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Della answered your questions about me last week, and I have to say, she did a pretty good job. I guess she’s been in my head for so long that she knows me pretty well. So, I thought I’d give her another chance to answer a few more.

Okaaaaay, I guess CC liked my answers last week. So, I took another crack at your questions, and I’ve got to say, I think I’m really getting the hang of this now.

Kayla asked, “What inspired you to write something like the Shadow Falls series? And was it that same inspiration that encouraged you to write the Della spin off series?”

Oh, I’ve got this one! I’ve heard CC get asked this question a lot. Actually, the idea for Shadow Falls Camp came from her editor. CC was writing romance and her editor asked if she’d be willing to try writing young adult novels. She also told CC she had an idea for a book—a paranormal camp. CC, being CC, went home and started thinking about this idea and let her imagination take over. Before she knew it, she had Kylie and me and the rest of the Shadow Falls campers running around in her head. So, now that I think about it, I guess in a way I have CC’s editor to thank for my existence. But CC’s the one that’s always all up in my business. So maybe that’s where my series came from. CC is nosey, so once she started focusing on me and Steve, well, she couldn’t help herself, could she?

Lucy asked, “If she had to write a different series, 1) what genre? and 2) what it would be about?”

Actually, I heard her talking to a friend the other day about another young adult series she has planned. It sounds pretty scary. You all know I don’t like ghosts, they scare the beejeezzus out of me. But this series is even worse. She said it was about the descendants of Grim Reapers.I hope she won’t expect me to be part of it and hang out with them or something.

Yvonne asked, “How do you get paid as a writer and where do most authors work (home, office)? I really want to know because I’m thinking about becoming a writer.”

From what I’ve seen, CC gets checks from her publisher in the mail. I’ve seen them on her desk in her office—which is where she usually writes. But since she bought her new house with the big wrap-around front porch with the cool porch swing, she sometimes writes out there. I wish we had a swing like that on our cabin’s porch at Shadow Falls. I could see sitting out there with a certain guy—if he behaved himself!

Thanks, Della! I could have answered these myself, but I think it was interesting to hear your take on me. I actually get asked that last question a lot. So tell me, how many of you have considered a career in writing? If you have, what sort of books would you write?

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  1. Fantasy and romance are my better skills. I’d be writing about children encountering magic and have some fun with it.

  2. I have (and still am) considering a career in writing. I currently have one adult, one paranormal, and one cozy manuscript completed. Just working on the getting published and editing parts. Would love some advice on the best way to pursue getting published though!

  3. I love writing and have been doing it since I was in elementary school…I’m trying to write a book and I’m about 50,000 words in. It has taken a long time!

  4. I love Shadow Falls, I was so sad to know the serie would end after the fifth book, even if you’ll write about Della. Don’t get me wrong, I like Della but I would’ve liked to know what happens between Lucas and Kylie afterwards. In Chosen At Nightfall they get back togheter but not without efforts from Lucas, getting betrayed in a relationship, especially in a romantic one, is extremely hard to forget and to forgive. In a situation like that, even though Kylie forgave him, trust is something that takes time to rebuild. It is subtly mentioned that they will eventually get married in the futur, but it would’ve been nice to go deeper in their relationship, see what makes them struggle as a couple like Lucas’ possessiveness over Kylie or his dislike about Kylie talking to ghosts. He’s not the only one with issues, Kylie probably still has feelings about his betrayal. Anyway, Shadow Falls was one of the best series I’ve read so far.

        • It answered some questions, but not all maybe they will be answered in Della’s story. Like Della and Kylie mighthave a convo or something. I just hope they get answered.

          • Yeah, that would be cool but it would be so awesome if she would write another mini serie about them when she’s done with Della….

  5. I write poetry. If I was writing a novel though I would write fiction/fantasy. It just seems more fun to write escoecially if it seems as if it could happening real life. Like how you do with your books I mean come on after you were done reading it, still in the good book daze, you would go to school and try to see if anybody was hiding something. Admit it. I want to write that good if a book where it stays on your mind until the series is done or the next book comes out.

  6. I’ve been writing here and there since junior year of high school. I’ve never finished any of my stories except for one New Adult one I wrote last summer. I was bored and the idea came out of nowhere. But yes, I’m definitely interested in writing for a career. I’m almost a undergrad in my local college and after that I’m taking a break. Need to figure out what’s next for me in the education department. But while I’m figuring things out I’ll be writing and finishing a story I started around two months ago. And I have way too many stories up there in my head that need to get on a word document ^_^

  7. I might pursue a career in writing and if I did write novels I would write fantasy books with action and romance. I think action is what make stories interesting because most of the books that I like to read have some sort of action in it, including Shadow Falls. I’m a really big fan of Twilight for its romance and I also like Mortal Instruments because it has romance and lots of action when the characters fight off demons.

  8. I think about writing too… I love you’re writing style and Shadow Falls has inspired me a lot because you can relate to the characters and their problems… I associated so quickly with Kylie in the first book that I felt you were ending my story when the fifth book was released.

  9. I just finished my ARC of Reborn on Saturday and can I tell you it’s amazing! I already can’t wait for Eternal to come out! It was so nice to be back in the world if Shadow Falls, even if it was only for a little while! I loved all the new characters, especially Chase! He’s just so yummy! Again I can’t wait for Eternal to be released and I an so thankful for the opportunity to read Reborn a little earlier than everyone else!

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