Moving On!

This past month I did something I hadn’t done in a long, long time.  I moved.  And you know that it’s hard to move, even when you love your new place.  I left a place where a lot of memories lived.  I know I’ve taken those memories with me, but still, it was hard to leave.  I didn’t even move that far from my old house, but I will miss living next door to my neighbors.  I’ve met a few of my new neighbors and they are very friendly and nice.  So I’m sure I’ll make some new friends.  But I’m keeping my old friends, too.  At least twice a week, I still go to my friend’s house and walk and then she comes here twice a week to walk.  Some things are just too special leave.  And friends are that special.  I know Kylie, Miranda and Della would agree.

PorchMeanwhile, I’m still adjusting to my new house.  Would you believe I still haven’t gotten my office fixed up yet?   I’m writing this blog in the middle of a cluttered office with my computer on a small table.  I just moved my computer here a week ago.  As a matter of fact, I finished Reborn on my lap top, moving around to find the perfect spot to write.  The best spot I found was on my front porch, sitting on my wicker porch swing.  I love it out there.  And I know I’ll love my new office once I get it all set up.  I need a new desk and some office furniture, cabinets, bookshelves and even a comfortable sofa, where I can sit and read during breaks.  But right now, I feel almost as if my front porch is my office.  Here’s a picture.

Have any of you guys had to move lately?  Do you miss something that you left behind?  You know change isn’t easy.  Even when it’s good change like getting a new house.

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52 thoughts on “Moving On!

  1. I actually moved out of my parents house two months ago and it was very weird leaving my childhood home. I didn’t move out of town so that was good but it was scary being out of my parents house and being out on my own. I had to buy things for my place, going shopping and not waking up to my moms breakfast :(. But its a feeling that won’t last forever because I will soon be comfortable and not want to leave my new home.

  2. Hi CC, it’s Kellie from Birmingham, England UK. The hardest thing for me wasn’t when I moved out of my moms house, but when she sold up a few years later as she wanted to downsize. My dad bought our house from new in about 1962 and it was ours ever since, my older sister was even born in mom and dad bedroom. There were so many happy memories from our family home that I didn’t want anyone else to live there but us. I’ll always have the memories and photos though. My mom used to make her own pickles, jam and sauces (among many yummy things) and there was always two shelves that were almost the length of the kitchen full of jars of homemade goodies. She also taught me how to bake cakes with homemade jam and cream when I was about 4 years old too. We even grew gooseberries and raspberries in the garden. Good luck in your new home, i’m sure you’ll make some fab memories there too xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I moved a year ago and it was hard because I also had to change schools in the middle of the year. All of this was hard for me but I did get through it and I’m sure you will too. Good luck and hope that this will be good for you and your family.

    • Sometimes it is better to move mid school year because you make friends right away. It can be a long lonely summer if you move someplace right after school is out.

  4. Hi this is Lisa, presently from hawaii. Moving on certainly is difficult. I am originally from Brisbane, Australia. One evening I met the man I was going to marry and moved to Hawaii to start our adventure together. What an adventure! He is a member of the United States Marine corps whicheans moving has had to become second nature. We have lived in 29 Palms, California and Vancouver, Washington and are now back in Hawaii. Each move has been difficult because you do have to leave friends and in the military friends are truly your family. But I guess I have learnt to believe that I am fortunate because I have friends who treasurer and while we may all be separated by distance we can still be there to support each other through the hard times. And as I remind my beautiful daughters … We are ao lucky to get to experience so many different landscapes and cultures.

  5. I am so excited about reborn. Moving fan be hard. I have never moved but I may have to soon. My mom wants to move back to iowa. Moving has perks and then it doesn’t. I hope u enjoy the new place.

  6. Hi C.C hope you’re doing okay? I’ve moved around Before so I know how hard it can be. I’ve made new friends and I still keep in contact with my old ones but its not the same. Anyhoo im so glad you finished reborn I am gonna lock myself in a room and read it. Hope you enjoy your new home.
    From: Zimbabwe

  7. My husband is in the Army so we move a lot! It’s always hard being away from family. Im glad my boys will always have each other as friends no matter where we go next though 🙂

  8. I had to move furnitures to receive my newborn son, it was a work of nine months and I still have things to organize…to clean the mind I’m reading your books, beijos (kisses) from Brazil!!!

  9. I love the porch swing! I would probably be out there all day no matter the weather. I haven’t moved recently but I did move the summer between my sophomore and jr year. New house, new school it was a very hard year for me. Now I am trying to save money so I can move on to my college campus. I can not wait for Reborn to come out the anticipation is killing me!

  10. Hi C.C. My name is Danny. im 14 years old and i live in the USA. I’m a huge fan of your books! I read all of the shadow falls books in a week. I can not wait for Reborn! And I know it is hard to move away. I did that a couple of years ago and I missed all my friends so much. but like you said I kept in Contact with them.
    Hope you get settled into your new home!

  11. Hi. I’m Brooke from Canada. I love the porch swing. I have never moved before. I’ve lived in the same house ever since I was born. I’m very excited for “Reborn”. 🙂

  12. This first time I had to move was in the middle of may. We were moving out of our home, the only home I have ever known. It’s where I took my first steps, first words, and all the special surprises in between. It was hard and I still miss it, but I know that I can always keep the memories in my heart. Then I just recently moved, about a month ago also, to a new house, that is much better than the last. It’s kind of complicated, but I’m okay with where we are now. Do I miss the country and the privacy of our “corn field fence?” Yes, of course I do. I am getting used to the “town life” and I am so excited to find new things about myself because of all the changing. 🙂

  13. I moved last year, when my parents got divorced… But on the bright side I didn’t have to change school, and now I have 2 rooms, which means I get to have 4 bookcases! 😀

    I can’t wait for reborn!
    Greetings from Denmark 😉

  14. I haven’t moved recently but I did in elementary school. Being 16 it feels like both a lifetime away and a short distance. Granted it was only down the road but there are a lot of things that I miss. I miss having a closet for one thing. I miss having two bathrooms. 5 people and one bathroom is not fun -_- my comfort zone has always been my room. Its where I read, write, live lol. Its my own little world in there. Its my best place for inspiration. I’ve actually almost finished my first book 🙂 I’m going to have some people read it and hopefully get published one day

    -Misty from USA

  15. I’ve actually lived in the same house since i was born. I’ve never once moved but out of all my friends only one has the same house since he was born. It surprises me how much people move around while I stayed in the same house all my life. I’m 23 now and i don’t know when I’m planning to move out of my parents house haha. From the USA 😀

  16. Hi 🙂
    I’m Teresa from Germany. Thank God I haven’t moved lately. Berlin is such a nice city, I wouldn’t want to leave it. Changes are never easy but you get used to them. I wish you a good time and a lot of new good memories at your new house.

  17. I haven’t moved in almost 20 years and don’t plan on it thank goodness but my mom is moving about 3000 miles from me. She’ll be closer to my sister but now they both will be too far away. 🙁

  18. Hi C.C.

    I’m glad you shared with us what it’s like to move. I haven’t moved in years, the last time I did I was like five. So I don’t remember whether I missed the old house or not. But I like that you shared how it feels like to move. Not only would I never guess the feeling, but also because I feel like I was there with you sharing the experience 🙂 Good luck with the new office and I hope you find you’re writers spot soon!

    Hillary Reyna (US)

  19. Hi! From Canada, the neighbour up north. Wanted to say that I love your books, but you don’t need to give the promo to me. I bet someone is dying to have it. I can imagine how moving can be hard. New surroundings, getting used to it all, little things that used to always be there aren’t. Best of luck! CANNOT WAIT FOR REBORN!

  20. I actually stopped doing gymnastics after doing it for 12 years. i was crushed that i stopped but i think it may have been a good thing for me.:) I got through a bad time and am very happy now:) your books also helped me through this bad time! your books are soooo amazing. Im actually re-reading them right now for the 6th time!!!! I love them soooooooo much!!!!! your are amazing and the best author and person ever!!!!! I love you C.C.! Good job finishing Reborn!!! i bet its the best book you’ve written so far! i bet Della appreciates you writing her her own book series! even if she wont admit it!:) 😉 well good job love you C.C.!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun in your new house! good luck tidying up things:)

  21. I so know what you mean about moving. I just moved BACK into my house that was undergoing a huge remodel. It looks so beautiful now, but we have to hang up all the mirrors and unpack everything. I don’t know where all of my stuff is and I feel a little out of sorts. Once I get it all straightened out, I know that I will be so happy. But I do understand you… this is one of those times in your life you wish you could just fast forward! lol 😉

  22. I am from California and I just moved into a tiny tiny house. 750 suare feet of my own space. The town I live in now has been called “the ghetto by the sea”, but I love it so far because I am almost living right on the ocean. I miss my old neighborhood because it has become quite the hip little spot. .

  23. That porch swing is amazing. I moved when I was 9 from my childhood home to the house my mother was raised in. For a while it just wasn’t home for me. Your porch swing looks amazing though and would be a fantastic place to write and relax. I hope you get settled into your new home soon and that you make wonderful new memories in your new home. It already is where you finished Reborn and will be the start of a fresh series. 🙂

    Kayla (US)

  24. Hey , I just moved a month ago and tbh I don’t miss a thing. My old house was too small for my family and it was a hassle living there, but Im glad we moved, the only thing I hated about the move was that I had less time to read :/ Haha, anyway my name’s Shaila and I’m from Hayes, UK

  25. It’s very brave of you to have moved! I couldn’t even imagine it. I’m way too accustomed to where I currently live. I could never imagine leaving. Plus, packing to o on a trip is horrendous so I can’t even begin to imagine how packing for moving would be! Hope you love your new home and have many happy years there! (:

    -Jennifer (Minnesota – US)

  26. I moved to North Carolina from Maryland when I was four years old. It wasn’t a big change for me at the time, but seeing the differences between Maryland and NC now, they’re two different worlds. I’m in the US.

  27. My husband and I decided to buy a trailer because we were tired of fixing places up and paying rent for something that wasn’t even going to be ours. Boy what a mistake that was! We own our own trailer and we are fixing it up to our liking. Only problem is when something breaks, like a main water line and you have to tear out walls and floors it’s on you. Lol no calling the landlord, nope it’s bank calling time for a loan. On top of that we pay lot rent. Yep BIG mistake, wish that we would’ve set down and weighed the pros and cons of owning your own home.

  28. Hi CC. I’m a BIG fan from Malaysia. Moving out for me is easy. What makes it harder is the memory. I mean to adapt to a new surroundings is not easy because we have to start all over again-make new friends, avoid bad people, find new shortcuts, etc. But you know what? Moving out is fun because we can see behavior and tradition of people that may be new to us. Just like one of the Malay proverb, “Lain Padang, Lain Belalang” or literally, it means “not all grasshoppers are from the same field”.

  29. Hi CC!
    I just wanted to say that I’m really pump for Reborn! I’m so looking forward to reading it in April!
    Also, I never had to move, and Iconsider myself lucky or it, but I can imagine how hard it is to leaving behind everythong.
    But then, you have the chance to start fresh, to meet new people, to discover amazing things!
    So, congratulation, or godd luck with/for your new place;) I’m sure your stories will only be better!
    Sophie, from Canada:)

  30. I’ve moved about 5 times. It was a little hard because I hate change, but I’ve made lots of friends on the way. I hope you do too. Goodluck with your new house.

  31. There was a time five years ago when my dad wanted to move to this new house that was very far away, so far away that I thought I was leaving my life and my friends and I thought I wouldn’t see them ever again. I would have to transfer schools. It was then that I realized how much I liked my school, Ynez. I met a lot of friends there and I didn’t want to leave the only school that I went to my entire life. I didn’t want to start a new life and the knowledge of leaving everything important to me behind overwhelmed me so I started crying. My dad, seeing me crying, took pity on me and decided that we wouldn’t move. I was glad that I am still living where I am right now.

  32. Yay foreign fan give away 🙂

    I’ve moved…6 times 🙂 [in 13 years] The 6th move was to SHANGHAI CHINA, where I am now.

    So yeah I’m used to it, but moving’s still hard.

  33. Hey C.C
    When my husband and I moved we left behind a lot of memories, the tics on the wall in our kitchen where our children would stand and we would mark their height each year was the hardest to let go of. The final day in our house I literally ran my hand down that wall across my kids tic marks. 🙁 I felt like a moron doing it but I felt like it needed to be done.

  34. I hate moving 🙁 I moved into the place we are in now back in March and hoping I don’t have to move again for a very long time

  35. We moved into an apartment from our house in the country. We had to do it for financial reasons. I love being “in town” and near everything, especially my daughters school. I do miss the space and the fact that it was mine! The upstairs neighbors seem to be moving furniture every night! We have a roof over our heads which is more than some have so I am blessed!

  36. I’m really excited about Reborn! I hope you enjoy your new place. I hate packing, even whe it’s vacation times… So I hope you can pack everything without all the stress. 🙂
    I’m from Brazil.

  37. I’ve moved several times, the hardest was PA to FL where I currently live. All of my family is in PA.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    -Anna (USA)

  38. I moved into a different house last August when my brother went to college. Each month in my old living room my mom would mark out heights on the wall hidden behind a door. The only thing we couldn’t bring to the new house was our height chart and my brother. Even though we both haven’t grown in years I miss the familiar chart that showed the stages of us growing up. Whenever I miss the memories in the house though I just call me brother and feel a lot better 🙂

  39. Hello!

    Luckily, or maybe not, I haven’t moved ever in my life so I don’t know how it is to miss something. I would like to live, finally, on my own but alas economical crisis doesn’t make things easy! I don’t believe that my parents would let me leave though even if the whole economic problem didn’t existed! Maybe in a couple of years, when I’ll have finished studying for my bachelor and moved to United States or United Kingdom, I’ll learn how it feels to miss something you used to love…

    I’m happy to hear that you finished writing Reborn! My friends will be glad to hear that! XD

    Greetings from Greece!!!!

  40. Hey moving is… weird thats how i feel when i move because your so used to ur home then bam u move! I’ve moved 4 times in my life but they all are in the same country canada ontario thats where i am now

    moving is hard… u gotta get used to ur new house ..get used to it in the dark lol
    so yeah good luck 😉

  41. I know how you feel, well kind of. When I was in second grade I had to move to NC because my dad got a new job. The hardest parts were leaving my friends behind and having to move in the middle of the year. it’s been about six years since then and I’m doing a lot better. I wish good luck to a friend of mine who’s moving at the end of the year.
    Love your books,

  42. i dread the day i have to move out of my parents house. i have lived in my house for my whole life. packing all my books is going to be quite the task!

    i am from oklahoma, united states.

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