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Next week, I’ll answer a few of those questions Della asked you to send in.  Have a great week guys and leave a comment telling me your favorite scene in all the Shadow Falls books. Was it when Perry mooned everyone, or was it that first kiss Lucas gave Kylie at the creek?  Was it when Derek told Kylie he loved her the first time?  One person, (sorry, U.S. mailing address only) will win a free Shadow Falls: After Dark poster.


Boy you guys came up with some great questions, and Della is going to have fun answering them. The winners of the Shadow Falls: After Dark posters are Teresa Zimmer from Germany and Samantha Wallace from the U.S. Please email your mailing addresses to cc@cchunterbooks.com. Congratulations!

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  1. I’m kinda cheating here since this is technically more than one scene but when Burnett and Holiday finally admit they love each other and are willing to move their relationship to the nextlvel is one of my favorite events (since it spans out over a few scenes) <3 I adore those two!!

  2. My favorite was when Lucas gave Kylie the necklace. That was so cute. However, I still love when Perry mooned everyone.

  3. my favorite is when burnett took holiday and kylie to drugstore, and buy pregnancy test for holiday then burnett saw it and thought it for kylie but really it for holiday and him.
    C.C hunter, please keep writing lots book of shadow falls.
    P.s your books are ROCKS!!

  4. I can’t simply choose one favorite scene. That would be impossible, but one of my favorite was kylie and Lucas’s first and also the end of Chosen at Nightfall when he gives her the ring.

  5. Oh my gosh that is a hard question! If I had to choose a few I would say when Lucas’s grandmother died and Kylie finally said “I love you” or the time when Kylie, using her newly found witch powers, zapped the half naked freezing actor into her cabin. hahah. or when Burnett let his soft side show by giving out hugs and everything with Holiday. Or even when Roberto gave his life for Kylie and saved her all those many times. there are so many amazing moments to choose from!!! Thats only because your such a great writer!! I hope you choose me for a poster! Love you CC!! have a great week.

  6. Loved the widget! I saw it right away and couldn’t stop myself from reading the character descriptions :]…..One of my favorite scenes would be when Burnett is accusing Kylie of being pregnant when he catches her with the pregnancy tests it was hilarious although not much for Holiday.

  7. Without a doubt my favorite scene in the shadow falls series is when Kylie brings Holiday back to life. It was such an emotional moment and it’s a part of a series that is really a defining moment because friends and enimies come together for someone that they love. Something like that not only touches your heart but your soul.

  8. I’m still sad that Kylie never ended up with Derek…but the heart gets what it wants right? So my favorite scene were definitely the ones that had Derek and Kylie together. I just thought they were super cute and Derek was romantic! 😀 I’m glad she ended up with one of the two boys though! 🙂

  9. Well I have many favorite scenes but my number one would be the ending when Kylie’s dad told her he was becoming a death angel and the relationship between Kylie and her mom was all good and Lucas and Kylie got a happily ever after and so did Burnett and Holiday and so did Derek!! I couldn’t stop crying bc while reading I thought it was the end and plus it was a heart warming perfect ending! I loved it and cried for hours after 🙂 another one of my favorites was when Fredricka (if I misspelled her name, I am sorry) saved Kylie and all of the funny parts of course!! And many more!

  10. Havent done much advertising, but I did tell some people about the books. As for my favorite scenes, I’m not so sure because there are several that I really liked. If I were to say the funniest scene, I’d say the same Burnett got his balls hit and almost wound up sterile (it literally cracked it up :)); I also liked the part where Lucas and Kylie were dancing because it was sweet (when I wasn’t thinking abt Derek), but I think one of my favorites was the last moment where the wedding takes place when Everything is perfect. I kinda like perfection.

  11. Just read the character bios. Can’t believe the characters are still so insecure. And Della’s ghosts — oh-hoo-hoo-hoo — if she starts seeing them (which I suspected when I found out the falls were gonna appear) I’m looking forward to it; it’s gonna be fun to see her reaction as well as Miranda’s, because now she has 2 ghost-whisperers for roommates (although she might get a Little jealous, since K n D share enough as it is).

  12. My favorite part in Kylie’s book is when she buys the pregnancy tests and Burnett gets on to her. That part was so funny! I also like the Vampire Parents Day and when she was a witch and she brought Zach to the cabin and what happened after!

  13. My favorite scene was actually the wedding at the end of the book. I just loved how everything seemed to be happy. It was one if not the most happiest ending I’ve ever read. I loved how there was no broken hearts, arguments, or any of the sorts. Just reading the ending I had a smile on my face, even though I was crying (tears of joy). I think I will always remember that ending no matter what. That’s why it’s my favorite. 🙂

  14. I’m sorry if this makes me a horrible person:
    I love the scenes where Kylie’s pissed at Lucas in Chosen. 🙂 (sword fight practice etc.)

    I was so MAD at him when he got engaged, but obviously I still loved him. It just created so much…so much tension. :p It was PALPABLE tension. 😀
    Anyway yeah love those parts.

  15. If I had to pick my favorite scene, there is a lot of them, it had to be the fight between Mario and Kylie. It was very specific and it kept me getting more excited after almost every paragraph read.
    Your also one of my favorite writers and I’m really excited for Reborn to come out!!! 🙂

  16. oooh like, ALL OF THE PARTS! but over all, since I’m totally obsessed with perry, would be when he first kissed miranda!

  17. My favorite part is kind of a mix of all short parts. I love in chosen at nightfall all the times that Burnett is acting as a fatherly figure towards Kylie. I think it is really sweet how protective he of her getting hurt and how he is always there for her when she needs a big vampire hug even though he “says” he doesnt like hugs!

  18. My favorite scenes are when Perry mooned everyone, Burnette got turned into a kangaroo, burnette took Holiday and Kylie to the drug store and thought the pregnancy tests were for Kylie, the fight between Kylie, Mario,John, and Lucas, when Roberto saved Kylie from Mario, and the part when Kylie saved Holiday’s life after she was choked by Collins. There are a LOT of parts I like in Shadow Falls 🙂 but I think Kylie saving Holiday from Collin might just be my favorite scene ever 🙂

    I live in the u.s. 😉

  19. If I had to choose one of the scenes I liked best, it would have to be in Taken at Dusk and Kylie got a phone call from Sara. This is one of my favorites because Della is there as her shadow. This is the part where Della calls Kylie a liar for telling Sara she didn’t heal her cancer. Plus this is where Kylie finds out Sara is coming up for parents day, and to top it all off after Della was called bitchy, yelling out Kylie’s name and then saying”I wouldn’t want to be a bitch or any thing.” It cracked me up the first time I read it and it still does. Thanks for writing such funny scenes.

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