I Really Want to Know

Let’s talk reading habits.  When do you read? How long do you read?  Are you a chapter at a time reader?  Or the type that gobbles up a book in one sitting?  I would love to be gobbler, but writing makes me a chapter at time reader, unless, I stumble across a book that just grabs me by the neck and won’t turn me loose. And I have to admit, I have stayed up all night reading. Have you ever stayed up way past your bedtime reading?  (Actually, I know some of you have because you’ve told me in emails.) So, where do you like to read?  I usually read in bed.  Or sometimes I read on the sofa.  I’m getting a new sofa for my new office and I want a comfy one so I can take breaks and read for a bit. You see when I’m writing, I don’t get a lot of time to read, so maybe I can work more in if I can stretch out on my comfy sofa and read for a few minutes during breaks.  However, almost every night I do pick up a book and read for a bit until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.  And whenever I’m on vacation, my goal is always to read a book.

IMG950365 - CopyDo you read at work? During your lunch break or do you sneak in reading when you should be working? Shhh…I won’t tell! We’ve all done it.

Do you read in school? And here, I don’t mean English assigned reading or math books. I’m talking about outside reading. Do you bring books to school to read during your breaks? During class? Well, my daughter is a teacher and lately she’s caught several students reading in class. She always gets on them, but the other day, she took this photo of what her student was reading: Taken at Dusk. 🙂




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87 thoughts on “I Really Want to Know

  1. Hi CC, It’s kellie from the UK. I know I can’t win your fab swag but I wanted to comment. It’s much easier to say where I don’t read than where I do. I can’t read when travelling as it gives me a terrible migrane, but I read everywhere else. When I was a teen I mostly read in bed after homework, and I think I read every Point Horror and Goosebumps book there was. I could read one per night (mostly because I stayed up late to finish them). I never read around my friends as they thought reading was for dorks, but they never tried my books. It kind of spiraled from there (my slight addiction to books hehe). Now I read everywhere I can. The sofa or bed is the most comfy and I even have a ‘reading blanket’. I can devour a book in one day but try to read slower so I don’t miss anything. When I have a few days off work I have to have at least one day of nothing but reading, even though I do have to read everyday. I try to stop at the end of a chapter but mostly stop because my eyes won’t stay open. I thought i’d share one of my life motto’s with you too ‘Love me, Love my books’ because where I go my personal library of books go too xxx Good luck with your new sofa too
    Love Kellie xxx

    • I use to say that the man I marry has to be able to handle my books…. Sure enough when my now husband and I were dating he helped my move and he lifted the box full of nothing but my books with out even breaking a sweat! lol

    • As a teacher, I rarely get to read anything for pleasure but, when I do, I devour the book, usually in one or two long sittings. And, yes, that means staying up until the wee hours or stealing time for myself. I also read anywhere I can, but always in the comfort of my home: my bed, the family room, living room… I try to keep up with the reading habits of my teenage daughter but it’s no use! She’s even worse than I am about hiding away to read and she goes through more books that I do! 😀

  2. I like to read at home in my bed also, but I’ll sometimes be caught reading on the couch. I also like to bring books to school so if I ever have free time I can read.

  3. I am a rather abrupt reader. If I find a book that is enticing I may finish it in a day or two and read for hours on end. There are some weeks were I am too busy or haven’t found a good book and don’t read any novels at all. I like to read on my bed, one pillow against the wall, and the other used like a table. When I’m on vacation I prepare ahead of time to purchase books I want. (Sorry don’t live in the USA.)

  4. I am a huge reader, I am I stay at home mom so I have loads of time to read after I get the stuff around the house or running around done. I read pretty much every where lol I read when my husband is driving, laying in the couch. I read almost every night in bed too… But I am a big fan of taking a nice hot bubble bath and letting calgon take me away. I read on the boat when my husband and kids want to go out fishing, or on the beach ( Florida living is great sometimes). When I have been waiting and dieing to read a new release I am a gobble reader lol but a lot of the time when I go back to reread I’ll slow it down. My 10 year old is a chapter reader, she will read one chapter a night of her books… Does a mommy proud that she is finally getting into the joys of reading.

  5. I read everywhere. I always have a book with me, which is the convenience of eletronic reading. I also keep physical books in my car. You never know when you are going to be waiting in line or stuck in traffic. I’m lucky because I work in IT so if it’s slow I’m sitting at a computer so sometimes I read on my computer. I read whenever I get the chance and when I’m not reading someitmes I feel lost.

  6. I read when I get in bed and yes I usually, as a matter of fact always read way past my bedtime lol. I try to read several chapters at night, but there are nights that I will read the whole book in one sitting, lately a lot, especially on weekends! I like to use the excuse that I am a librarian and have to suggest books to patrons (;), hey it works most of the time). If the book is really good then I read some more when I get up in the morning before work and after work too until it is finished. Yes the Shadow Falls books fall into that category.

  7. It depends if I read it little by little or all at once. With the Shadow Falls books I couldn’t put them down until they were done! At this moment I’m in between 3 different books & I should really crack down & finish at least one lol. I usually read on the couch but I’ve been known to read in bed. Now that I have a kindle bed reading will be easier.

  8. I usually read on the couch or in my computer chair. My computer chair is horribly uncomfortable, but it forces me to read less if I am on a time limit or something. I usually am a gobbler, but I like to be able to read for at least two hours at a time when I can. Before I quit work to be a housewife, I used to read on my breaks and then after I got off because we only had the one car and I usually got off and had an hour or two to kill before my hubby would get a lunch break and could come get me and run me home real fast. Sometimes I would take my laptop and write in the Starbucks lobby where I worked, but I usually read. I try to devote at least two hours three nights a week to reading. I usually just gobbler three or four in a row and then go a week before I move to the next one. Depending on length and what time I start them I can knock out two or three YA books in a day.

  9. I gobble books up completely! I get so sucked in and attached that it feels wrong to stop reading before they’re finished telling their story, like I’d be cutting them off mid-conversation. The downside is I find myself finished so soon and then I suffer a “book hangover” where I can’t start another book for a day or so (unless it’s the next book in a series or something of that nature) because I’m too attached to the previous characters!

    I read everywhere! School, work, even breaks at cheer practice! I love being sucked in to a good book. I also love re-reading books I’ve read because I always pick up something subtle that I missed the first time, or I make some connection I hadn’t made before or my favorite is when I notice how well an author set up something in book 1 that was a big part in a future book without giving it away!

    I can’t wait for your next book to come out! I LOVED the Shadow Falls Series!!!

  10. When i use to be out all the time i would read books all the time on buses and subways. Besides that if a book doesn’t pull me in right away I read it one chapter at a time. I’m actually struggling with reading the beginning of Allegiant.

  11. I am guilty of having done that. I get in trouble for reading when I’m not supposed to. I sometimes argue with my teachers because I want to read rather than do other homework. Reading takes me away from everything else so I always have a good book with me when I go to school. 😉

  12. Hi C.C this is Niki I live in Colorado.
    I love to read in bed and sometimes during class. But I always stay on top of my work. I would love to be able to read a book in one sitting, but because I’m a very slow reader I’ll read for 3 hours and only get in about 5 chapters. I love to read because it gives me an escape from real world problems. Adoring your books has been so easy for me because I. Love all the romance and supernatural parts. As a child I always dreamed of being supernatural and I know that couldn’t happen but it sounds fun. Don’t work yourself to hard and remember to relax. Love you!!!

  13. Ooooh. I read all the time. When we’re at a resturant. At a party my mom forces me to go to. At school lunch. When I’m in the car. And my favorite place to read is on my bed. On weekends all I do is text, sleep, eat and read.

  14. Can’t wait for the new series. I read whenever and wherever I can. If it’s a good book, and it really draws me in, I can read it in one sitting. Others it’s more of a chapter at a time.

  15. Hello C. C. Hunter, my name is Alisha and I live in Pennsylvania. I mainly read on my sofa any chance I get. After I cook and clean and while my daughter and fiancé watch tv. I love to read books instead of watching tv. I feel more engaged into a book and have a hard time putting it down. I really enjoy a good book to keep me wondering what’s going to happen next. I tell myself all the time “after this chapter I’ll stop” but then just keep reading. 🙂

  16. When I get into a good book, I literally can not STOP reading. I have only had a book taken away from me once in class, but that’s because I’m sneaky. Trust me, I read more than I learn. I remember when I was reading Chosen at Nightfall and I was supposed to be cleaning the litter box (yes, this is super weird!). I was trying to read and clean at the same time and then I got sucked into it and ended up sitting on the floor by the litter box for a good ten minutes before my grandma said to me, “What’re you– Are you reading?” and I was suddenly brought back to reality. This is just one example of the craziness. I read while I eat, I read at night until I either can’t read anymore or the book is finished. I read at school, on the bus (although, I’m home-schooled now), I read while taking a bath. When it came to the Shadow Falls books, I was seriously doing all of these. It doesn’t even matter where I sit or if I have to go to the bathroom or eat, I just read and do it all– especially if I love the book. My grandma actually read the Shadow Falls books right after me and she was the same way. We ended up discussing a lot of stuff about the books (Kylie and Lucas’s future children! Burnett and Holiday’s baby, Miranda and Perry staying together forever, etc.). Anyways, that all being said, it’s implied I finish books really quickly. I always get pretty bummed when I finish them. It usually helps for me to have my grandma read them, too, and for me to write a little fanfiction. (In case you’re wondering, yes, yes I am writing fanfiction for Shadow Falls– but I never publish any fanfiction online). Yeah… I feel weird just admitting to the author that I’m writing fanfiction on their books… So. This was a whole lot more than you asked for, but I tend to write as much as I read. Sometimes I just can’t quit!

  17. I read as much as I possibly can but with school and after school stuff I haven’t had as much time but I’ll read as much as can whenever I can. I’m constantly reading late into fhe night trying to get in whatever I can. I read in bed, on the sofa, in the car and on the bus and on rare occasions I get a break between classes I’ll read as much as I can then. I’ll read whatever I can but I love your books, TMI, the Vampire Academy especially and if my homework has to wait a little bit so be it.

  18. My favorite place to read is at my desk where I do my homework. Sometimes when I get bored of doing homework, I would my favorite books including, of course, Shadow Falls. But I try to read mostly during the weekends so my books don’t distract me from doing my homework. When I’m reading a really good book that has suspense in it, I can never stop reading! Especially when I haven’t finished my homework, I tell myself to put away the book, but my conscience is always convincing me to read one more chapter. Even right now when I have three projects to do for this AP class, I don’t want to check out any book from my school library which sucks because I know I’ll get distracted!

  19. Hi, I love to read all the time. i reads during most of my classes (most of the time that i shouldn’t) I love to read. i have my own shelf of all the books i have read since 6th grade and more because i have them in my room. there is over twenty with an acception of the large one. pardon my spelling. whenever i read your books i have to have friend s take them away so that i will pay attention in class.
    I Love to read.

  20. I read in bed or in my chair in my room or anywhere comfy. I am typically a gobbler reader and read a whole book in a few days. I read the whole Born at Midnight series in 3 days! it was awesome!!! I love too read anywhere any time!! at school or on vacation especially on long car rides!! its awesome!! i always end up staying up way too late reading! but its worth it!

  21. I read whenever I can even when I’m not suppose to. I read when I’m at the store, when I’m walking somewhere, when I have a break during school, I have even stayed up to 5 in the morning on a school night just to finish a book that I could not put down. I like to read on my bed or on the couch, and when its summer I love reading outside. I gobble books up, I can’t just can’t read books by the chapter I would go insane especially if I was reading one of your books. I live in Washington :]

  22. I am definitely a book “gobbler.” I would actually go as far as to say I’m a book-a-holic. But that isn’t always the best thing though since I have a really, REALLY hard time doing anything else when I’m reading a good book. It’s almost impossible for me to stop once I’ve started. And when I’m reading a book at night, I always stay up way too late reading. I can’t help it. I usually like to read in bed, at night though–it’s my me time during the day. I also don’t feel guilty then for not doing other things because my littles and my hubby are sleeping 🙂

  23. Hey CC!

    Oh my, I can read everywhere! Just this friday I was stuck in a car for 14 hours and managed to go through half a new book. I read in my room, my living room, on the porch swing, in waiting rooms, basically anywhere that has enough light to read by!

    I’ve been known to pull allnighters to read a book (which is how I read the entire Shadow Falls series).

    Anyway have a great day!

  24. I can read a book in one sitting but it has to be one of those books where you can’t put it down until you know what happened next. I read way past my bed time all the time. I like to read in my bed most of the time,but I have a comfy corner chair in my room and I really like reading in it. I always have a book with me every where I go just in case I get bored or have time to read. I really can’t wait to read Della’s story. I love to read some short stories in some of the guys point of views. That would be really interesting. Anyways keep up the amazing writing <3

  25. I read the first three Shadow Falls books in one night. Then had to wait for number four.

    I think I’m a book devourer! If I love it, I can hardly stop reading!

  26. Hi C.C.! For me it depends on how much time I have to read. I would say overall that I am the type of person who reads chapter by chapter. If I have to I will stop mid chapter, but that really bugs me and I will get back to my book as soon as I can. I will read pretty much anywhere. I will read at my desk or at mealtimes. If I am volunteering at my local library I bring a book with me to read, I will read in the car, while brushing my teeth, or while watching TV. So, yeah, anywhere. I have also stayed up for two hours reading in bed when I should be sleeping. I really pay for it when I get up the next morning. =) And as far as how long I read, well, that depends. I will read for 2 hours nonstop if I have a really good book, but most of the time I would say that I read in 30 minute intervals. If I have a short book I will sit down and just be a person who gobbles the book up in 1-2 hours. So to sum it up, I will read anywhere, for any legth of time, and am mostly a chapter-by-chapter reader. Also side note, love, love, love your Shadow Falls books!

  27. When it comes to paranormal books I usually gobble them down. For example your books, I read them within three hours if that. I usually read in bed. If I’m really into a book that takes me longer to process, I’ll stay up all night, even take it to class with me the next day. (I’m a university student.) There are some books I read chapter at a time, currently I have my nose in about 5 books at one time, each at different chapters. They are fine books but not amazing, that is why I read them chapter at a time. Also if a book is just extremely hard for me to comprehend, I read it chapter at a time, allowing the information to settle.

  28. I usually read during my breaks at school. I always get my work done fast and usually have 20 or so minutes of extra time. So I’ll always grab the current book that i’m reading. I read by pages. I will set a number of pages that I want to accomplish a day.

  29. I’m someone that gobbles up books. I read during class a lot or I rush to finish my work during class so that I can read. This morning I was waiting to leave for a class trip and I read almost an entire book. The fastest I have ever read a book was probably in a few hours, I was reading Taken at Dusk. I also stay up all night reading books. I read at least one book every week.

  30. I have read all of the shadow fall book you have written except “REBORN” . I can not wait to get my own book so, i can stay all night to read it . I AM A BIG READER I LOVE BOOKS THEY ARE MY LIFE. I love to read any where i can even if its noisy, this are some of the places I like to read they might sound to extreme but when you love to read nothing sounds to extreme. i like to read in my sister top bunk since i sleep in the bottom one we, are twins she likes to read to but not as much as i do. In the living room even when the TV volume is in 80, in my parent’s room, in the bathroom even when i am not in need of it, in car rides that might or might not be long enough to read a page , in class when someone might be teaching , my school library when we are given a hour lunch but stay to read and check out more book to read , before i do my homework even if the homework is to be done 🙂 , and out side when the weather is good.I would say that i am gobbler i can gobble a book in one day and as will be a chapter or 2 reader and sometime a whole day reader that does nothing but read. Can not wait to read “REBORN ” and hope that you fine that perfect comfy sofa you were talking about good luck. 🙂 ;p

  31. I am definitely a gobbler. Over Christmas break every year I stay up until way into the morning reading. The latest that I can remember would be about 7:30 a.m. My mom threatened to take my books at midnight. I read all the time in school, but my teachers don’t really mind. They would rather have students like me that read and are quite than the ones that are loud and disruptive. I’ve never been yelled at in school for reading, only at home. Haha.

  32. Hi there CC I really love your Shadow Falls series Born at Midnight is my favorite and I can’t wait to read Reborn. I am most definitely a gobbler and a little sneaker. I can read just about any where. I always have a book with me at all times. I am constantly sneaking and reading my books in class. I like to get to class early so I can read my books. I really don’t have a favorite place to read, but I mostly read when I’m in my car or at school and work. there been times that I know I need to get to bed but I can’t because I want to try and finish a book I’m reading, I eventually fall asleep with the book still in my hand.

  33. I mostly read at night. Not much on tv for me. At Dr. Office, I listen to audio books in my car or when ironing or Quilting! Since I read at different times and places I have lots of books going at one time! My daughter wonders how I can keep them all straight, but I do. On Goodreads you can see I am reading 8 books or listening! Sometimes I am up way to late! I just enjoy reading and giving reviews! They are my escape! I really get into them! Take my TV but leave my books! You are one of my favorite authors!

  34. Hi it’s me Rebecca I live in lapeer Michigan I read all the time I read so much that some times my middle school teachers hold my books hostage I was so hooked in your series that you wrote I think it was the best thing I’ve ever read I love all books and short story’s you have wrote I hope you write tons more one time my mom but all my books in a huge plastic container and locked them in a closet lol thank you for writing all those shadow falls books that I love to death!!!!!-

  35. So ok I’m definately a don’t put book down kind of girl I work at a restraunt and when I’m clocked on break I’m reading when I take deposit to bank I’m reading and sometimes after I get my change and deposit slips back from bank teller I pull into a parking spot and read another chapter my boss swears the bank is slow but shhh I’ll never tell also I read when Im early picking my kids up from school actually there isn’t a time my face isn’t in a book its my absolute favorite thing todo my daughter curls up in bed with me and she will be on the nook and I’ll be in a book

  36. I read every single spare moment I have in a day. Unless I am looking at my favorite authors’ blogs or websites or on Goodreads. I also read when I don’t have a spare moment like at work and while I am preparing dinner for my family. Reading is my favorite thing to do.

  37. I am currently reading shadow falls. I finished it Monday and had to read it again! I can’t get enough of Lucas. I read all the time. It’s my escape as mother of 4. I still stay up late to finish this series!!♡ I read everywhere I go. I take my books with me everywhere so when I catch a break I can read a few pages. I can’t wait for may to read Dellas book! !

  38. I read a book entirely in one sitting because otherwise if I stop to go do something else I’ll be totally distracted and only think about going back to my book! I usually read right after school until I finish the book.
    I love your Shadow Falls series! Can’t wait for Della’s books!

  39. I love to read in complete silence on my bed. I also bring books with me to school so when i’m finished with something i tend to read. When I’m reading my friends tend to not bother me because according to them I look so concentrated. I think the fastest I ever read a book was Whispers at Moonrise in only 4 hours (the ending broke my heart by the way.) and The Host (Stephanie Meyer) in 1 day. I can’t wait for Reborn! only 3 months away! <3

  40. So wish they make shadow falls a movie!!It would blow up so big I love all the characters. and want Reborn. I can relate to Kylie her mom is so my mom made over , I love that she can see ghosts and I was upset when she went to live with her grandfather and love Perry! I read in the rub and when I eat lol . I love Lucas so much . I have read all the Shadow falls it is my very favorite books ever.

  41. It’s actually been a long time since I read a book in one sitting! I used to be able to read in one sitting but ever since I started my senior year in high school, it’s getting harder to read more often. Every now and then I read in statistics but I like to say I read enjoying the chapters, I’m not much of a binge reader. All this college stuff is also getting to me but I’m hoping to read more this year than last!

  42. I am definitely a gobbler!! I read all the time (at school, in the car, at home, when Im supposed to b asleep, in the bath, when Im supposed to b doing home/school work) and I love your books!!! I read supernatural romance, end of the world, and horror novels.

  43. Have you gotten any new news on making a tv series or movies over the Shadow Falls Series? If you do, i know it will be a hit!

  44. Hi c.c I do as a matter of fact read at night sometimes I wont even stop if I’m super close to finishing! I also do read in school and I always get yelled at for it 🙂 . But your books captivate me and I’ve stayed up so late but I keep reading the shadow falls series!!!!! There so good I never want to put it down!!!!!

  45. Hi I’m Kara and I live in Lowndes, MO and I’m a gobbler, I read non-stop all day if possible, when I found your books I just couldn’t put them down, shadow falls is the BEST series I’ve ever read and when I stated reading them, I read the whole series in a week 🙂 this would be my 2nd or 3rd time rereading them and I just can’t stop, I just cant wait till Reborn comes out so I can read it 🙂

  46. Well I use to read every day but now that I’m in high school I don’t have time to read but I will always make to read at least once a week. At least in the summer I get to read mostly everyday. I really love your book last year all of them and at least I get to read it all of them. I know that I won’t win this contest because the probability but I hoe you read my comments.

  47. There is never a time of day in which I don’t read. I’ve often gotten up in the wee hours of one morning and read until the wee hours of the following morning. I will read in between my classes, after a test, and sometimes even during a class session that I feel I already have a keen understanding of. My absolute favorite place to read is snuggled up in my bed on a warm night. If you could not already tell, I am not one to read by the chapter, but I do tend to cease my reading at a chapter’s end. I also do not wait to finish one series before I start another. This is evident in that I am currently reading 50+ various series. I do have my favorites, however, and the Born at Midnight set of books harbors my most favorite ice breakers. Priceless!! I’ll never be in a mood for long whilst I read this fantastic series! I’ve read each of these books at least 20 times and I’ll always come back for more.

  48. I love to read, I have books everywhere in my room. I even have a job where I can take books to work to read when it’s a slow day. I also love your series Shadow Falls it’s AMAZING!! I hope I win the swag that you’re giving away!!

  49. I read often before I go to bed (which can lead to only getting a few hours of sleep at times) and I always carry the book I’m reading with me to my college campus, there can be a lot of time to burn in between classes or I’ll get there too early; reading is a way to use that extra time wisely! There are also times when I’m at my doctors office (as I’m sure you know, they can take a very long time to meet with you) and I was there just recently, I almost read an entire book in the amount of time it took for them to order a medicine for me! But with my book in hand I didn’t mind the wait as much as I would have without one (:

  50. I read all the time during classes, between classes, and as soon as i get home. I think i read more than i do anything else, its kinda like an addiction.

  51. CC I love your books and with reading habits I was able to completely read your shadow falls series with in a few days !! So with that said I just must goo le up the books I read and in my opinion your books are awesome it would be amazingly crazy if your books would be turned into a movie series !! Just saying !!

  52. I actually read all the time. My entire track (it’s a year round school) knows I love to read. I’ve been called out by my teacher and scolded by my dad for reading at the wrong moments and reading past my bedtime. (I just turn off the lights and use a book light) 🙂 I’m even close with the librarian…

  53. I always have a book in my purse with me where ever I go. With 3 grandsons to get around town it seems I’m always waiting, so enjoy pulling out my book and reading during those times. (Sometimes makes it hard to stop reading when I’m really into the story…LOL) My favorite time to read is early morning or late evening when all the chores are done and everyone else is in bed. That’s “me time”.

  54. hey c.c hunter it’s lisa from new York
    when I read it takes me a while to finish a bookdepending on the size of the book and how much time I have to read it I don’t usually read at my brake at work I either run out of time or people are being to noisy and I wouldn’t be able to focus on the book if I could at break. but I do read on the bus on the way to work and on the bus on the way from work. I read for maybe a couple minutes up to an hour and I mostly read once I get home from work because it’s nice and quiet. it would be so cool if I won the giveaway because I haven’t won that many things in life.

  55. Best series ever!!!!! I will read 1of these book’s in 1 day all I do is read. these are my kind of book’s no one is a bigger fan then me!!!!!!!! I read the whole series in 1 month and I can’t wait for reborn!!!!!!!!!

  56. Hey C.C., while I usually find myself reading at night in bed, if I get into a really good book you can find me sneaking in a few pages while at work or even at a stoplight, lol, obviously I wouldnt recommend the latter.

  57. Yes I did! I was a very avid reader and was pretty much the only kid who wanted more than 15 minutes of sustained silent reading!

    Of course during my own teen years, Paranormal YA didn’t exist–dark times, my friends! It would take hours at Borders scouring the shelves looking for the hidden paranormal reads! I would find some on occasion and pretty much did a happy dance on the way to the register! A successful trip to the bookstore!

    Now I don’t have that issue. Granted I’m in my 20s and am not the “targeted audience” for YA reads. But with all the paranormal YA there is, I feel I am owed my due and can read all the YA books I want! I still read paranormal adult books as well, but it seems every year I am adding more and more YA to my TBR pile.

    But back to the original answer, yes! I would read all the time growing up because it was my escape from reality. I enjoyed discovering new worlds and would always have a book on me somehow during school. In middle school I had to stick it in my purse since we weren’t allowed to carry our backpacks and I had a ton of textbooks to lug around and then in high school I would always have one and usually a backup with me for when I finished the first! I could never be not reading! And there were times I would even read in the hallway from class to class when the book was that good. Although, I don’t recommend anyone trying to do that anymore! It was hard enough back then!

  58. It depends on the book for me but usually once I start reading I will keep telling myself “just a little more” so often that I end up tired at work the next day. I prefer my bed above any other reading spots but before the iphones came out I was being antisocial at dinner or in the car reading a book. If it is really good I read whenever and anywhere possible but I try to curb my reading habits when the school semester starts because it is not nearly as much fun to read text books especially when I have a better option!

  59. I read constantly. 700 page books almost daily. Read everywhere I can anytime I can. Bee kicked out of class for reading, which was weird cause it was a english class, shouldn’t they be promoting reading. I’ve stayed up till 5 and 6 in the morning reading knowing full well that I had to get up at 7. I read before and after every class, even gym and during every class ( except gym) I love love love to read and if I don’t have a book it’s like going through withdrawal or something. None of my friends are big readers tho so they always end of teasing me or putting my book up high ( I’m only 5″2)! Keep on writing ( maybe Miranda before she came to shadow falls?) your a great author!

  60. well I love to read outside in warm season, during cold season I read at night with my nook hd. sometime I read till 3 am or 4am. which was my mom don’t like it, lol

  61. Love your books! Got my daughter hooked on them! Something that we share is the love of reading! Can’t wait for reborn to come out!!!!

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