Howdy Guys!!!!

This Thursday I’m doing something really fun.  I’m coming together with a bunch of writers to raise money for the Literacy Volunteers of Montgomery County.  I don’t know about you, but as a reader, the idea of not being able to read and to lose myself in book, in someone else’s world, would be catastrophic.  So I love donating to literacy organizations who help others learn to read so they can discover this amazing past time.  And I have to admit, I also love getting together with other writers.  These gals are friends that I’ve known a long time, but because most of us live on opposite sides of this huge place referred to as Houston, we don’t get to visit very much.  So it will be special to spend some girl-time with them.

And you all know how important I think girl-time is.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with the man in my life, but there are things that the opposite sex just doesn’t get.  We need our girlfriends.  Just like Della, Kylie and Miranda need each other.  Like how they get together and have their diet coke round table meetings and share their problems and then share a lot of laughter.  So this Thursday, I’ll be sharing some time with my friends, signing a few books, meeting some fans and helping literacy.  It’s gonna be a great evening.  If you are in town, I hope you can make it.  They are even raffling off basket of goodies, and I’m donating a special basket filled with some wonderful items.

Happy New Year!!


7 thoughts on “Howdy Guys!!!!

  1. To bad Texas is to far away to drive otherwise it would be so fun to go. Oh well hope you have a blast and have a great time with your girlfriends!

  2. Hi cc! Im devastated that i cant come because it sounds like fun! But to bring up my mood i got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas ao i used it to pre order Reborn!!!!! Cant wait!!!!!

  3. Hi cc! Lauren again :)! I just wanted to say (being apart of the street team and all) that i just got my friend hooked on the series! She has a lot of book reading friends so she will probably send the word around!

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