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I remember when I was young, about twice a year, I would have a spend-the-night party. Three or four friends would come over and we’d either blow up an air mattress or sometimes we’d even camp out in my dad’s garage on sleep bags.  We’d stay up late giggling and talking.  Sort of like Kylie, Miranda and Della do.  We’d talk about boys, about life, about our dreams.  And we’d talk about our problems.  Those get-togethers  were essential in dealing with teen-life issues. IMG957671 (1)As a grown up, I don’t really have spend-the-night parties anymore, but I have something almost as good.  Conferences.  Writer’s conferences.  This last weekend, I went to North West Houston’s Romance Writers of America annual conference.  I roomed with Alison Atwater, a friend who flew in from Arizona.  And Alison and I were escorted to the conference by Susan Muller, another writer and dear friend.  (See the picture.)  We hung out with several other friends and even went to a late night chocolate and wine party.  So I got to visit and just have fun with lots of friends.  I didn’t go to bed until almost midnight on both nights.  We chatted and giggled and heck, we might have even talked about boys.  It was fun and cathartic.  You see, those get-togethers are essential in dealing with adult-life issues, too.  We never outgrow the importance of have our girlfriends. As Della, Kylie and Miranda know, girlfriends are important. In Reborn, they still sit at the kitchen table, drink diet sodas and share the joys and struggles of their lives. I hope you guys always make time for some girl time.  I hope you have friends with which you can laugh, commiserate, plot, and share the ups and downs of life. Do you have a special girlfriend?  Someone who gets you?  Tell me a bit about your girlfriends. Tell me what makes her special to you.


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Book Signing Event!

Do you live in Texas? Do you live near Pasadena? Then you need to join me at the Pasadena, Texas Barnes & Noble this Saturday, October 12.  I’ll be there at 1:00 PM for a Teen Author Panel and Signing. Then at 4:00 PM, there will be a Young Reader Author Panel and Signing. I promise we will have a lot of fun. So, be sure to mark your calendars and come to Barnes & Noble, 5656 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, TX 77505 on Saturday, October 12th.

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The Montgomery County Book Festival is hosting The Craft & Business of Writing: Everything You Wanted to Know About Writing, a writers’ workshop taught by me, Miranda James, Lori Wilde and other talented, published authors.  It will cover topics ranging from self-publishing to crafting excellent first chapters. Plus there will be a book signing and auction! Date: November 16, 2013 Time: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm Location:  Lone Star College – Montgomery Campus Building A – The Commons 3200 College Park Drive Conroe, TX 77384 Cost: $100 including a boxed lunch (Registration deadline is November 10, 2013) Registration:

11 thoughts on “Friends and Spend the Night Parties

  1. Hi CC, my best friend is my mom. We have all sorts of fun like card making and scrapbooking. We like to eat chocolate and have a giggle. What makes her so special to me is, no matter what I need to chat about, she never judges me and she actually listens (even if its a silly thing). She gives great advice too. love kellie x

  2. My best friend is amazingly optimistic. We have been friends for over 20 years, she is the most positive person I know. When life throws her curve balls she hits a homerun- every single time. She is also a daredevil, never failing to step up to a challenge- even creating a few of them herself.

  3. I have an amazing friend that I can talk about silly things about. We talk on Skype at night till like 12. My other friend and I talk more about complicated things. I know that it’s serious when she says, “I need to talk to you.” My #1 friends, though are my family. I know I can count on the. all the time. Especially my 5 brothers…Yeah, I come from a family of 8. I’m the youngest. My brother closest to age is the one I am more connected to. We talk a lot more and we laugh a lot more. I love my friends! Sorry about the rambling. 😛

  4. My best friend is Kayla. We are like sisters! I can tell her absolutely anything!Every night we go on facetime for like 3hours and talk talk and talk!!!!!! Its fun. We talk about everything that we did!!!! 🙂

  5. My best friend is Sabrina Clark and she never fails to make me laugh. She, sadly is not a huge reader like me but it doesn’t stop her from asking what book I am reading and she lets me go into detail (That is when you know she is your best friend). She is very independent, smart, friendly, and outgoing. I will drag her with me when I someday get the chance to go to one of your book signings. :]

  6. Well I guess you could say I got two best girlfriends. One is my dear sister I was born with. Even though we fight we are always their for each other. The other would have to be someone I’ve known since the 5th grade. She’s one of the only people who can handle my emotional and active mind (other than my sis ;P).

  7. Welll I guess it’s more like two current best friends I have. One’s more smart and serious, and we are both silly but also can talk about more ‘real and mature’ topics too. 🙂 It’s pretty great to have a friend that you can talk to about different things like that.
    The other friend is silly all the time, but it’s also sometimes more fun to be around her since she gets me on a humorous level more than my other friend.
    Love them both XD

  8. My best friends always talk about random things. The other day me and one of them tried (hense the word tried) to make frenchtost and it turned out really gross. I was so funny when my other two besties tried them.

  9. One of my dear friends whom I graduated high school with was like that. Unfortunately, she died in February (she loved your work). I have another friend also like that named Lesley. We try to get together once a month for Girls’ Night Out. It’s our way of unwinding and having a great time–we go out for dinner, and then for coffee. It’s great fun. Lesley and I have another friend who tries to join us, but since she lives even further away, she only gets to come once in a while. I agree, good friends are important.

    The NW Houston RWA Conference was a blast! So great to have seen you. 🙂

  10. My best friend and I have the best relationship and I’m glad to have her. We do like everything together and as we get older we get closer. She is funny and likes to have a good time so we get along great. When we are around each other because we have so many insiders and we can basically talk through facial expressions the people around us think we are crazy and should probably get checked into a mental institution 😉 the thing that I love is we can be ourselves around each other and we don’t care what people think. We end up pretty much making a fool of ourselves anyways. It’s good to have best friends!

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