Now that Reborn has been released and Eternal is now in the hands of my editor, I am starting work on Della’s third book. We don’t have a name yet, but my publisher will soon begin working on the cover. As you can see, Reborn’s cover is in blue and features Della. I love her intense look, almost like she is daring you or just looking for a fight. But that’s Della’s tough exterior, and if you’ve read Reborn, then you know she’s not so tough on the inside. Β And Eternal’s cover is in rose tones, and Della is looking back at you. Hmm…is that a hint of something that happens in Eternal?

Anyway, what color do you think Della’s third book should be. Of course Della will be on the cover, but any ideas how she should look. remember, this will be her final book.

I also have some exciting news. I’ve written another novella, and this time it’s about Chase. It’s from his point of view because I really felt you should know his back story, and it’s also told from his point of view. The title, cover and release date will be announced soon. so, be sure to keep checking back for more details.


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34 thoughts on “Covers

  1. Hmm…I’m thinking maybe green or purple hues for the color background for the third book. Maybe showcasing Della from the side with her looking forward…like towards the future of whatever happens next for her!

    Tough to make predictions without knowing what challenges and whatall she faces in Eternal. But I think I like these! πŸ˜‰

  2. Maybe purple because red and blue together is purple and Della should be in front of Miranda Kylie Chase and everybody else. Also if she chooses Steve then Steve should be right next to her. Or if she chooses Chase then instead of him being in the background he is standing right next to Della.

  3. That’s great! I think a purple smokey color. I’m not sure what she should be doing, though. It’s hard to say when you don’t know what’s happened in the book. πŸ™‚

  4. It depends on the book, if it’s mysterious and intense then it should be purple or dark green, but if the theme of the book is more light maybe a yellow or amber colour. Just chose a colour that goes with the overall theme.

  5. I think maybe a lighter color, suggesting that she’s looking towards a lighter end of light. Jessica’s idea of Della looking towards the future is also a good idea. Dealla looking towards te future with a lighter color showing the weight of everything finally coming off her shoulders. Maybe… A pale yellowish color? Mm… Maybe a light sunsety color… A pinkish hue to the pale yellow… I’m too complicated sometimes… *Cue sweatdrop*

      • It sort of goes with the idea of as everything progressively gets better, she’s closer to solving everything, the sky lightens up. I think that’s something as to what the theme is going for, I guess.

  6. I think purple would be perfect! Since it’s Della’s last book, it would look great if it was a combination of the first two cover colors.
    And purple is just a mysterious color. It matches Della perfectly!

    • And maybe Della can stand facing us but with her head turned back, looking at the background and how it connects with what happens in the book. I think this pose will be perfect!

  7. I would say purple or green, they’re both good colors. Although purple is my favorite color. It could also be a sunset color with a sunset in the background maybe.

  8. I think purple would be a great color too! But just like Katie B said, its hard to know how her pose will be like when we don’t know what happens πŸ™‚ As for the novella, will we ever get a Miranda novella? Her powers are growing stronger now and I don’t know why, but I sense something will go down between her and Perry. I definitely hope we get an insight on Miranda’s story πŸ™‚

  9. Maybe like a purple-gray color, like on the Whispers at Moonrise cover. Also I really like the idea of Della facing fully forwards or fully away. Depends on what happens. But either way a full frontal or rear picture with her head held high is a good way to symbolize the end or her looking forward to get next challenge, knowing that she’s ready to handle it.

  10. I think a smoky purple for Della’s mysterious self would look great. I really like 3owan’s idea about the cover. It makes sense for the trilogy plus it would look amazing.

    • And her pose would be difficult to determine because we don’t know what happens in Eternal… But maybe her back towards us with her windblown hair and something out in front of her.

  11. I’m thinking something like a darkness around the area and showing the clear moonlight. Not to present a dark shade of her ending, but more like an epiphany. In daylight, you can never see the sun though it shines away all the darkness, making shadows appear in corners. In moonlight though, the sky is black but somehow shows an illumination on the moon, which sometimes brightens the night sky and even reflects off the clouds. Think of it as a way of seeing something you don’t always see at night. I know, not the best idea ever, but why not.

  12. I’d say green. Because purple is kinda in the blue category and red is in the pink category. So green. But not bright or neon green because it’s too bright. I can’t wait for Eternal!!!!! And Chase’s story. I’m a total fangirl about Chase. I’m team Chase even though I love Steve I think she’s gonna end up with Chase unless he dies. Please don’t pull a Veronica Roth and kill a main character. Like I’ve been on ifunny for a long time and I became a total fangirl. Like when Eternal comes out I’m gonna make my own posters and everything

    • As for Della’s face she should be looking sassy. You know hand on her hip facing the reader, doing the whole ‘Im a boss a** b****’ smirk and then a guys hand on her hip or shoulder then the guy’s face is hidden somehow so we don’t know if its Chase or Steve

  13. I think you should have della looking strait foward like the preasant is all that matters. Also have kylie and miranda behind her like they have her back because the always do. The color should be kinda reflecting how she feels I think and i dont know if she will still be looking for her uncle but mabye it should be a hopful color. Like a lighter purple.

  14. So xcited for the second book! The third books cover should be purple or yellow hue with Della holding hand with? Who ever she decides is best for her in the end. Steve? Chase? Can’t wait to find out!

  15. When is Eternal comin out? I have read Reborn and I love it!! I’m glad that you made a book about Chase!! Can’t wait!

  16. Oh and I think purple would be a really nice colour but like a dark purple with shades of black! (If that makes any sense!) lol can’t wait till it comes out!!!

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