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UnbreakableOkay, this is your chance! I’ve decided to do an “Ask CC” blog this week. I did one a long time ago, so I thought it was time to do another one. I get emails all the time asking about my Shadow Falls characters. I also get a lot of emails asking for writing advice. So this is your opportunity to ask me your most burning questions about Shadow Falls or writing. But be forewarned–I won’t give out spoilers! I’m not that kind of a girl! LOL

So leave your questions for me in the comment section, and I’ll try to answer them over the next few weeks.



Last week’s winner of a signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall is Leslie Salazar.  Please email your mailing address to Congratulations!

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  1. My question for you is can you write where ever you are, no matter how loud it is around you, or do you get distracted? For me when I write I need to write someplace peaceful because I sometimes get distracted by the things going on around me. And I really can’t wait to read all of your upcoming books in the future.

  2. Are you going to make another book series after Della’s books are over? Or are you going to keep going with shadow falls but from someone else’s perspective? Personal,I’d like you to keep going with shadow falls

    • Omg can u please make more books from kylies perspective? Like in the last book holiday said that she saw the futrure of Kylie della and Miranda working at the camp/school and it would be cool if u wrote a book about them all working there and with holidays baby!!

      • Seriously I want more books about Kylie and Lucas!!! I could not get enough of those books!!! I read them all in a week! No, I don’t have a life. No, you cannot judge! But seriously I was so in love with these books! Please write more about Lucas and Kylie’s future together and… I don’t know just please write more because I loved these books!

  3. Will you continue with anymore book from Kylie’s perspective? I read the whole series in the matter of a couple of weeks and I was left wanting to know where she goes from here. Her quest wasn’t over yet the chameleons were still being forced to stay confined. What about Holiday and Bernette and their baby. Not to mention to get to see the relationship with Lucas now that they can truly have each other. Their are so many things I’d like to know about them still. I think that you could definitely write several more book about it. Wishful thinking but I hope that you will continue her story. I’m excited that are continuing with the shadow falls series with other perspectives. I love all the characters so it can be taken in many different directions. Please don’t stop writing this series for a long time to come. I loved it from the second I picked it up and can’t wait to see what you have in store. I just hope that we get to see Kylie again. Like if Holiday’s glimpse into the future comes to fruition and they all go to college together to come back and teach at Shadow Falls. I would love to read about that and so much more. You’re a fantastic writer and have an ability to brings us right there into that world and take through these journeys that are very creatively put together. I love it and can’t get enough.

  4. Hi C.C. 🙂 I was just wondering, if you could go back to the past who would you like to meet? And what would you ask? Why would you go back to that time? Thanks!

  5. My question is how often do you rewrite scenes? I know that when I am writing I tend to rewrite the same thing four different ways before I think it is perfect. How long did it take you to find the perfect names for the characters? I have a hard time matching the perfect names with my characters personalities. Lastly, do you have to add in the descriptions after you write the main details? I myself end up going back and adding things because they don’t seem important until something pops up later in the story.

  6. Thanks for making an Ask C.C part on your blog this week! I have a couple of questions, first would be about Chases ebook. Is this book going to be comprised of both present and future ( like his story continuing right after the events of After Dark with flashes of his past) or is it just his past? I hope that question made sense. My second question is do you think you may ever write a short story from a werewolves perspective or a shape shifter? If so what characters do you think you would use? Do you think they would new? Thanks so much for a wonderful series! The last question, for the werewolves do you think that the shadow fall wolves would ever find a way to break the moons hold on their transformations? Thank you for taking your time to read this paragraph! Happy writing and I cant wait to read more! You’re the best!

  7. My question is, how easy do you find it trying to meet deadlines for your books to be out? Cause I find trying to meet a deadline for something that big quite hard.:-)

  8. My questions is, why do you like love triangles? Your books are over flowing with love triangles, even with minor characters.

  9. C.C. My question for you is: Will you ever write a novella/book from Lucas’ Point of View when Kylie left Shadow Falls? I would really like to read his thought from the ceremony to when she came back! It would be awesome to read about him getting Della’s mad talk! I want to know what happened at Shadow Falls when Kylie was gone! I would also like to read about him finding her at the compound and the small fight that happened there, also the encounter with Mario. Oh and maybe even a novella from Kylie’s Point of View during her time at the compound. Hope you can answer! Love reading your books! #TeamLucas and #TeamSteve

  10. I want to know that since you’re the author, you’re the one who writes the story, but who designs the cover? And a question about Shadow Falls: are you going to write anymore books for Shadow Falls after Della’s story is done? Your books are so awesome and I’ve fallen in love with the characters I don’t the story to end!

  11. How did you know you wanted to become a writer? I love your writing style, when I read your novels I can easily picture what’s going on and the surroundings. When you wrote the Shadow Falls series, what was your inspirations on starting it all? Currently Im having a writers block and was wondering what you do to help get back into the swing of writing? ahhh sorry for all these questions!

  12. I’m not a writer, just a reader so it’s difficult for me to understand. So, here’s my question: How can you (and so many others) write stories with so many different characters? If I would write about different people, they basically would all be the same. They would be people like me.
    I just can’t imagine thinking and acting like I would be someone else (I’m a horrible actress, by the way 😛 ). When I tell people about it, they don’t what I mean. I think, for them, slipping in another person’s mind is like breathing. And if they don’t understand what I mean they can’t explain it.
    But I think you’re good at explaining, so I would be pleased if you could answer my question. 🙂

  13. Are you ever going to write more about Kylie? I feel sad that her series is over, even though I hear from her in the other books. And I was also wondering, are you ever going to write about Miranda? Sometimes I feel as if we don’t hear enough about what she does when she’s not in a written scene (I wonder if she’s a bad girl! Haha I doubt it,). Thank you!

  14. CC,
    A while ago I asked you weather you believed in ghosts, and you replied saying you had a ghost encounter yourself. My question is, if you don’t mind me asking, could you share what happened in that encounter?
    I’d be very interested to know 🙂

  15. Hey CC!! I wanna say that the Shadow Falls and Shadows Falls After Dark series has been my favorites!!!! I fell in love with all of the characters(especially Lucas

  16. Hey, I just was curious as to when Burnett formed true feeling torwards Holiday and not from just from the obvious physical atrraction between the two?

  17. Hi. I was wondering if you could ever be able to do a book signing near the waukesha, brookfield or milwaukee wisconsin areas? I read a lot of series but the shadow falls series is the only one that made me cry when I turned the last page of the last book and it would be my dream to have a signed copy. I never really picked a favorite author before because I read so many books but now after reading shadow falls it has to be you. I don’t obsess over much but books are the happiness in my life.

  18. Do you have any advice for writing full length stories?
    I have a story I’m planning to, hopefully, finish by the end of this school year.

  19. Hey CC!!!
    My question for you is would you ever consider to expand the supernaturals that go to Shadow Falls??? Like mermaids or wizards??? Genies or pixies???
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for my favorite series!!

  20. This is barely a question, and it may be a little bit boring, but I just wanted know in what order I’m supposed to read all of your books.

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