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Have you ever heard the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Last week I asked for some questions you’d like me to answer, and you sent in a lot of them. They’re good questions, too. But where do I begin? Well, I chose a couple that got asked more than once.

  1. Will I ever write from a guy’s point of view?  Well, hmmm…  This may be letting the horse out of the barn too soon, but I have written a couple of scenes from a male point of view.  All I’m going to say is that it is from one of Kylie’s love interests, and you’ll have an opportunity to see it before Reborn is out.
  2. Was it difficult switching from Kylie to Della?  I admit a couple of times, I found Della answering in a toned-down voice and I realized that Della wouldn’t say it like that.  It’s as if Kylie spoke nicely, but thought with sass.  Della speaks with sass and then thinks nicely.  She’s working on trying to be nicer.
  3. Do I see a Miranda POV book?  I would really like to do a story from Miranda’s point of view.  But to do that, I need to cause a lot of havoc in Miranda’s life.  I mean, she and Perry would have to have some major issues. Why?  Because it’s the issues that makes a story good.  But who knows.  I think I might at least find a novella from Miranda.
  4. Has Della’s sassiness made me a less or more sassy person?  I hate to admit this, but I think channeling Della has given me a little more backbone.  “Don’t mess with me” seems to be my mantra.  There’s something about getting into Della’s skin that just gives you a bit more sass. I like it.  I might keep the Dellatude!

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15 thoughts on “More Answers

  1. There are a few things you could try for Miranda’s POV. Witches make fun of her dyslexia, so why wouldn’t some shifters do the same n question Perry’s choice of girl? Nikki may or may not be completely outta the running, because shapeshifters are pretty stubborn.

    Also, Miranda’s dyslexia causes problems for her parents. You could try to help her stand up and make a few Points, turn her into her own person.

  2. Hey you answered all my questions! 🙂
    I think that a novella would be PERFECT for Miranda. Really. I don’t want to see her and Perry under too much stress :'(
    please no.

    🙂 thanks so much CC!!

  3. CC, you never did answer my questions and I’m just curious to know:
    -Since Kylie is chameleon, can she change into a shapeshifter, and if she can, why wasn’t it mentioned in Whispers at Moonrise or Chosen at Nightfall? In Whispers at Moonrise, she changed into a witch, vampire, fae, then werewolf, but why not shapeshifter?
    -Was it really hard for you to decide for Kylie if she was going to choose between Derek and Lucus? I feel like you already made that choice since the beginning because the relationship between Kylie and Lucas was more romantic and intimate than it was with Derek.
    -Why did you choose to do Della’s story instead of Miranda’s?

    • I’m just guessing here, but I think that answer to your last question, “Why did you choose to do Della’s story instead of Miranda’s?” is because C.C. Hunter already had books on Della and that Della has more problems than Miranda.

    • Kylie actually can turn into a shape-shifter. In Whispers at Moonrise, Kylie’s grandfather said, “My father was vampire and were. My mother fae, witch, and shape-shifter.”
      When i was reading the series, I wondeed when she was going to turn into a shape-shiifter, and when she didn’t, I decided to wait and see in C.C’s other books. Hope this helped, I’ve reread this series hundreds of times, and I remembered this quote when I read your question.

  4. i know i have already asked this question, but… is holiday going to have her baby in this book? if so, will it be a boy or a girl? i also think making a novella about Miranda would be a GREAT idea! 🙂

  5. Are Della’s parents and sister be included in the books? They are kind of a big deal. I can see Della’s mom/family disapproving her dating someone who is not their ethnicity. I’m so excited to see what unfolds!

  6. Hi! I know I already commented, but I would like to let you guys know that I am going to be starting a blog! I would appreciate you guys going to check it out. I am an absolutely, 100%, all out fan of Shadow Falls. I plan on writing my thoughts and reviews over many different books, ideas, any advice you need, or whatever I think of. Please, check it out!

  7. Will the baby be a boy or a girl??? I think it would be SOO cute if they had a baby girl and Burnett gets all soft and warm with her around 🙂

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