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Della_SteveWell, I’m working on Della’s first book,  Reborn, now and it’s going great.  Yesterday, I was working on a scene where Della has a parents’ weekend and something hit me.  You know how hard it is on her when she goes home?  The funny thing is, I realized that it’s always hard to go back home. No matter who you are.  It’s not easy to leave the nest in the first place, but then oddly, it’s also hard returning to the nest.  I remember going back home to live with my parents after I’d been living on my own for a while.  They still sort of treated me the way they’d treated me before I’d moved out, and I didn’t want to be treated like that anymore.  I wanted to be treated like an adult, and they weren’t so sure I was ready to be an adult. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy.

I know some of you guys are probably home for the summer, or maybe getting ready to leave the nest for the first time.  I’ll just tell you to hang in there, remember your parents love you and most of the time their actions, right or wrong, stem from love.  Della even realizes this. Yes, it’s very painful to have her parents think the worst about her, but she knows they love her and are just concerned.  So she’s trying really hard to be understanding, which as you can guess, doesn’t come easily to her.

Now remember, when your parents are driving you crazy, they only have your best interest at heart. And if Della, my volatile vampire, can hold her temper, so can you. But tell me, what do your parents do that makes you nuts?


t-shirt-150x150I am giving away a Shadow Falls t-shirt to one person who leaves a comment. (Unfortunately, I have to limit this giveaway to those living in the U.S. Sorry! And if you are reading this on Goodreads, remember you need to leave your comment on my Website in order for a chance to win.)


Have Lunch With Me!

I was recently invited to participate in the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation luncheon in Wisconsin April 26, 2014, and am I ever excited! The luncheon will be filled with fun, gift bags and door prizes. There will also be a raffle of many baskets filled with books and other items. There will be 40+ authors attending (of which I’ll be one!), and NYT Best-selling author Debbie Macomber will be the key note speaker.

If you arrive Friday, you’ll be able to attend a Q & A session with a chance to ask authors questions. Afterward, there will be a Harlequin sponsored meet and greet with the authors.

Hurry, there’s only enough room for 500, and it’s filling up fast! You can find all the details at Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon.

71 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. It may be hard to go home, but it’s nice to know that it’s always there if you ever need it….along with the people you love…family.

  2. Ohh my god the thing my parents do that bothers me most is that if i meantion one of my guy friends, they only see him as a boyfriend and then they start asking awkward questioons.
    I can not wait to read Dellas books!!! I really want a shadow falls shirt!!! btw Kylie is my new idol! To me she is a wonderful perfect person!!!! You are the most Amazing writer ever”!!!!!!!

  3. Love Shadow Falls!! Can’t wait for more about Della. I met you at TLA this year; truly an inspiration!! I would proudly wear a Tshirt in my library!


  4. Would love a shirt! Can’t wait for Della’s book. She is one of my favorite characters!
    Oh Just a thought, how about a luncheon in Houston? 😀 Can’t blame me for trying!

  5. I love this series so much!!!!! I’m in the process of re-reading Kylie’s books for like the fourth time 😛 If I win this shirt I’ll wear it all the time!!

  6. My parents and I have horrible miscommunication problems. I guess selective hearing runs in the family. It always causes an argument on wether we said this or that. It gets annoying to have to always argue over what I did say or never said, I know what I said. But it also something that my family make light of. So it might be annoying but I can’t imagine my family with out it. I want the shirt sooo bad, I’d probably hang it up on my wall in lieu of a poster!

  7. After living with my much older sister throughout high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of the house and go to college! Fast forward to this summer (I had an internship in her city, one year into grad school) and I chose to live with her, my 5 year old niece, and 4 month old nephew out of convenience. I thought it would be worse than where we left off in high school. It actually ended up being a great two months! Sure, we had our differences, but I’m super happy I chose to live with her 🙂

  8. I got my best friend addicted to these books 🙂 I’ve read the series like five times all ready. I can’t wait to see Della’s books!!! I want a T-Shirt!!! Love the books!!!!

  9. First of all, I love the picture of Della and Steve. Anyways, what drives me crazy is that they treat me like I’m seven. I’m 13, but I guess they are overprotective because I’m the youngest and I’ve been through a lot. Oh, and they talk for me. It seriously irks me when they do that. But, I love them and I guess it’s for the best. I can’t wait for Della’s series. I hope I can survive by 2014! 🙂

  10. Love my mom to death, but she can drive me up the wall , but my one thing that drves me crazy is when my mom will question me things I do or don’t do for my kids. Example: I can be telling her oh one of the girls has a fever and isn’t feeling well. Mom: Did you give her meds ( yes, mom I’m not going to let her suffer) well are you taking her to the doctor (no mom, its just a fever, I know when and when to go to the doctor)Anyways things like that, I know she just worries, and I love her, but still drives me crazy!!

  11. My friend got me addicted to the series. I’ve read it tons of times. Now i got my little sister addicted to the series too. I can’t wait for Della’s series to come out. We’d really love a shadow falls t-shirt.

  12. i can t wait for the new book to come out. i have all ready red all of the shadow falls novels. they are all awesome and i know this one will be to!!!

  13. I cannot wait for Della’s books. Della is my favorite character in the shadow falls series. I am sooooooo bugging my mom to get me those books. And one thing my mom does that drives me crazy is when someone says a word or sentence that reminds her of a certain song she will start singing that song as loud as she can. Like if I said bills she’ll start singing “Bills Bills Bills“ by Destiny Childs. Its sorta annoying.

  14. I know exactly what you mean. Even though I don’t ciurrently live with my parents they still can drive me crazy. Especially, when it comes to appointments they know I have. It is always 20 questions (Do you have everything you need?, do you what time you need be there?) . These are just a few examples, but I know they do it out of love. Can’t wait for Della’s voice to be heard in her series.

  15. It’s usually my dad that makes me crazy with anger (the heartburn from being mad can prove it) and what he does is usually boss everyone around. I hate when he says I have to go somewhere I absolutely do not want to go to, but unless I want to make him mad too I just keep quiet, hold in the anger, and go. My mom is slightly different. Sometimes she tends to have mood swings out of nowhere and it pisses me off because I didn’t do anything in the first place. Usually I’ll stay away from her in those moments :p

  16. That’s so cool. I just saw the cover of Reborn and it rocked! Just about anything my parents do drives me crazy. I managed to upset everyone in my family in about five minutes this afternoon, which was not fun. More often than not, I want to blow my top at them. *Sigh*

  17. LOVE this series! Looking forward to Della’s new series & hope I win a t-shirt! xoxo from California! -Katie

  18. The main thing that drives me crazy is my mom cleaning my room. I can never find anything. She doesnt comprehend that i know where everythign is in my mess, but when she cleans i have no clue.

  19. I really enjoy your books 😉 Knowing that you have a place to go to after you have moved out (parents house), and knowing that they are there when ever you need them is priceless. But deep down you know that they really love you.

  20. Its really amazing how much depth and thought that are in your books. The characters are well thought out and are very individual. I love how you took so many different supernatural creatures and put them all together in a new a fresh way that works very well together. I love the series and I am thrilled that you are continuing on with Della’s story though I will admit I will miss Kylie and Lucas. Thank you!!!

  21. I just hope Della has the patience for her parent and likewise for them,too.And that she has fun.And I’d love to go to the luncheon but I can’t miss school.But I hope you have fun!!!

  22. What drives me crazy is when my parents yell at me to do something and I already did it… its very annoying I love them but I just hate it when they do that… (I cant wait to read Reborn! loved Della’s personality as much as I loved Kylies)

  23. It’s funny how your blog is about leaving the nest or coming back to it because I am actually trying to move out with one of my close friends. Now I’m only 19 and I love my parents but they don’t give me the chance to grow and try to be an adult. I’m going to miss being at home but I know it will help me and I will always have my parents close to home.

  24. My mom, niece and I are thinking about going to the lunch in MKE – so many good authors!! (And we’ve got some family up there!)

  25. Wow, I am so depressed now… my family is dying one by one My grandfather died and my great aunt died( they both died from deseases). Next is probably my uncle who is going to have lung cancer like my grandfather and grandmother, so we are all wondering if it runs in the family, if its because they smoke/d or both.

  26. mostly my parents are embarassing sooo much=(. My sister have friends that are boys and she teases us about my little sister even said to my older sister that she and her friend were K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  27. My parents drive me so crazy. Especially when I go out with my friends and they ask what I did and if their were any guys with me or if there were drugs or alcoholic drinks at parties I go to! And even though I’m 17 they treat me like I’m 3! And whenever my friends are over, my parents always, always, always embarrass me! Even though the are over-protective I still love them. By the way I love your Shadow Falls series!! I have read all of the books and I display them on my desk in my room for everyone to see! And I would LOVE to get a tshirt!!!

  28. Never really thought about it that way, it kind of saddening thinking that one day you won’t be there to laugh, cry, and pick a fight every once in a while with the people you love all the time.

  29. Yeah… It is always hard to come home after so long but I sometimes enjoy it. The comfort of being in YOUR bed after a period of time! And good luck writing Reborn! I hope it comes out soon

  30. Your books are wonderful. I am going to read parts from your books to my students this year to show them how important our words are to build those images in our minds as we read. You have a fantastic way to draw the reader into the story and make us feel like we are a part of the Shadow Falls family. I loved your books and will be telling my book reading friends to read them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing gift with us all. Blessings!

  31. I’ve reached the age where I finally get along with my parents, but I look back on those teen years and cringe. Can’t wait for the next book!

  32. My parent hold me to a higher standard than my brothers. I know that they want the best for me and they see the mistakes they’ve made with them and try to prevent me making them as well. But I’m my own person. And I have to make my own mistakes.

  33. I just finished Chosen at Nightfall and oh my goodness it was amazing! I’m officially making Holiday and Burnett’s couple name “Holinett”. *psst* After the Della series you should write a series about their baby set in the future. Thinking of coming to the Midwest anytime soon? I’d love to have you in the Nebraska/Iowa/Missouri/Kanas area! Good luck on the new series!

  34. I just read the entire shadow falls series in 2 weeks. I didn’t want it to end! I can’t wait to read the books about Della!. Wonderfully written! Love it!

  35. FINALLY got all of your books! I sound all of them at the used bookstore and then purchased Taken at Dawn yesterday from amazon! So cant wait to read them!! Reviews will post on my site in sept. And I would love to have a shirt!

  36. I absuloutly love this series. It is my favorite serires. I’m so excited to read this book about Della.

    Thanks for the great chance to win a awesome tshirt. I have my fingers crossed.

  37. I love the series, have been a fan from the beginning. Can’t wait int’l the next one! I highly recommend this series if you haven’t read it yet. I’d love a Shadow Falls tshirt if I’m lucky enough to win one. Very cool idea.

  38. So it is currently 3am and i’m reading Born At Midnight for the first time(and i love it)and i am crying because i just finished chapter 33 when Lucas Parker leaves.

  39. It drives me crazy when my mom comes in when I’m reading and tries talking to me and I have to respond but when she’s reading I have to sit and wait for her to been done with whatever it she’s reading before I can say anything. Though with the end of school in sight the thought of moving away for college is kind of scary and I know I’ll probably end up missing the little things that currently make me insane. I love your books and I can’t wait to read more about Della 🙂

  40. I love you I love you I love you I LOVE YOU!!!! Most amazing books I have ever read! I have reread all the books, like, 7 times each! I just cant get enough of them!!!!! Kylie is the most amazing character out of all the books i have ever read, and that’s a lot of books! I also love how you really connect with your characters! You are my favorite writer/ author ever! I will never stop loving your books no matter how old I get. WWKD (what would Kylie do) sometimes i actually ask myself that! Thanks for reading my comment!!! Love ya!

  41. The glorious book is in the process of being written. Holy. Crap. Someone hold me cause i’m gonna die of excitement. *takes deep breaths*

    2 hours later….
    My mum doesn’t have to do anything to make me go nuts, i simply do. But on occasions what get’s me really angry that i see red is her telling me to dress and act like other ‘normal’ girls do. And her judging my personality because she doesn’t like it. Oh well. I’m an adult now and i moved out, so everything is fine! I got no one to judge me now 🙂

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