Change Can Be Good

I admit it, I don’t like change.  When I was in school, I didn’t really like summer because everything changed and I didn’t like September because again, I had to change my schedule because of school.  Ahh, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the one consistent thing in life is change.  Life is about change.  I know some of you are dreading having to wake up early, having to fit time for  homework into your day.  And some of you participate in sports or are in band and that requires practice sessions.  It may have been awhile, but I remember how it was when I was in school.

However, even when you’re older and out of school, life still changes.  There are new jobs, or new bosses, or new houses. New boyfriends, and life altering changes like moving to a new town.  I’m buying a new house now and that means a lot of change. I’ll have to find a new grocery store, a new dry cleaners, a new path on which to take my walks.  I’ll be writing in a new study.  Oh, goodness, what if I find it hard to write in a new place?   I admit it, I really love my new house, but I dread all the changes, I dread having t-shirt-150x150to adapt.  I know I’ll adjust, just like you guys will get accustomed to new teachers, new classmates and new routines.  Let’s hang in there together.  And let’s all try to remember change is good.  Change bring about growth.  We will make it.  This week, I’ll give a t-shirt to one person who leaves a comment.  (Sorry, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. And again, if you are reading this on Goodreads, you have to leave a comment on my CC Hunter Books website in order to win.)

Meet Me

This Saturday, August 24th, I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in Pasadena, TX at 2:00 PM. And I won’t be alone! I’ll be joined by my good friends and talented authors Mary Lindsey (author of the Soul series) and Joy Preble (author of the Dreaming Anastasia series and The Sweet Dead Life series. So, if you live in the Houston or Pasedena area, stop on by. I’d love to meet you!


44 thoughts on “Change Can Be Good

  1. I dread change as well!! It always makes me feel so anxious. There is a lot if change coming for me this week as well. Both of my boys start back to school with new teachers & schedules for me to learn. I don’t want to deal with homework! Also, after 6 years of staying at home with my guys, I’m going back to work! I usually work retail, but I am completely changing fields & will be working in a preschool. Yikes!!
    But you are right, change does bring about growth. It’s the only way we do grow. So I will choose to look at this new job as a new adventure, a new chapter in my life. And yes, life will go on 🙂

  2. Change is hard for everyone to deal with. I’m actually a little bit anxious myself. My mother is moving to Montgomery, TX…I live in Houston. I haven’t lived anywhere near my mother in over 10 years and I’m a lil nervous about it. I know if I don’t visit enough she will get mad. I know that I have to play a big part in my niece’s lives (my mother received custody of them this year after they had been in foster care.) And it’s not that I don’t want to see my mother or be there for her but I have a family of my own, a husband, a 5 year old son and I work. I just hope that my mother will be more understanding if I’m not there every weekend but I don’t think i will be that lucky.

  3. We moved at the end of May, it’s the most dreaded thing ever!! I’m still unpacking 🙁
    But I do enjoy the new place much more than any in the past, gotta take the good with the bad. And yay, my birthday is Friday! How awesome would it be to get a shirt 😉

  4. change is around everywhere you go. The best is when there is good change :). I love your books so very much. I’m a little older and not quite a teen, but i enjoy them just as much! Enjoy your new home and i hope you find a good routine. Never stop writing !

    Best of luck!

  5. Change is hard, especially for military children and families. Change is very scary and now our kids have to start a new school again. And its our sons first year of Pre K and our daughter starts Kindergarten also. I am so nervous for them to start a new school with all new children and teachers, but I feel they will adapt very well and have lots of new friends. The end of the year we are due to move again. Military families have it hard cause we are constantly changing our way of life to adapt to our surroundings.
    I absolutely love the Shadow Falls series and I am very excited about Reborn which I have already pre ordered.

    And as said above we always get to start new chapters in our lives and its good to give them change at a young age so when they get older they dont have a hard time adapting to real world.

  6. Ditto for change-I don’t like it,but it’s necessary if you want to grow.And YAY!!!I live in Pasadena so I can meet you!!!I hope you’ll get used to your new home soon!!!

  7. Yes I am with you too, I hate change, but over the years I think I have learned to just roll with it. Sometimes change is good and sometimes change can be bad it just depends on your situation. I have decided that I need to A. Buy a new house or B. Get the house that I have in better condition/remodel to where I love this one so that I can grow old in it!

  8. I am dealing with that dreaded change right now. We are looking at houses right now and the thought of moving is STRESSFUL! I hope you start to enjoy your new house soon! 🙂

  9. I actually love change. I think its nice to have something new especially getting new friends and classes. Without change we can’t grow which is important. I’m always changing and growing; I’m actually afraid that things will stop changing. After all some changes can be an adventure.

  10. I like change sometimes,when you meet new people and get new friends or when you learn something new about yourself just by doing something new. But other times it is scary and hard to leave you old teachers and get new ones. But hopeful moving to a new school would be even better then the last one.

  11. I know how you feel, I am also very uncomfortable with change. Like you solid though, change is a Marin constant in your life. My biggest change was having my children. With my oldest I had to change to accommodate having someone else besides myself that I was responsible for. With my second and youngest, it was another change adjusting his schedule into the day. Change can be hard, and not everyone is successful adjusting, but in can be very rewarding.

  12. Change is really hard. Especially for me right now. I have done gymnastics for 12 years now and now I am off to high school and am going to quit. Its really sad because all of my friends are there and ever since I was 2 gymnastics has been my center, my core. everyone at school knows me as the gymnast. I feel like I need to quit because lately i have been getting really scared of a lot of skills and with high school starting for me, i don’t know how i will be able to fit in practice and homework and still have i life. But, I feel like quitting is giving up who I yeah, change is hard. but GOOD LUCK on your new house! I bet after just a week you will love it and that change will be over!! I love your books and would die for a shirt!!!!!

  13. I don’t like change either. The thing is as a junior in highschool the biggest change I’m seeing is my friends… they are changing for boyfriends or the cool kids that they wish would be friends with them and it really makes me feel bad because I feel like I’m not a good enough friend to them anymore. That they want someone better than me..

  14. i hate change and i really had to change this year for school because i had to change schools and go by a schedel and because i know no one in my class its horrible

  15. Change has always been hard for me, but I get used to it after a few weeks of the same thing. School has always been a challenge, not academically, but with peer pressure and things. I’ve had to change my life sooo much the past couple years, and it’s been hard. I sometimes don’t know where I am going or where I am at. It’s hard at first, but I try to find some things that are constant in my life to be my touchstone. My family, good friends, and sometimes my teacher. I usually go to books and get lost in the story, though. Plus, I know that you will be fine in the new place. You might even be able to write easier in there! Good luck!

  16. I have went through a lot of change this year between having to start a new school this year and my parents divorcing. I am really beginning to hate change but it’s when things don’t change is when you should start worrying. Although its hard I’m dealing with it in the best way possible – reading the Shadow Falls seiries!

  17. I’ve gone through phases of liking & not liking change. Up until Jr high I hated it. In highschool, I felt like I needed it and out of highschool I loved it. Now, however, anxiety takes over anytime change even thinks about coming around.
    “one consistent thing in life is change” This couldn’t be any more true. What I’m dealing with now is people changing. I think this is the worst kind of change I’ve ever had to deal with because I’ve gotten so comfortable with who they are & who I am when I’m with them.
    I have faith that you’ll get through this change and learn to adapt and grow from it as will everyone else who is sharing their anxieties in this blog. :]

  18. ik change is hard i had to move 3 times before in my life and it sucked at first but after i got to know the people with me at school it worked don’t get me wrong i hated it at first but really i had to get used to it so change mind be hard but maybe it for the better maybe with your new house u can get new ideas new shadow falls series books and stuff! so change can sucks but maybe its actually good!

  19. I like and don’t like change because its both good and bad. Good luck with everything. I really wish I could go to a book signing for once but I do not have the money to travel all over and there are never any book signings where I live =(

  20. I completely agree with you C.C.!! I just started my junior year in college and it’s a big change! Especially the new schedule I have this semester. Usually I have classes all week except Friday, but this time I have classes three days out of the week. It might sound good to have it that way, but I’m still trying to adapt to waking up early and walking all over campus. I expect to be used to what I have to deal with in the next two weeks so I’m almost there :]

  21. Change is definitely good! I was stuck at a really bad middle school for two years before I got accepted into the school I’m starting at this year. Now I have a fresh start with new people and a better environment. I can’t wait for change!

  22. I’m also one of the few people who likes change. I like it because it changes things up and it always keeps me on my feet 🙂 without it I feel like everything will always be the same and that will get boring so I welcome the change although I will admit not all changes are easy but it’s part if life

  23. Sorry for some reason my computer isn’t working but I wanted to say how I love how much burnett has been a fathering figure towards kylie over the books!

  24. I always disliked change, especially when it comes to school. To me, the first day of school is always the scariest because you don’t know who are in your class, what the teacher is like, and how difficult the class is going to be. When I was a freshman in high school, I usually get lost and can’t find my classes. Now I’m a junior which is so hard to believe. Next year I’m going to be a senior and graduate from high school! That’s even scarier than being a junior because I can’t imagine myself going to college. Maybe it’s because I think college is scary or because I think time is going by too fast and I’m not ready for it. When I see the new freshmen in Mark Keppel who ask me for help finding their classes, I think back to the time when I was a freshman. I envy them because I wish I could be a freshman again and not move on. I’d even rather stay as a sophomore than move on to my junior year. I’m getting closer and closer to the end of high school and the day will come when I have to leave Mark Keppel. All I’m trying to say is that I’m not ready for the future laid out ahead of me. When I think about change, I feel that instead of hating school, I should be grateful that I am going to school instead of finding a job. More than anything, I wish that I could always stay in high school and not worry about college and things after college. However, change is a part of life that I have to accept.

  25. I think of change having pros and cons. For example, when I was moving to a new school in 6th grade I was glad to be away from some of the bullies at my old school. However, I also felt lonely because I didn’t know anyone. Change definately is something we will have to deal with FOREVER!

  26. I know how you feel me and my friend are trying to get a place together which means new place and a new part of town. At the same time it is exciting and I can’t wait.

  27. Change is a good thing! While it can be bad at first, change can bring new opportunities. My best example of this is Changing my mind about what books to read; it led me to this series. I decided I wasn’t going to start a new series but then I saw the cover of book 1 and decided to read the back. Then I changed my mind and bought it. Love the series! ^.^

    I know there are other examples of change but nothing abnormal has happened to me, just the normal changing schools and friends. Like I said, opportunities.

  28. Change doesn’t always mean new teachers, a new school, a new house, or even leaving home for the first time. Sometimes, like Kylie and the Shadow Falls gang, change can mean finally accepting who you are on the inside, and, eventually, owning it. Like Kylie, you grow up never really fitting in, always feeling like you’re different than everyone else, but either you don’t know why OR you know why, but you are fighting tooth and nail to keep from acknowledging your true self. I’m here to say that I’m living proof that as much as you want to deny who you are and as much as you try to run from your true self, it will always be with you. So, instead of running from yourself, embrace it. No matter what anyone says or thinks, never forget that you are changing, and this change doesn’t just change others’ opinions of you, but you’re also changing who you believed yourself to be for so long. Like the Shadow Falls gang, once you accept who you are, you will still face challenges, but you will grow stronger with every obstacle you conquer.

  29. I love change! I always feel that it is for the better in the end no matter what the circumstance. It gives you a new outlook on certain things! I hope this change goes well for you, CC! 🙂

  30. Change is sort of bipolar, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s uncontrolable, but it illustrates perseverence

  31. Its true. Change is teterrifying. I worry all the time about my friends changing or even me. But for some reason your always prepared for it even if you think youre not. I hope for the best in the future and good luck on your book O:-)

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