What’s Next for Kylie?

Dog_FlagI hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day.  When I think of Memorial Day I think of family picnics, waving flags and military parades. But it also means that school is almost out! Can you believe it?  I always loved this time of year when I was in school. Most of the hard stuff was over and things were winding down. Everyone was excited about their summer plans.

It can be a wonderful time, but it can also be a huge time of transition, especially if you are graduating from high school. You might be wondering what’s next for you. Do you have a summer job? Are you planning to attend college in the fall? Your life is full of possibilities.  And change.  And change can be scary.

Chosen at Nightfall (1)That got me thinking about Kylie, and I have to admit, she is never far from my thoughts. After spending almost four years writing about her life, I worry about her future like I would my own child. Now, she still has a year at Shadow Falls Camp before she graduates. And we’ll all get to see her through Della’s novels.  But like all juniors, Kylie’s already trying to figure out what happens next? If you read Chosen at Nightfall, I left you with what she hopes will happen.

She’ll go to college, but which college? Will Lucas and Derek go to the same college? I’d like to think he will. She’s also planning for Miranda and Della to go to the same the college.  Poor Kylie, she’ll have to listen to Miranda and Della fight for years to come.  But she’s okay with that if she just has her buddies with her.  I also hinted at what Kylie thinks she should major in?  Psychology.  I picked that because she’s so good at trying to help other people with their problems.  But she has a whole year to decide.  Do you see a different major that would work for her?  What about you guys, do you know what you want to grow up and be?  What are your plans?

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  1. I think that psychology is a great major for Kylie to go into. I am only 13 and I don’t know everything about jobs and such, but I do know I want to go into something helping children. I am also thinking about psychology and maybe teaching or medical careers. I hope we hear a lot more about Kylie in the near future. I love all of the Shadow Falls Books, and hope you continue to make more, C.C. Hunter.

  2. i just finished the whole series and I loved it :-). I really wish there was more. My husband bought me the series for Mother’s day and it was a great find. I really hope they make your books into movies :-). You are an amazing writer Mrs. Hunter. hope you consider writing another book for this series just one more 😀 please

  3. I see her more as a sociologist- studying the interactions of other paranormals. Maybe researching the interrelationships of each subgroup.

  4. When I grow up, I want to be an author. I’m only 13, so I have a ways to go, but it’s what has interested me for a long time. I hope to go to Stanford for college (big dreams, I know). And along with being an author, I’d like to have a degree in psychology. Yeah, I kinda shoot for the moon…

  5. I also want to be an author! But i’m the kind of girl who always has backup plans. So i have other careers, just in case something goes wrong – these are my top 4 (no particular order).

    1) Lawyer
    2) FBI agent/spy 😉
    3) Professional photographer
    4) A very rich business man’s assistant/ or just working in a firm.

    Chosen at Nightfall should arrive tomorrow! Oh my gosh, i am so excited but nervous at the same time to read it! I have a very strong feeling Kylie will end up with Lucas, if she does, i will literally have a stroke and will most likely have an urge to shred the book to pieces. And i can’t wait to read Della’s books! When is the 1st one coming out in paperback? Will Miranda have her own books too? *pretty please!*. 🙂

  6. I graduated from high school last year it was definitely hard trying to decide what college to go to when I had no idea what I planned to major in. Eventually I decided on community college which I am glad that I decided to go there. Now I plan on majoring in sociology. On June 12 I will have officially completed my first year in college! what relief! By the way I think making Kylie major in psychology was perfect. Do you know when you will be posting news about Della’s series?

  7. I think Kylies major you picked out for her was quite perfect and the only other thing I could think of is working with the FRU now that she can trust them, and because she can easily disguise herself to be any supernatural. I think I want to major in archaeology or creative writing.

  8. I plan to finish my last two years of high school and go to a college to get a teaching degree in history and english. Outside of schoo I hope to continue writing and eventually get publsihed. I’m 16 and I’ve already started my first book 🙂

  9. For all my life I’ve wanted t work with animals. But now I’m leaning towards marine mammals. I want to be a marine biologists to study the rare species the manatee (sea cow 🙂 ) I’ve also wanted to be a baker because I love to make cookies and cupcakes!

  10. I hope Kylie gets exactly what she wants. I want to be a Forensic Scientist and major in Forensics and Criminal Justice. Its still a few years away but hopefully everything will go as planned and that’s what Ill get!!

    Cant wait till the Della novels come out!!! Every time I get on this site I check the home page to see if the clock has changed to show when the first book will come out!!


  11. Dear C.C Hunter
    Even though I’m still in middle school, in the future I would like to become Therapist and help younger children then teenagers. More like middle scholars and down. Some people may think that older people have more problems but for me middle school was probably the hardest think I have ever gone through. Basically its the same as high school.
    hopefully there be more Kylie even though Della is my second favorite character Kylie has always been my first. :]

  12. I think Kylie would be amazing at psychology. She has the type of personality for it. I just hope they stay at Shadow Falls. I am only 13, but I really want to become a teacher or a counselor. I want to help younger kids because I have been through a lot as a kid. I want to be their “touchstone”, their role model. I never had one and I want to be the kind of role model I wanted. I love all of the “Shadow Falls” books and I feel like a have a connection to each of the characters. Thank you C.C. Hunter for writing these amazing books. 🙂 I find myself rereading them over and over again. You are amazing.

  13. When i was little I thought about becoming a vet, and I still think about it now (I’m 15). But lately I’ve really been leaning towards becoming an agent for the FBI. Still not sure though.. i also don’t know what college i plan on attending, i just know it’s going to be a good one. 😉 I have high standards for myself, but i just figure that if i shoot for one star, there are a million others near it and I’m gonna have to hit at least one.

    (you should totally write a book about their senior year 😉 😀 ) :3

  14. I think that career path is perfect for her. I graduated in 05 and I wanted to attend the Art Institute in Tampa but I was stupid. My boyfriend wanted to go there too but he wasnt ready to go yet. The school was over 8hrs from our town. Instead of going like I should have, I stayed, waiting on him to be ready to go with me. That never happened. We are no longer together and havent been for a while and I shouldnt have put my life on hold for a highschool crush. All you awesome, ambitious young people take note and learn from those of us who came before and screwed up. We take the fall so we can teach you not to 😉

    I now have my degree in Art Education and I am learning to be a hypnotist.

    By the way, all you fans wanting to be authors, I want to pass this info on to you: The author of the Partials series is starting something called Massive Fiction. Its not up and running yet, but it will be a great thing when it is. He along with some other authors are creating a world with characters and all for aspiring writers to use to write fanfiction, but the cool thing is that it will be under a creative commons license so whatever you write is YOURS and you can publish it! Its a great way to get some experience in writing without having to come up with all the major information first.

    Just thought I’d pass that along for those that are interested.
    And as always, keep doing what you are doing C.C.!

  15. I’ve always wanted to be a history teacher or an English teacher, and write a book sometime along the way. Sadly, I’m still a poor writer.

  16. I want to become a fashion designer. I want to go to CCA or Antwerp in Belgium. If that doesn’t work out I would like to go to Notre Dame Med School to be an OBGYN. I would also limestone writein my free time.

  17. I would like to go to the Olympics, in soccer, but I would also Love to major in Athletic Training At CSU pueblo in Colorado. I still have four years in highschool though so it will be awhile, But it is always to think about college and our plans in the future.

  18. Sounds like most of you have given some thought to what you want to do in life. Go for your dream. I did, and it took a while, but it was so worth it!

  19. I graduated last year and have finished first two semester of college, I loved every book of the shadow falls. Deffinly agree on the career choose u picked for kaylie. I am going for an accounting degree. I would love if you decided to continue the shadow falls series.

  20. I think u definitely chose the perfect career for kylie, i was wondering if u know what careers all of her friends will have. Will Lucas and Derek just work for the FRU or will they have another job as well?
    I wanted to be a math teacher because i like teaching people, or an architect or something that involves math, (math is my favorite subject).
    I really enjoy reading your books, i can’t wait for the rest of Dellas series. I really hope they make your books into movies because i really love them!! 😀

  21. Right now my junior year of high school is ending which means one more year before I graduate. I’m happy but sad at the same time because these past four years have gone by so fast. At this moment I know that I want to major in (international business) but I’m having second thoughts. I’m not completely sure if I want to go into this field or if I should major in something related to literature because my grades are better in reading and writing. Starting this August I will be applying to colleges and I’m still undecided about which colleges to apply to. The decision of what I want to be is a scary one and I keep hoping I won’t mess up and make the wrong choice. So for me, the future is still foggy. Ahh, teen troubles! Kylie’s choice to go into psychology seems like the right choice, it really suits her perfectly! 🙂

  22. I finished the book the day it came out on kindle fire pre-orders and soon decided that this is probably in my top 3 favorite book series. Thanks CC for everything and yes, missing the bus because I was reading is so worth it. Seriously no joke! Thanks again I will defiantly read Della’s side of the story! Good Luck!

  23. I’m 14 and I know my plans are going to change, but I’m the kind of person who can’t help planning. I know I want to go to George Washington University. However, for my career, as of now, I would like to be a psychologist or psychiatrist. I like helping people through their problems and I’m a good listener. Yet, I grew up wanting to be a lawyer. I’m good at arguing things and looking at things in a different perspective. Still, I’ve always had a huge passion for photography, so being a professional photographer is another option for me.

    • Oh! or an editor. I would LOVE to be an editor. Editor and psychologist are tied for first place in my dream career

  24. I’d love to be an author!! I love writing little stories.
    the only problem is that after writing two chapters I’m bored and i start with another story.
    These are my top three jobs:
    1) spy
    2) author
    3) professional sailer

  25. I loved this serious! I finished all five books in a week and a half! And it’s hard for me to get into books. But the title and the first page of born at midnight had me hook! I really hope to see more of Kylie and.her relationships with everyone grow in Della’s series! I was so sad when I finished the last book! Can’t wait for Della’s series!

  26. I am 13,and I have always wanted to be an author,I’ve started writing a book and so far all my friends have read it and they like it!!
    I friend of mine says he can introduce me to a publisher he knows but im scared the guy won’t have time to come and meet me!!
    So hopefully if he comes I’ll be ecstatic

  27. Just finished Shadow Falls series…..Sooo good…..Hard tine waiting for each new book to come out, kept me glued ro it…..Seriously should make a series out of theses books with right actors

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