Della: Take 3

Della_SteveThis time I had to track Della down to ask her some more of your questions. I found her hiding out in the new Shadow Falls library, added since they are now a real school.  I think she thought it would be the last place I would look for her, but she forgets how well I know her.

CC: Catching up on your reading?  Or are you hiding from me?

Della: She looks up from the book on the table before her. I may have had a few things I wanted to check out.

CC: I see the book is on vampire diseases. I know what’s happening in Reborn right now, I know what she’s trying to figure out.  It breaks my heart.  But it’s not time for her to know the truth yet.  That will happen toward the end of Reborn.

Della: And…  She snorts. I wasn’t hiding? I heard you when you entered the building. If I really didn’t want to be found, you wouldn’t be talking to me now.

CC: Good point. I smile and sit down across from her.

Della: You’ve got more questions, don’t you? She frowns. Can’t they just wait for Reborn? She slams the book shut.

CC: Not everything about you will be in your books.  Besides the fans just want to know more.

Della: She seems to consider this a moment. Why me?  Kylie’s the kind one. Miranda, too.  Why do they care about me, I’m just …?

CC: A really cool, kick-ass vampire?

Della: Is that how they see me?

CC: A lot of them do, yes.  Though, I think a few might think you’re a smart a$$.

Della: She tries to hide a smile. What are the questions?

CC: Jaia wanted to know if you are mad at Kylie for giving Steve advice about you.

Della: She crosses her arms over her chest and leans back in the chair. Well, DUH! When I first found out Kylie had talked to Steve about me I was really pissed. Who wouldn’t be? I mean, she went behind my back and told Steve some private stuff about me. I don’t like anyone knowing anything about me unless I choose to tell them. Her eyes briefly flash red. She takes a deep breath, forcing herself to relax. But once I had time to think about it, I know she was just trying to help. That’s Kylie, isn’t it? It’s what she does. And, yeah, maybe it did help a little. But next time, she needs to let me handle it. I’ll tell Steve what I want him to know, and I told Kylie that, too.

CC: That’s kind of funny.  I mean, in the scene I just wrote, Steve was upset because you didn’t tell him something. 

Della: I’m dealing with that.

CC: Moving on…Sandra wants to know what you thought about Steve having to rescue you.

Della: What? She stands up, tipping the chair over behind her. First of all, Steve did NOT have to rescue me. I had it under control. I could have gotten that knife away from the were.  But Steve just jumped in before I had time.

CC: He was worried about you.

Della: Yeah, I know that. I think we’ve established that he’s a sweet guy.  And I was hurt, so I wasn’t fighting at hundred percent. She places both her hands on the table and looks me straight in the eye. But make sure you tell your readers Steve didn’t HAVE to rescue me. It was more like I let him.

CC: I think you just told them for me.

Della: Good.  She nods and starts walking away, then stops but doesn’t turn around. And for the record, I could have taken on the weres in the ally, too. Then she is gone. Della has left the building!

CC:  I look down at the book and I sigh.  Della has some tough times ahead.  Thank goodness she is a kick-a$$ vampire.


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27 thoughts on “Della: Take 3

  1. I love Steve! <3 I almost love him more than Perry (sorry I don't know why ;p) and I can't wait till you come back to the west coast!

  2. I love Della she is so funny and you can tell she is only putting on a front that she really is a softy at heart!!! April is sooooo far away I am dying here :'(

  3. Yay! Already bought my ticket for the event! Have family just outside Milwaukee so free room and board! Double yay!! Will see you then since I missed you in Chicago earlier this year!

  4. Awesome! Della is a smart mouth hahaha but I love her! she is one tough vamp. 🙂 can you ask her if she accepts that Kylie chose Lucas? btw I know I have told you this before but you are an amazing author and person! I love you and your books so much!!!! <3

  5. Thank you so much!!!! I can’t believe you just gave us spoilers. I am like fangirling right now. I love Steve! You should do an interview with both of them. OOOOOORRR even better, Kylie and Lucas!!!!!!! LOVE YOU AND YOUR BOOKS!!!

  6. As always, C.C. you get us right between the eyes. Looking forward to Della’s story. I always liked the fact she was a smart a$$ and kick-butt. She’s a complex character and it’ll be fun to dive into her POV.

    Best wishes to you and this venture (or should I say, ADventure!) 🙂

  7. CC! You always leave us wanting more. You know just what to say so that you don’t give anything away but you still leave us with more questions than answers. Loved the interview by the way

  8. When are you and Miranda going to stop fightning?? I do find it funny though, like the time you told Miranda you’d sell her blood on ebay. I also think you care about her more than anyone else 🙂

  9. oh man. the picture of Steve is just soo “drop-dead” sexy, completely his own figure. I’ve been trying to find an actor that could fill his face, and all I came up with was Jamie Dornan, and he’s not quite as sexy.

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