Della’s Back

DellaChosenDella pops her head through the doorway of my study and glances around. She frowns at the mess.

Della: You wanted to see me?

I swivel my desk chair in her direction.

CC: I do. Have a seat. I motion toward the little love seat by my desk occupied by my dog, Lady. Della gives me a “what now look” as she wedges herself in next to Lady.  I smile to put her at ease. Della crosses her arms over her chest. Okay, if that’s how she wants it.

CC:  It’s no big deal. I just promised my readers you’d answer a few more of their questions.

Della: She snorts. You sure have some nosey readers. Why are you letting them poke around in my business anyway?  Then she absently starts petting lady.   And Lady likes her, too.  Lady only likes good people.

CC: Now don’t be like that. They only want to know more about you because they like you.

Della: Then make them like me less. She gives me a wide, phony grin.

CC: I’m afraid it’s too late for that, so let’s just get to it. I’ll start with an easy one. Julia wants to know what type of blood is your favorite.

Della: She looks relieved. Okay, I guess I can answer that one. I would have to say O neg. There’s something about the aroma that makes my mouth water. Steve even made the effort to get me O neg on our FRU mission when I needed blood to heal. I didn’t even think he knew my favorite blood type.  So, that was kinda sweet of him. She clears her throat and looks towards the door like she’s afraid someone might over hear.

CC: Now see, that wasn’t so hard was it? Della starts to get up. Hold on, I said questions—plural. So, the next question comes from Brittany, Deena and Ashley. They all wanted to know if you could see yourself continuing to work for the FRU. And Ashley wanted to know if you thought working with the FRU would make your relationships better with people.

Della: She rolls her eyes. First of all, why what do I care about relating better to people. I have friends, and they like me for who I am. I’m not going to change myself to be more acceptable, or to make more friends. You like me or you don’t, and I don’t give a monkey butt one way or the other.

CC: Fine. And the rest of the question?  Do you see yourself continuing to work for the FRU?

Della: Why do you ask me questions you already know the answer to?

CC:  I roll my eyes at her.  I didn’t ask it, your fans did.

Della: Do you think they really like me?

CC:  Of course they do.

Della:  She lets out a big frustrated huff.  It’s the one thing I want. I’d always sort of thought about going into law enforcement, CIA or FBI, before I was turned.   How many jobs are there where you can get paid to kick butt? It was kinda fun being on a mission, except for the getting stabbed. She absentmindedly rubs the spot where she was stabbed, then shakes it off. At least I feel like I accomplished something, and I really thought I’d earned respect from Burnett.  But now he’s acting like he’s not sure I got what it takes.  She turns and stares me right in the eye.  You can change his mind. You can make him see that I’m just as good as Derek and Lucas.  Besides, I want to catch the creep who killed that couple. I saw them.  I saw what he did to them.  I need to get them justice.  Sometimes it’s all I can think about.

CC:  I think it’s you that needs to change his mind.

Della:  Bullcrappy!  She storms out.

CC: Wait, I wanted…

Before I can finish, she’s out the door, the papers of my desk fluttering to the floor in her wake. I didn’t point out how that last statement totally contradicts her previous one about not caring what anyone thinks or about just wanting to be in FRU to kick butt.  Sometimes I think the problem with Della isn’t that she doesn’t care, but that she cares too much.  But then Della’s a complicated young woman. Maybe that’s why you like her so much.


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19 thoughts on “Della’s Back

  1. Wow. Thanks for the clues. A friend of mine said if you wanna change for someone else, you gotta consider whether it’s worth it or not beforehand. Maybe she should hear that advice.

  2. Great teaser about what Della goes through with Burnett but now I am bouncing on the couch dying to know what happens. You always know how to rope your fans in! Is it April yet?

  3. Della said a couple is killed! Does she mean the two girls or different people?? Ohh my gosh i cant wait to read the book to find out!!!!! Yes! Im a little sad that i didnt get a T-shirt but ill keep trying and commenting on every blog!!!!!!! I also have a question. Is there going to be much of Kylie in Reborn? I cant wait for April!!! love you C.C. and Della!

  4. I cannot wait till April! If all of them were out, I think I could put up with school. Thank you C.C. and Della for your wonderful insight! I love you!!!

  5. i can’t wait for april i still can’t stop from reading chosen at nighfall! soo wish i could see you in person !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Check my events page on my website and my CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series Facebook pages. I post all my appearances there. I may be making an appearance in your town one of these days.

  6. Love Della! She´s so awesome! Think i can´t wait for Reborn!
    And one question: what´s up with Kylie and Lucas? Are they still in love with each other? 😉 😀

  7. I love these interviews! But they always make me more curious and they leave me with more questions. Can’t wait to read reborn 🙂

  8. Thank you so much fo choosing my question i literally had to walk outsid so i can squeal really loudly thank you thank you
    I really appreciate now i have something to brag about LOL!
    Cant wait to hear from you again

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