What’s Della Up To?

RebornDella has been one busy vampire lately. While I’ve been feverishly working to finish Reborn, Della keeps going off in different directions. Now, she is in a race against time to save someone—and time is running out.  So, this wasn’t a good time to sit her down to answer a few more of your questions, but I needed a little break. My mind was working overtime and I thought a nice chat with Della might help.

CC: Della, can you give me a few minutes?

Della: She gives me a dirty look. You know I can’t really stop right now. I have to help someone.

CC: I know, but remember, if I’m not writing, the danger isn’t getting any worse.

Della: She thinks for a moment, then nods. I guess you’re right. And I could use a breather. I’m so tired of fighting. Hey, maybe you could go on a vacation or something and give everyone a break?

CC: Not going to happen. I promised my publisher, remember? Plus, I have readers waiting for Reborn. Would you want me to let them down?

Della: No, I guess not.

CC: Take a seat. This will only take a few minutes.

Della sits down on my sofa and crossed her legs, her foot continually bouncing. That girl can’t sit still!

CC: I have just a couple of more questions from your readers.

Della: Come on! I’ve answered enough questions. If that’s what you want, just get back to writing and let me get on with my mission.

CC: Now don’t be like that. All I’m asking for is a few minutes of your time. Do this for me and maybe I’ll do something nice for you.

Della: She looks at me suspiciously. Like what?

CC: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe—you’ll get kissed again. I smile.

Della: She snorts. That’s only going to happen if I want it to happen.

CC: Don’t be so sure.

Della: What’s that supposed to mean?

CC: Never mind. Let’s get on with this. Rachael wants to know: If you could be any paranormal, what would you choose? (Keep in mind all the powers you would give up or gain.) And I know that’s a hard question given what happens in Reborn, but give it a shot, okay?

Della: She stops bouncing her foot and crosses her arms over her chest. Yeah, and you know how scared I am about all of that. Anyway, if someone had asked me that a few months ago, I’d have probably said that I’d rather not be any kind of paranormal, but everything has changed now. I’m glad I’m a vampire. I mean, without my powers, I’d never have been able to protect my friends. Without all of my powers. She gives me a meaningful look before she continues. But vampires are the coolest paranormal, except maybe a chameleon because they have so many more powers.

CC: Okay, let’s not give anything away here. I clear my throat. Katrina said that everyone has that one person they can tell their deepest darkest secrets to. The person who knows the true Della under that thick, tough skin of yours, the one person you can truly open up to. She wants to know who that is for you? Is it Kylie or someone else?

Della: Thick, tough skin? I like that. She sits up a little straighter, and starts bouncing her foot again. I have to say, I’m not one to spill my guts all the time. Like Miranda. She blabs about everything.  What good is that? It doesn’t change anything.

CC: But sometimes it feels good to confide in someone. Ask for advice.

Della: I suppose, and when I do need advice, which isn’t often, I usually go to Kylie. She knows me pretty well, and I know she’s got my back. But Holiday’s pretty cool, too. She nods her head in thought. She’s a good listener.

CC:  What about Steve?

Della: I don’t want to talk about him right now.

CC: I know it’s hard. So, I’ll let that one go for now. Thanks for answering these questions. But I think that’s enough for today.

Della doesn’t move.

CC: Is there something else?

Della: It’s going to turn out okay, right? In Reborn?

CC: I’m trying my best. I don’t like people to get hurt, but sometime it can’t be helped.

Della: Don’t let it happen this time. Please. Her eyes fill with tears.

CC: Well, nothing is going to happen—good or bad—if I don’t get back to work. So, let’ see I what I can do. I point toward the door.

Della: She rises and gives me a long look. Make it right.

There’s no mistake that’s a warning. But life isn’t always fair. But maybe things will turn out okay. I have to believe it, anyway.

Where I’ll Be and When!!!

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November 9, 2013, I’ll be at the Larry J. Ringer Library in College Station, Texas from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. I’m teaching a class called “Polish Me Pretty,” an editing workshop for teens and adults. There will be a book signing and you can bring a copies of my books from home or purchase them there.




14 thoughts on “What’s Della Up To?

  1. Oh my goodness! This is by far my favorite interview with her- what happened? Who does she have to save? And for goodness sakes what was that about Steve? Way to tease CC!

  2. Really? You had to leave all those cliff hangers and stress me out? Thanks CC I will never be able to concentrate now! Just kidding! I loved this interview! I can’t wait to read the After Dark books!

  3. Maybe you should tell her that whenever you snatch her away from whatever she’s doing for a brief interview, you’re basically giving her a small break so that she could take a breather and regain her strength and then get back to work without feeling ‘too winded’.

  4. Gosh, sorry I couldn’t tell you more about Della’s teasers, but I wouldn’t want to ruin Reborn for you. Then, you’d REALLY be upset with me. 🙂

  5. Come to Think of it, I Think Kylie might be happy that she isn’t put on the spot of attention and interviewing anymore, eh? Readers aren’t as focused on her as Before — that oughta be a relief.

  6. I seriously can NOT wait for reborn to come out, and even though I am peeved I am still counting down the days, hours, minuites, and even seconds till the book comes out.

    I have 1 question however, since only 1 of my friends is a reader is there any possibility of you making a movie about shadows falls?

  7. I sure hope I win! I can’t wait for Shadow Falls After Dark on May 19th 2014! It needs to hurry up! It is going to a KILLER SERIES! I will miss Kylie but I’m glad that she will pop up in this series as well. I can’t wait to her Della’s sassy life, and how she gets where she is. Etc etc, it is going to be awesome! CC HUBTER RULES FOREVER!

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