Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines_day_cardThis Friday is Valentine’s Day. For many, it’s a very special day, for others, not so much. In fact, a recent poll said Valentine’s Day is the most stressful day of the year for many men. They feel they are under a lot of pressure to buy the right gift.  I feel their pain. We women can be hard to read at times. Even I sometimes forget that hubby isn’t a mind reader, but he usually comes through.


Now imagine being Della’s boyfriend. Talk about  stress! For so long Della had watched her two best friends with their boyfriends, and now it’s her turn. Even if she doesn’t want to admit she’s kind of in a relationship with Steve, I think she’d be hurt if he didn’t give her anything for Valentine’s Day. Della swears she’s not a girly girl.  She doesn’t need chocolate or flowers, but down deep she’s like everyone.  She wants to know some guy is crazy about her. That she’s special enough that he would go out of his way and get her something.  What do you think the perfect gift for Della would be?   Something that wouldn’t get Steve killed?

What would the perfect gift for you be?


There were so many great comments last week, it was hard to choose a winner. But the winner of the Shadow Falls: After Dark giveaway is Jo-Ann Stephens. Jo-Ann, please email me at cc@cchunterbooks.com with your mailing address.

17 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Wow! This is so hard, because Della is pretty kick-ass. What she really wants currently is to impress Burnett, but if Steve put in a good word for her she would probably get upset as of he doesn’t believe she can win Burnett over herself. Maybe if he was able to get her another mission with them together that could be a nice gift considering how their last mission turned out. I think what would occur is most gifts Della would say she doesn’t like, but the right gift she would appreciate secretly.

  2. I think steve would give Della something she would never think she would get, for me, i always get books on Valentines Day! Woohoo!

  3. I think that the best present for Della would be blood or a relationship with someone who is crazy together. and i think that the perfect present for valentines day is something special that is close to your heart and has meaning to you.

  4. I think maybe if Steve got her O negative blood because she is always saying she wants to try it :] hahaha!!! I think a perfect gift for me would be if my boyfriend actually bought me a book that he knew I really wanted that would be nice but flowers are nice too.

  5. I think Steve should take her on a camping trip. Away from everyone else, so that they will be alone and he can convince her that she deserves the world ( anything she wants) and realize hes the one for her.

  6. I think for Valentine’s Day, Steve should ask Della if she wants to go out with him, but I’m not sure if she will say yes because she’s the complicated type who wouldn’t easily admit her feelings. I don’t think Della would kill him if he wanted to give her something for Valentine’s Day because she would be happy that he actually wanted to give her something. Della would probably be happy with anything Steve gives her. For me, I would just want cookies like the homemade ones that my friend always gives me or chocolates or even better, candy apple since I never tried one before although I really want one.

  7. Hmm, this is hard! I’m not sure what exactly Della would want, but I imagine if Steve got her something that she’d just said she wanted to have/try in passing without thinking she’d get it, it would mean a lot to her! As for me, I’ll take books with a side of chocolate please!

  8. A great gift for Della would be either blood or Steve could show Della’s parents that she’s fine and isn’t doing anything bad to herself or others

  9. I think since Della always likes a good fight Steve should set up some sort of challenge that involves Della the chance to kick Steve’s ass; like maybe some sort of sparing or competitive activity on the lake so there’s romance and a chance for Steve to maybe impress Della. After their little activity, Steve could set up a romantic little picnic on the lake while the moon shines bright making an irresistible ambience that not even Della could resist, and so on and so forth…

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