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UnbreakableOkay, this is your chance! I’ve decided to do an “Ask CC” blog this week. I did one a long time ago, so I thought it was time to do another one. I get emails all the time asking about my Shadow Falls characters. I also get a lot of emails asking for writing advice. So this is your opportunity to ask me your most burning questions about Shadow Falls or writing. But be forewarned–I won’t give out spoilers! I’m not that kind of a girl! LOL

So leave your questions for me in the comment section, and I’ll try to answer them over the next few weeks.



Last week’s winner of a signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall is Leslie Salazar.  Please email your mailing address to Congratulations!


UnbreakableWell, I promised a big announcement and here it is! I’ve written a new novella called Unbreakable, and this one is all about the sexy vampire Chase. Check out the cool cover with Chase and Della. I love the lightening! I enjoy trying to read the story from the cover. And this cover can tell two stories. One of Chase’s present and one of Chase’s future. You see, the girl in the background could be the girl Chase cared about when he was young. Or, because someone told Chase he was going to meet another girl in the future, it could be Della.


If you’ve read Reborn, you’ll know that Chase is a guy with a lot of secrets. He’s also the vamp Della keeps finding herself around–even when she doesn’t want to see him. She’d rather be with the sweet shapeshifter Steve–or would she? Sometimes she’s not even sure.

Unbreakable is the story about how Chase lost his family and was turned. In Unbreakable you’ll learn:

1. Della Tsang isn’t Chase Tallman’s first love.

2. Never eat a hot dog in two bites in front of someone you want to impress.

3. When your dog doesn’t like someone, trust your dog.

4. According to a palm reader, Chase will come upon an amazing power, but whether he will use it for good or evil is yet to be seen.

5. Never let someone you don’t know very well get you alone in a haunted house.

6. Chase is told he’s a bad kisser.

7. To a boy, girls are as frustrating to understand as they are intriguing.

8. Never underestimate the power of a pet’s love.

9. Siblings can be a pain in the butt, but never take them for granted.

10. Never turn your back on a challenge. Especially if that challenge involves a life or death decision.

Unbreakable will be available September 30th as an e-book and will be sold wherever e-books are sold.


Tell me, are you looking forward to reading Unbreakable? Do you like Chase or do you like Steve better? Leave your comment and I’ll giveaway another signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall.  (Sorry, I have to limit this giveaway to U.S. residents only.)


Thanks for all the wonderful comments last week.  The winner of the signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall is Maria C.  Please email your mailing address to Congratulations!


Summer’s Over!

myrtle-beach-2Gosh! Where did the summer go? I was looking at my calendar, trying to figure out all of my upcoming book signings, and I realized August is almost over. You know what that means? School will soon be starting. Here in Texas, we start in August, but I know up north many of you start school in September. But whether you live in the north or the south, you know we are down to the last few weeks of summer. I hope you all enjoy them and have a great time.

I can remember looking forward to going back to school so I would seeNEWS-KIDS-SCHOOL-BOOKS some of my friends I hadn’t seen over the break. Heck, I can even recall looking forward to certain classes or seeing some of my favorite teachers. And there was always the cute teacher, the heart throb teacher that every girl in school had a crush on.

Are you looking forward to going back to school? If so why? Or are you really sad that summer is drawing to a close?


I’ve got some exciting news for y’all! I’ve written another novella, and this one will be out in September. Who is it about? Well, be sure to read my blog next Tuesday because I’ll be telling all and revealing the cover.

Leave a comment on this blog and you could win a signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall. So be sure to check back next week for my cover reveal and to see if you are the winner.

Come Peek in My Office

photo (6)So many people ask me what my office looks like.  So, I thought I’d invite you in.  It’s where I spend a lot of my time, so I wanted to make it comfortable. But I’ll tell you a secret, it’s the little things that sometimes seem to matter the most.  My goofy toys.  Like my Crazy Eight Ball.  And oh yes, I ask it questions daily.  My desk accessories.  The books I’m reading.  The books on my bookshelves.   The inspirational sayings.  I love my space…even when it’s messy.  It’s my mess.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

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photo 3 (1)

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