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Della_Steve4Okay, in my last blog I asked you guys to leave questions for Della. And the most asked was whether Della would give Steve a chance.  I can tell you right now, this question is gonna tick Della off.  Let me channel up Della and see what she says.  But just let me warn you guys, get ready for some attitude.


C.C.:  Della, my readers have posted some questions and I told them you would answer a few.  So the first question is about why you’re afraid to give Steve a chance and what’s the probability of you maybe changing your mind?  Or kissing him again?  They just want to know what’s going to happen with you and the hot shape-shifter you say has a cute backside.

Della: Who asked me this?

C.C.:  Well, actually a lot of readers asked this one.  So could you please at least attempt to answer?

Della:  Fine, but just because they are readers doesn’t mean they can poke around—

C.C.:  Stop right there.  You are a fictional character and you need to behave like one.

Della: Fine.  Do they want the truth?

C.C.:  I’m sure they want the truth.

Della:  Then the truth is I don’t have a clue if I’ll end up with Steve.  Do I like Steve?  Duh!  Do bears poop in the woods?  Seriously, if I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m in now.  Well, that and if he wasn’t such a good kisser.  And if he didn’t make me laugh.   Just to make your readers happy I’ll admit that yes, I’ve sampled a few more of his kisses.   He’s so irresistible.  But will I agree to sign on the dotted line that I’m his girlfriend?  No. And here’s where the truth comes out.  I have no idea how things are going to end up.

Right now I’m dealing with so much in Reborn.  I know you don’t want me to give anything away, but can I just tell your readers that there’s a heck of a lot of crap going down?   It’s raining crap.  And Steve is there, trying to help me, but in a way, he’s also part of the problem.  If I let myself care about him too much, what’s going to happen later?   What if he decides he wants someone nicer, someone warmer, or someone with bigger boobs, or someone who looks more Asian.  Yeah, that’s what happened with Lee.  And losing him was so darn hard.  I know I’ve heard that old adage, “It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.”  Right now, I can’t say I agree with that.

C.C.:  Yeah, but sometimes when it’s raining crap, you learn a lot of lessons.  I haven’t finished your series, so I can’t say for sure if your path is going to lead you to Steve, but I’m thinking it’s going to lead you to a better place.  Life is about changes and those changes and the lessons we learn guide us to the right path.

Now, let’s move to question #2 that was asked by Alana: If you were never turned into a vampire, what do you think your life would be like, you would never go to Shadow Falls, would you and Lee be together, what would happen?

Della:  This almost feels like a trick question.  Part of me wants to say if I’d never been turned, I’d be so much happier.  I’d still be the apple of my daddy’s eye. I’d be on the honor roll at school.  Who knows, I might have given into what my parents wanted and decided to go to school to be a doctor.  And yes, I’d probably still be with Lee.  Then again, maybe he would have tossed me aside anyway.  I’m beginning to wonder if he was just a mistake.  And I hate thinking that because it means I gave so much of myself to someone who I shouldn’t have.  Anyway, about me being happier if I hadn’t been turned.  You see, I’ve stopped to think about what I have in my life now.  If I hadn’t been turned I wouldn’t know Kylie and Miranda, Holiday and Burnett.   Even Steve.  I wouldn’t give these people up.  In a way, I think C.C.’s right.  Don’t tell her I said this, she already thinks she knows everything.  But I think when we face challenges, we grow and what would have been right for us at one point in our lives, may not be right for us later.  What would have made the old Della happy, probably wouldn’t make the new Della happy.   So I don’t know if I can regret being turned into a vampire.  I really like my life, especially being able to kick butt like I can, but I just wish I could still have parts of my old one.  Like my family and my daddy’s love.  I miss that.

C.C.: Hmm, Della, my heart hurts for you. On another thought, do you not know I’m gonna read this?  And I really don’t think I know everything.  I sometimes think you guys, my fictional characters, actually teach me a thing or two.  Anyway, thank you, Della, for the answers, I know how hard that was for you.

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66 thoughts on “Della Answers Your Questions

  1. Hi CC, I live in England and love your books. Well, I adore them actually. I can’t wait for the new series too. Good luck for the new series also, it’s gonna kick butt like Della. Thank you for an amazing read xxx

  2. Hi!
    That was a sweet idea! Oh, I love Della so much! She always says what she thinks and I really like that! 😀
    And I also want to have a T-Shirt! That would be so awesome! I´m from Germany and I hope, there are not too many mistakes in my comment…. 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for the new book. Can’t wait to read it. I’m so glad these characters aren’t finished with their stories. USA here.

  4. Love love love your books I can’t wait for your next one! And I think it’s very cool you are answering questions as the characters I’ve never seen an author do that. thank you for not forgetting about us obsessive fans! Hope I won the T- shirt I’m in the usa!

  5. I can’t wait for Reborn and I love Della she’s awesome! Shadow Falls is my favorite series so it makes the wait even harder! Oh and I’m in the USA

  6. Loved to read Shadow Falls. Della’s attitude is refreshing in a lot of ways and it is nice to know that she is dealing with the same insecurities as almost every girl alive. With here pain of losing Lee, she is afraid to let Steve in all the way. To Della; Steve is not Lee. He knows you are a vamp and Lee did not. I am sure he will not hurt you the way Lee did.
    Btw, I am from the Netherlands.

  7. I am so eager for each of your books to come out. Went to my daughter’s for the weekend, who is moving her family into a wonderful new house, and I found all of the books I bought hidden in her closet! HA! I get them back, we have gotten so many friends and other family members to read your books!

  8. Della is so awesome, I have to say I love her attitude! I am really looking forward to reading this book and am glad that my Shadow Falls adventures have not ended!

  9. I really liked Della in the Shadow Falls series. I’m so glad there are going to be books about her… Oh, and I’m in Canada!!

  10. Wow, I love Della’s answers. I can’t wait for reborn to come out 🙂 and dang I hate living in West Virginia (for the people reading this yes it is a state. Look at a US map. Virginia and West Virginia are two different states.) Nothing good ever happens up here. I would love to meet my favorite authors but being 16 means I can’t tray l across the country to do that. It really stinks. 🙁

  11. Can’t wait for the book to come out!!! Having shadow falls withdraws since finishing chosen at nightfall. Eager reader from Canada 🙂 <3

  12. It feels like years since I’ve heard from Della. It was nice to hear from her and her sassy attitude. I know some authors say their fictional characters feel like fictional children to them, but do they feel like that for you too C.C.? Just wondering. I can’t wait to read Della’s first book! I know it’s going to be just as awesome as Kylie’s series 😀

  13. I can’t wait for the book to come out!! I’m wishing that I will find a steve or lucas I also wish that I can come to the book rave but school will probably never end and i live clar over in IA so I’ll never make it! 🙁

  14. USA and proud of it. I know it was hard for you to admit all these things Della, but thank you. I can’t wait to read more about you and your adventures! Love you Della! P.S. I wish I could come to the book rave, but I live in NE, so I don’t think my mom would allow me to hitch a ride there. 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

  15. It’s reasonable that you would be afraid of love. And it’ll probably take time for you to embrace it again, especially after what happened with Lee. But from what I read of him in Saved at Sunrise, I’m not so sure if he’s as over you as you think he is — probably like your family, he was trying to get by without you in his life.

    Give me the lip — or fangs — all you want, Della. Not saying I’m expert on love, but people always try to move on. As for your father, I don’t know what it’s like to live with one this strict, but I grew up being afraid of mine. Being vampire may have driven your family away from you, but on some level you’ll always be connected. Your dad just doesn’t know how to handle you because he doesn’t know what ‘really’ going on in your life, but beneath everything I believe he loves you. He’s just too proud to show it.

    And as for your situation with Steve, you’re somehow thinking low of yourself and definitely underestimating him. Things didn’t work out with Lee because you didn’t want him to know you’re vampire, but Steve does and he’s been accepting you from the beginning. Nobody knows how life will turn out, but maybe you shouldn’t shut him out that easily. And frankly, I think when it comes to Steve, you’re a coward. Bite me all you want, but that’s how I see it. There r many girls with larger boobs at Shadow Falls, but he’s been giving attention to you. He should get some credit for that. You’ve been burned real bad by love, and now you’re afraid of those feelings. But one thing you should know about love is that it goes both ways — good and bad.

  16. I live in China 🙂

    Della, STEVE LOVES YOU. YOU WOULD BE AMAZING TOGETHER. Please fulfill my hopes and dreams by becoming a couple.

  17. Della and Steve would make the most AMAZING couple ever 😀 I love, love, loooove your books and cannot wait to read more about Della, she’s so Sassy!
    I’m from Australia 😀

  18. I love Della and her attitude. It’s such a contrast to the other characters that if she weren’t there you would think something or someone is missing. I’m so excited to start reading this series!

  19. Hey CC

    Yes, Della’s quite a girl or woman 😉
    I know a girl just like her. Amazing how I compare her to Della, when I read your books 😉

    I’m from Germany by the way and I read your Stories in English, ’cause I can’t wait for the translation 😉 Actually I love the way you write your stories.

    So I would be very very happy, if I would get a package from America 😉 🙂 😀

    • Wo bist du denn her? 🙂
      Ich bin auch aus Deutschland, aus RP. Und du?
      Habe die Bücher ebenfalls auf Engisch gelesen, also auf Englisch und Deutsch. Ich liebe diese Reihe und Della ist ja auch echt genial! 😀

  20. You already know how much I love you and your books. I hand sell them to anyone and everyone I can. I can’t wait for Della’s book because I already have a plan to do nothing but read, read, read. Also I would love to win the shirt to go with the one I got from the street team, as shown in the photo you posted from the B&N signing.

    P.S. – I am also excited about the next book in your Only in Texas series.

  21. This is so great!!! I just finished “Saved at Sunrise” and “Chosen at Nightfall”. I just had to read them in English cause I couldn’t wait another day knowing that these books are already published in English and that I was not able to read them because they weren’t published in German yet. So I bought them as e-books. I couldn’t get “Turned at Dark” because amazon does not have it anymore :'(
    I have to tell you when I start reading your books, it doesn’t matter if it is the story of Kylie or Della, I barely can stop reading.
    This books are my personal drug!!!

    I understand why you have doubts about a relationship with Steve, but I won’t tell you that you would be a great couple and that you two should get together, because when everyone tells you that it gets annoying, but what I will tell you that if you believe in yourself and listen to your heard you will do the right things. I know this sounds a lot easier than it is and I’m not 100% sure that it’ll works, hasn’t worked with me yet, but Kylie for example did it and ended up happy.
    I hope it will all work out 🙂

    P.S.: I really hope that I will win this T-shirt to show everyone how much I love Shadow Falls
    P.P.S.: I live in Germany

  22. I love that you and Della did that! I’m also very happy that Della gets a few more kisses from Steve!!!!! YAA!!! I would die for a Shadow Falls T-shirt! Shadow Falls is a huge part of my life and a T-shirt (especially from you) would be amazing!!!!!!! I would LOVE one! pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!? thanks for reading this! you are my favorite author ever!!!! And you always will be!!<3<3<3<3

  23. I love the interview that you guys did. I can’t wait to read Reborn! I would love to win a t-shirt, but I look forward to the new series regardless.

  24. Once again I would love to Thank You for being such a amazing author. I have loved every single one of the books in the series and could not put them and having suggested to many other people I have encountered to read them. In just 5 days is my birthday and on my list is to hope to a t-shirt to show my pride for series and for the you as my favorite author. Thank you again for writing such awesome books and cant wait to read all the adventures Della will have to go through and hear about kicking some butt 🙂

  25. To be able to connect with your fans and write like this makes you so very talented! I’m glad I came across your series. It was a wonderful read. Sad to have finished it though. I wish I had the $ to go to Houston, that would be awesome!

  26. heeeeyyyy C.C I love your books soooo much. when I first saw your books I was like naaa but I had nothing to read so I picked it up and have been addicted, I love Della, and her attitude/personality and your books are like a drug, I can’t get enough. never stop writing what you love. oh and I’m from New Zealand.<3

  27. hi C.C. it was a nice idea to do this interview, I so missed Della and her sass, I love her too much. I am re-reading all Shadow Falls books now, and am really teary right now. I live in Georgia (Caucasus). 🙂

  28. Hello I’m a reader from India! I read born at midnight and awake at dawn when my cousin-sister came her from America! She let me keep the books! I am really excited to read Della’s series…my cousin-sister said that when it comes out she will mail it to me! I really hope to win the tshirt for my cousin, she would be so happy! So I want to enter in the tshirt contest for America not the international one! Thanks I hope she will win!

  29. Oh, wait. There’s one question I have here. What is it about Miranda that ticks you off so much? I’d ask her myself, but she’s outta CC’s reach and CC needs to channel her characters to be able to answer questions. Since she’s channeling you now, I can only ask you.

    I may be wrong, but I think bickering is how you two communicate. Since you haven’t killed each other yet. Miranda’s threatened to give you warts n pimples, and I almost thought she did until my suspicions redirected to Nikki — and then it confirmed itself in Chosen at Nightfall. So yeah, you two fight all the time but this is simply how you communicate. Come to think of it, would be fun to see how you two fight inside your head.

  30. I really like Della, and I hope that in this new serie we will see more Della/Miranda action, because let’s be real here, they are amazing together!^^
    Anyway, I hope Della will find love; either with Steve or someone else, because after everythong from being turned into a vampire, to her parents thinking she’s on drugs, to Lee being… not so nice, she more than deserves to be happy:)
    And Della, if you’re rading this, don’t ever give up your sassy attitude!
    And don’t give up on the world either♥
    Small advice from Canada:)

  31. I loved the Shadow Falls series and am eagerly awaiting Della’s series and I thought this was a really fun concept. [PS I am in Australia 😉 ]

  32. Hi, I just wanted to say that I’m exited about Della’s series is going to be awesome! I love Della she’s an awesome character she’ strong, and hardheaded and lovable she rocks! 🙂 can’t wait for the book to come out, and congrats to CC Hunter in creating such lovable characters, you have a fan in me CC!:) I’m from Tyler, TX

  33. Hey C.C i like painstakingly but in a goid way love your books. It is painful because that is all i can think about at school before i go to bed so most of the time! 🙂 your books are amazing i really liked chosen at nightfall i just retead it for the 27 time i know right! Ok i hope i get to hear from delia soon! Thanks again for writing swagolicious books!

  34. Hey CC,
    I love your books. You make them so realistic that I feel as if I’m actually one of the people in the book. I was so sad when the series ended I read it again. I can’t wait for reborn to come out.
    Your hugest fan in the USA

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