RebornI’ve gotten so many emails from my readers talking about their favorite scenes in Reborn. Some liked it when Della kneed the FRU agent in the groin. Others liked it when Chase basically calls Della a “ho.”  (Oh no, he didn’t!My very favorite scene was when Miranda turned the bad guys into kangaroos.  So, I thought it might be good to hear your favorite Reborn scene here, on my blog. So, I’ll give away a Shadow Falls: After Dark t-shirt to one of you who leave a comment telling me your favorite Reborn scene. (Sorry, But I have to limit this giveaway to U.S. residents only.)

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  1. I’m only just starting book 2. But I thought I would comment on my favorite part of that one.
    Had to be the part where Kylie oversees her dad with the other woman child…lol
    Put her dad back in perspective, (knocked of the pedistal), and somehow made Kylie grow up and bring her closer to her mom.
    Hope I get entered even if I’m a newbie to the series.
    LOVE the series so far!

    • There were so many good scenes in this book, but I would have to say my favorite scene was Della and Steve’s epic make-out/makeup at the end of the book. Especially, when 8 people from camp (including Kylie and Miranda) saw her and Steve in the car after she bumped the horn. I found this part to be quite hilarious, as I could imagine how awkward that would be to be seen doing a little more than kissing so to speak in front of a crowd of people. I also thought it was so cute that they finally agreed to make it official that they are dating, instead of trying to keep it a secret from everyone, but I don’t think this was how Della intended to tell her friends ;).

  2. I loved the whole book, but I’d have to say my favorite scene from Reborn was when Della and Steve made up after she told him about her kiss with Chase. I thought it was heartwarming and sweet! I loved it 🙂

  3. Oh, that´s easy! My favorite scene was when Della and Steve drove back to the camp and then made out in this car and Kylie & Co. just watched that scene. I laughed so hard! :”DD
    And Steve was so cute in this scene. This was what I call a `decision-scene`. If there´s a love triangle in a book, there´s always a scene in which I make my decision between the two boys. And in this scene I decided to be Team Steve. <3
    And sorry for my bad english, I´m from Germany. 😉

  4. My favorite scene is when the boys rush in to save the girls only to find out that they did not need saving.

    I also like when Miranda threatens to give Della’s daddy jock, made me lol.

  5. That’s a hard one…well, one of my favorite scenes has to be when Della and Steve are driving back and when they park they start to makeout. I think at this point Della realizes her feelings and loosens up. My other favorite scene was when Della is talking/thinking about Chase being an underwear thief. And of course when Della has to deliver Holiday’s baby! 🙂 So many to choose from….lol

  6. My favorite scene is definitely the scene when the girls go to the basket ball court and the guys are looking good 😉 and then Steve throws a basket ball at Chase that made my life I couldn’t stop laughing. 🙂

  7. I’m in germany. I’m a german girl so I haven’t got a chance to read your new book yet. But I think that all the scene’s are different and they all have something special. In September, I think, I can read your book too.

  8. I hope you don’t mind me quoting from the book, but I definitely loved this part.

    He shrugged.”You like dark hair. Someone strong enough to stand up to you, but not too headstrong. Tall, a little muscular. The good-looking type.”
    “You really have an ego the size of Texas, don’t you.”
    He smiled. “I was describing Steve. But thank you.”
    She growled.

  9. Hard choice but I got to say the scene in the bar where Chase went all bad ass because he didnt like how the one guy was handling Della was pretty good, also when the wizard couldn’t believe Miranda could turn all those vamps into kangaroos, or when Holiday and Della show up a room full of men that they know the poor kid was innocent. Guess there are to many good parts to choice from ;P

  10. I loved the whole book, but I loved the scene where Della and Steve made up after she told him about her kiss with Chase. I thought it was heartwarming and sweet! I also liked when Kylie said she’d have 3 diet cokes ready for them when she got back from her drive with Steve. 🙂

  11. My part is probably the part where Della and Steve make out in the car outside of Shadow Falls, accidentally honk and then get caught making out by Kylie and her friends.

  12. That is a toughy! But if I would have to choose, I would say my favorite part. Would be when the bad guys were coming at the bar and Della kissed Chase!! Loved. It. Especially when he said “Wow.” I had a lol moment!

  13. I loved it when Steve bought an hour with Della and she had to decide in front of everyone if she was going to throw a monster fit or give up and go with him. 🙂

  14. I have to say, most of you are all about the kissing scenes. But I guess I love those, too. I just laughed out loud, though, when Miranda turned all those guys into kangaroos. But then I laugh and cry a lot when I’m writing. 🙂

  15. I must say that my favorite part was after the FRU got the guys out of the duct tape and they are walking funny and Miranda says Opps I may have forgotten to get ride of the jock itch…SOOOO funny my niece and I could not stop laughing…

    Julie S

  16. At the end when Della realizes that 8 people from camp were watching her and Steve making out in his car.

  17. My favorite scene from Reborn was when Chase and Della kiss. That was so epic! I also liked the scene where Della delivered Holiday’s baby and rushed her to the hospital. Loved it!

  18. Okay I actually would have to say y favorite scene was when Della made the decision to make out with Chase as a cover-up

  19. Okay my actual favorite scene was when Della made the decision to kiss Chase as a cover up for their mission 🙂

  20. Okay I love the book so much that choosing one scene would be too hard I love the scenes –

    1- Chase comes to save Della
    2- Della pukes on Chase’s shoes
    3- Della kisses Chase on the mission outside of the bar
    4. Steve and Della in the car
    5. Della puts the gang guy in an armlock
    6. Della and Chase’s races

  21. My favorite part was when, Della was turning again (being ‘Reborn’) and Chase said that they were going to have a blood transfusion and that they would be bonded (either a twin way or soul mates WAY). But Della still had enough strength to say no even though it was fruitless. Then while Della was coming in and out of consciousness Della is a upset because she loves Steve NOT Chase. Anyway Steve is upset because the blood transfusion was the only way to save Della but he knows that Della could also end falling head over heels over Chase. Then finally after that when Della wakes up because of the garlic….little bit later finds out that she is not your average vampire now that she’s reborn and has super vamp. Strength speed etc. Then finds out the burrnet is also a reborn and explains how he got sick almost died but obviously did survive. And found out he was reborn. Also that Chase left. Then near the very last page (I think) Chase texts her and says we need to talk. That is my favorite part!!!

    Ps: I think Steve and Della are a perfect mix of love and it should be safe and sound!!! Thank you for reading this post!!!

  22. Haha also when Della saved holiday and Hanna (holidays baby) that was sooo awesome then when Della said when she turned eighteen she was going to get her tubes tied that was funny thank you for writing these books for our entertainment!!

  23. My favorite scene is when Steve helps Chase infuse Della with his blood, taking the chance that he might lose Della along the way. Of course its a no-brainer to save the girl he loves, but taking that chance and him saying he that “he wont let that happen,” is just a really great moment. I mean he’ll try, but there could be that pull of being “bonded” and him saying that really shows that Steve is fighting for Della until there’s absolutely no hope left.

    • Also, just a side note, Team Steve all the way. I don’t care what people say about nice guys finishing last, Steve is amazing and his love is just.. Pure. That’s something Della needs aim her life. I’m into this love triangle, I just hope the outcome is as great as Kylie’s was.

  24. Oh my goodness, just one scene is hard to choose!!
    I guess I would have to say when Della and Holiday went storming in on the FRU Meeting to save Billy! Della proved her worth, and seeing Burnett defend 2 of the most important people in his life was heartwarming! Of course the fact that Holiday was insulted, but made the jerk look like the dumb one was priceless too.

  25. MY favorite scene is when Steve helps Chase infuse Della with his blood, taking the chance that he might lose Della along the way. Of course it’s a no-brainer to save the girl he’s in love with, but taking that chance and him saying “he won’t let that happen,” is really just a great moment. I mean he’ll try, but there could be that pull of being “bonded” with Chase and him saying that really shows that Steve is fighting for Della until there’s absolutely no hope.

  26. I love that all the way through the book you don’t like Chase because you know he is there for Della and you don’t know why, and you don’t trust him. Then he saves her life and leaves and you are left confused about him. It’s just a great addition to the plot. It makes you wonder what will happen next.

  27. My favorite scene was when Burnett said, “Who do you think you girls are? Charlie’s Angels?” And Miranda started assigning characters to Kylie and Della

  28. Ohh and I also liked the scenes with little Hannah ☺️ She’s cute and I hope we see more of her in Eternal with her mommy and daddy and maybe even some of the campers! 🙂

  29. Even though most people said they liked the scene when Kylie and her friends saw Della and Steve making out, that is also my favorite scene just because I’m into romance and I really like Steve as well. Steve is just so cool like the way I feel about Lucas when I was reading the Shadow Falls books from Kylie’s point of view. Reborn was great and I liked a lot of other scenes too, but this was my favorite one.

  30. I loved the entire book so this is a really hard question to answer! If I had to pick a scene it would probably be the scene where everybody is basically bidding to get Della for meet your camp mate hour. That scene stands out to me because it shows that Della has a lot of friends that are willing to help her out when she needs some help.

  31. My favorite part was when Miranda had turned all of the guys in the church into kangaroos. XD I laughed so hard at that.

  32. My favorite part in reborn…. Hmm it’s so hard to choose because the book was amazing!!!! I couldn’t put it down I had to keep reading. If I absolutely had to choose it would be where Della and Steve made up in the front seat of his car when she climbed over honked the horn and getting caught in his lap making out 🙂

  33. My favorite part of Reborn would either have to be when Miranda turned the bad guys into Kangaroos at the funeral home, or when Steve and Della shared that epic kiss in the car near the end of the story. I like how the two of them finally agreed to be an official couple even though Della is stilled scared that she may have her heart broken again.

  34. My favorite scene was when Della first met Chase wad trying to get him off shadow falls property and Burnett had to come and it was great. I mean just great.

  35. When Miranda turns the bad guys into kangaroos never gets old. Keeps on reminding me of when she turned Burnett into a kangaroo. Now that is seriously funny.

  36. I can honestly say that I love the whole book and picking a scene is impossible. Its a great book! It keeps you hooked and has you wanting more. I can’t wait to read more of your future books. Thank you for hours of enjoyment.! 🙂

  37. My favorite scene was when Chase saves her and helps her become reborn, cause now that they’re connected you know we have to see him again. It’s like the ultimate cliffhanger, I mean will Della decide to stay with Steve or will she choose Chase?

  38. My favorite scene was when the FRU agents were talking about how Miranda was really powerful to have turned the bad guys into kangaroos all at the same time. Its great to see Miranda get some appreciation. I can’t wait until Miranda is an official High Priestess!!!

  39. Hehe my favorite part by far was when della finally said yes to steve and they were caught kissing in the car :)))

  40. I absolutely loved when Miranda turned the bad guys into kangaroos. It immediately reminded me of when she turned Burnett into a kangaroo. I was pretty much laughing the entire time.
    I also liked the part in which she and Steve were talking, after she thought he was the bird. It was so sweet and had the funny parts. I definately can’t wait to see what becomes of Della in Eternal.

  41. I love it when Miranda is ” oh crap” and Della n Kylie “crap what ?” ” I just noticed they’re walking funny. I didn’t remove the jock-itch spell ” lol I could not stop laughing apart from being funny I was memorable because I was at work so everyone turn to look at me like I was crazy but I was enjoying my break reading and I did not care

  42. I would love to have that bog and read it. It would be a perfect Birthday give. I just turned 18, i did that the 12 july.
    And im a big fan of your books. I Love Shadow Falls!! 😀

  43. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene from the book because I enjoyed the whole book and I loved getting to know Della more after reading the shadow falls series. Some of my favorites parts are what the others mentioned above but I also liked when Della stood up to the FRU council to protect Billy, when she saved Holliday and her baby, and that she nicknamed Chase the panty perv.

  44. well, wanted to start by saying hi to everyone, i am a 5 day fan and what i mean by that is i went to the library 5 days ago and i seen the books, grabbed all 5 and just finished the last one today… never knew i could read that fast but i couldn’t do anything else lol. they are among the best books ive read. and cant wait to read more. i cant pick a favorite book, but my favorite part was when finally kylie told lucas she loved him.

  45. bonjour,
    j’adore vos livre et je voudrais savoir a quand les deux autre livre sorte en France car j’ai trop hâte de les lire. d’habitude je n’aime pas lire et là j’ai voulu lire un petit bout pour voir si ma fille aller adorée et bien je ne pouvais le lâcher lol et ma fille de 14 ans elle est a fond dans le livre aussi. elle lis beaucoup.
    bon après je ne sais pas si les titres des livres sera les même en France, merci de me tenir au courant.

  46. Gosh their are so many parts in this book that made me laugh but I will never get over when Della and Steve where in the car making out and people saw them and she got super embarrassed… Another part was when she was in the car with holiday and she was giving birth and Della was panicking a bit but then got she sh** under control and helped her with the baby….
    This whole book was amazing and I will retread it all over again. I cannot wait for eternal to come out. I am sure that it will be better then I expect it to be..

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