Watch Out World, I’m Channeling Della!

RebornI’m in the middle of Reborn, the first book in Shadow Falls: After Dark.  These books will be from Della’s point of view.  And I have to tell you, Della is so sassy.  And since I’m so deep into the story, I’m sort of channeling her.  Which means, I’m being a bit mouthy and I’m in the “I’m-not-taking-crap-off nobody” mood.  Poor hubby is getting an earful of Della..isms.  Thank goodness, he kind of likes Della.

Now, I will agree that sometimes Della gets a bit carried away.  Like when she told Miranda she was going to kill her and sell her blood on E-Bay.  Ahh, but there are times I know we all need to speak up for ourselves a little more.  We shouldn’t say yes when we really mean no.  We shouldn’t agree to do something just because someone is pressuring us.  We need to know our opinions count and matter.  And we need to voice those opinions.   I think we could all use a little Della spunk in our lives.  I’m not saying we should be ugly or mean, but I remember clearly being young and never speaking up for myself.

So today, I hope all you guys will channel a little of Della.  And since I’m deep into Della’s character I thought it might be fun to take a few questions from you guys for Della.  I can’t answer them all, but I’ll try to answer two or three a week.

And I’ll give away another Shadow Falls T-shirt to one person who leaves a question. (Sorry, I have to limit this giveaway to those living in the U.S.  Also, if you are reading this on Goodreads, you have to leave your question for Della on my CC Hunter Books website in order to enter to win.)

Oh, I had a signing this last Saturday with Joy Preble and Mary Lindsey at the Barnes & Noble in Pasadena, Texas.  I just want to say thank you to everyone who showed up with books in hand for me to sign.  I love meeting you guys. So, I thought I’d share some photos of the event.

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The winner of a Shadow Falls t-shirt from last week’s blog is Tara McFadden. Please email your mailing address and t-shirt size to Congratulations!

40 thoughts on “Watch Out World, I’m Channeling Della!

  1. Why do you always argue with Miranda?? Why don’t you give Steve a chance? Do you like being a vampire?? What do you like most about your roommates?? Do you think of yourself as a rolemodel to the readers??

    • I got more questions.
      If you could become a human again would you and why?? Do you want to see Chang again and why?? Are you mad at Kylie for giving Steve advice about you?? Who is your favorite singer?? What used to be your favorite food?? Do you miss eating food without it tasting like ass with aids?? If you could speak any language what would it be?? Are you going to kiss Steve again?? Do you like the color pink??

  2. I know you were upset with you cousin (being around him made you turn) and I know he’s gotten in with some bad people but do you ever see that bridge mending? Do you think you can help get him on the strait and narrow?

  3. #1 question on my mind- Wil you ever give Steve a chance? He’s way better than Lee ever was. And #2 what do you think if Kylie dating Lucas?

  4. Do you think working for the FRU will make your relationship better with people? Maybe start a relationship with Steve? Or do you think your family & you will ever get along?

  5. Hate to be a repeat, but yes, do you think you’ll ever give Steve a chance?

    Or a better question Della, what are you afraid of when it comes to giving Steve a chance?

  6. My question for Della is: If you were never turned into a vampire what do you think your life would be like, you would never go to shadow falls, would you and Lee be together, what would happen?

  7. Do you think you will ever be able to trust your family and others and let them in? (This includes telling your family your story and letting other people into your heart?) BTW, I love you Della!

  8. How do you think your issues will compare to Kylie’s, you know, since C.C.’s writing it? Or will they be totally different that they simply can’t compare?
    P.S. I’m excited to have you on my blog on Friday!

  9. Well Della, have you ever been tempted to turn your father so he would know and experience what his daughter had been through?

  10. Why were you afraid of Kylie leaving in ‘Whispers At Moonlight’? Is it because you’ve grown to know and love her and Miranda like sisters? Or is it because you’re afraid of being left alone? And why are you afraid to give Steve a chance? Is it because you’re last boyfriend was judgmental? Or something else? Can’t wait to read you’re story Della! 😀

  11. Della,
    How tall are you? How much weight can you pick up? Why aren’t your parents vampires? How many of your family members are vampires? Why haven’t you told your parents that you are a vampire, and how do you think they would react? Why do you and Miranda fight so much?

  12. Will you be able to get along with Lucas for Kylie’s sake? Also, why not give Steve a chance? He accepts you for who you are; he’s nothing like Lee.

  13. Are you using the FRU and the missions that they send you on as a sort of outlet for not paying attention to the actual issues in your life? Do you feel like just because your relationship with Lee ended so badly that the same thing will happen with any other guy? Because Steve understands your situation a little better which would make it a better relationship, don’t you think?

  14. To Della,
    If you could be any paranormal, what would you choose? (Keep in mind all the powers you would give up or gain.)

  15. Since becoming a vampire, your life has been screwed up. Do you wish you weren’t a vampire? Because if you weren’t you would still have Lee and your relationship with your family would be better. But then you would have never been at shadow falls and never met Kylie or Miranda or Steve 😉

  16. Everyone has that one person they can tell their deepest darkest secrets to. That knows the true Della under that thick tough skin of yours. The one person you can truly open up to. Who would be that person, is it Kylie or someone else that we would meet down the line.

  17. Hi there C.C heres a couple of questions for della.
    1. If you had to give advice to kylie on which boy to choose who would you say.
    2. If you had to choose between a Werewolf for a boyfriend or a girl, who would you choose?
    3. If you had the choice to become human again, would you do it, why?
    4. What is your favorite type of blood?

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