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A few weeks ago, I asked you to send in any questions you had for me and I would let Della answer them. I’ll tell you, I must have been crazy. After all, Della is permanently pissed at me for some of the things I did to her in Reborn.  But I promised, so I’ll turn it over to Della.

Thanks, CC! When CC told me about this I was not happy. I’mway too busy with the FRU, not to mention juggling two guys. But once I had a chance to think about it, I changed my mind.  After all, this  might just give me the opportunity to dish out some of what CC is so quick to dump on me. Give her some of her own medicine Yup, I intent to make the most of it. So, here goes

Jen asked, “Do you ever have one guy in mind for a character and as the story goes, decide you know what I think this guy fits better?”

Actually, this did happen to CC when she was writing Kylie’s series. You see when she started Born at Midnight, she’d sort of decided that Kylie was going to end up with Derek. Then Lucas happened. Yes, he was always meant to be the other guy that challenges Derek for Kylie’s affection, but Kylie just seemed to fall so hard for Lucas. Now as Kylie’s friend, I wasn’t that keen on the wolf early on, and when he got engaged the other wolf skank, I was ready to suck him dry and skin the pelt off his ass. But CC really thought he was the best guy for Kylie, and Kylie certainly agreed. So, I guess I had to give the guy a chance, and I’ve got to say, he not so bad—and he seems to make Kylie happy.

Alicia asked, “Do you enjoy writing more from Della’s prospective than you did from Kylie’s prospective of things?”

I’ve heard CC tell people she most identifies with Kylie, so she said Kylie was most like her and the easiest to write.  But I’ve been in her head, too. I have got to say, she really gets into writing from my point of view. She loves letting her sassy side out, and writing through me gives her an excuse. I’ve even heard her sound like me when she wasn’t even working on my books. Her husband doesn’t like it.

Kellie M. asked,” When writing Shadow Falls, did you have the series planned out, or did ideas come to you when you were writing?”

CC is what’s called a pantser not a plotter. It means she writes by the seat of her pants and doesn’t plot out every little thing. Oh, yeah, I know I told you originally she was going to have Kylie fall for Derek, so she does have a vague idea of what’s going to happen. But switching gears to Lucas, is part of being a pantser. She realized Kylie was heading in another direction, so she changed things. So while she might have an idea of some things that will happen in her books, she doesn’t sit down and plot everything out. Since that’s the case, maybe there’s hope for me. Perhaps I can get her to change a few things she has in store for me in Eternal.


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  1. oh wow! so Kylie was supposed to end up with Derek originally?? I was thinking Lucas most of the time was her soul mate because of the passion between the two. this defiantly changes my view of the books! Thanks Della for answering some of the fabulous questions!!!

  2. !!!!! It looks like a lot of people are having trouble seeing who won the copy of reborn. If any of you see this, the winner was Morgan gonsoski. I don’t know why it’s not showing up for a lot of people. Figured I’d try to help out

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