Well, this last weekend I went to the Montgomery County Book Festival. And I had a blast.  Got to meet and chat with a lot of Shadow Falls fans.  And I think I snagged a few new readers, too.  I gave some of them a few sneak peeks into what Della is up to.

And oh, yes, she’s up to her eyebrows in trouble.  You know trouble is like her middle name.  Not that you can really blame her.  Della’s going through a lot.   I can’t give away too much, but I’ll give you just a few tiny tidbits, a few sneak peeks of what’s going on at Shadow Falls.

In Reborn, Della . . .

  • gets hit on by five guys.
  • has to deal with the loss of someone she loves.
  • gets to kick a little butt.
  • has six people offer a pint of blood to spend the hour with her.
  • gets caught lying to Burnett—for a good reason.
  • has to take down a kangaroo.
  • has to use duct tape to wrap up a problem.

I revealed the cover for Reborn on this blog back in August, and I’ve posted it several times since. Well, recently my publisher St. Martins Griffin Teen revealed the cover for Della’s second book, Eternal. In case you missed it, you can check it out at their February Cover Reveal Roundup.


Houston Authors Bash!!

Join me and over 45 other authors this Saturday, February 22 at Katy Budget Books’ Houston Author Bash. This event is FREE, but it is a ticketed event, so be sure to follow the link and register. There are even a limited number of VIP tickets, which acts like a fast pass and lets you skip to the front of the long lines,  for only $10. Don’t miss this event at the Harmony Science Academy of West Houston in Katy, TX.

So, who do you think hits on Della in Reborn?  How do you think she’ll handle it?


14 thoughts on “Reborn

  1. Steven will, I think that maybe a new camper might. I agree Chris might too. I betcha one of the people to offer blood up will be one of her roomies- she is going to go on a I’m not talking to you binge.

  2. One of the guys is obviously going to be Steve. The others might be new campers and I think one of them will be that new vampire guy in Whispers at Moonrise that Kylie met when she was meeting the new teachers and campers. Della will be having a hard time trying to avoid all the guys and I’m sure her two roommates will help her. I really hope she gives Steve a chance though because I really like him.

  3. AHHH!!! I’m so excited now May seems to far away, good thing I’m a patient person :]…. I know for sure Steve is one of the guys that flirts with Della. For the rest I guess I’ll have to wait for Reborn 😀

  4. Omg!! awesome and i think the guys that hit on her are Steve and Chris. I cant wait for Reborn and Eternal! They are going to be amazing i can already tell!!! <3 🙂 ohh when does the street team get the packages? thanks!! i <3 Shadow Falls

  5. Well one of them is Steve, I mean it’s SOOOOO obvious. Um, next, it’s most likely Chris because Holiday said that there had been some friction between Chris and Steve, because of Della. Other than that, I have no idea….

  6. I sooo can’t wait to see how Steve will react when he finds out about those other guys 😀 I just have to think of the last scene with jealous shape-shifters and I get all excited about the one coming up 🙂 And I’m pretty sure Chris and Della will be fun to read and I can imagine that he will get her a little confused as he is actually a boy with her body temperature and she can’t use the excuse that he won’t like her being so cold 😉 I’m just really looking forward to reading the new books because C.C. Hunter always pulls me into her world and I can read the books 10 times and still enjoy every second! 🙂

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