RebornGosh, I have been getting so many emails about Reborn. I’m overwhelmed by all your positive comments. Many of you were concerned that Kylie’s series had ended. I’d gotten so many requests to write another Shadow Falls book because no one wanted to let go of Kylie. But now that so many of you have read Reborn and realize there is still a lot of Kylie, Miranda, Lucas, Derek, Holiday, Burnett, and other Shadow Falls campers in Della’s series, I’m hearing how much you love it. I just wanted to thank you for giving Della a chance. She is a kick a$$ vampire, but she is also very vulnerable and she definitely has a soft spot for Kylie and Miranda. So, there’s no way Della could give up her Diet Coke round table discussions with her best friends. Not to mention all the hot guys at the Shadow Falls Camp. ๐Ÿ™‚

See You There!

I had such a wonderful time on Sunday at Katy Budget Books. I was there with two other great YA authors, Joy Preble and Sophie Jordan. I loved meeting everyone and the staff at KBB was amazing. If you weren’t able to attend and live in the Houston, Texas area, you’ll have another chance to join me on June 14th. ย Barnes & Noble in Pasadena, Texas is hosting the Very Paranormal Book Rave on June 14th, 4:00-6:00 PM. I’ll be there with many other fabulous YA authors.


It was so great to have Micah Caida as my special guest last week. ย So many of you had great comments about why you’d want to go to the future or to the past. Thanks Micah for giving away a set of your Red Moon Trilogy. The winner is Lucy B. Congratulations! Please send your mailing address to

14 thoughts on “Reborn

  1. I’m still waiting for my cope of reborn to come in the mail but I seriously cant wait. Ive been dying to get it and hope it comes soon.

  2. Love you della ๐Ÿ™‚
    But I also devoured. every. second. of kylie in Reborn *swoon Lucas*
    Also love Cha–
    I mean Reborn.
    I love Reborn.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ :p ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Reborn was amazing. I can’t wait until Eternal comes out! All of the new characters were cool and interesting. Can’t wait!

  4. I was so attached to Kylie that I was scared of not liking Della in Reborn but I absolutely loved it!!! Della is so different from Kylie that it made the reading experience different but in a good way. Now I can’t wait for Eternal!!

  5. OMG I loved Reborn! I have never read a better book in my life! I couldn’t stop reading it! I finished it today, and now I’m dying to read Eternal!!! Please hurry! Oh, and please reply!

  6. Omg! I thought I would be upset aboit ending Kylie’s series but I’m not I love Della’s series even more!!!!!!! I can’t wait for Eternal to come out! Its driving me nuts waiting!!!!

  7. I thought that Kylie’s journey was over, but technically it isn’t. Della’s has just begun and I love having it in her point of view. It’s even better than Kylie’s journey in Shadow Falls! Can’t wait to get Eternal!

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