if it meant nearly dying. When she ended up saving, and healing, him my heart melted. She truly loved him and they would do anything for each other. I was already team Lucas, but that just solidified it for me.
    Anyway, thanks CC Hunter for all you do! Your books are incredible and I look forward to seeing what Della’s story will bring!! <3

  131. Well I haven’t got to read the final book yet :-(. However I absolutely love the series. The are so many great parts… I really don’t have just one favorite. I do however like in whispers at moonrise when she kind of got smart with her mom and mom’s new boyfriend. That was such a Della thing.

  132. I got the book before the released and i finished it in two days and i just loved it! it was amazing i love this book and i cant wait for Della’s story! i wish there was more i’m kind of sad that it’s over.

  133. Geez only one favorite scene really, I have so many!! Top of the list has to be when Miranda changed Perry that was hilarious! Also the scene at the creek with Kylie and Lucas hot, hot, hot!

  134. I was so sad when the book was over, not because it wasn’t good because it was great. I was just so sad to see the series end. I loved it though!!

  135. I just finished Chosen at Nightfall! Omg I didn’t expect that ending. It was so amazing! To anyone that hasn’t gotten it youd better hurry. When I got my copy our bookstore only had one left and I got it 😀 I had no idea that so mamy of my friends got into the series. I let.them borrow Born at Midnight and they all got hooked. They love Kylie just as much as I do. I can’t even begin to try to pick a favorite scene. I know that the one scene that is stuck in my mind is from Choaen at Nightfall. Don’t worry I won’t ruin the book for anyone :p but I love when Kylie. Has to break down the wall to save Lucas. And I love all the scenes that Lucas shares with kylie. Team Lucas!! Ans I absolutely loved when socks sprayed Fredericka! Maybe that’s my favorite scene but I love them all!

  136. Thanks to C.C. Hunter for picking me to be on the street team and was able to read an advanced copy of Chosen At Nightfall my favorite scene from the Shadow Falls Series was when Kylie realizes that she is in love with Lucas. And in Chosen At Nightfall when Kylie goes to Lucas’s grandmothers house and is there for him. Lucas lets Kylie see a part of him that he doesn’t let anyone else see but her, that was a sweet, special moment despite what happened. It proves that Kylie and Lucas are in love with each other and should be happy.

  137. Omg!! I love these series..Got Chosen at Nightfall Tuesday and finished it the next morning needless to say..nothing got done around my house an i didn’t get any sleep! Lol just couldnt put it down! Hard to say which is my favorites parts of the series there all so good..Kylie an Lucas i would say are my favs but i actually like everyone of the characters so i say all of them…as far as my favorite scene are you kidding me theres no way i can pick through them..all thought the moon shining had me rolling!! As excited as i am about Chosen at Nightfall finally being released, it breaks my heart that all good things come to a end 🙁 C.C. you truelly are a amazing writer you made me sit on the edge of my chair in Ah, shed quite a few tears, wanting to reach into the book an slap a few heads an ask what an earth are you thinking! An wanting to help kick some a$$!!! An most important iv laughed so hard my sides would be sore. And for that i thank you!! 🙂 Just wish it didnt have to come to a end

  138. U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY?! WHAT?! *faints*. That is so mean! *silent tears*.

    I’m still gonna share what my favorite scenes are so far! K, i have many. The first one is right at the start of Born at Midnight when Kylie’s dad’s pants burn on the grill, that was hilarious, and i knew, from that very moment, that this series will be an unforgettable masterpiece.

    2. Even though i’m team Derek, i loved the scene where Kylie has her first kiss with Lucas at the lake. That was steamy HOT!

    3. I love the scene where Miranda turns Burnett into a kangaroo, omg, i was laughing so hard i literally could barely breath!

    4. I ADORED when Kylie went to Derek’s house (whatever it’s called), and she saw blood, she followed it into the bathroom and just kicked the door open to see a baby naked Derek in the shower! *drool*.

    There are so many more, but i’m afraid i would stay up here forever if i would to list them all! 🙂

  139. I was up until 2am finishing Chosen at Nightfall, and am now having a hard time concentrating on this contract I’m supposed to be reviewing. Loved, loved the ending. Even though I came into this book thinking how I wanted the triangle to end up, I am very happy to have been wrong.

  140. I can honestly say I have had many favorite scenes. I cant say anything from the last book because I don’t want to ruin it for anybody but there were so many in the last book that came to be my favorite. But in others was when kylie saved holiday and another when della ran back to kylie when she was leaving to hug her you knew right than how close they truly are. There are many many others I could list but there is some. Good job one the last book c.c it was amazing like I suspected I’m just sad that kylies story has come to an end.

  141. I honestly have no clue what my favorite part is, because it is very hard for me to choose.
    I think maybe my favorite part, is when Kylie decided when she belonged at Shadow falls, because she felt that she was needed/fit it (kinda). The reason being is that like a lot of people, i feel like an outsider, looking through a glass, seeing how happy people are, yet, i don’t feel happy, i feel alone. I don’t fit into any ‘group’ so to say, because in my whole school, i am the only ‘Goth’ (notice air quotes). I get made fun of all the time, i don’t fight back, but that is because i know that the reason they do this is to make them feel better, trying to put me down. I still have yet to understand why they feel the need to make themselves look better, but i know they do. When upset, i can always call my boyfriend, in which Lucas reminded me so much about, is always there when i need someone to talk to, even if i cant see him very often (that’s when texting comes in handy). So, i feel alone, but i know i will fit in at some point. Eventually, Kylie will find a place to fit in. =)
    “The people that tell you what you enjoy is wrong, or come in your life and tell you what you’re wearing is wrong are miserable because they focus on the things that they don’t like.” -Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)

  142. To tell you the truth I cant even count how many scenes I absolutely love. I think one of my very, very favorite scene would half to be the moment when Kylie, Della, and Miranda talk in their rooms and laugh about boys, talk about their parents and solve through fights. Even though that’s not on scene I just love all of them so much. I think its really important to have people you can talk to about whatever you going through even if it’s something little. And I would just like to say that I just got finished with Chosen at Nightfall and I have plenty of favorite scenes also in that book but I’m not going to say which ones because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.
    P.s I also posted something about it on Facebook and twitter and told all my friends about the book even though they all read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. i just read this series and i already miss them i want to see if lucas and kylie get married and what burnett and holiday’s baby looks like.
    to get to the point my favorite scene is when kylie’s pattern starts to shift and she is claimed a protector because she throws that she wolf agent (who deserved for coming on to burnett when he is holiday man they just wont admit it ) because the agent was being tempermental and wouldnt let kylie see her mom
    i have one more part so sorry i just love this series do u think if you get done with delle’s soon could you right about miranda or derek or holiday thanks for puting up with me lol 🙂

  144. I wrote it on my wall Kat A. and wrote it on my Twitter @KatyJ671 and blabbered to ALL of my classmates about it. Even the boys. My favorite scene in the book series was the scene where Kylie finds out about Lucas and the other werewolf. I love the fight or flight scenes in books a lot so ya. Even though it made me cry.

  145. I just finished the book a few hours ago and I must say that I love it! I can’t believe Kylie chose Lucas! I am so happy! And Holiday is pregnant? So cool…. But to bad Lucas’s grandma dies…. And the fact that Derek is with Jenny, a fellow chameleon! I was so mad but happy she was with Lucas! And that John is Mario’s son and that ghost that says Kylie has to kill someone is Roberto’s mom?! I can’t believe it! So Kylie has: killed Mario and John, got back together with Lucas, told Lucas she loved him, got a engagement ring and necklace from Lucas, and trains with Lucas from a sword that glows when Kylie touches it, and the sword is from the death angels, Kylie’s dad becomes a guardian death angel for Kylie! I LOVE this book! Oh I almost forgot! And when Kylie gets out of the shower she hears Miranda and Della arguing and she dashes for her room when Della stops her and Kylie says “No. Solve it yourself!” And Della says “Nevermind” but she says it with an evil grin. But when Kylie sets her blanket on her dresser she looks for her pj’s but finds Lucas on her bed too, Lucas’s eyes turn wide and Kylie runs over to get her towel and Lucas tells her about meeting the council and then says “Can I get another peek under that cotton?(the towel)” she sends him a scowl then he says “Eventually I will be able to see all of you one day.” Soooo funny!

  146. I love all of your books. I can’t wait until i can buy this one. I have read all of your others and I just love them so much. Okay gonna go post on my facebook page about your books. Thank you so much for being a writer

  147. My favorite scene would have to be when Perry turned into that white cat and couldn’t hear very well, I laugh so hard people stare!

  148. you sure do know how to ask a hard question, I like the entire series it is hard to chose a favorite part. but since you asked I would have to say when Miranda and Della fight they always seem like they hate each other and Kylie has to stop them before they “kill” each other, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty they are always there for each other and they really truly care about each other, they just don’t like to show it. I also think it is funny that Holiday and Bernadette both like ach other but keep denying it, and Kylie keeps trying to play match maker.
    Thank you for asking this question love the books

  149. I told my friends at my college and on my facebook!
    My favorite scene is when Kylie and Lucas are kissing by the stream, and ofcourse her shirt gets completly wet and awkward enough her ex-boyfriend Trey shows up! I love scenes that I can relate to, such as Kylies uncomfortable situation. You could tell just how shy she was and I think that made Lucas fall for her even more, and when Lucas gave Kylie his sweatshirt to put on, ahhh I could just melt I think my cheeks even went a little red too!
    I love these series and was instantly pulled in, I’m sad to see Kylies journey come to an end, but I can’t wait for Dellas story and more about her kicking butt!

  150. I have read Chosen at nightfall and I have to say my favorite part changed. My favorite part now would be where Kylie was able to tell her mother what she really is. Another is were her father becomes a death angel and is now able to contact Kyile more. I have loved the book I finished it within 24 hours. Thank you for the series and I can not wait to read what else you come out with.

  151. I posted to Facebook!

    My favorite scene is the final scene where *two certain characters* mouth “I love you” to each other. So great and beautifully written!

  152. I posted to Facebook about the books!

    My favorite scene is the final scene where *two certain characters* mouth “I love you” to each other! So great and beautifully written. Also, when Kylie was able to tell her mother about her true nature. i’ve been waiting for that for 5 books! So glad Kylie could do that.

  153. I loved when Kylie walked in on Burnett & HOliday kissing!!! AHHHH!!! I loved THE SERIES!!! I HATE TO SEE IT END BUT OMG I PRE-ORDERED & I’M SO EXCITED!!!

  154. I LOVE these books! I posted it on my Facebook and my favorite scene (other than the whole series) I think would have to been when Perry Mooned everyone at the camp for Kylie, so funny and really shows how much he cares!

  155. I would have to say my favorite part is when Kylie finally forgives Lucas and tells him “I love you” for the first time it was so heart warming and gave me tears. I was going to put a different part but I finished Chosen at Nightfall and I just fell in love with the part. I can’t wait to read more in Della’s book. Also I can’t wait to see what more you give us to read. Thank you so much for these amazing books.

  156. I cant possibly pick one part ! All of them are awsome. The series was the best ever !! Im just going to name a few or them. 😀

    1. When Burnett screams at Holiday that she liked the kiss and Kylie awkwardly walks out.
    2. Even though i’m team Derek, i loved the scene where Kylie has her first kiss with Lucas at the lake. That was just Awsome!
    3. I love the scene where Miranda turns Burnett into a kangaroo, i was laughing so hard i literally could barely breath!
    4. I loved it when Kylie went to Derek’s cabin, and she saw blood, she followed it into the bathroom and just kicked the door open to see a naked Derek in the shower! *drool*. 😉
    5.When Derek”s mom practically yells in front of everyone how Derek and Kylie make a cute couple.
    6.Perry asks Miranda on a date and she accepts.
    7.When Kylie finds out Miranda turned the kitty into a skunk.

    Im sure there are more parts but these are some of my favorites ! I will see you soon C.C.Hunter on Murder by The Book. 😀

  157. 1. when Lucas and Kylie were at the river making out
    2.In the scene were Burrnet and Holiday were arguing and he says lets just have sex and get it out of her system lol
    3. but the best scene was when Kylie nailed Burrnet in the balls with that… thing

    I love you C.C. please continue to write teen fiction

  158. My favorite part has to be in Chosen at Nightfall when Lucas tells Kylie that he couldn’t have given his soul away because she took it when he was seven years old and that not forgiving him isn’t an option because he loves her. I’m only half way through the book but awesome, awesome, awesome!

  159. First of all, I loved this series so much! I balled my eyes out when it ended and I had t re-read it!!
    My favorite part of the Shadow Falls series was Kylie’s “love advice.” Everyone came to her when their lives were screwed up! I mean there was Helen, and Perry, and Steve and Holiday and Burnett, even Fredericka! I laughed so much at how so many people came to her and how frustrated she became about how everyone thought of her as the love guru.

  160. My favorite scene is when Kylie first gets in the bus to go to Shadow Falls and is just totally weirded out by everyone else on the bus.

  161. My favorite part is always when the girls sit down at the cabin with various firms of sugar and cry/laugh/talk. Anyone knows the best moments in life are when all three happen at the same time!

  162. Oooooo YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE the Shadow Falls series!!!!!! I’m so excited for Chosen at Nightfall!!!!!!!! I love you C.C. your AMAZING and my hero!!!!!!!!!! Being dyslexic and can still write an AMAZINGLY AWESOME book series! Your one of the main reasons I want to be an author! Cause if you can do it (AMAZINGLY) then I can do it half way decent 🙂 Thank you sooooooooooo much for writing this series! And for inspiring me! Your books are fast pasted but im NEVER board reading them! I read them so fast that I HAVE to ‘re read them to make sure I catch everything! I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to read Della’s story! (Please please hurry I love Della and I’m really excited to read from her P.O.V) I also love how you put a little bit of your self in your characters it makes them sooooooooooo much more real and relatable! I love your writing style! Once again your AMAZING! don’t stop writing EVER! Please!

    • Favorite scenes:
      1.we’re her and Lucas were at the border of the camp and they were in the middle of something 🙂 and Burnett calls. Hilarious!
      2. When we’re first introduced to Perry and he explains why other camps call them boners
      3. Socks’ s cat to skunk transformation lol 🙂
      4.when Kylie flashes Zac Efron into there cabin lol hilarious!
      I don’t even need a favorite scene the series is that AMAZING but I did for arguments sake so ha ha I just did that 🙂

  163. There were so many amazing scenes that it’s extremely difficult to select just one, so I’m going to cheat by selecting my favorite “swoon-worthy” moment in Chosen at Nightfall. I completely melted when Lucas told Kylie she’d had his soul since she was seven. I also loved his tenacity during the sword practices. 😉

  164. I really loved this series. I think some of mh favorite scenes are when Della, Kylie, Miranda are all together and goofing off. Most of thoes scenes I could really imagine hanging out with my friends and laughing.
    In Awake at Dawn I love the part were Kylie gets captured and dreamscapes to Lucas to save her.
    In Chosen at Nightfall a few of my favorite scenes Perry mooning everyone, when Lucas’s gandmother dies (that was really touching), and the fight scene. I wish we could hear more about Lucas and Kylie, and what happens in their future together.

  165. I told my friends! My favorite part of the series is when Kylie is helping all the ghosts, and her reactions when she starts to see them and they start talking to her. I also love all her moments with Lucas and when she dreamscapes. I am so excited to read this book and cannot wait! I am so excited to see how things end up. Especially Kylie’s love life, and all of the chameleons.

  166. Grrrrllll!! I have so many fav parts IDK where to begin!! I guess I liked it wen kylie stumbled in a Derek in the shower and wen Derek mislead kylie about needing love advice, and wen kylie ran to the graveyard wen she was turned vampire and Lucas loved her anyway, and etc. I actually dog-eared each and every shadow falls book because I loved the parts!! my mom thought I was Cray-Cray!! u have made my summer and seventh grade year awesome and I read each book in like less than a week each!!! without u, CC I don’t know where I would be!!!


  167. I have loved this series since I picked up Born at Midnight on the day it came out. I have gotten several friends to read it and pass the word along as well. My favorite scene from the latest book Chosen at Nightfall is when Lucas and Kylie first start sword fighting. You can feel the emotions and their struggle to be with each other so clearly it hurts your heart. I also love love love the scene where Burnett finds out that Holiday is preggers. It is both comical and memorable and original. The humor in this last book was fabulous as well. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful series.

  168. okay I preordered chosen at nightfall and the day it came out I had school and the math state test on that day do you know how frustrating it is having to go o school and leave off on a good part in the book. Ugg but its a good thing because I didn’t finish the book in one day like I would have done but anyways I love the ending Kasey finally finished al her quest well most of them unless cc hunter writes a after series on how Kasey try’s to help the other chameleons teens because in the book I think that was one of her “quest” and she really didn’t help the other teens that were chameleons but I loved the book I am bittersweet I don’t want the series to end but I loved the ending of the series.

  169. I am so excited that Chosen at Nightfall is out! I just finished it last night and to all of the readers who haven’t got the chance to read the final book should read as soon as they can. It has so many twists and turns just like any C.C. Hunter book!

    I can’t decide on just one out of these two scenes is my favorite because each one involves a special moment with Kylie and Lucas or Derek. I have flipped from Team Lucas to Team Derek when I was reading the series. The first scene is when Lucas tells Kylie that he has been in love with her since they were neighbors as a kid. I thought that was so romantic and sweet it had to be one of my favorites. My other favorite would have to be when Derek tells Kylie that he loves her in Whispers at Moonrise. It has to be one of my favorites because it proved how much Derek was in love with her.

  170. My favorite scene is the first time Kylie travels to the falls. Fantastic series! Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  171. I really dont have a favorite scene. I loved all the books but the most emotional was were she saw lucas and his fiance. I didn’t know if i should scream or cry (i was a mess). All my friends are hooked on this series and we can’t wait for the last book.

  172. My favorite part in the shadow falls series is all the scenes in all the books. i’m sorry i know it says choose your favorite, but i cant they each have something special in them that has happened making me look up think about what has happened and go like oh noo! and keep on reading even though i would be getting really tired! -Thank you, favorite author for reading this post

  173. I luv the shadow falls series, my mom even pre-ordered chosen at nightfall and surprised me when it came in, I would have to say that the best parts are the kisses Kylie shares with the derek and lucas it is almost so great the way you tell it it is like you are standing right there… i also almost cried when i was reading the last book when she left the camp… it was so sad and surprising i really never saw it coming… my friends are always wierded out by me when i am reading this series because i am talking to the book. i always try to explain why i talk to the book but they never understand so i just keep going. I lluv this series and always will.

  174. ok, new favorite part! when Perry moons everyone. I laughed so hard my young kids came to see what was so funny and made me tell them what happened and then they laughed too. Great stuff!

  175. So excited that Shadow Falls has such an amazing fan base. I can’t wait to finish all the novels! BTW, I would love to win Elite by Kiera Cass. He series is stellar. I hope the CW picks up The Selection pilot and upgrades it to a full season! Shadow Falls would make a cool TV show too 🙂

  176. I loved the whole series and the final book was a great wrap up. My favorite scene of all the books probably was when Perry was a cat and she checked for gender lol. I was totally cracking up while reading that. I loved the witchy pinky threats too 🙂 Thanks for the awesome series… I really enjoyed each book.

  177. Hi C.C., unfortunately I only was able to get you book at barnes and noble yesterday. I had been counting down to the 23rd ever since whispers at moon rise came out. I was only recently able to get it on Sunday because my parents work to 7 every night and I have lacrosse practice after school till five everyday which is an hour away from were I lived. Barnes and noble and other book stores would always be closed by the time someone was home to drive me to buy it.
    So now for the competition since I only got the book, late yesterday afternoon I am only half way done. So I hope you accept what my favorite scene is so far, only half way through.
    Now my favorite scene is definitely anyone that lucas shows up in. He makes every scene just so much more interesting because I can expect something good to happen. My heart automatically starts beating faster when I see his name. All time favorite throughout so far half of the book is when he admits he loves her in the cafeteria. Because it shows that he loves her enough to put everything else behind him and her first, even his own pack and job he wanted. He wasn’t scared to admit he loved her.
    Still not haven finished the book, I do hope that she is able to forgive lucas and they are able to be together. I look forward to all the twists and turns you have planned out for me still in the second half still to come and read.

    Thank you for writing such a good series that I absolutely love.

  178. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
    I LOVE the Shadow Falls Series I cannot stop reading it. I even got my friends to start reading the series two. Partially because they saw how obsessed I was with it and because I kept telling them how amazing it was and how they had to read it. Oh and how much fangirling I did was just insane. Especially in all of the Lucas scenes. Also, I love all the scenes when Kylie is in protector mode. I’d say one of my favorite scenes though is when they find Holiday’s unconscious body and Kylie saves her. Also, when Kylie is told that Holiday and Burnett are getting married. I literally said finally when I read that. I thought it was so cool, as well, that Kylie was a new bread of supernatural that no one ever heard of. So awesome. I soooo hope that I win the copy of chosen at nightfall because I am soooooo excited to read it and it would just be amazing to win the book. I don’t know what could possibly make me any happier than winning that book. Or I hope that I win a poster or one of the other books, but none of the other books would compare to this series. EVER.

  179. Loved it!!!!! I wish there had been a little more Lucas and Kylie loving…. Maybe an epilogue? What are the chances? Maybe I’m greedy!!! Anyway, loved it sooo much!!!

  180. ahhh! ok my favorite scene is when Kylie is shifting between werewolf and vampire and all those crazy things and Lucas follows her to see her grandparents and when he runs into her while she is heading back…because FEELS. ahh lucas..


    great giveaway! tysm:)


  181. Omg I fell in love with this book it’s your best yet…I am so happy with what Kylie decided….but I would really like some more Kylie and Lucas I hope they play a big part in Della’s new series….keep writing can’t wait read more!

  182. My favorite scene was the one where Burnett confronts Kylie about the pregnancy tests. I couldn’t stop laughing! I purchased the book digitally originally. Once I had finished it, I knew I had to share the book with my daughter. I rushed out and bought the book. She told me today that her tutorials teacher kept asking what she was reading that was making her laugh do much.

  183. I’m not sure if the contest is still happening or if this will be seen but I can’t think of just one favorite scene because the whole series was so good! I guess my favorites would have to be the love scenes because I was right there with Kylie feeling what she felt, seeing what she saw and oh my… how I wish I could have a Lucas of my own. I can only dream. 🙂 I also liked all the powers Kylie was gifted with. I wanted to be her with all those cool abilities and yet she remained so humble but frustrated. I was right there beside her excited with each new discovery. I also liked feeling like one of her room mates in on their table talk pow wows. I truly loved all of Della’s smart remarks! She made me laugh so much. My daughter and I have enjoyed this series tremendously together. I’m so sad Kylie’s journey is over. What an amazing journey and I’m so thankful that I found this series. I am also grateful that you emailed me and told me, “I am currently working on a series for Della, so Shadow Falls lives on.” I look forward to more of your books. You are an amazing writer!
    Thank you C.C.!

  184. I am so excited to real the final installment, it is on it’s way from Amazon 🙂
    I love these books and I try to mention reading them to anyone I come across that reads these types of series.
    I love so many things about the book, but I have chosen to comment on one of the scenes that stand out in my mind the most which is the end of Whispers at Moonrise. It was such a powerful set of events and ending to the book. I don’t want to say too much for anyone who has not read this series yet. The realization of who it was and what they did by Kylie as well as the events by an unexpected character, and a revelation of more to come.
    I can’t wait to read Chosen at Nightfall and also to see what you create in the new Della spin-off series 🙂 Thanks!

  185. It is so hard to choose but one sentence I cant forget… I always thinking about it …. “It’s okay, but should I die or something, then I’ll come back as a ghost and do the hell …. -> Della page 83 <3

  186. My favorite scene is when Kylie’s mom and Sara see’s Socks in skunk form!!! They Kept Screaming and I seriously laughed out loud!!! I would also love to win free signed products!! I have already read Chosen at Nightfall, and let me just say OMG!!! It is so amazing!! ALL TIME BEST BOOK EVER!!! I absolutely cannot wait for Della’s story!!

  187. My favorite scene is when Sara and Kylie’s mom meet Socks Jr. In skunk form!!! It was hilarious!!! I hope Kylie and Lucas are a huge part of Della’s story!!! Shadow Falls is the best series ever! I have read the series over and over and am planning on doing it again! I hope I win free signed products!!!

  188. I LOVE this series! I happen to pick it up at our local bookstore in Alabama and when I read the first page I was astonished!! I bought all the books in the series that night!! I have so many favorite scenes with Lucas and Derek, but my favorite has to be when Ellie jumped in to help save Perry and Kylie from the “incident” in Taken at Dusk. I still can’t believe your from Alabama, I hope you will return to the state soon to do a meet and greet and sign some books!! If so I will definitely be there!!! Thanks for this amazing series I look forward to reading many more of your novels!

  189. Well if I could win a few items like posters etc. then I would be stop surprised lol.Oz let me Erin because I have literally nothing from the shadow falls novels. Thx

  190. I search several times on internet from a poster with shadows falls but since now i don’t found.

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