Summer’s Over!

myrtle-beach-2Gosh! Where did the summer go? I was looking at my calendar, trying to figure out all of my upcoming book signings, and I realized August is almost over. You know what that means? School will soon be starting. Here in Texas, we start in August, but I know up north many of you start school in September. But whether you live in the north or the south, you know we are down to the last few weeks of summer. I hope you all enjoy them and have a great time.

I can remember looking forward to going back to school so I would seeNEWS-KIDS-SCHOOL-BOOKS some of my friends I hadn’t seen over the break. Heck, I can even recall looking forward to certain classes or seeing some of my favorite teachers. And there was always the cute teacher, the heart throb teacher that every girl in school had a crush on.

Are you looking forward to going back to school? If so why? Or are you really sad that summer is drawing to a close?


I’ve got some exciting news for y’all! I’ve written another novella, and this one will be out in September. Who is it about? Well, be sure to read my blog next Tuesday because I’ll be telling all and revealing the cover.

Leave a comment on this blog and you could win a signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall. So be sure to check back next week for my cover reveal and to see if you are the winner.

66 thoughts on “Summer’s Over!

  1. I go to school on August 25. I can’t wait! I love school 🙂 still can’t believe it’s actually my first day as a freshman at college though. I’m nervous but excited.

  2. I am totally looking forward to school starting again! The kids in the pubic schools here start back MONDAY ( August 18th)!!!!!! That means I get my mommy time back! All summer I have had my best friends two kids AND my own 2 so my summer has been filled with 4 screaming and fighting girls all under the age of 11. I am looking forward to having a clean house at least until 2:30 PM when my two get out of school, silents until I have to pick them up from school, and most importantly, I am looking forward to getting back into my reading. Since school ended I have only been able to get maybe 15 minutes of reading done ad that is right before I pass out before bed. My reading list is growing while my time to read has shrunk. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, I love my best friends kids, but I REALLY need some ME time.

  3. I am out of high school, but boy do I miss it!!
    My favorite memories are sitting in class when I should be learning. Instead I had my face shoced in a book, reading! Haha. My parents could never get me to put the books down.
    Now I get to look forward to sending my almost 2 year old to school in a few years! Hope he’s a book worm like his momma!!
    I love you, C.C Hunter! You’ve jumped to the top of my list of favorite authors!

  4. Hi,

    I just found the Shadow Falls series last week… and proceeded to read the entire series plus novellas and Reborn (and pre-ordered Eternal). 🙂 I really enjoyed the series, and can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of Della’s series. Are you planning another shoot off after Della? Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, so I’m looking forward to September and a vacation.


  5. I go back tomorrow….we get our computers tonight, though. I don’t know how I feel about going back to school. I’m not super excited, but I’m also not dreading it. My parents don’t want us to go back. They like spending time with us. I’m just kind of hesitant to give up my sleeping in….

  6. Here in Alabama,my boys are already in school. This year they started the same day as the big yard sale. I live by Noccalula falls(Christie,I know you know it well. Others,google it),which is the starting point. It ends in Michigan. Needless to say,traffic was horrific!! So no, i was not looking forward to school starting this year.

  7. School has started here in Mobile, Al. But I have a three year old so no extended mommy time for me yet. I read after she goes to bed.

  8. I live in NH near Maine. NH schools start the end of August and Maine starts beginning of September. It’s nice to be going back to school but I know in a couple weeks I’ll be saying the opposite. This summer wasn’t too warm anyway. In late July, it was already getting really cold at night. How’s the weather in Texas?

  9. I am out of high school, but boy do I miss it!!
    My favorite memories are sitting in class when I should be learning. Instead I had my face shoced in a book, reading! Haha. My parents could never get me to put the books down.
    Now I get to look forward to sending my almost 2 year old to school in a few years! Hope he’s a book worm like his momma!!
    I love you, C.C Hunter! You’ve jumped to the top of my list of favorite authors!

  10. I start school on the 25th! I can’t wait to start school! I just moved to Germany and I have never been to school here!

  11. I live in Waco, Tx so I start school August 25th. I’m not ready for school because I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family. I’m going to miss seeing them anyday of the week! I am not ready to go to school, because my best friend switched to a private school. I am ready to go to school to see my old friends, and play in my orchestra group. I am ready to go to school for athletics, and to see some of my really cool teachers! Another thing I’m gonna miss about summer is that I won’t be able to read the Shadow Falls books whenever I want.

  12. we well start going to school next month !
    ughhh i didn’t feel the summer ,,,,
    but i’m excited for this year because it’s the final year in my school and i’m going to high school next year !!
    ps : can’t wait to see the book !!!

  13. Hi Christie, I just started my 15 year old nieces on your books. I’m hoping to get them more after they read “The Beginning.” Hope they are age appropriate.
    You’re a busy girl, but keep it up. Barb Heintz

  14. I am half and half about school starting. I can’t wait to see a bunch of my friends that I didn’t see over break and I can’t wait to start running cross country. But I don’t like wearing a uniform everyday and school takes up all of my free time. But I’m ready for a way to daily escape my siblings. 😀

  15. I’m not really sure because I miss my friends but I hate the homework, I love going to my NJHS (national junior honor society) and helping everybody with school, but I’m also scared because I’m a diabetic and just got the new t:slim pump, finally I’m really exited because a ton of books are coming out soon including eternal by c.c. Hunter blood of Olympus by Rick roidan and the iron trials by Cassandra Clare also the magnus bane collection by Cassandra Clare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’m actually excited and kind of bummed for school to be starting. I love school because I like to continue to learn about stuff and I like my teachers. But I’m going to be a sophomore and that means my sister is a senior. And I just can’t believe how fast time goes by!! But I like seeing my friends too. Homework is okay but I don’t like to miss church and other activities. And volleyball is in season too so I really am going to have to try to squeeze in some reading time!!! Lol

  17. I am definatley looking forward to going back, it’ll be the second to last year for me till I leave and move onto university. (I think its just called College in America? I’m not too sure on the school system over there).
    However I know my next two years will be very intense with exams, but I have already planned out my timetable for study.
    Hopefully I will have time for my hobbies too…
    I’m very excited for you’re new novella!

  18. The kids here start school today, (except for my brother, because his school sucks, & wants us to home school him because he has Aspergers syndrome & they don’t want to deal with it! UGH! The state that our educational system has come to!).
    But as for your books, I JUST started reading them, (just found the first one at Books a Million a few weeks ago & I’m already HOOKED!) You’re definitely quickly becoming one of my favorite authors along with Laurell K Hamilton, & Kelley Armstrong, & a few others! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some reading in soon, I’m a full time Nanny, & have my own home to take care of, as well as working with the local rescue on their website, needless to say I’ve got to learn to balance time better! But Thank you so much (in advance) for your amazing story telling (only have gotten to read half of the first book lol!)

  19. School starts tomorrow in West Virginia but I am out of high school so I can read while my sister goes to school. I love the Shadow Falls series so I just have to get Della’s books and read them now!! Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  20. Im out of college now since I just finished my internship, but my favorite part of going back to school was being able to see my friends ans my favorite teachers again.

  21. Loving your books! I feel so connected ….I guess because I live in the Houston area LOL I have shared your books with all my friends and love to give them as gifts! Love to get them all hooked like myself. Would love an autographed copy of your novella. Will look perfect in my library, displayed with your other books and lovingly reread frequently along with the others 🙂

  22. Time certainly has from by but it’s been a good summer overall. New beginnings and old things ending. Love all the books you’ve written and cannot wait to read the newest novella. ❤

  23. Not looking forward to school….mostly because of the extreme exhaustion that comes along with it. Here’s hoping it goes by just as fast as summer has.

    Ooo an novella yay!!!!!! Will it be available as an e-book only?

  24. I’m happy YET! I’m kinda sad. This hasn’t been one of the best summers so far. I am up for the challanges high school’s going to provide, yet I’m scared because I’m positive I’ll get lost on the first day, possibly trip, have an embarassing moment, or I’ll end up getting in a situation tat’ll have me in one big pickle.
    I’m looking forwards to drama class, seeing my friends, I learned the one moving away is going to stay; and the clubs.
    Any high school advice?

  25. I miss that the summer is ending. The weather this summer wasn’t too favorable and by that I mean that there weren’t many chances to go to the beach or enjoy an awesome cookout each weekend down here in Indiana, but hey some great memories were made. I start school the 25th as a senior in college but I am looking forward to staying “in the zone” a.k.a less stress by reading your awesome books 🙂

  26. I start school this coming Monday. This will be my first semester of college. Wish could gotten more done this summer, but things are the way they are.

  27. I am a teacher, pre-planning for me started July 24. School for my students started July 30. Oh to start in mid-Aug. or even Sept. I would cherish that.

  28. I am always excited to go back to school even though i don’t like school that much. This year ,summer break, i really didn’t do anything but try to find a summer job and help my mom round the house. I am really excited to go back to school because i really don’t want to stay at home anymore and i want to see my friends.

  29. All summer I’ve had to read some crappy books. It’s sad that school is starting again, and I hope I’ll have enough time to reread all the Shadow Falls books like I’ve been hoping. Maybe I can buy time on Christmas break? Ah, who am I kidding? Something will come up.

  30. Summer has begin great, I guess. Nothing all that exciting. But now that school is coming, I’ll have to get ready for lots and lots of work. I loved reading Reborn and I can’t wait for Eternal! 🙂

  31. I just got out of high school and I’m deciding on what I want to study in college. I’m really confused on what to do honestly, but life always has a way of working out in the end.

    I’m sad that summer is ending because I love hanging out with my family during vacation and starting the fall, my sisters go back to school and I’m working. I’m very excited to hear about this novella though! You inspire me to write and try to become an author one day 🙂

    Hope you are well and look forward to your future books CC!

  32. AWESOME! Another story about Della Tsang:) EEEEEEPPPPPPP! I wish September 30th would already be here…like tomorrow!

  33. At 33 I am going back to school, classes start Monday! I’m nervous & excited & kinda a hot mess. I had to quit 1 of my 2 jobs to do this so there are all sorts of life changes happening in a short amount of time. Aaahhhh!!!!!

  34. Hello! How are you? Just wanted to say that I love the Shadow Falls series! (Obviously, a reason that I am here in the first place) And, that’s the end of my fan-girling.


    I am excited for summer because there are people I am excited to see again and I’m rooming with my friend this year on campus and we are next to the room that two of our other friends are in, so I’m excited for that. 🙂 However, I’m also kind of nervous/anxious/…scared because I have to decide if I want to stay in the major I am in (music) or change to something else. I really want to do Creative Writing, but I am also interested in film or audio editing or advertising??? There are so many things, and I seem to want to be able to do them all…so yeah, there’s that problem. haha :S

    I heard that many college students change their majors at least three times, but I do hope that won’t be the case for me *shrug* but you never know.

    Yeah, so have a wonderful day and rest of your summer everyone! Sorry for the essay, but there’s my comment 🙂 hah


  35. I’m looking forward to school starting since I’ll be seeing my friends more and starting high school, but also sad that summer is ending since it’s a great time to relax.

  36. College starting back here on Monday excites me. This semester I have a massive break in between classes. It will be a perfect time to work on studies and read some of my favorite books! 🙂 I’m a stay at home mom so college is that tiny break and down time that I get and on the plus side my child and husband get some bonding time. It’s a win win. ♡

  37. I am on the fence about going back to school. I miss my friends and I really want to see them, but that also means that I’m going to have homework again. Not that homework is hard but it leaves less time.for me to read 🙁 I love summmer because I can lay around all day and read books. Of course I’m excited to see my favorite teacher too. He isn’t the heartthrob teachee but he makes me believe that I can truly do whatever I want to in life. Plus I’m very excited to take my spanish 3 class 🙂 although, I am much more excitrd to read this new novella! I really hope that it os from Mirandas point of view. Don’t get me wrong I love Kylie and the other Shadow Falls characters, but we have read about Kylie and now Della so I think its only fair to include Miranda too. You know. How she hates to be left out of the grooip!I hope that you will excuse all the typos… my phone isn’t very user friendly….

  38. I’m completely dreading the first day. I’m starting high school and from what my older friends and what my sister has told me, I think high school might kill me.

  39. My school starts in September but I don’t want to go! I’m scared to start high school. Also I just got back from my overnight camp and I just want to be back there, it was the best time of my life!

  40. I have to say, I really enjoyed your first and second books of Shadow Falls:)
    I’m trying to buy the rest of the books but I cant find “Awake at Dawn” and “Born at Midnight”. I’d really like to read all of them, I think your a great writer.

  41. Can’t wait to go back to school. But I have to wait another few weeks and my little sister is coming up to high school this year too. The one thing I don’t want to go back to school for is homework:-( Cause we get tons of homework. Can’t wait to go back to see most of my friends but I don’t want to go back as well cause one of my best friends has left and gone to another school:-( Just got back from France and had the best time ever:-)

  42. I’m going to start Uni soon, so there’s a bit of excitement. But also a pinch of sadness due to the new workload 🙁

  43. I love your books!! I had all of them and read them multiple times! But they got damaged so I need to replace them XD keep being an awesome writer!! Thanks for so many adventures!!

  44. WHAT THERES GOING TO BE A ANOTHER NOVELLA !!! Wow I can’t wait I already saw the cover it looks amazing !!!

    I kinda am excited to go to school and meet all my new teachers and class mates just kinda scared for it because it’s my last year and I’m kinda nerves. I haven’t Seen my friends all summer so it would be good to finanlly see them and I really hope I don’t mess up this last year in high school because all the work I will have to do … But all I can do is make the best of what I have left

  45. i college start next week as a freshman. looking forward to it mostly, but the unknown is still scary. glad you wrote a novella! I’ll need something to help me cope through this experience. XP

  46. Usually I’m not excited for school at all. However, this semester is very different. I’m a writer at heart, I just can’t seem to write. My major is English and you would think I could write, but what stories and ideas I have, I can’t get out on paper. I love reading and if I could make a living off writing/reading, I would do it. So this semester, I took a creative writing class. That is the only reason why I am excited for school, since school is a major stress factor in my life. I want to be able to get my thoughts out off my head and on paper, and I hope this class will help. 😀

    I am sad that summer will be over for me in exactly a month, but in a couple months I know some personal/life changes are about to happen, and even though I am scared for my life, I want to take on the challenge and see where it take me into life. I really hate change but I think right now it could be the best thing.

    (I’m sorry, that was probably more information then you needed).

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