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Has anyone ever come up to you and said, “I have good news and I have bad news.  Which one do you want to hear first?”  Well, I’m saying it to you now.  But for the record, I always ask people for the good news first, so let’s start with that.

DerekMy good news is actually an answer to Gabriella’s question on the blog I posted earlier.  Will the new series have Derek in it?  And the answer is a big YES!  In Reborn you will get a peek into the romance between Derek and Jenny.  Ahh, but there’s even more.  I wrote several scenes, from Derek’s point of view.  Some of them are scenes that actually happened in Chosen at Nightfall and some are scenes that happened off screen.  But these scenes are about Derek’s feelings toward Jenny.  And…my publisher is going to use these scenes to help promote Reborn.  So for all you Derek fans out there, you have a treat coming soon.

Another question by Hannah Rose (Yes, I’m postponing giving you the bad news): Does Della ever tell her family what she is?  That’s a really good question and one I’m considering as I write Eternal.  I’m thinking the answer might be yes, but it probably won’t happen soon.

RebornOkay, are you ready for the bad news?  Don’t hate me! Please don’t buy a voodoo doll that looks like me and start poking it with pins. As I told you recently, I finally finished Reborn. And I really did, it’s done and my publisher now has it. However, I was a little late. As a result, the release date had to be changed from April 15, 2014 to May 20, 2014.

I know, that’s a whole month later, and some of you are already dying to get your hands on it, but I promise it will be worth the wait.  And I blame it all on Della.  That girl can be pretty stubborn and uncooperative. She didn’t always want to do what I wanted her to do. And I usually lost most of the arguments I had with her. But on the bright side, I think she was usually right. I’m really happy with the way it all turned out, and I hope you will be, too. You’re just going to have to wait a teeny, tiny bit longer to find out for yourself.

In the meantime, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Do you have any special New Year’s Eve plans?  Maybe with a special someone?  Do you have any New Year resolutions?  This last year I lost almost 40 pounds and I still need to lose another 20.  So I’m going to be working hard on that.  I was going to a gym, but since I’ve moved I haven’t joined one around my new house.  So that is on my to-do list as well.


Today, tell me what’s on your New Year to-do list and I’ll give away a promotional pack to one person. (Unfortunately, I have to limit this giveaway to US residents. If you are reading this on Goodreads, you have to leave your comment on my website blog for a chance to win.)

111 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. My New Year’s resolution is to get straight A’s on my report card next semester by doing better in all of my classes. On my to-do list, I want to celebrate New Year’s Day with my family.

  2. Happy New Year!

    I guess now I understand why my favorite bookstore’s website stated that “Reborn” will be in stock in May. Oh, well, I’m reading “The Mortal Instruments” anyway. I can wait a bit longer.

  3. I am going to be on the phone with my daughter when the ball drops as she lives in another state right now. This is a big thing we do every year cause It is her birthday!!! This year she is turning the big 21!! Other then that I am going to be spending it with my other kids and best friends in the world! One of my resolutions would be to helpfully meet you in person! What can I do to get you to come all the way to Dayton, Ohio to make that possible?

  4. NO!!!! I wish it would have been sooner rather than later for the publishing. Oh well the longer it takes the better it is. OMG thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for answering my question!! When i saw that you answered it i flipped out! seriously!!! thank you C.C.!!!!!!! For New Years I am having a big block party where my friends and neighbors come and hang out. we have a bounce house and food and movies playing. at midnight we have a big fireworks show too. Its amazing. I wish you could come to Orlando, Florida!!!!!! It would be amazing. Have a happy New Years!!!!!!!

  5. Let’s see go out to dinner with my family than bug my sis till midnight. As for goals for this new year… Get A’s and one B hopefully and to work out more. Hope you have a good New Year!

  6. There are so many things! I vow in 2014 to review more of the books I read for one thing. There are just so many! I’m also hoping to finish one novel and the draft of another!

  7. Happy New Years! I think my resolution this year will be to get my finished book out there! I’m going to RT again–sucks being addicted to this when its so pricy!–this coming year and will try to pitch it to an agent again. Hopefully better so that they are more intrigued and want to take me on as a client or whatever! If that doesn’t pan out I will begin the self-publishing process. It seems every family get together I go to, my family members are hounding me about my book, so to get them off my case 😉 I will go the self-pub route. Fingers are tightly crossed that this all works out because I am not so good with technology and all its other counterparts, so definitely going to need an easy self-pub route for my book.

  8. My plans are with my greatest supporters my family! My to do list finsh my final for my class YUCK! My NYR is simple it is to stop stressing life is to short!

    Julie S.

  9. Awww really? I don’t know if I can wait that long, the wait for April was bad enough! However, I understand! I know it’ll be worth the wait for sure! Love Della <3

    On my list is to exercise and eat better. I wouldn't say I'm overweight or anything but definitely unfit and not skinny and I would like to change that 😛 another is to do better at getting reviews done and ready for my blog. I feel like I do okay, but compared to some other blogs I look like a slacker! Just want to make improvements! Thanks so much for the giveaway! 🙂

  10. I will be ringing in the New Year with my Husband and 4 kids! On my to do list, is start saving so the we can finally give our kids their permanent home!

  11. NYE will find me at home celebrating quietly with family. My son plans to join the Marines this spring, so cancelled his plans to stay in with Mom & Dad. Can’t say no to that!
    Happy New Year!

  12. BAD news on the last day of 2013?! The nerve!!

    Nah, I’m kidding, okay, maybe a little bit not.

    But that’s no problem pushing the release date further since I have a lot of other books to finish reading. Once again the giveaway for US only… well, I’m used to it.

    Makes me wonder if you have ever allowed international winners, just wondering.

    May you have a great 2014!

  13. Happy New Year you wonderful woman you! This year for New Years my lovely husband and I are going to make another attempt at keeping our kids up to ring in the new year with us, with an assortment of snacks for dinner, cold cuts, cheeses, crackers, dip and everything. My husband bought us a couple of bottles of wine and my best friend is coming over to dye my hair 🙂 I am so excited to ring in the new year this year with 6 of my favorite people ( My husband, our two kids, my best friend, and her two kids) Oh yeah and we are spending the entire day watching my favorite mini series to have ever aired in the year 2000, ” The 10th Kingdom ” Scott Cohan was my 2nd celebrity crush, ( The first being David Bowie in “The Labyrinth”)

  14. I have so many things to do, the first thing I need to do is to finish my class and take my certification exam….wish me luck!

  15. I will be reading your Shadow Falls series starting with Born At Midnight. I just got them brought into the library where I work. (The Bellville Public Library in Bellville, Texas). Looking forward to reading them all.

  16. My New Years to do list consists of gving more of myself to my family instead of my job. My students at work get all of my end energy and time and then some. I need to give the then some to my precious little boy. I have added doing more of what makes me happy to my list. Mainly reading and collecting books and pieces to my book collection but also sitting back enjoying a movie and a nap. Health wise I want to give up soft drinks and run three times a week again. I did it last year and lost 30 pounds. Hope everyone reaches their goals.

  17. Happy New Year, C.C Hunter
    I have always wanted to be apart of your books I love them. And even though I love Derek and he’s my favorite I’m glad you choose Lucas. I can’t wait for reborn and I’m very sad it was posboned but I understand how uncoapprrative Della can be at times. I would never make a voodoo doll of you because that would be as bad as you not writing. Well bye

  18. All’s good! 🙂 Happy New Year! I hope you have an amazing year filled with lots of writing, books, and of course health and luck! xoxoxoxio

  19. Ahh so much to do! Well This year I plan to sit my maths GCSE a year early, teach my evil English teacher that Young Adult Books have value and that adult ones aren’t the only books which count, finish the Shadow falls series and read it’s spinoff and convice my dad to take me to the Chapter by Chapter Bookrave in NYC after having so much fun at the Houstonbookrave! All he while continuously reading and maintaining my blog. What can I say? I’m an overachiever!

    • i know how you feel. i did that same thing two years ago in 6th grade. though it didn’t work. but i did do any of her assignments with young adult books. I mostly got A’s and B’s except he gave me an F for just protesting about it. I almost got kicked out by him. I was as mad as …ummm… as a…oh!.. as a vampire and werewolf war.

  20. In 2014 I hope to be wiser, bolder, and to encourage others every day.
    Happy New Year!
    Would love to win this. Thanks for the contest.

  21. Mine is more of a resolution. Lately I’ve felt abandoned by the people I thought cared most about me. Especially during some really rough times this year. But like Kylie I have a few great best friends that are always there for me no matter what and who love me. My resolution is to get rid of the negative/not there for me people in my life and focus on the positive amazing people in my life. I deserve to be happy and no longer miserable from loneliness.

  22. My New Years resolution for 2014 is to bake, cook, and read more (I didn’t get to read as much in 2013 as I would have liked to. Only 55 books)…and also to do a little less shopping this year

  23. How am I celebrating the New Year? By fighting the stupid Swine flu:(
    Do vampires get sick? If no then I want to be one
    Also, will there ever be any demigods/goddesses in the series?
    Love your books!

  24. My to do list is to give back by donating blood. I have my appt. for Thursday. Also to read at least one book a week. My to-read pile is HUGE!!! And to manage my time during the day better. 🙂 Hope you have a great New Year!!!

  25. I hate that it got pushed back but I understand. It gives me more time to convince more of my friends to read the books! As for a goal I want to accomplish for next is to find a steady job so I can move out of my parents place.

  26. My New Resolutions include sticking with my diet and losing an additional 20-30 lbs. I’ve already lost 30 so I’m pretty confident on reaching this goal. I also want to read the Game of Thrones series as well as read 500 books in 2014 like I did in 2013.

  27. I have been researching for a book that I want to write. So this year on my to do list is to get more of the actual book written than the research for it. Honestly, I feel that I have what I need but I’ve been procrastinating. I wonder if I really can do it. However, there is a saying in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning that I am very fond of, it is “Hope strengthens, Fear kills”. I have to hope and believe that I can do it. By doing this I will overcome my fear and do it.

  28. My friends and I all agree that every book has been worth the wait! I have even gotten my kids and their friends to read the series. .. it is by far the best series that I have read!
    As far as my New Years to do list… probably the same as most. .. hit the gym and lose some of these holiday lbs… 🙂

  29. Happy New Year’s! I hope you had an enjoyable holiday! My New Year’s to-do list is to spend lots of time with my family.

  30. You are awesome! Bad news or not we will wait for the new book because we know it will be worth the wait! Congratulations on the weight loss i hope i can be as good as you this coming year to get some weight off!

  31. My new years resolution is to get all A’s for my end of the year report card so that i can leave my middle school with gratitude!

  32. my new years revolution is to get really good grades on my next report card ( hopefully straight A’s) my plans are to hang out with my best friend and my family

  33. Ooh! Last year this time, I was 40 pounds lighter!
    Anyway, my new years resolution is to be on recovery. I was impatient for 10 weeks for an eating disorder, and I’m doing so well now. Kylie really inspires me and her journey is incredible. Thanks so much for writing these books, they mean a lot.

  34. I spent New Year’s Eve with my cousins and whilst we watched movies we told funny stories about our past and hopefully there will be many more to come. I did make some resolutions. They are to be more open minded when it comes to people and try to like more people because I tend to stick with a certain group of people and I wouldn’t mind branching out a little. So that is what is on my 2014 checklist along with wanting to meet new people and reading a lot of books!

  35. On my list it’s to eat better and exercise more, but not only that, but to read more nonfiction books. Can’t wait for Reborn and don’t worry about the change of date. Just makes me more excited!

  36. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I’m really sad but at the sane time I’m just happy that you wrote the book in the first place so I’m deffinatly not mad at you so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  37. My husband was asleep by 9:30 pm, but my youngest son , his wife & I, rang in the New Year at home with their two small sons. They were awake so we all welcomed in the new year with a glass of sparkling grape juice. She is expecting their 3rd baby in June so no alcohol allowed. My elder son’s wife is also pregnant. I have two sons and three grandsons. I hope at least one of the babies is a girl. One due early June and the other mid-August. But as long as both mommies and babies come out safe and healthy, it will be a Happy Year!

  38. My new years resolution would probably to work harder in school and in general and to think before I act because I feel like that’s very important. I would also like improve on my piano and on my dance.

  39. can’t wait for Reborn, very excited as I love the Shadow Falls series and wanted more, i can wait, many books i have to read anyway.

    I do not really do resolutions, but guess one would be to loose a bit more weight, but do not make it as a resolution, as its coming off all by itself, need about 10 more pounds off and will be happy. 🙂 That’s about it, as I said, I do not do actual resolutions. Happy New Years!

  40. Could you make it into a movie for all the people who love th book but have friends who don’t see how awesome it is and hate reading?

  41. my new years revolution is to pass the eighth grade i am not doing very well so far but some sujects are hard for me though

  42. Other than read more, try to watch what I say! Try to get along with my 18yr old daughter and hope she makes it to her 19th wich is 21 days from now!! Not sure I will make it! Anyway happy New Years! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I don’t really do the New Years Resolutions but one I’ve considered is beginning yoga classes and to read even more books than I did this past year and to write more reviews.

  44. Mine is to be a little more AWARE. Aware of people around me who need encouragement. Aware of what I eat. Aware of the words that come out of my mouth. Just more aware.

  45. I think I can wait an extra month for Della, I’m thankful it’s not an extra year (that would be heartbreaking!). As for new year’s resolutions I keep it simple. Get my booty to the gym more regularly (when I workout I eat better) and read more. Both should be easy to do 🙂

  46. New Years to do list: Save Money so that my husband and I can finally buy a house. We live in the Houston area and are looking to head out towards the Woodlands. Once that happens, we are going to look towards a new car and then baby number 2! Got to get all our ducks in a row first!

  47. OMG, I am dying with the good new!!! I love Derk with Jenny *OOOOOOO* I hope these books be released in Brazil very soon… ♡

  48. First I need to make it through my AP exams in the spring and then I can focus college searching, SAT/ACTs and all that fun stuff but I’m also going to try to find more time for me so I can read for fun rather than what I have to for school. With the release date for Reborn being pushed back I can use as a reward once I finish my exams! It’ll be hard but worth the wait 🙂

  49. My New Years List is to try and win a prize for my daughter Hannah Rose (who reads your blog daily, post questions to you and has read your books so many times I can’t count) because today is her 15th Birthday and she said she didn’t need or want anything. She is a GREAT Daughter and I want to give her something special for wanting nothing!!!

  50. I’m sad that Reborn is going to be delayed but as long as I get to read it, an extra month won’t hurt me…too much.
    As for resolutions I really want to be a more organized and less messy person.
    Happy New Year!!

  51. My New Years Resolution would probably have to be, to grow a back bone and send in a draft or two to some publishers and editors. I have seriously been putting it off… for… at least three years. I really need to send a few out, but, nerves just keep biting me in the butt!

  52. Mine is stop procrastinating on my schoolwork and actually make an effort of doing them, get my license, do more exercise, and actually FINISH MY NOVEL I’VE BEEN WORKING ON FOR SIX YEARS!!! Yeah I know….

  53. My new years resolution is to concentrate more on school since this year counts for high school and to read more books than I already do. I am so upset that Reborn is coming out later but it will come out. Who is the guy in the picture? Is it Derek? By the way Happy New Year C.C.

  54. My new years resolution is to let things go, to not let things bug me as much since I can’t control what other people do… =D

  55. I’ve had the flu for 2weeks now and getting better is my 1st new years wish!
    But 2nd and most important
    I wanna be a better person and live my life! And smile more!
    This year i found Shadow Falls and it got be through crazy patches in my life and I’M grateful! And its the reason im not gonna hide my nerdiness any more im GONNA BE ME!
    Happy New Years Everyone!

  56. My new year’s goal is to put more effort into writing, and try to finish a manuscript. I want to read as much as I can also.

  57. My New Years Resolutions….
    1) Do the 52 week money challenge
    2) Be better prepared for my kids birthdays
    3) Keep better track of our bills
    4) Buy 1 new book each month
    5) Keep up with my friends
    6) Find a better job
    I know there will be more but those are my top 6

  58. To learn how to apply and use make-up. (You would think I would know how since I’m 22, but you’d be wrong) To work out more. (Mostly to get my doctor off my back) To save money better. (Normally i save then use what I’ve saved to go buy books or clothes) And to cook more often.

  59. I have 2 New Years Resolutions. 1. Save money so we can buy a house. 2. Be more self efficient by making things myself (laundry soap, dryer sheets ect) and growing more in the garden.

  60. Hey C.C.
    My New Years to do list is to read your series shadow falls one more time before the other series comes out. I also am going to work really hard to get A honor roll and perfect attendance. I can’t wait to meet you one day.

  61. The first thing on my New Year’s to-do list is, obviously, to buy Reborn and read it the second it cones out. Next, I have a huge stack of books that I still need to read. And last of all, I’m going to do the thing that scares me the most. Thank you for offering all the fans this awesome give away!!

  62. My new years resolution would to be to finish at least half of the novel that im writing!!

    ahhhh that is sad news indeed!!!

  63. My New years resolution is more than one thing. I want to sleep more, and feel better, and I also want to be nicer to people as a whole. I think that on my new years to-do list I have studying, studying, STUDYING! But I would also like to visit my grandparents in England, because they are not going to live forever :(. Thank you for writing amazing books, me and my friends always read the drugstore mess with Kylie, Holiday, and a pissy Burnett and laugh our heads off every time.

  64. My new years resolutions are:
    1. get straight A’s 🙂 🙂 🙂
    2. get principles list 🙂 🙂 🙂
    3. to get A’s on my second semester exams 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4. to finish reading your series of the shadow falls 🙂 🙂 🙂

  65. I can’t wait for the new book. I’ve been trying to get all of the books of the series around where I live but they just don’t have them. I’ve taken so many delightful bites out of the books! I am in love with everyone of the stars who helped in the books. Oh and to Della if Mr. Hunter gets this, “Stop being so hard-headed and stubborn. Or you just might have a good bit of scars from my fangs, sister.”

  66. My resolution list:
    1. to be an actress
    2. to be an author
    3. to be a singer
    4. to get a date with Robert Pattinson (might not happen)
    5. to actually win a contest for the first time
    6. to be a artist
    7. to read more books than I did last year
    8. to start a business
    9. to not be like my mom
    10. to not change myself to fit in with others and that is my resolution.

  67. My New Year’s Resolution’s are to…
    1)Write a book(Or start one)
    2)Stay in shape
    3)Run more
    4)Be more accepting
    5)Procrastinate less
    6)Stand up to people
    7)Learn another language or get around to it
    8)Get all A’s

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