Do you know if I wasn’t a writer, there are two things I might want to do when I grow up?  (Yes, I said grow up, because I don’t care how old I am, I don’t feel I’ve completely grown up!) Oddly, these two career choices are completely different.

If you are a fan, you might have already figured out one of these things about me.  I love to make people laugh.  I write characters who make you laugh.  Della’s sassy comments make me chuckle when I’m writing.  And Perry, his crazy antics are for sure always worth a few good belly laughs.  (Remember when he mooned everyone at lunch?) When I get emails from you telling me that I made you laugh, it makes me feel so good.  I love making people laugh so much that if I didn’t spend all my time writing, I might try my hand at stand-up comedy.

The second career I might have pursued, is not so apparent. You probably wouldn’t even guess it.  You see, I love languages.  And yes, I do speak a second language.  I speak Spanish.  No, I’m not Hispanic.  But years ago, I lived in Maracaibo, Venezuela and learned to speak the language.  I still make a lot of mistakes.  And here’s the sad part, I can’t read or write a tenth of what I can speak.  Being dyslexic, I am what a lot of people call an oral learner.  I learn by listening.  So learning a language comes a little easier for me than maybe some people.  And if I wasn’t busy playing with my characters, I would love to lots of different languages.

You know, in Reborn you’ll learn that Della speaks Mandarin.  And while I don’t speak that language, I did go to China for ten days.  During that time, I had a translator and she taught me a few words, I could say simple things, like order my food, or ask how someone was doing, or say thank you and excuse me.  A lot of the times the translator would laugh because I would say something and the Chinese people would be shocked and start talking to me.  They thought I could speak it.  And I honestly think if I had stayed there a month or so I could have learned a lot.

bornatmidnight-finalI think it’s sad that here in the United States so few people speak another language.  I’ve read a lot of things about how learning a new language opens up and uses different parts of your brain.  Here in Texas, we have a lot of Spanish speaking residents and I get to use my Spanish a lot.  I will admit I love surprising people sometimes.  I will be in a store and two women will be talking about me, maybe commenting about my shoes or purse.  And I will turn to them and tell them where I bought the item.  They are always shocked because being blond with green eyes, I don’t look like I speak the language.

Today, I will give away one copy of Born at Midnight in Spanish.  Maybe you have a friend who is Hispanic and reads better in Spanish, or maybe you read better in Spanish.  Sorry, due to mailing cost, the winner has to have a U.S. address.

Do you guys speak another language?  Are you taking one in school?  I encourage you to do it.  So for now, adios.


30 thoughts on “Languages

  1. Wow, that is so cool! Unfortunately, I am a much more visual learner than I am an oral learner. I have a semi-photographic memory, but I can’t complain. I can’t tell you how many times that has come in handy when I forgot to study for a test and had to cram during lunch. I would really like to get Born at Midnight in Spanish because it could really help me familiar myself with the language, especially if I read it along with my English copy.

  2. Hey c.c I knew a little Italian before now I’m taking classes in school. It’s kind of hard because I can’t spell the words but when I hear them I know what they mean.

  3. I can read and write in Spanish, but have a lot of difficulty speaking it. I do better when i see or hear someone else say it, because they say it properly so its easier to put together. If my friend who is just learning spanish is butchering the pronounciation i never understand what shes saying.

  4. I am taking spanish 1. i have many difficulties with it. plus i have people in that class that i very much dislike so it doesnt make it any better. i can speak some and write and read some but for the most part i dont understand one word. i have many friends that speak spanish though. i wish i could understand them… hopefully in the years to come

  5. Next year when I’m in high school I’m going to be taking French. And I also wanna learn Italian. I already know how to say hi and shut up in Italian. Ciao is hi and goodbye. Zitto is shut up. (I only know how to say shut up in Italian cuz I was arguing with a friend and he was cussing at me in Spanish)

  6. I love languages too! I’m brazilian, so, other than Portuguese, I speak English and I’m learning French (which I find quite difficult, by the way). I’d also like to learn Italian in the future.

  7. The only language I speak well is English. I’ve been taking Mandarin in school for three years and I’m also going to take it next year so that I can learn to speak the language fluently.

  8. Awesome post! I can’t do anything with the spanish edition but if you ever have a German giveaway, I am in! I would love to have Shadow Falls in my classroom!

  9. I hope in high school I can take Latin. If not then I’m gonna get the software to learn. I’ve always wanted to learn Latin, even though it’s a dead language. It’s still really cool in my opinion.

  10. I’m so glad you wrote a post like this! I absolutely love learning languages and about different cultures. There are so many beautiful languages in the world that I want to learn all of them! Besides English, I also speak Spanish (I’m Hispanic) but I’m learning French and Korean. In college I’m definitely going to keep up with these studies and also do some international studies! 🙂

  11. I do speak 2 languages! Spanish and English 🙂 I would love nothing more then to have a Spanish copy of Born at Midnight!

  12. I think it’s a shame that in the United States we take a foreign language, but we are not really taught to speak it. I have taken Latin, Spanish, and French. However, I really only learned enough French to understand that the French were making fun of us in our matching sweatshirts when we were in Paris.

    I also think that it uses a different part of the brain, and I think, to some extent, teaches us about a culture. How many words does each language have for love? for cooperation? for war? for anger? These things indicate the value system of the culture the language originates from. It can indicate their level of technology and a myriad of other things. I find it interesting.

    A thought provoking post.


  13. I know very few words in German, French, & Dutch but, I’m taking Spanish at my high school. I really want to take a class on French or German also.

  14. I can speak some french and next year i am taking spanish! My brother and dad speak spanish so i thought it would be cool if we could all tslk together in a different language! Also we go to mexico a lot and all my dad taught me is how to ask “where is the restroom?”

  15. I am also a verbal learner and have dyslexia . I am a Whitmore in high school and I am a advanced student in American sign language … all my family is so amazed by this because I have a hard time learning stuff so you might think it is hard for me to learn a second language but it is not … and I want to be a chief / baker and if not that then I was thinking many a translator because I love to sign …

  16. Don’t enter my in the giveaway, but I can speak a little bit of Spanish (I took it in high school) a tiny bit of German, and a dash of Japanese (not much and not well).

    Languages are hard for me, I generally trip over the accents (and don’t ask me about spelling or constructing sentences!) My mother speaks German, so I learned a little from her, and because I like Japanese Anime, I’ve learned a little there.

    I have learning disabilities, too, but I can’t just learn it orally–I have to see it, hear it, and do it. If I just hear it, I can’t visualize it, if I just see it, I might get it wrong verbally, so I have to do it all. Reading is something I love doing and have been known to “devour” books. (I remember growing up someone walked into my bedroom and said “You have a library!” I was like “Not really.” I only had ONE bookshelf in my room, while there were a ton all over the house). As an adult, I still love books, and have several bookshelves (but some of the books don’t belong to me–what a shock–you see, Husband and Offspring like books, too!)

  17. Im dyslexic to and its so encouraging to know that one of my favorite athours is also dyslexic I live in canada so in grade 4 to like grade 9 we have to take french and I hated it so much (had a rilly bad teacher) but now Im going on a trip to itaily so Im determined to learn itailan so far its going really well and all I have to do is listen to someone else speaking Italian

  18. Heey 🙂 I’m 15 years old. I speak german and in school i learn einglish, latin and spanish . I’ve read the shadow falls books in german and i would be happy to read reborn in german too . but i have to wait for the translation. :/

  19. Hey C.C.! 🙂 I could say one of my hobbies is learning new languages, because by now I have learned German, English, Spanish and I can also translate Latin texts into Romanian, my mother tongue. In my country, learning foreign languages is very important. The reason why I am writing all of this is because I want to thank you. “Born at midnight” was the first book I read in English, but I was really scared I wouldn’t understand. But not only did I enjoyed reading it like this, I have also found how useful it is to improve my English skills. So, again, thank you very much for showing me this new path of learning and please keep writing such amazing books <3

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