Only One Week!

The closer it gets to release day for Reborn, the more excited I get! There’s only one week left. One week! I can hardly stand it. How about you?

And now I can tell you that the audio book for Reborn will be released soon, too. Here is just a preview:

Free Saved at Sunrise

I know I strongly recommended you read Saved at Sunrise before you read Reborn. That’s the novella all about Della and Steve’s exciting FRU mission. And boy do the sparks fly between those two!  To make sure you read it, I’ve been posting a chapter every Friday at Wattpad, so you could read it for free. But if you did the math, you knew I didn’t have enough weeks left before Reborn came out for you to read it all by just a chapter a week. So, we solved that problem. The entire novella is now posted at Wattpad and you have a week to read it before the big day. Follow this link to Saved at Sunrise:

Don’t Miss Out

I hope you have pre-ordered your copy of Reborn, because if you are going to buy it anyway, you might as well get your free copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning. I mean, why wouldn’t you? All you need is your receipt for your pre-order to show to St. Martins Press. If you missed it before, here are the details:

International Giveaway!

This week, I’m giving away two copies of Reborn, one to a US resident and one to another fan overseas. All you have to do is answer these questions from the first chapter of Reborn. So, you have to go to Wattpad to read the chapter and answer these questions. You can find it here: Make sure you email your answers to and be sure to tell me what country you live in, too. Don’t post your answers here. The winners will be chosen randomly from all those who answer the questions correctly.

  1. What kind of PJs was Della wearing during her dream?
  2. What secret does Della’s sister, Marla, tell Della about their father?
  3. What was Della accused of stealing from her father’s cabinet?


Last week’s winners of a copy of Reborn are Emily and  Kathy Lynn Frank. Congratulations! Please email your mailing addresses to


 [j1]We said we’d give two away.

8 thoughts on “Only One Week!

  1. 1. Smurf pjs!!!!!!! I have some too!!!!
    2.Della’s father has a brother! (SCANDALOUS)
    3. Her father’s brandy!!!! I can’t say I have been accused of that.

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