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MarriottI’ve had a pretty busy summer so far, but it’s going to get even busier. You see, next week I’m off to the Marriott Marquis in the Peachtree Center in Atlanta, Georgia for the Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference.  I’ve been going to their conferences for years, but this year I’ve been invited to be their emcee at their RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony on July 20th. I was shocked when they asked me.  But I was also so honored to be asked to emcee the ceremony.  I, of course, said yes, but then when I hung up, it hit me.  It hit me what I’d just agreed to do. I mean, thousands of people attend the conference.  Thousands!!!  You have no idea how badly I wanted to call them back and say…  “Did I say yes?  I meant no, I really meant to say no.”

But then I realized the reason I wanted to say no.  Just plain ol’ fashion fear.  I don’t consider myself an overly brave person.  I don’t jump out of perfectly good planes, ride bulls, or tie a rubber band around my waist and jump off bridges.  But when I realize I’m afraid of something, something that isn’t life threatening, something that might even help me grow as a person, I force myself to do it.

Heck, for that matter, when I was asked to write the Shadow Falls series, I almost said no.  You see, I was already publishing adult romance novels, but this was a new genre that I wasn’t accustomed to writing.  And I was afraid to fail.  But I rose up to the challenge and look where that led me.  So…I didn’t call Romance Writers of America back, I wasn’t going to let fear win.

You know Kylie, Della and all my other Shadow Falls characters have fears, too.  Sometimes in fiction, the best scenes are when you have your characters facing and overcoming those fears.  And in this case, sometimes real life mimics fiction.  It’s often those moments when we force ourselves to do something that frightens us, when we do it in spite of the flutters of nerves, it’s those moments that seem to make a difference in our lives.

As much as I’m still a little nervous of emceeing the awards ceremony, I can’t wait for the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing on Wednesday, July 17th at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis from 5:30-7:30. You see at the Literacy Autographing, over 400 authors (including me!) will be signing their books, meeting and greeting fans, and all the proceeds go to literacy organizations. So, that means all the profits go to organizations that help people learn to read. It is a cause near and dear to my heart. And this event is entirely open to the public! So, if you are anywhere near Atlanta, come on out, meet me, purchase signed books, and help a worthy cause.  If you do come, remember they may have me listed under my real name, Christie Craig, as well as C.C. Hunter.

Oh, now that I’ve confessed my own fear to you, it’s your turn.  Are you afraid of something?  Of trying something new?  How do you cope with your fear?

Oh, and just an FYI, on July 19th I’ll be guest blogging at Between the Lines. It’s all part of a huge 2013 Summer Author Promo Blitz, and I’ll have giveaways for both international and U.S. readers.   So be sure to stop by, read my guest blog, and enter to win! There’s even a Twitter Party at 7 PM: Use #2013SummerAuthorBlitz.


The winners of last week’s Shadow Falls t-shirt  giveaway are Pam from Alaska and Madeline from France. Please email your mailing address and t-shirt size to

20 thoughts on “Meet Me In Atlanta!

  1. That’s great!!!!!!!!And don’t worry C.C-once you show up in front of those people you’ll forget your fears and talk like you normally do.And congrats and good luck!!!!

  2. I have a fear of heights, I am not sure why because when I was younger I didn’t. About 10 years ago we were driving up a canyon (one I have been up several times) and I got a panic attack (I had never had one of these before) palms sweating, rapid heartbeat the works! I didn’t really know where it came from or why at that age, but now every time I am faced with a steep cliff or drop off anywhere I get panicky! Crazy, so yes I would say that is my biggest fear right now.

  3. I have a fear of eating at a new restaurant and getting food poisoning… among many other fears… I am kind of a hypochondriac so lots of things scare me… that’s when I have to sleep or read to help me calm down.

  4. I know that you will be fine at the conference. You wrote books and so many more people have read them. They aren’t there to judge you, just be you. I have a big fear of failing, in anything. I have always been expected to get the best grades and if I don’t I feel like I disappoint everybody that is relying on me. (teachers, my parents and siblings, and my classmates) I am also scared to go out for sports again this year, because I am not that athletic since the accident that I had a couple years back. I don’t want people to judge me. I don’t really know with how to deal with them, except getting past them and moving on. Or, I read and try any way to avoid it and take my mind off of it. I know that isn’t the right thing to do, but I can’t find any other way. Good luck and I know you will do great!

  5. I’m afraid that I’ll fail myself. Not anyone else, me. I have goal I’ve set for myself (eventually publish a book, perfect grades, keep up with friends, get in shape, etc). No one has put this on me. My parents don’t care what grades I get as long as I try my hardest. But I’m scared to death of failing one or more of these goals. I get really emotional about stuff and it’s not pretty. My parents are there for me, but achieving these things help keep me afloat. I feel like if I fail these, I’ll fail myself. And in that same line of thought, I’ll break down and it will be messier than before. I know I shouldn’t put these goals ahead of me 24/7, but they’re something to reach for. I haven’t known great disappointment yet and I fear that one of these things will cause it.

  6. I have a fear of spiders. When i was younger i had a hug black spider with yellow spots crawl up and down my leg. I almost had a panic attack with that in front of my best friend. (She saw the spider first and then said something to me). If my friend hadn’t said anything to me i wouldn’t have been so scard. Now i am scard to go near any kind of spider. Or anything that has eight legs and eight eyes.

  7. I am really scared of escalators. When i was younger i fell down one but luckily rolled into my dad’s legs five moving stairs down. Now i always take the stairs if i can but if i cant, i slowly hop on and grip the hand rails so hard my knuckles turn white!

  8. My biggest fear is spiders. They are just super creepy! Normally I yell for my husband to come and get it, but when he is not here I get my cat so she can eat it, and if its my kid screaming about a spider I man up and get a bottle of windwx and squirt it till i can get rid of it.

  9. Im going to beg my mom to take me to Atlanta! I’m 2 hours away but I’m sure that with enough bribery, and puppy-dog eyes, she’ll agree… now about my fear? Snakes? HA! Only if their venomous. Spiders? Only if by one bite, I’m dead in minutes. Tornadoes? I’m fascinated by them! Blood and guts? I might want to peruse the medical career, so trust me that doesn’t bother me the least bit. But, there is one thing that makes the hair on the back of my neck spike up, and my shoulders to cringe in fear. I absolutely can not STAND tragedy. Whether it’s in injury to a loved one, the death of a loved one, or just a close friend moving away, (which I would most definitely consider a tragedy.) Divorce? Plane crash? Deadly atomic bomb? Don’t even get me started!

  10. Wish I could go to Atlanta to see your amazing book tour and to get my books signed by you and I swear I will beg my mom to take me!! congrats on all the success and can’t wait for Della’s series! And a med or large is my tshirt size!! Thnx for writing such great books that I have fallen for and for making me fall in love with all the characters!

  11. You should make these books into movies by the way! Sorry forgot to put that in! would love them forever! Please take this into consideration!!!!!!!!!

      • I think that turning them into a movie or a series will definitely make more people interested in buying your books. If they don’t decide any of that, then that’s their loss. 🙂

  12. Wow! Congratulations C.C! This is huge! Good luck and remember to be yourself, everyone will love you, especially your jokes! <3

  13. my bigest fear is esculator and hights because one time i almost fell because off the esculatorbecause i was super scared of how high it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, cc this is awsome i wish i could but i live in Des Moines,IA=( but it is awsome=D

  14. i would love to meet you =) congratulations to the winners i hope you enjoy the t-shirt and i have an idea who can play the roles in the serie/movie;)
    kylie dianna agron or Saoirse Ronan
    miranda malese jow
    della Chiaki Kuriyama
    derek austin butler
    lucas logan lerman
    perry shia la beouf or david kross
    holiday christina hendriks
    burnett bradley cooper

    pöease think about it 😉

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