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Today I have a very special guest blogger for those aspiring authors out there. Kaylie Hathaway is a teenager who has already had her poems and books published.  Her books, Beautiful Disorder and The Virus are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Beautiful Disorder

Beautiful_DisorderLux never expected life to be so unfair- or so surprisingly complicated. Sixteen-year-old Lux Richardson has been wrongly convicted of vandalism, and no one believes her. Not her parents. Not the judge. Her sentence? A summer’s worth of community service at Graceland Church’s Home for the Elderly, in the little hick town of Brickleton. Furious at the injustice of it all and dreaming of revenge against the real criminal, Lux is determined to simply get her punishment over with. What she doesn’t count on is the feisty Payson, who seems to hate her, or Diana, the sweet old lady who tells her stories…and gives her far more than she could ever dream.



The Virus

The VirusThe Virus. I thought I could control it. And I was dead wrong. My name is Travis Metros, and I create computer viruses for fun. I don’t send them anywhere…just save them to my laptop. But when I was 14, I engineered a virus that, if released, would infect the entire planet with an actual medical virus. I should have been more careful-installed a shut-down code-but I didn’t. Then my laptop was stolen. Now the most dangerous weapon of all times is in the wrong hands. A biological weapon of massive force that could shut down every computer and pass on a deadly, mysterious virus with no cure. Now only my friends and I stand between the bad guys and their plan of world domination.



So, I asked Kaylie  few questions, and I thought you’d be interested in reading her answers.

CC: How old were you when started writing?

Kaylie: At age ten, I started and finished my first book.  It was short, had too many characters, and didn’t end up making sense in the end!  But that doesn’t matter now–what matters is that I was hooked.  I knew I’d found something I loved to do, and it was something I felt I was good at.  Beyond that, however, I feel that this is what God wants me to do with my life;  He gave me a talent and passion for a reason.

CC: How did you sell your first book?

Kaylie: I went to a writing conference called the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, where I met Ramona Tucker, the co-founder of OakTara publishers.  She liked the sample I had of The Virus and had me e-mail her the rest of it!  Then the next time we caught up with each other, she read the proposal and beginning of Beautiful Disorder, and told me she wanted to publish both books.

CC:  I hear from a lot of my young readers who want to be writers. Can you give us five tips for other teens who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Kaylie: Tip #1:  Write.  Write all the time.  When you don’t want to, when you do want to, when you’re not sure if anything good will come out.  Just write.

Tip #2:  Go out and meet people in this field.  Go to writing conferences and talk to the people there.  If possible, go to a conference that provides face-to-face access to publishers, editors, authors, speakers, agents, and/or anyone else in that field.  If they meet you and like you, they’re far more likely to want to help you.

Tip #3:  Don’t compare yourself to other writers.  Whether it’s to say you’re a better or worse writer than them, it’s a trap either way.  Don’t compare.

Tip #4:  Read–it’s important!  Read as much as you can, as often as you can.  And while you’re reading, try to pick out why you did or did not like a word, sentence, phrase, paragraph, chapter, etc.  Then take what you like and apply it to your own writing.

Tip #5:  Love writing.  If you don’t love it, then you’re never going to keep with it.  You need a love for writing, a passion for it.

 CC: What is next for you as far as writing?

Kaylie: With my books that have already been published, I’m praying that God will use them to point people to Him.  As far as future novels go, I recently started another book that I hope will be published.

 CC:  Is writing something you want to do for a living as an adult?

Kaylie: I’d love to go into the world of editing.  I want to be a person who looks at someone’s manuscript, sees something that could be incredible with a bit of work, and then help that someone bring their manuscript to its full potential.

Thanks for being my guest blogger today, Kaylie!

Kaylie Hathaway 1_0Kaylie Hathaway is a teen with a passion for writing novels of all genres and poems of all lengths. When she was twelve years old, a poem of hers was published on an online magazine. Since then, she has thrown herself into the writing world by taking creative writing classes and going to writing conferences. Although she enjoys writing poetry and devotionals, Kaylie’s favorite things to write are novels.

Today, Kaylie is going through school while continuing to write. She lives in Texas with her parents and three siblings.



15 thoughts on “Teen Author Kaylie Hathaway

  1. Kaylie your books sound really good! I’m also a teen who loves to write and your such an inspiration. Thanks for the tips! I wish you all the success 🙂

  2. Wow , Kaylie ! >.< That's so amazing ! Gongratz on your releases , and may I say Beauitful Disorder and The Virus sounds very intriguing ! And you're a teen ! How awesome is that ?! Thanks for the wonderful tips by the way and I wish you luck on your editing dream ! <3

  3. You’re So inspiring! I love to write in my free time, but I’m only doing short stories. It brings me joy that someone around my age did the same thing and is now a big author! Keep writing!;)

  4. All my luck is coming your way Kylie! I hope you become a publisher! Now I must go get my little hands on those books! Thanks gotta’ go before I look like a freak that loves exclamation points!

  5. Thank you all for your kind words! If you want to connect with me further, find me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/authorkayliehathaway), Twitter (www.twitter.com/KaylieHathaway), and my own website (www.kayliehathaway.com). -Kay

  6. Wow. Your story is amazing! I hope to be published one day too. Its just hard when my paremts don’t support my writing and I live in no where West Virginia. It might takw a while but I’ll get there. I won’t stop until I have at least one book out there in the world.

  7. Way to go kid!!!! Other teens will look to your success and it will drive them to be successful as well. People like you are what helps the world push forward. Great job.

  8. Wow! The virus sounds amazing! Congrats on becoming an author and publishing your books! You must be so pleased and happy! Wish you the best and good luck in your writing career 🙂

    Sandra .P.

  9. The books sound great. I will check them out. I am 13 and I have already started a book. I am pretty far and I’m excited. I also really want to start a book about my life. I was involved in a lot of tragedies in the past few years that have changed my life dramatically. I feel that if I get my story out and share what my feelings are that people will stop looking at people like they are monsters. That’s how I feel. I want people to understand the things regular people go through. I have to wear a brace for drop foot because of an accident I had when I was 11 and people stare at it. People even joke about the accident and my injuries, and it hurts. I want people to think about what they say and do, before they do it. Good luck and I hope you all succeed in your dreams!

  10. The interview with kaylie was amazing. It was very informative. I am alot older than her and I feel the passion she speaks about. I am currently in a creative writing degree program. I am learning everyday. My first book is coming together and I am really hoping it will be good enough to get it published one day in the future. I just wished there was events like conferences, author signings, and book conventions near me that could inspire me even more. Thank you for giving a recently discovered future author inspiration through dreams and realizing anything is possible.

    SK Williamson

  11. Kaylie thanks so much for the tips,I am actually writing a book and one of my friends says he can help publish it!! I hope you write more books that I can grab at any moment you’re the best 🙂

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